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Chapter 64–reasons

    lightning flash light, shadow aspect, fast flow successor Tang Zexun lasted eleven minutes, becomes a mess in the ring, half strokes narrowly won the No. two seed veigar, first broke into the semi-finals. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    this fierce battle to let the audience understand the two non strong, all Weijiabi double elimination tournament narrowly lost to the powerful building into at least 30% people, while Tang Zexun is a beautiful girl as the acme of perfection, the crucial moment power more terror, comparable to Peng Leyun the failure of the edge comeback arhat vaku's performance worthy of the top seed ".

    live paste, "the Dragon King" excited praise road:

    "wonderful."! Veigar, Tang Zexun more!"

    "move a small stool, wait for the floor to play with that wretched man."." "Sell ah, sell wonton" when high school summer vacation, was very wanton.

    "why is a wretched man?"" "Always pure love, handsome, Okamoto" seems a bit sensitive to this word.

    "selling wonton", incarnation of "roll to the bowl of dumplings" road: "always hiding in the corner, furtive appearance, so it is a wretched man."!"

    "23333", well said!" "Phantom of the opera", "laugh loudly" road.

    "the long night is coming". Yan Yu wandered over and said, "wait for your brothers to analyze the game.""

    finish this sentence, she added softly:

    "seed number four is more than number five; it should be no better.""

    "not a combat style; can not be compared directly."." "Ring Road" is to have a sense of achievement for the little girl explained, "the mountain tiger is positive battle, strong storm type, is on the floor into the appetite, but love is short and close at walk fighting, or not to give you big opportunities, or make your big hit according to him, and An Zhaoyang in his micro-blog statement, Barnum's" darkness "can conceal weak opponents, specific ways unknown, that is to say, a building into a longer, more likely to fail."

    the plumber "mushroom" added: "so, almost 46 open look, building four, six have won the Barnum, could, uh, Barnum's fighting style is relentless and ruthless, good at building into a display, even if you want to have a quick fix, not catch him this is very dangerous"

    "yes, with three minutes as the boundary, and if the floor won't beat Barnum for the first three minutes, then he really won't win."!" "Riding a pig hero" agree with the reply, "even if the" strong force "can effectively resolve the weakness, but also can not stand accumulation ah!"

    his girlfriend "sky" and "akimbo nod:" good looking forward to the first three minutes of the game, than just the field is fierce!"

    "what they say is what I want to say."." "The Dragon King" manual funny.

    "I'll suffocate most of those three minutes."" Yan Xiaoling "to hold the head and knees trembling".

    "magic Brahma" immediately burst into tears and said, "I'm so nervous I can't eat snacks now."!"

    in their chat, discussion, time passes by one minute, the final eight battle second games will be staged.

    "it's going to start."." Floor into the eyes of the electronic clock, smile, spit tone, on the Q to Yan Ke said a sound.

    she should still be on her way to school.

    the girl quickly reply, without delay, this is still a picture inside the oven, sell a variety of small biscuits is poor:

    "come on!"!"

    "puff, it is oven series?" Building a laugh his head.

    Yan Ke "Wuzui heaven" laughed: "of course, I'm talking now ~ but now I just tried to make cakes and biscuits, not third pictures, you want to change for refueling, then for a!"

    "good."!" A building with a smile, her reply.

    that's a good incentive!

    finished, he locked the screen, and even the cell phone with a wallet to Ann Chaoyang, and reached out and hit the other side.

    "come on!"!" An Chaoyang with smile.

    were standing about Peng Leyun and Ren Li also followed the same action, clap after fist road:

    "come on!"!"

    "uh!" The building becomes an effort to nod, turn round the body and then want to go toward an arena.

    at this time, Ann Chaoyang just found his cell phone screen locked, doubts shouted:.

    "Cheng Cheng?" You don't have to take pictures today"

    "yes."." The floor turns to smile to say, "I have already thought good reason."."

    you don't let these reliable guy twice, I fell the horse!

    "for what reason?"" Ann Chaoyang surprised ask, any Li also a face curious to make listen to.

    "Hey, hey, tell you when the game is over."." Lou Cheng no longer speak, while turning around and waving, toward the ring step by step, the spirit began to focus, momentum began to condense, thoughts began to turn.

    in accordance with these two days and Yan Ke discussion, as well as with Peng Leyun, Ren Li, Ann Chaoyang exchanges, he butt down this game has been mature ideas.

    deal with Barnum, must be quick, so as not to be "dark" gradually weakened, a little look at their "failure" is unable to restore, at the same time, also can not be in a hurry, hurry to a warrior type the assassin to seize the opportunity, take a blow!

    this is the general strategy in detail, can not be sloppy, although now can one by one with "fire strength", by high temperature burning for protein denaturation, loss of virulence, but unknown principle of "dark" produce weak Barnum effect, it may be only a certain based on the toxin.

    if it is similar to the "Ren Li fragrance", or special wave, that they could not rely on defense, "breath" or "Jin holding force" to digestion, must be solved as soon as possible opponents.

    as for how to fix a building to have a general idea, Barnum should not know that they have mastered the "ice mirror", as he did not know Ann Chaoyang mastered the "quiet lake round mirror wisdom", until the first fight, only understanding!

    "ice mirror" and "quiet lake round mirror wisdom" this kind of martial arts belongs to the auxiliary type, no experience, light combat video, it is difficult to detect, and two points in the two countries, collect information must be missing, therefore, and Chaoyang a wartime use "Pakistan Bynum will" dark "affect the sensory ability to attack, wasted chance.

    according to his style, if not considered "ice mirror", this race will certainly do similar attempts, but mostly more cautious than playing Ann Chaoyang, more circuitous.

    and this is my chance!

    so he had the chance!

    once to get the upper hand, grab a chance, it would be very aggressive to grasp!

    all kinds of thoughts, continuous leap, and constantly falling, near the ring, the convergence of the building into a state of mind, let the spirit of focusing on immediate.

    he knew there to avoid repression Barnum momentum, so a snowstorm with terror without hair, waiting for an opportunity.

    Deng, Deng, Deng, he pace steadily walk to a predetermined position, hands and feet are white bandage wrapped around to see Barnum with eyes looked prey silently to quiet.

    this expression is really disgusting, I want to beat him Lou secretly Tucao, quickly sank the mind, no longer have the slightest distracting thoughts.

    when the referee counted at the stage, thirty seconds, his right hand, looked around, suddenly threw down:


    floor into a stick, knees playing, and back a spin, the whole person is like the outbreak of snow and wind, whistling "blowing" to the opponent.

    recent days of practice, he and Peng Leyun, Ren Li, An Zhaoyang always exchanges, in addition to the core of things, are inspired to speak freely, surging thoughts,, each harvest are many, like his own, then combines the "Blitzkrieg", "wind" of the body. Method a little singular, will own the "north wind" and pushed to the next level!

    a good companion can really make a man better; on the road of martial arts, too!


    wind stirring, shaving knife, Barnum pupil in the floor with frightening speed from far and near, from small to large.

    his body seems to be drifting, to side step, at this moment, in front of the building into a light suddenly disappeared, the static moment does not see the ear.

    this moment, Dekor hall is like suffered a power outage, and the audience all of sudden death, let people down can't help set up, particularly fear.

    building a had expected, the pace suddenly stopped, turned to a high speed from the rest, and adjust the muscle, will produce the momentum of all guide the arena floor.

    normal, broken voice, he should hear the sound of friction sharp and his but, surrounded by a quiet, every noise was swallowed by the darkness seemed strange.

    building heart lake has been setting water mirror, crystal clear, light around, not to be affected by the senses "lost".

    a little ripple Dangqi, he immediately locked the Barnum attack to the direction, but from the subtle feeling of body and mind to tell him that this is not a real feint, shazhao.

    building into believing this feeling, no action, indeed, the ripples quickly healed, surging waves followed by ice, almost mirror!

    come good! Just wait for you! Building into a fleeting thought, that is when the mind emerges out of a boundless darkness, it has the most cold cold, with the quiet environment, but people feel clear and dream.

    the darkness, the dust accumulation, heavy collapse, throwing out the flame, forming a searing horror "Yandi gods", lit up the horizon, was warm, there was a huge roar, which brings light to shine and more violent collapse!

    variant version of "a blow and a shout"!

    building achievements waiting while Barnum "black" struck, gave him a "a blow and a shout"!

    the first blow of the game!


    his body half turned; the right arm muscles were raised, the high speed tremor, swept back, hit a slightly cold flesh and blood fist.

    puff! Dark absorption, light weight at venues Yao, cold eyes flashed in the enemy's fist as if only sleep hid a miniature whirlpool horrible or heavy ball, their strength will be swallowed whole, his arm firmly adsorbed!

    a rumble!

    vortex blast waves raging outside, like a huge hammer, hard hit Barnum, hit his mouth haemorrhage, he hit the focus of instability, inverted out.

    partial sneak attacks; the collision on the collision of simplified Gang, that is the end!

    building into a bright and fine mans eyes, suddenly holding back, legs of a rough one step, in his voice was rushed out as quickly as the high-speed train like flew just landed the Barnum front, the wind seems to blow off the child!

    Barnum has been precarious, yet firm, his eyes in a light, into the thorns, should be fired into buildings, the descent of spirit!

    building a shock will be immediately noticed, but he did not draw the outline of the word "former" crackdown against arcane, but the mind, hand mudra, visualize the "soldiers" front!

    to attack exchange, do not retreat!

    that's the aggressiveness he's going to show!

    to seize the opportunity to seize the fruits of victory in the palm of the hand!


    a sound echoed at the same time, by building into a "quiet thorn" hit, eyes look bleak, like in a nightmare, ice Mirror Heart Lake is offset by a half inch crushing effect, while Barnum body is trembling, fear of the fear, color shows between the lines. Forget the situation.

    the "dissolve ice mirror", the first floor of a recovery, with breath, "you will stab" brought fear, fear and panic mood and blood, spirit and strength together have a contraction in the lower abdomen.


    Dan Jin gushing, like a volcano wake, like a tall building into congestion, a block of muscle to prop up the clothes, showing a twisted state, full of masculine taste, see the scene of many spectators by swaying, realized what the power of beauty.

    usually easygoing easy-going young man, this time, extremely man!

    bang! Floor heave into muscle, mind came up with a heavy cloud inside, out of a right arm, the earthquake hit the opponent at zen.

    just in the variant version of "Barnum a blow and a shout suffered internal injuries", "thunder shock Zen" and affect the best increase!

    aggression; fiery second strikes!

    seeing a fist crushing hit, Barnum stimulation of Qi and blood, detonated strength, fast lift arm, to a.


    in the loud noise, he was beaten to the point; the organs were shaken; the redness of the liver was obviously shaking; the throat was full of rust.

    building a steadfast gaze arm echoed the contraction strength, also completed a Dan exit broke out, not to dodge and hope to continue to counterattack at Bear muscle, punch to hit.

    earthquake hit third Zen thunder!

    bang! Good at melee attack a bunt Barnum fully cast out, can only bite the teeth, wake potential, fist thrown light ink light, since the collapse of the ribs, to face the enemy's attack.


    his fists tremble, and rolling head almost appeared dizziness, down the enemy's strength, then made a sliding step.

    on the floor to grab nearly catch up, eyes again filled with darkness around again become silent, you will lose the Barnum trail.

    at this moment, the non strong level of Nanzheng by their specialty looking for opportunities to disengage the rally!

    without attack, can not be induced, right?

    floor look unchanged, muscle, fascia and viscera corresponding changes, the brain naturally sketched out the heavy heat of the statue of Emperor Yan Yan, so that "fire strong" completely shaped.

    followed by him, with a flick of the wrist, go to the front position of the ice lens marker played a group of crimson near white has compressed the fireball.

    a rumble!

    the loud noise broke the silence, disturbed the darkness, made it lose support and quickly faded.

    second, building into the eyes saw the rolling waves of fire and smoke filled, also saw the "Yan Jin" explosion affected action at.


    he approached step, hands on their skills in the heart of the lake, write on the temple like unyielding words.


    building into a low roar sound, step by step attack, recruit Juexue, not getting the upper hand!

    outbreak; full fourth strikes!

    bang! He seems to be into a muscular man, waving a giant mountain, axe, chop down.

    Bang sound, hurry up arms to block Barnum was abruptly played in the ground, short of one inch, mouth and dark red blood secretion.

    come again! Into the floor while he was sick, he lives, small span half step, and raised her hands, mudra to oneself.


    his solemn breathing sound, arm muscle swell, outline unusually clear, and then suddenly shake out a bengquan shock with zen.

    no fifth hit!

    light flashing eyes and Barnum hold back, arms, made a gesture towards the ground, the enemy's fist.

    a rumble!

    in situ like explosion, almost an old Barnum blood jet, seize the rebound force, a body, is reduced to a ball flew back.

    bang! The floor with the "line" tactic, stepped on the foot, in the rubble scattered the sound of catch up to the light that is closer.

    mouzhong cold color Barnum Sheng, flew in the process to prepare, before landing it out of the right hand, which was covered with a layer of dark and light dark light, in contrast to the bizarre and bright and white.

    the light quickly to open five to exchange, setting a deep black, into a piece of "spikes", to catch to the floor, grabbed his fist.

    this is the bottom pressure means once he took Barnum, and at once short force.

    then, he could make a homeopathic tear, can destroy the enemy's arm!

    of course, it also has a bite on his own, cannot but not to, or have a chance to win, he is more willing to use the "dark" gradually weak opponents!

    at this moment, it is the case, the critical moment, lost to win!

    see that black people scalp tingling fingers, building into a stopped suddenly, stop, the inertia "savings", create sharp friction sound.

    however, he stopped not to avoid, but to exchange time for visualization!

    a hot high temperature heavy terrorist "Yandi statue" highlights in his mind, like a * *, he will be in the fire and strength compression, cemented a.

    the foot of the red dragon "Vulcan zhurong" stepped out of vanity, will burst out of control for repression, building into a little jump, facing the light flashing Barnum palm, swing arm, drive inertia, snapped out of the laser fist.

    the fist of implosion!

    no backoff, sixth hits!

    this time, if not resolve, will give Barnum respite, so the outcome of the potential reversal!

    and the floor is experienced Shengsizhizhan Wu, sure, dare to fight!

    fist to break the gas barrier, friction out of a layer of flame, pulled out of the white "wave", in the middle of the black light shining palm, the skin paste, the balance of power.

    fresh influx of fire at the same time, Barnum palm also made folding action, five fingers and black highlights the tiny muscle tendons, firmly grasp the building into a fist, strange light flashes.

    a rumble!

    the body is like a bomb explosion at, before injury and shock was completely priming, blood boiling churning, viscera sloshing, mind om long, thick rust throat, somewhat fuzzy line of sight.

    he almost stooped down and had no spare force to tear at the enemy with his grasp!

    a fist covered flame burned some of the black awn; the body appeared weak and weak; the spirit was not much affected.

    his strong will, to control the spirit, control body to spirit, contraction of Qi and blood, to hold the compression strength, weakness!


    Dan's a deep fry; he regained part of his strength; his body muscles were distinct, and there was sweat sliding.

    bang! Once again he came up with the concept of a thundercloud, reverse hit the right arm.

    earthquake hit seventh Zen thunder!


    the body barely resist Barnum jump from the throat of the blood fell to the ground floor is soft, tiptoe into a mention, resist the throat, firmly.

    the referee took a deep look at both eyes, raised his right hand and announced:

    "Lou Cheng Sheng."!"

    ten strokes or so; Cheng Cheng sheng!

    building into a weak recovery of the right foot, see Barnum barely stand, so the arch arch hand, stands to return, do not stay.

    he walked a few steps before the audience responded, a huge explosion of surprise, and the name "Cheng Cheng" again.

    he can victory No. four seed!

    building a stride, speed is not slow, quickly returned to the original position, and some do not know what to say in a daze Peng Leyun touched his fist, back to the mobile phone.

    he gave Yan a "smiley face" first:


    then, he switched to the live paste interface, saw the small wonton waiting for himself many times, request photos.

    two hand typing; ten fingers flying quickly; the floor replies with a smile:

    "I haven't had time to shoot it; the game is over.""

    that's why he's prepared.

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