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Chapter 66–spell to the limit

    one white and one red, the discrete about about twelve meters apart, and this is called for Peng Leyun and the official match in Ren Li after more than a year, on a fight, they are only a weak six products, one of the top seven, is now both nonhuman the world, worthy of the name of tianjiao. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    unfortunately, the audience did not understand the history and significance behind the battle and failed to create the best atmosphere.

    Li Li mixed with breathing, slightly trembling muscles, secretly hot body, eyes reflected the opposite that no longer idle, dedicated young man.

    the referee looked around, raised his right hand and cried aloud:


    his voice just fell, see Ren Li left diagonal, then reverse twist, the corresponding drum swing muscle and fascia and strength, slamming off a group of visible tornadoes, whistling swept to Peng Leyun.

    Wu Lala, the wind sobs, if the demons come, heard the mood exceptionally disturbing.

    Peng Leyun in mind just sketched out the sacred majesty of "Thor's image" to suppress the spirit, the face has felt the heavy wind pressure, Li Li is about to bully near!

    zhigenzhidi as "enemies", he should not try, double palm, want to send a bolt from the blue "".

    at this time, Ren Liru aware, "wind" instant swollen muscle fascia wring, focus quickly swing, high-speed sprint made a fantastic turning.


    in situ issued a crack, such as aircraft low across, or high iron from tens of centimeters away speed through the wind blowing, let the referee unconscious hands vertical block in the face before, the body will have.

    Ren Li "wind step beyond unbelievable position to non-human level, the real turning point between the breeze to push people!

    Peng Leyun's "bolt from the blue" was so overwhelmed by the loud noise, pulled out of the thin ray knife is cut on Li's original trajectory, split in the ring ground, creating a focal mark.

    playing with them repeatedly, without testing, was thrilling at first!

    finish turning, Ren Li suddenly heavy shoulder, wrist back shaking, let a strong agitation of high-speed rotation of the wind, laser to Peng Leyun throat, at the same time, she twisted back waist swing, mhmm kicked seven feet, each foot kick not Malcolm cloud ankle, knee is pulling each other, completed a low line of "wind" type twenty-seventh.

    a kick, "cold knife" with "tornado"!

    Peng Leyun was already expected, cross in front of the right arm suddenly, fist around the lightning, from bottom to top, the middle of the wind at the bottom, hereby to static friction sound sharp and suddenly high in the collapse of a shares Feng xu.

    and his body is like a turbo, crazy knife block in the rotation, the lifting arm at the same time, the wind seems to be Ren Li tornado serial leg produced by rejection, was severely "push" a back, just perfect waist swings, no, no strength.


    Ren Li kick down, Peng Leyun took a step, the contraction of blood, broke Dan Jin, stretching the fascia, moving the joint, play as a "fist of fire department".

    da da da da da! Boxing ring, electro-optic Ren Li uncompromising as one falls, another rises, and then show, "tornado", burst strength kicks, the people are like half floating up, stir the terrible breeze.

    look at Razer splash, a bang sound overflowing, listen as Leigu, playing in the heart, and not from an Chaoyang floor with the praise of Peng Leyun and Ren Li, after all the standard as the acme of perfection.

    from the beginning in earnest "devil" is really terrible, offensive defense with the calm, freely flowing style of writing, but usually not so reliable Ren Li did not fall ahull, kicking striking, fencing into the palm, were neck and neck.

    this level of intense fighting is enlightening for two people, so that they can see without blinking, for fear of omitting the key.

    because of this, building into only occasionally take photos, sent to live post, we are also very understanding of his condition, because everyone is so, just be in full swing discussion has become desolate.

    call, and so I change completely completed; do a solid; can Ren Li now the level of it? A watch has Fuxiang building.

    he transformed nearly five days, the crossing is already difficult, completed half, only the last seven or eight days of fine grinding, slow closing, at present from the physical point of view, is not the strong standard, but also almost accurate control of the taste.

    well, maybe not that pure Ren Li, but the actual level should be almost The floor is tiny to nod, compare to judge oneself.

    Bang Bang, bang bang bang!

    ring on the dust float, endless wind, lightning lit up the successive flashing, the viewer's eyes, Ren Li and Peng Leyun during the war when the fight go, body, when turning, from a central location to the left, and from the left side to the other side of the ground fighting, so almost left a good brick.

    five or six minutes, they did not how to use simplified the gang Juexue, if not very good opportunity, once missed, it is easy to fall into a passive, the other was suppressed.

    and a bitter struggle, Ren Li finally relying on the advantages of the body, like Peng Leyun's unpredictable flash to the side, grab a great opportunity.

    her mind in nature draws the outline of a connected jiuxiao even under the earth green hurricane, sea water, trees, boulders and other involved, rushed to the heaven.

    this drives her corresponding muscles, fascia and viscera changes, so that the "wind potential" layer by layer winding, twisted into a "spiral."".

    followed by a variety of wind, instead of a hurricane, became a female gods like, shocking strength will get out of control.


    Ren Li anterior arch body, left arm block, homeopathic turn waist Shu back, let the right hand from the bottom, turned into a towering gun!

    Peng Leyun threw breath, also hold strength, expansion arm, elbow is a hit, jump out of lightning.


    sound short, Ren Li echoed the right arm, fist sore, numb muscles, not by making step, and Peng Leyun feels the body is everywhere in the wind ripped, since the feet jump up, circling makes him difficult to contend with to fly!

    wind, tenth, "jiuxiao information"!

    simplified gang!

    Peng Leyun was picked to fly, Ren Li at the foot of a foot, turning again in between a bang, bully to rival will fall in place, ready to wait.

    in the face of this, Peng Leyun thought of a sharp, quick thinking and finally fixed in green jade suspended in the void.


    "Yufu" lightning aspect, as Peng Leyun in "Wrath of the seal character, fresh condensed, collected in his right hand.

    bang! He looked down at the palm suddenly anxious, jump out of a finger for the silver ray of light, split to Ren li.

    this is another application of Lei Zhuan "!

    less than the non-human level, the body is alienated, Peng Leyun can not use it!

    Ren Li a scalp numb, to slam on the opponent, flew back quite abruptly, echoed a step, muster a breeze.


    the lightning fell, wiping Li's body, hitting the ground, and spreading small flashes around.

    while taking advantage of the "Wrath" comes, Peng Leyun has fallen by half, such as Li rally again, his feet just stepped on the solid earth.

    he was not "taken", as against a vaku, because the opponent is different, Ren Li can wind, there are many means, unlike the vaku into "Asura" only know hard anti hard fight, not if, it is best not to risk.

    Ren Li know the opportunity only then the moment, didn't do everything he knows, and her mind in the scene had fixed on the surface such as indigo, hair like cinnabar, a terrible plague of superhuman powers, vertical eye gods.


    she punch out, suddenly a joint stretching arm long a little strange.

    this is a little, let Peng Leyun dodge do only suck Madden force a mirage and insubstantial objects, hard fist, cross beating, resist the attack.


    Ren Li was beaten back out, Peng Leyun's body is a depletion, shortness of breath, almost absence.

    Ren Li will then know subsequent "fragrance", he suddenly also hold strength, to do the hard digestion, then hold breath, launched a frenzied attack.

    Bang Bang, bang bang bang, cuff and kick, elbow knee, Peng Leyun each attack, all with a strong white lightning in the building into people's, that is what they look like the lightning.

    "tragedy" even changed the ground the outbreak of the same terrorist!

    for not strong, a few minutes without breathing is not a problem, but it is not to do strenuous exercise under the condition of today, Peng Leyun's suffocating kuanggong had lasted two minutes. Has not dissipated, see the floor into the eyelids throbbing, feel and the other side of the gap.

    Ren Li presses "fragrance", teeth doing insist, "wind" is constantly being broken, the body was a shock.

    the passage of time, her body accumulation of paralysis finally to the limit, even if the "Jin holding force" can not be made by Peng Leyun, a cubit broke the arm, homeopathy moving joint, fist swings to the throat.

    Li's body was numb, sluggish, unable to parry in time, and watched the fist stop at the crucial point.

    the referee did not hesitate to raise his hand:

    "Peng Leyun wins."!"

    Ren Li relieved, was hardly, making a "holding strength", under the pressure of partial paralysis, to turn around, jumping toward the steps in the muscle in walking.

    two steps, she suddenly paused, because Peng Leyun still stood there, without any movement, as if to accept the cheers.

    in the heart of doubt, Li looked back at the fellow and whispered:

    "why don't you move?""

    ";" smiled a wry smile:

    "I fell.""

    the last dozen strokes, I already can't hold gas, now "fragrance" completely attack

    a fall Ren Li winced, mouth suddenly up, eyes on the somewhat proud, next to the staff waved, chin tao:

    "you help him."!"

    with that, she walked down the ring with her head up, her mood improved, and she accepted the compliments of Cheng Cheng and ANN chaoyang.

    after fourth sets of duel, bone guessing easily won, got the final four places.

    the draw was followed; the guest drew his first name:

    "bone guessing."!"

    eh? He raised his eyes from his cell phone and looked at the guest and took out second balls.

    I hope the host will have a shady story. I'm the weakest one outside the bone guess!

    so he has a chance of going into the finals!

    guests look at the ball and show the way around:

    "Peng Leyun."!"

    ah The floor became stupefied, wake up to come over, own opponent also follows to confirm.

    Tang Zexun; number one seed Tang Zexun!

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