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Chapter 71–advance activities

    Cong fire extinguished, just back to the floor into the stands, Peng Leyun smile stretched out right, and he touched the road:


    no relief, only praise. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    "strong."!" An Zhaoyang is also a similar action, similar language.

    Li finished his thumb after hitting the fist.

    "thank you."." Building into a smile shook his head, heart depressed a lot of dissipation.

    &nbsp:at this moment, the leader, Zhong Ningtao, asked with concern: "what? How was the injury? Do you want to go to the emergency room?"

    he just saw a building but spit out the blood, and left the plane is not kind of cleaning has been wound to stop bleeding, but ferocious winds.

    "all right, this skin injury, two days of their own good."." Into the first floor waved left fist, and then added, "internal injury is not heavy, I have no hard resistance, a homeopathic back, wait to drink medicine, and was alive and kicking before the completion of metamorphosis."

    of course, the day after tomorrow in the three or four duel, and they can not play their best, but the opponent is bone guessing.

    "that's all right. That's all right."." Zhong Ningtao sighed and pointed to the dressing room. "Go ahead and take a shower."."

    "uh" Floor side nod, edge back mobile phone, see Yan Ke "eyes stare dog stay" road:

    "was the first time I saw Tang Zexun 'four aerial ace.""

    building a thought, "scratching" reply: "ah, so many before the video, she had never seen, only heard the" fast flow 'is such a combo."

    Yan Ke "eyes turn": "before the practice of" Qi ", she should be even less than four," "Qi", it has not met the need to use "four aerial ace", can use forced Tang Zexun 'four aerial ace' orange brother Bang bang da!"

    "poof, you equivocate is to praise me to comfort me?" Building into a laugh out loud, the mood is more relaxed.

    he walked along with the news, the corner of the eye to see the road, the line steadily, Peng Leyun and others followed behind, intend to go to the locker room to wait, the outside is the exit, it seems messy.

    "or else?"" Strict Ke "turned over a supercilious look", "said Tang Zexun is very strong, you have lost very normal, or hug more and more heavy, you say that the man cries, cries, is not a crime?" Cheer up, get third early, go home early, and meet the fairies in September!"

    "say I win, bone guessing is easy."." Building "snicker" reply.

    "isn't it?"" Yan Ke "loss to heaven".

    building into a "face tears": "the injury is not to say, there is bone guess, I want to experience the koan boxing, boxing six."

    "see, you want to learn Peng Leyun waves?" Only a few days, you will be led astray by him? Are you worthy of me?!" Yan Ke joked, "shouted" out loud.

    "after this, then do not know what time to meet the master of the theravada." A building into a readily explain.

    normally, he's always going all out.

    "well, more experience is a good thing." Yan Ke with "small monster lick ice cream" sell Meng expression Road, "but you have to remember, third and fourth, but the difference of one hundred thousand dollars ~!""

    "I don't want to experience it, I want to knock it out."!" The building becomes "nostril fire breathing", humorous reply.

    after that, Yan Ke also concerned about his injury a few words, confirmed that no problem, it is safe and earnest to seriously attend class.

    near the bath room, the building is easy and brush a live paste, see everyone regret not much, amazing many, hastened to explain a wave:

    " Too fascinated, forget to take pictures!"

    well, playing too fascinated!

    this reason can only be used once

    "ha ha, I also forget to see other things, don't blame you, little tiger."." "Selling wonton and selling wonton", waving his handkerchief and waving it.

    "yes, TM is too wonderful, Tang Zexun were really building into a sword hanging, hanging more anticipation!" "The king of the dragon" was so excited that he even broke the language.

    "riding a pig" Heroes "dead": "I doubt that" take the dragon building into a sign ", too sick!"

    they looked at the building into a discussion, spit out the last piece of Qi, to take a bath after a new beginning.

    ah, Yan and Meng, who are they? It was then that he realized there were no two loyal fans in the live paste exchange.

    doubts thrown up, Lou entered their own name, entered the fan forum.

    Mouguang sweep, he suddenly solidified in there, because there is a similar forum posts, but from different people, Yan Xiaoling, "Vatican magic" and "Nie seven seven", "devil", "good name is dog." ID from neat queue road:

    "you're great."!"

    "you're great."!"

    "you're great."!"

    thumb slide, not only the home page so, they brush a screen and a screen, from the end of the game began, has been sent to the present, although know useless, but still do their little mind.

    the building has blurred vision; the heart is moved; it is moved by the pure love and the support without regret.

    they are no longer on impulse or just for fun to focus on themselves.

    all corners of the country, both ends of the world, we are so strange, but also so familiar!

    building into a deep breath, put down the mobile phone, open the shower head, wash the body sweat and blood, the mood gradually precipitation.

    watching boxing face ferocious wound, he not from secretly glad, fortunately there is no domestic broadcast, or see their blood was cut out and bone deep wounds, not nagging his dead mother!

    well, so she and video, to take the initiative to explain, things clear, lest anyone see live, and she mentioned!

    first a precautionary, not wrong!

    building into a bath, eat Yan Ke strong let oneself with the treatment of injuries and wounds to immortality, according to a big wound paste.

    for good clothes, out of the bathroom, he saw Peng Leyun did not daze, playing games with mobile phones, remember the "dragon take" things, busy opening reminder:

    "Tang Zexun" the dragon "strokes before a slight 'Kacha' sound, like bone, muscle and fascia, compression strength."

    can discover, is also lucky; if does not have "ice mirror", who can be in the intense fighting to notice nearly the slight sound which cannot hear?

    similarly, if there is a feeling of danger, Tang Zexun will understand their moves, even if there is a "ice mirror", the subconscious will ignore the noise, "listen" to simply "snap" sound.

    "dragon take" signs can not be detected for many years; it is not white!

    so, even if Peng Leyun knew from his own front, could he hold it and say two?.

    Peng Leyun forgot the game, raised his head and nodded thoughtfully:


    next is an Chaoyang smile: "I don't feel very value of the winning Zexun Tang ah, in order to hundreds of thousands, you find" one of the most important secret Shinsaibashi "."

    "I was a little scared by what you said."" "If they knew I had found the sign of" flying dragon ", would they chase me?"

    here, he said: "no, I will rush to kill me, released on the Internet, see who!"

    Peng Leyun heard a laugh, she began to trance, quite a while to return to the "world", a road:

    "miserable." Pit dead teammates"

    ha ha, you are only suitable for playing a single machine! Building into fufei, Ren Li led the way, opened the door to the locker room, for you to lead the way, anxious Zhong Ningtao hurriedly stop.

    daekgum, opened the door, Ren Li saw a half blood beauty, she led a camera team.

    "ha ha, we meet again."." Catherine smiled pleasantly.

    Ren Li is the head, or not remember where we met each other, can only pretend to very well look way:

    "and another interview?""

    finish this sentence, she remembered who it is, is that you see light suddenly added: "will Chinese but not say let reporters, building into a."

    mention this, all building into a burst of laughter, tickled the back of the head, face and red.

    after that, he turned over in the Dekor site, trying to find reports, unfortunately, cannot read the articles, only to give up.

    Catherine smiled and said: "I just wrote a simple press release today to do an interview."

    wild card team two semi-finals, a final, must do the interview ah, or else how to heighten the atmosphere of the battle?

    that's good, that's all right The floor has breathed a sigh of relief and laughed at Peng Leyun as the lead of the interview.

    with previous experience, the interview came at the end, law-abiding, Catherine smile said: "building, you have a nickname in japan."

    "what?"" Lou Cheng blurted out, immediately regretted, should first ask that nickname is good, not good, do not listen.

    Catherine sweet smile:

    "Warcraft" from the M78 nebula."

    and with that, she saw the face of the tower dark.

    after accepting the interview, a wild card team returned to the hotel, into the house, each doing things.

    building and mother Qi Fang video, just remember Tang Zexun and fight with every little bit, analysis, sum up the pros and cons, Yan Ke very love this kind of thing, a spectator's point of view and he communicate.

    the next morning, the injury rate of metamorphosis into buildings continue to polish, and in the morning to practice, he has convergence, is only a warm-up.

    set time to eat lunch, Zhong Ningtao took a clap together:

    "we have an activity this afternoon the organizing committee invited us to visit the gold Buddha, and some of the monks, young boxer exchange, this is the official tournament of the top sixteen activities, try to go."

    "why didn't you say that before?"" An Zhaoyang doubts opening.

    &nbsp:Zhong Ningtao shook his head. "I don't know why. This kind of official activity does happen every time, but it's only after the end of the finals. Who knows this time?"."

    "well, it's nothing in the afternoon."." Peng Leyun returned from "out of the sky" and agreed with great amusement.

    Cheng Cheng and ANN, Chaoyang, Ren Li can not be without exception, also follow the big stream.

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