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Chapter 65–praise

    see Lou Cheng's reply, "sell, sell wonton", immediately "force nodded" road:

    "yes, I haven't even come back yet. Won?" At most ten strokes, right?"

    "faster is faster."" "The matchless Dragon King" beats the table with admiration, "but it's really TM wonderful."! Violent, mighty, the original sense of power, I see the secretion of adrenaline, anxious to rush out the door and my dog fight!"

    "always love" crafty "Jun Okamoto agreed:" I see a little hard. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest"

    "hard"? I want you to die, the gay!" A plumber eats mushrooms.

    "always love Jun Okamoto" and "tanshou eyebrow": "don't you think the building into playing exciting? I would like to see King Kong beating his chest like that. I really want to find a girl. There is a fierce fight on my bed!"

    "metamorphosis."! You twisted uncle!" "Unreal Vatican" drink scolded a way behind," But to tell you the truth, when my idol attacked me all the time, I wanted to touch his muscles and cover my face"

    "haha, hair anthomaniac small fan!" "Sell ah, sell wonton", "covered his mouth laugh" road, "I think the original, I also feel that the Dragon King has a good taste of men, only to become martial fans!"

    "originally?" Don't use the word for eighteen minors!" "Ring Road" funny, "looking back, I just feel Wu especially posing, to study with a teacher."

    "well, when it comes to minors, what about our pupils?" The night is coming." "Matchless Dragon King" this just discovered that after the match celebrates and in the discussion has not made the floor to become the loyal small fan.

    after that, Yan Xiaoling popping up:

    "I'm watching the replay, third times, wiping my mouth.""

    "I was speechless, you win" "The Dragon King" and "facepalm sigh", shunzui said, "who would have thought before building into a win so fast so simply!"

    "I think his metamorphosis is nearing completion; it is almost real inhuman."." "Riding a pig guesses," Heroes "type, Barnum is not good at hard errors, the same order is caught, will inevitably be even to death."

    "the words say so, but ten strokes or so, defeat a non-human strong, still very shock." Unfortunately, I cannot read the paper, Dekor Nan Zheng Wen, not to brush news and forums, cannot see how they touted how disappointed, how greatly" "Pipes eat mushrooms" sighed.

    "the Dragon King" hey hey smiled: "give me two minutes, I brush the forum in Japan, see what they say."

    a moment later, he first copied and pasted the original text, and then translated it below:

    "what should I call it?" A genius once in three thousand years?"

    "I also refuel for ten seconds at."

    "why is it ten seconds?""

    "because after ten seconds, he loses.""

    "smoked sauce Barnum is not so fast"

    "if Barnum flaws appear, is smoked sauce caught, that broke out like a veigar, certainly can solve ten strokes! Smoked sauce seagull!"

    "feel this generation of strong China."

    "the monk Association opened his eyes to see the idiots ah, don't have to make proud as Lucifer, the reform of the entire training system!"

    "exaggerated battle, terror warrior."!"

    here, "magic" Buddhist "Paizhuo urged" way: "to continue to see me, the dragons, wild with joy!"

    and after the reply, just take a look at the two eyes, did not seriously onlookers, because his cell phone special reminder has sounded.

    Yan Ke "shy blush":

    "just think you didn't get your phone back so soon, and watched the replay again.""

    this is not a poof, like Yan Xiaoling? Building into almost laugh, a "proud hair" expression: "come, praise me heartily, I endure!"

    to be honest, just as "the game ends soon, no time to take photos" forum reply grounds of people, his heart is some very proud!

    &nbsp:Yan Ke "turned his eyes up"; instead, he asked, "Barnum, the last one is said to be particularly strong." orange, are you okay?"

    "it's really powerful."." Sell a building into a miserable, "although the power restored, but the body is still relatively weak, all decreased, was not able to get rid of Barnum if the situation is dangerous."

    of course, Barnum hard got version of "a blow and a shout," variation to "Yan Jin" the core of the implosion of boxing, and two "struggle" at several times, Zhenchan bombardment, plus the trick itself, even if the state can hold over, and himself, not better.

    more importantly, their martial way only pay attention to the body to complete the treasure, the outbreak of catalytic potential, unlike China, "Jin holding force" and its control ability, digestion effect, so hurt each other down, they will stay longer.

    however, it is always unable to get rid of their own Barnum sights, if he pulled apart into his best at the scene, that he would be "dark" gradually weakened, but can not continue to shock the opponent, the outcome is a little bit reversal.

    "well, all right." "Yan Ke," the chicken nodded like rice, and then shouted, "orange."."

    "what?"" The building replies immediately.

    "you were really handsome!"!" Yan Ke Minzui smile, fingers flying, in the heart quietly added:

    and especially masculine!

    the end of the news, she looked up and looked into the window, saw the roads with national characteristics of the building, see the garden there is a bare upper body boy Bang hitting the sandbags.

    the few fighting fans in the school must praise the orange again, for he is amazed Yan Ke Mouguang farther, dimples shallow thinking, I think, she suddenly had a little difficult to curb the loss.

    to see the girl's praise, the floor of the mouth of the mouth of a hook, and want to stand up and go up and down a few laps.

    just at this moment, his mind moved slightly, turned his head to the side, and saw Tang Zexun, who had changed his kimono in the distance, was looking at himself.

    her hair, sweet face, beautiful eyes, demure smile, not just the violence hit veigar prodigy, but as to the ordinary students Festival ceremony sheng.

    four eyes met, Tang Zexun nodded slightly, eyes deep as the ancient lake, are not consistent with the age and temperament itself.

    fast flow both heroic and violent martial arts, not a good deal This is the floor into the heart of such an idea.

    if you encounter, he even completed the transformation, will not ah

    move on to other places, building into a just in time to see Barnum shambling figure left from the locker room, out of the martial arts venues soundless and stirless, as he came for veigar, soundless and stirless, after losing to Tang Zexun will not appear again, but the vaku is not to watch the battle scene, began again the day in and day out.

    mountain tiger eyes looked at the dignified shorter than his half headed young man, the heart of all rolling, complex taste.

    "is that a good goal?"" Suddenly, he heard the voice of Tang Zexun.

    Yamashita tiger side looking back, wrinkled eyebrows, expressed doubts.

    "there is such a goal, the tiger Jun certainly full of power, will not be a little slack, or will never be able to wash shame."." Tang Zexun chuckled her.

    mountain tiger head long hum sound, mood suddenly broke out, there was a mockery of feeling, but he soon calmed down, know that Tang Zexun is the truth, or even in their own intentionally, lest numb failure, accustomed to shame.

    "thank you, I'll show you."!" Down the mountain, the tiger answered in a deep voice.

    at the same time speaking, he suddenly lost his mind.

    can you really go over the floor again? Can you really wash away this shame?

    the other side, building as long back sight, smile to conceal playing mobile phone.

    ANN Chaoyang threw a glance, see he didn't pay attention to their own interests, think of the question before the game, take out your cell phone, into the live paste, looking for a reply.

    "is that why you're looking for?"" He hesitated for a few seconds, blurted out.

    he was so confident

    Lou raised his head and smiled and explained:

    "yes, I was ready, the game is not victory, is failing fast, anyway, what reason can be used, but he had an opening at loss."

    ok It's a good idea Ann Chaoyang mouth twitching, thought thoughtfully:

    "that is to say, Barnum's" darkness "to weak opponents, there must be a close contact, otherwise, he did not need to attack you, playing around, drag the time, there is a seven or eight chance."

    in that case, Barnum started building into not being Shazhao hit

    "yes, I've seen some of the video in front of him. That's the way it is."." Building into nod approval, then think of a thing, glanced at each other is ten meters away from Ren Li and Peng Leyun, a low voice, "Ren Li's promotion, her" fragrance "will not change," the plague "used to do strong front, and the effect of the range is very small."

    if the two limit, the "fragrance" is a little bug!

    Ren Li in the "wind" rise above the common herd body, "fragrance", around the circle tour, can wait for victory!

    ANN, the sun looked back at Li, low voice:

    "not so exaggerated, but it's probably much better than when you met."."

    two people speak; the arena is finished; a battle enough to be engraved on the audience's mind; there is no trace.

    a song and dance performance, the referee on the ring, the third sets of confrontation imminent.

    Peng Leyun and Ren Li stood up at the same time, respectively from the two hallway toward the ring are forgotten and high fives.

    looking at their backs, building into a channel with a mobile phone, laughing:

    "why go to the ring when Li won't get lost?""

    "this is probably true love."" Ann Chaoyang smiles a reply.

    April for building and not staged Peng Ren war is about to begin!

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