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Chapter 69–vacuum extraction

    as a "fast flow" to the bottom of the "dragon" skill, the biggest feature is not fast and fast, but few people can not advance sign, anticipation, by "shock will be" wait until notice is not open, dodge could not resist pattern. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    with this move, "Xinzhai" sat in the Japanese fencing Chapter 1 position, no one can shake, and even "Amaterasu" Shrine "temple pharmacist" comparable, is one of the major forces to dominate the island, of course, not only in recent decades. Fame of "extreme fluctuation flow" can be compared, the highest level, the combat power, can all the way up "extreme fluctuation flow" is not weak.

    in general, "dragon take" in modern society should no longer be the glory of the past, you have little sign of advance That's OK. I've got fifty or one hundred combat shots of "dragon shots". Do you have a frame to frame replay? Can you always see something useful?

    however, despite reasoning, from a video feature until now, "dragon sign moves to take" still has not been found, perhaps, have been found, but not willing to say, intended to take their own to deal with "fast flow" of the cards, but also in building into four start to contact the video, and at most ten days, which may find each other's secret?

    he was not so veigar distance against the "dragon", a weak body, and not to the unbelievable position, even if the tour, will soon fall into the rhythm of the Tang Zexun, the two is a wonderful feeling to fight dangerous, feel a certain grasp to find, to avoid.

    who knows the story to come, he is still very distressed to find Dodge, is found in advance, but the "dragon" rapidly beyond his imagination, that a cut shot, seems to have created the illusion of sound barrier!

    Tang Zexun has a similar outer Gang realm, hands take mouth thoroughly tempered materials special magic sword, can not reach that level!

    a rumble!

    "dragon" cut out the blast off toward both sides of expansion, violent wind, almost took away from the front to make a "iron bridge" of the building to be turned over, but this time, he in the mind caused the natural ice mirror reflects tens of centimeters outside Tang Zexun, the other arm shaking sleeves back, like a butterfly flying debris, peeped out a white skin, obviously carry a heavy burden, too slow for a while to recover, continue to move.

    however, Tang Zexun's left leg has been bulging, the knee also followed the song, is about to kick out, kicking himself to support the whole body of one of the legs.

    she absorbed the previous lessons, not to let the building into a leg up on the pumping homeopathic opportunity, let him come back down!


    Tang Zexun was kicked out of his left knee play, while also building into a control center, the body continues to back, back down again, driven into his left leg straight, and from bottom to top out, one foot independent, not shake shake!

    bang! The toe in the instep, prompted a flurry of sparks, played the remnants of the martial arts shoes split, building up the potential played into the interrupt.

    left leg dropping, will be leveraging the building into a bounce back, get up again, but Tang Zexun was ready in its left foot just echoed far from the ground when muscles tighten, the spine is moving, the whole sky, serial kicked out of the right foot, with the opponent to shave the only point of support.

    in this case, the building as if is trying to stand up, because of no force, the right leg even with hard anti ice armor, is bound to be some trauma, this will let him after the battle along, no way and this is too strong for their enemy home if he can pull back block, and will lose support finally, completely lost!

    at this crucial moment, building into a heart like round mirror lake ice, the moment flash many thoughts, give up the intention of re straighten the body, even more fiercely fell back.

    this fall, he put his hands on the back, turn, right leg is pulled to crisp sound in homeopathy, hit Tang Zexun on the other foot, abruptly smoke off the track, down to the side.

    a back handspring, building into a landing, in time for the re approached opponent.

    at this time, Tang Zexun's arm has been slow to come over, "knife" even cut, split air burst, splitting the enemy to five different places, in the eyes of the audience, the light condensed Baimang seem to blend into each constellation.

    building into moving joints, stretch fascia, with firmly against the outbreak, with the competitors, the wartime walk, almost around the audience, inspire a sound with strong sound, hear people xuemaibizhang emotional boiling!

    fire, frost and snow white mans even burst, building into a try looking for opportunities to use "a blow and a shout" and "Implosion" fist, try to use the words "soldiers" and "fight" tactic, however, Tang Zexun's "mind" violent, once aware the change of enemy rhythm, or through the retreat, have adequate time to prepare, will avoid the front or back, or side attack, let building into a can not always succeed.

    compared with veigar, mountain tiger et al., the three thousand years of a beautiful young girl heart repair play is also stronger, more gentle, can attack to hide, can take temporary setbacks, do not see any reduce momentum.

    this makes the building more deeply into clear details and a cloud Peng Ren Li during the day before yesterday, they rarely use the simplified external gang or other arcane, most of the time is to rely on the general strength itself moves, and Dan exit to fight the outbreak, do not want to use, but no chance use force display actually easy to betray, opponents can take advantage of the machine.

    with this knowledge, he completely succumbed to heart impatient, playing more robust, "Snow", "burning ice", "cold bite", "Aurora" moves in the right time to cast out, or supporting the "Jin holding force" so, getting is 521, to the later, even a bit at all "-" feeling.

    big deal, we are better than physical strength!

    Tang was keenly aware of this, ready to interrupt his opponent's actual combat, "metamorphosis."".

    two strokes later, the building became a soul ripples, and there is a strong sense of danger.

    and the ripples at the same time, he heard the faint fine not audible "snap" sound.

    not good!

    his blood suddenly back, and with his body down, the whole man seemed to be up.

    when he crouched down, Tang Zexun's left arm out from the waist Fanchou, really out of the shadows, separated from the air!

    a light flashed, white waves follow forming, the roar of the sound sequence to set off around the outbreak of violent wind and sound grain.


    scalp ear water shocks, building into the body of a fried Dan Jin, like a volcano, propped up his whole body, bulging up the pieces of a powerful muscle.

    muscle tendons and wring, filling, he from bottom to top up, right hand clenched, half red half pound.

    at this moment, the audience seemed to see a dragon ascended to heaven and watched the launch of a rocket!

    Tang Zexun's right hand became a knife; in time fell down; with a floating light, he was cutting into the black and black interlaced fist.


    left arm trembling, she couldn't bear to live the parry rush into full for a body back in a flash, simply take advantage of back off, the pace of smart, agile attitude, a sense of shrinking.

    building into which will miss this opportunity, in the absence of the audience in front of the stand by the fall of the "dragon" Yu cleave out of a crack at the same time, raised his hands, a print Jue, outline the ancient road:


    his figure and laser in situ, left two distinct footprints, draw near a distance and Tang Zexun.

    seeing the opponent's face instantly clear, sweat taste into the nose, the sound of the breath jump into the ear, Tang Zexun not panic, the right arm stretched straight cut again!

    hoot! Screeching, Lou said stop, feet out of the layers of a spider web, the body in just over one meal.

    in such a distance, Tang Zexun's "knife" will inevitably fall to the empty place, and then will have to withstand a frenzied attack.

    but her eyes were suddenly bright, and the right palm of the air pierced the bright white light of the air.


    a cut under the air between her and floor is completely split blasting, in the twinkling of an eye to both sides of crazy Chung, the emergence of a low pressure area!

    fast flow, vacuum take"!

    building into a front suddenly felt suction zone came a terrible, let yourself forward a pause can't help, stagger a step, with the wind ear rollback.

    Tang Zexun subsequent moves followed, a left leg stretch, cross cut out, with a razor white, forward pumping over the enemy!

    floor in time to adjust the muscle, will just accumulate the "inertia" into the legs, the same pumping strokes, different crystal.


    ice breaking, hurried parry and his enemy to fight a tie.

    can equal means he can't just grab the opponent's flaws, fighting again to the previous situation, Tang Zexun hands and feet for their knives, fencing, forced into building be on the defensive, did not use the "nine words" and simplified gap gang.

    and she vaguely aware of the opponent can predict the "dragon", not blindly made the move, but patiently waiting for the opportunity to wait for a person not only avoid the hard frame of opportunity.

    building into the same waiting, he felt that the fine can not smell the "snap" sound is the compression force and bone, fascia, muscle movement, is mostly "precursor dragon".

    with this, coupled with a sense of danger, he seems to be able to try to simplify the gang hard block, "dragon take", through the fierce collision, created just that opportunity!

    the sound of bang bang bang sounded, both sides seemed to have lost their temper, playing very impatient.

    they are all waiting.

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