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Chapter 67–fast flow

    "Tang Zexun.""

    building a whispered the name, turned to look at the Japanese delegation, I saw the girl wearing a kimono is looked over, eyes look calm, quiet, not a little tense feeling. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    however, the floor is clear, this will be their strongest opponent in the competition this year, the title of the number one seed is definitely not white!

    "fast flow" is the Japanese martial arts schools of ancient heritage, is a product of the local and the Zen Buddhism to fencing work with the daily exercise in flower arrangement, tea ceremony, painting and other spiritual cultivation, "for itself", combat when it is famous for its fast and ruthless, both heroic and the outbreak of "heart", a good blind bucket and a dozen, including "dragon" this trick known as speed, once successfully, no one can escape the same realm, without notice in advance, and even a chance to parry.

    low version "was different approaches but equally satisfactory results that Peng Leyun and ray knife", but in the form of performance, there are essential differences between Peng Leyun, as long as the double palm strike, opponents can understand the repression of the mind, to escape, and the "Dragon" in advance sign few wait to find there is, shock will be, of course, it is often caught, then faster and faster but the lightning speed, if the two sides maintained a good distance, there is hope flashed or block.

    overall, "fast flow" is the influence of Buddhism by Japanese swordplay genre, Tang Zexun in the promotion of similar inhuman level before, in fencing into fists, stunning the whole island, she said three thousand years a.

    both sides have had similar inhuman state after the battle arena is to permit the use of weapons, but the young king tournament, because most Africans are a breakthrough not long control ability has been questioned, so also banned such things, in order to avoid the blood five, lying dead on the spot the picture, Tang Zexun couldn't attitude to them most, can only play its strength of ninety percent.

    especially, eight during the war, she also edged out half strokes has always been good at empty handed the number two seed veigar, champion as if already decreed.

    call Lou Cheng threw out his breath, but he was not satisfied.

    to him, began to change, to enter the semi-finals, get the prize money, even if the successful completion of the initial target, in this case, must be willing to experience different styles of martial arts, to broaden their horizons, make accumulation.

    like Peng Leyun, and he will certainly do not lack opportunities to fight, do not have to hurry, and Tang Zexun, perhaps two or three years may not have to fight, once missed this time, I do not know what time to see "fast flow" Wu gong.

    since there is no smoking in the guess, he hopes more and more love to touch down Zexun!

    muscle slight tremble, the blood flowing into the hearts of the war suddenly accelerated, building up boiling, began to look forward to the semi-final tomorrow night.

    the opponent is stronger; I am not without the hope of winning!

    which has just been decided against, and will voluntarily admit defeat!

    Dongying delegation, Tang Zexun mouth outline, with sweet smile, seem to prefer building into a very satisfied.

    she looked at the enemy with her head on the side, but she saw the mess of her hair in the corner of her eyes, and Dazhu walked up to her side and bowed excitedly and excitedly:

    "smoked sauce, please."!"

    "uh" Tang Zexun said not to say yes or no, my mind has emerged out of this building into a game screen

    "yes, no cannibalism."." "Seeing the draw," said Zhong Ningtao, the tour leader, with joy.

    and Peng Leyun on the bone is a guess, lock the final places, the "wild card" team successfully completed the task!

    Peng Leyun even stronger than bone chips guess at least half vaku can win, have to deal with "koan boxing" experience, winning will be higher, reduce the impossible.

    "OK, okay."." The floor has smiled to make a perfunctory, the finger is very quick, press a screen, will tell the result small Ke classmate:

    "Tang Zexun."."

    Yan Ke quickly reply, "sit vacant":

    "feel the host has given up on himself.""

    "haha, I think so, anyway, guess who hit bone is unlikely to win, but the result is that Miluo's powerdekor better, got four places, it just doesn't matter how to smoke." The floor smiled and echoed.

    "that's it; it's not necessary to make a shady case again."." Yan Ke suddenly "Wuzui smile", "orange, you are not in the life and make Japan come, how always draw them, first Bantian Rong, then is the mountain tiger, and finally to Tang Zexun, this is a person to pick over their entire delegation?"

    Sakata Ichii, mountain tiger and Tang Zexun is the strongest Japanese delegation of three people, and they won the battle over the team without distinction.

    "poof, you say, I think this is the life there, how old touch them?" Building into a confused face "smile, then" facepalm sigh "," Tang Zexun strong, coach outlet get six black belt for almost a year, really to play, have a knife, I feel stronger than Peng Leyun is now half raised, I was not even her hanging well, pick over her hope very small."

    I am not modest, just tell the truth, this is not too sure thing, not in front of the little fairy bragging.

    "I believe you, orange brother ~" Yan Ke suddenly use "swinging tail, red heart of monkeys" expression sold Meng inspired way, "you certainly can play well."!"

    well, I can't say you have a chance to win; it's a loss of character!

    but always meet the strong Japanese oranges also really very strange, well, this tournament from the beginning is very strange, even sent us four wild cards, and at night there are mysterious woman knocking at the door

    Yan Ke's eyes looked up, pink lips lightly, in the mind made a whisper, but can not be able to these strange things into a line, and soon stopped thinking, and began to listen carefully

    live post, just a draw, "night gathers" Yan Xiaoling "Zhang arm sigh":

    "how fat is it," said the host, cheating?"

    once cheating is not against the bone building into a guess, flattered to enter the finals?

    "the king of the dragon", his face covered with tears; "I overestimated their self-esteem, and I was satisfied with the final four."!"

    "this is normal ah, if it is in a final, vaku, there is not much doubt, but if a road by lot to the bone to guess final, that is too shameless, who also took them to play together?" "The road to the ring" has been psychologically prepared for this.

    "then I overestimated their audacity."" The plumber ate mushrooms and spat".

    "don't say that; now the point is, is my family idol winning Tang Zexun's big hopes?"" "Asked Brahma magic" again.

    "at most 20% wins."." "Riding a hog" answered very apropos.

    "the Dragon King" also added: "now playing to the outbreak of the building into a Weijiadou choke, and Tang Zexun, three thousand years of a beautiful girl genius that although exaggerated, but it is also a real skill."

    "her will not careless, or because of the traumatized and veigar recklessly, and has always been to building into a level of play, he would not have to worry about how to here." "A fist invincible" will soon be built as an example of their own.

    "I will enjoy the game, enjoy snacks, they were." "Phantom of the Vatican", holding a handkerchief, wiping tears.

    "I don't listen, I don't listen, I don't listen."" "The night is coming," Yan said, clutching his ears

    after the draw, building into a et al. Return to the hotel, including Ren Li Peng Leyun, exhausted, "residual fragrance" influence, not much, directly into the room, an Chaoyang in the lobby sofa to sit for a while, while listening to music while watching the stranger came and went, enjoy the lonely.

    building is done first wash, nest on the bed side brush "the Dragon King" to the Tang Zexun fight video, Yan Ke edge and communicate, the law of life and those days before what is the difference between.

    for this, he did not feel dull depression, but instead enjoy it.

    outside of the hotel, the two exports, a great man can observe sneaking waiting, always can not wait until the wild card team any member to go out alone.

    "they are too obedient, do not go out to play?"" In this regard, led by the people gnash their teeth and whispered, "China Dekor's red light district but the whole world is famous."

    not only can taste the general taste, but also can make a variety of adventures!

    &nbsp:the people next to him were puzzled. "In the past, the delegation of China will always be taken out."."

    "maybe the four guys are weird."" The leader sighed, "that girl doesn't go out shopping, isn't she white?""

    the man next to him quickly explained, "Ren Li is a road fool; he is required by the team leader to go out with him."."

    "I heard that she is still a blind face, can not remember the appearance of others, perhaps at any time forget who is the leader."." The headed man YY the chance.

    "that's not like meeting each other every day."." The more you speak next, the more depressed you become

    another two days of penance, eliminated Ren Li and Ann Chaoyang volunteered to do with building a sparring, and rotation.

    as for the "King" Peng Leyun, and because of Waku experience dealing, and still "fragrance" influence, not how to practice before the six war, until the game hours to fully recover.

    in August 25th, eight in the evening, crowds gathered hall Dekor burning fiery passion.

    the first game, Peng Leyun was almost complete in waves capsized, experience again. "My fist, only to a frenzied counterattack, narrowly beat the bone into the finals first guess.

    it can solve a minute battle, he abruptly became engaged in ten minutes!

    fifteen minutes of song and dance performance, the referee once again on the ring, raised to both sides of the hand.

    is holding the mobile phone building slowly stand up; opposite Tang Zexun also photographed all Black Fencing clothes, Shi Shi got up.

    number one seed vs; miracle teen!

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