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Chapter 70–Aerial ace

    Tang Zexun learned the "gas" can be attached position in the palm, arm, leg and foot, improve their slash power, if the opponent is split in direct * *, even force offset, may also encounter and hit, muscle tearing, and even cracked bones etc. the injury, so, veigar fight with her, must let the electric power is covered on the surface to form a fist, gloves, break lights, destroyed the edge, finally completed the collision force. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    and building the "Ice Armor" than "lightning gloves" is more suitable for a similar battle, the enemy can effectively slow slash the sharp and sharp, "Yan Jin" from the "flame fist" is similar with the thunder, you can burn Baimang solution, anti explosive opponent, Yu keep in attack!

    if not the two powers, he will have to be more careful, only non blocking "blade" position, such as from the bottom up, pick up the palm, such as swipes wrist and push frame moves, so although the great ease were normal, but will be more passive, slightly don't be careful will hurt, dim exit.

    when the explosion sound, fire splash, ice falling into building by instinct for fast alienation of power, and Tang Zexun fight fierce, bang sound reverberated around, aroused the audience's mind most blood, burning to vent their impulse.

    building the strength, speed and agility is a little inferior to the opponent, but the physical quality completely up, also not too obvious gap, as long as the ability to live in calm temper, defense, Tang Zexun do not take the plunge, eager is very difficult to open his shelf, get victory the opportunity, and once she made their own adventure, corresponding also exposes the flaws, to building into a counterattack of hope.

    Bang Bang, bang bang bang!

    the battle was very stalemate, the situation seems very stalemate, in the wind of the building into a steady chaos, together with their environment and get the advantage of martial arts Dan, Tang Zexun also calm, as if a little eroded opponent.

    for seven or eight minutes past, two people inevitably consume a lot of strength, but a building with automatic supplementary elixir, apart from mental fatigue brought by reaction with slow, all have not declined, in contrast to Tang Zexun, by signs of gradual draw of the situation of the.

    at this moment, Tang Zexun right arm be suffused with miniature, katana, cross cut out, just touched the floor into small arms covered with ice armor, suddenly exploded shoulder of the strong, let the "long" swirling around the enemy's arm, cast out "wrapped" words.

    around a turn, if there is a collision banging blade, the floor into the arm was suddenly swung open, the body has been shaking, like to go to the lateral tilt.

    now! Tang Zexun Mouguang a coagulation, arched body.

    and a building into a heart through extremely dangerous feeling, ears slightly twitch, hear the fine can not hear snapping sound, it is like a sniper rifle in the gun is loaded, or shrink in turnover!

    when this situation, he focus oblique, not timely jump, squat or if back to escape, with the front of the two lessons, Tang Zexun now is definitely out at "knife", or cut down fast, no longer give a slim chance of survival.

    in addition to homeopathic side, off a shelf, lazy building seems to have no choice but to Glutinous Rice Rolls with Sweet Bean Flour!

    however, he had prepared, his voice at the same time, to outline the darkness inside my mind, not a bit cold, light and heat of the "ice".

    a presentiment of danger until the outbreak, layers of thundercloud stirs moment convergence, high temperature and noise, break the dark and cold silence!


    building a left arm droop, bulging, swing arm, follow the ice mirror the ripples, from the waist collapse hit his fist.

    original "a blow and a shout"!

    he chose it, because it is an additional "Ice Armor", a thick layer of ice, ice armor, or "dragon" to expose the previous terror, even if his opponent in the detonation, frozen her thoughts, his left arm is almost destroyed, not one or two months the rest will not recover!

    sparkling crystal, filled with white mist fist just hit, a light suddenly flashed, instantly cut to the fist floor into, and it ran into, do not give the opportunity to response.

    light, air is divided into two, setting out and there is no blast, awn together, dyed white, as after the jet swept the scene!

    a rumble!

    a loud explosion; set off a furious storm; beat to the floor and shake his ear, water, and ear gauge.


    building into the left fist to hear "thick ice armor" broken voice, feel horrible power behind yourself like suffered a high-speed train crash, arm Suanma lost sleep, muscle swelling healing crack, tendons inch tingling.


    he could not hold back; his feet rubbed against the ground with two distinct trails, like ravines!

    puff! Head vertigo, ear water sloshing floor, spit out the mouth blood, left arm trembling, temporarily unable to force, boxing face also appeared a deep see bones of the scars.

    a cut of power; earthshaking!

    "dragon take" terrible is so exaggerated!

    and in the live post, everyone's reaction was more exaggerated, almost at the same time issued a marvel:

    "I want," the dragon "block!"

    "I admire Ritian zhao"

    "he actually fought against the dragon, and he was resistant to it."!"

    "true TM cattle!"."

    "so, there is nothing wrong with!"

    several large forum in Japan, has a similar shock:

    "pre ordered" dragon take. ""

    "with the body to make a pre judgment, hard block" flying dragon ", I seem to see a warcraft"

    "no, that's Altman."!"

    "smoked sauce, this is the first time blocked by the" flying dragon "?"

    "although there is no knife, but if smoked sauce" dragon take "direct cut in the body, it will die, even if he is practicing" Qi "monster, certainly seriously injured, several months before, he should be so bold to block"

    waves, Tang Zexun standing in situ, the left arm shuddered, covered with a layer of frost, beautiful and bright eyes lost their glow, a sense of dementia.

    "a blow and a shout, fast inquiry!

    building into view did not endure the injury, injury, breath, also hold blood, strength, spirit and all sorts of bad feelings, let them into Dan and addict balance.


    Dan gas gushing, building into a knee and legs swell, straight, bring the whole people leap out, have a short sleeved clothes on the opponent.

    dripping from the cobwebs of cracked ground closer to Tang Zexun, from the blood and sweat was only in pendulous only, which shows that the jump fast, the flutter of the fierce!


    building into left sincere facial muscles of the skin shrink, stop bleeding, right arm shaking, fists clenched, slanting down on.

    1 brush, burning his fist with a layer of red in the white flame.

    "Yan Di Jin.""!

    in order to seize the opportunity, the building useless, need to prepare "fight" word formula, "soldier" word tactic or simplified outside gang!

    at this time, Tang Zexun eyes still remain vacant, see Japan that help Indoorsman distressed endless pity, but her body has made a natural action, right arm anti whirl, draw a razor white awn, is cut in the oppressive flame.

    "the eye of the heart.""!

    a rumble!

    strong blast waves, fire, Tang Zexun's hair in the wind messy, the body was abruptly staggered backward shock wave away.

    until this time her eyes were alive!

    building into the right arm in a sling, bounced back, hands in advance to take advantage of their skills.

    his expression suddenly solemn, mind text outline, throat growl sound:


    block muscle swelling, show the power of beauty, they are twisted together, protruding a large or small veins, let the floor into the show back, as the wild state landslide hit right.


    a fist of broken air, driven his body rapidly forward, directly engulfed the distance between the two sides, close to Tang Zexun's abdomen.

    Tang Zexun's Heart Steep vent, like back in the quiet meditation room, back to the time when the concentration of camellia tea, her eyes light transfer, clothes moment bulging, like a good balloon.

    bang! Her left hand a knife, waving to chop out potential anti cut clothes, suddenly withered, clinging to the body.

    fast flow, "take the robe"!


    small muscle shows, black and white and a palm fiber, bouncing light and contrast!

    "bucket" tactic of fury was fast after Tang Zexun was beaten staggered backwards, light body, legs heavy, trampled out several footprints, and building into a body in a flash, immediately took the blood, fried Dan Jin, again before him, without leaving a trace of a void without the!

    seeing is not firm, the enemy has got near, Tang Zexun again in minor "snap" sound came, than the "dragon", is also the end of faster.


    her right arm itself before the "pumping", fist oblique flick, faster out of the shadows, left without light, broken air.

    a weak version of "dragon take""!

    it moves before the preparation is faster, the speed is correspondingly reduced a lot, the power is also the same!

    however, Tang Zexun it combined a terrific Shazhao, in order to complete within a short period of time the outbreak of output, to beat veigar.

    that is the "bird" combo, "three aerial ace"!

    the floor became clear to the critical moment, before the attack of the potential suddenly stopped, the right arm of a bulge, rapid swing, blew his fist.


    fist and slap, lie ring float, just to hold the floor into the leveraging heard, snap, see Tang Zexun's left arm cohesion compact cut out, the same, the same ruthless, also have white cover!

    bang! He managed to blow up the left shoulder of the strong, swinging arm, so finally lost sleep in recovery from inability to grasp to the open fingers, palm knife of the enemy

    hoot! The sharp sound of friction, Tang Zexun left palm sinking, right arm and then split, or cut out of the blast or anti!

    "three aerial ace"!

    the floor has been too late to do "still strong", and can only rely on the ice mirror induction, hastily erected arm, hastily block.

    bang! His arm was shocked, "a broken ice" has hit the heart, fascia, can not help but with a little joy.

    Dangxia Tang Zexun "three aerial ace"!

    the maximum output of consumption even, her burden is heavy, the outcome of the next potential will be reversed?

    at this time, Tang Zexun eyes reveal a painful color, is building into a left palm suddenly caught up, to "snap" sound in the split the gas barrier, quickly out of the shadows.

    fast flow "forbidden recruit, four aerial ace"!

    the floor of the "ice mirror" although reflected, but his reaction is not followed, left arm just lifted, the other side of the palm has stopped in front of the throat!

    the referee showed his appreciation; raised his hand and opened the channel:

    "Tang Zexun wins."!"

    building into the outlet gas, was bittersweet, Tang Zexun bent over, breathing the air, forgot the most attention etiquette in japan.

    "four aerial ace" is not what good bear moves to the enemy of their own vice versa, vice versa!

    Dongying delegation researchers Otake Mami looked at the blood on the excitement, very anxious to immediately jump up.

    smoked sauce, smoked sauce; go step on one foot and bring back!

    until the Tang Zexun recovered, building into her a gift, shook his head and turned to walk to the stairs.

    on the way, he remembered the leader's instructions and could not leave blood and beads of sweat, so he walked around and took two more steps.

    when his back goes down the stone steps, and the sound of the Teng, the ground's blood is all free, spontaneous combustion, flickering.

    Dazhu's real smile solidified in the face.

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