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Chapter 68–our refueling!

    "come on!"!"

    Peng Leyun, next to the building, drank the nutrient solution, smiled, and put out his fist. He had returned from the dressing room and became fresh again. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    "uh" Lou and he hit the fist, no more words.

    Ren Li, An Zhaoyang, and when Zhong Ningtao respectively touched fist, turn to the ring, he just made a whisper: Keke today how to be long in coming and then wait for the next refueling, missed!

    and the saying is no longer "oven highlights.""!

    at this time, his mobile phone finally sounded a special reminder of the movement, unlock a look, Yan Ke sent a long voice.

    speech? So long? Singing or what? The building doubts to click play, and put the receiver to the ear.

    after a short silence, crisp sound of cough sound, and delicate way:

    "I am" the long night is coming "," come on, come on! "!"

    sound, is slightly rough but equally sentimental girl:

    "I'm the phantom of Brahma." come on, come on!"

    "I am the king of the dragon," come on, come on!"

    "I'm selling" selling wonton "."!"

    "I am" demon ", building into a gas!"

    "I'm a good name to be eaten by dogs." shame on you Come on, come on!"

    a different voice sounded, all fans forum active figures, their "refueling" sound echoed, lingering in the floor into the ear, he first heard over, and they are difficult to stop moving, warm heart, like warm water immersion.

    "I am" consistently pure love, handsome Okamoto ", floor refueling!"

    "I am" Nie seven seven "building into a gas!"

    here, there was the beginning of silence, but soon there was a clear, sweet girl voice coming out:

    "I am strict Ke, floor into fuel."!"

    familiar with the sound of the ear, it seems that a punchline, poke in the building into a heart, let his sight a little fuzzy, so that he can not help laughing, laugh to see the side.

    this is the well prepared refueling!

    she must have taken a lot of thought

    everyone must have been very active and overcome shyness

    building a heavy head, go back to a "fist waving" expression, then "snicker":

    "you should say," I'm a little fairy. "! Or use the "floor girl", "Cheng Cheng's daughter-in-law" these nicknames!"

    "go to the game, long winded."!" "Yan Ke" threw aside his hand".

    "yes!" Building into a laugh or two, "raised their hands to salute", then added, "thank you for me."

    when he was done, he locked the screen, threw his cell phone and wallet to An Zhaoyang, turned around, walked down the aisle and went to the ring.

    after the two step, he suddenly heard a sound and cry:

    "Lou Cheng."! Cheng cheng!"

    "come on, come on!"!"

    well, they haven't won yet; they're cheering me up Is this building into a first get treatment in the country under Dekor, consciousness Xunsheng, saw the flag waving side of China, saw a fellow face.

    when the Peng Leyun games, so are they cheering, according to team leader said, this is the frovatriptan2.5mg student, a businessman, to earn a wage earners, and local overseas Chinese, came to this, cheer for your et al!

    thank you; thank you for your support Cheng Cheng became more and more warm, a few times against Baba's feeling, not from the hands up, waving to the stands over there.

    noticed his greeting; the men and women whose faces were painted with the colors of the Chinese flag cheered even hotter:

    "Lou Cheng."! Cheng cheng!"

    "come on, come on!"!"

    in such an atmosphere, building a brisk pace, boarded the ring more than the Tang Zexun, condensed in momentum, it is like being called the snow storm, depressed around, deep influence people around.

    and Tang Zexun slowly to quiet, too reminiscent of the wind leaves sobs sound no bamboo, or ripples reflecting the clear lake mountain trees, under the in building into a contains the flavor of "blood evil storm" swaying thousands, like without counterweight once the "wind", "snow" stop, and immediately restore calm, do not move at all.

    he is horizontal; the moon shines on the river In my mind suddenly emerge out of a building such a sentence, not by dark praise a "fast flow" seriously ".

    Tang Zexun walked to a predetermined position, stood firm, with a light, sweet smile on his face, and bowed solemnly:

    "please enlighten Lou jun."

    "I don't deserve it." The arch arches the ground, and quickly passes through a part of the screen of the opposing party, pushing itself to the highest level.

    Tang Zexun placed his right fist, the left side of the waist, legs apart, body slightly arch, set the corresponding shelf.

    voice screeching around the noisy disappear, we all breathe, embodies the spirit, waiting for the referee for this match kicked off.

    the referee looked around, Miaole electronic clock, finally raised his right hand, in the silent three behind turn into shouted:


    the semifinals of the second game officially began!

    Dongying "three thousand years Tang Zexun is a beautiful girl of genius" and Chinese "world Tianjiao" building into the battle started!

    Tang Zexun right foot suddenly filed, and with "gas" light emanating from the light down force one step, like waving a sword, hit the ring.


    ground shaking, suddenly opened a gap, stones and dirt by Tang Zexun soles hidden before the pick driving force, flew out, to the floor, lasing, big and small, are faster as bullets!

    at the same time, Tang Zexun with rebound force, body like the flash of the blade like jump out, followed, was approached by the enemy, and slightly around a small arc, waiting for the other to make the escape.

    fast flow, "take possession of"!

    and this lack of funnel Juexue "crack" similar, but not have erupted, shaking the enemy, in order to get the right opportunity, but to interference opponent, or one-time attack group is weaker than its many Wai killed, two door moves are different, each well.

    Tang Zexun in a "chop" ring, heart will emerge out of the building into a picture may follow the back out of the way of positive impulse, outline the Yan Emperor, condensed fire jin.

    bang! He is the stone facing the biggest, fast swing arm, straight punch, no fancy down on the surface of the schungite potholed, with a terrible muscle bulge, black root veins conspicuous, white red flash flame near the outbreak.

    a rumble!

    loud sound, the split with the splash of bluestone, the flame dashing around, other small stones and dirt are tumbling blast barrier, struggling a little like rain, Zachu Pa Pa Pa movement.

    Tang Zexun didn't go to the tube splashed into his arms, the body slightly arch, the right arm suddenly anti whirl, hit the waist on the left fist, with a thud cut out of the white mark, set off a gust, let the stone fall to fly.

    her arm seemed to become a Japanese Dao, high speed splitting gas barrier, cut to the floor, and follow her left forward, like to do two attack.

    not hastily dodge the cut floor pairs no rush, rush left arm lift, lift the ground half half blocked in the past, and condensed on the surface of ice crystal.

    snap! Pan light pocket knife blade, breaking the layers of ice armor, touched the floor into the muscle and fascia and bones, his strength was offset, firmly hold.

    at this time, Tang Zexun pushed his left hand without hitting the enemy; instead, he pressed his own right arm and blessed the forces that had been there.

    the building was carved and felt the heavy oppression; the left arm appeared trembling; it could not be restrained to reclaim; it was forced out of the flaw and half cracked.

    this is not the end, Tang Zexun left a press followed by a bomb, anti hack into his face, light white awn like blade is formed.

    building a judgment, the right hand has a chance to make the block, immediately back, half folded back, let the opponent's left hand and "cut in the air, the distance to a white light emission.

    and back at the same time, building a right leg tensed up a Liao, made a comeback.

    his martial arts shoes burning flames, fly out, grab the instep straight from the lower abdomen before Tang Zexun.

    Tang Zexun turned back, a gust of wind, the body twisted ring flash to the enemy side, to avoid the deadly kick up.

    followed by her, rotating force, and to force back stand building anti split arm, very quickly, as the knife, strong wind.

    building a shock will be, arm lift arm elbow shelves, bang Heng hit out, on the bright brilliance, and Tang Zexun's "centrifugation" is playing in a hit.


    ice crystals broke and fallen; Tang Zexun's arms echoed; and the elbows were tiny and trembling.

    echoed, Tang Zexun right arm stretched straight, toward the floor of the head, throat, chest and other places, and even cut five times, cloak chaos.

    building a special "ice mirror", not to panic, Blizzard Dan Jin version of "twenty-four strikes" in response to the chaos of the chaos, to attack exchange.

    Bang Bang, bang bang bang!

    continuous burst in the sound, gas and flying, the flame splashes, such as a red rain.

    intoxicated at war to get the building into a fierce to grab the upper hand, the heart suddenly give birth to an extremely dangerous feeling, without thinking, then back, even deeper than just the back, close to the "iron bridge".

    at this time, he saw a light in the posture of terror from the front face from the above momentary flash, left a clear white blast!

    a rumble!

    noise will burst open, shook the building into the ears buzz, viscera sloshing, almost fell down.

    fast flow, take "dragon"!

    if he did not have the ability to detect danger, the face of this no sign of a cut, has been avoided, but can not block!

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