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Chapter 72–self defeating

    official tournament activity is divided into three parts, one is to visit the famous frovatriptan2.5mg jinfosi two, is listening to the real world, no three is the Hon Chiu preaching, guide practice and age is not the monk and boxer, except not taken place, the entire media to follow, rather the formal. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    afternoon, braving scorching sun, under a steamy environment, building into the temple and others into the close, enjoy the exotic Buddhist Temple Buddhist temple and domestic style is quite different.

    this building has a tip, layered grand, primitive Buddhism characteristic Pumianerlai, regarded as heresy because Theravada Mahayana Bodhisattva, does not recognize, do not recognize each other position mentioned in many Buddha Hall, here only dedicated to "Buddha" Shakya Mani and his disciples to follow. For example, Kasyapa, such as other.

    while standing outside the hall, urn Pavilion, "four God Brahma gatekeepers, gilded heavy floodlight, eight arm stretch holding, very solemn.

    because it is the official activities, building and Peng Leyun they are all dressed in white background red vertical stripes of the delegation of martial uniforms, dressed in traditional clothing and not too hot Tang Zexun, mountain tiger, contrast.

    and veigar still wearing a hat, wearing the uniform of a general, a majestic gait, domineering unabated, seems to have forgotten lost to Tang Zexun's wounds, even forgotten her "four aerial ace are not forced out the truth".

    Barnum as typical Nanzheng boxer dress, hands and feet were wrapped in white bandages, used in the last fall, in the unattended location, and a thin bone vaku guess fat robe eye-catching, and surrounding environment.

    visit process, according to their different delegation in knots between clear boundaries, and building into holding a mobile phone, the start of the due diligence of the visitors, as long as you can take pictures of the place, no matter good or bad workmanship, are snapping at a pass, going to night with his wife share, as for Ann Chaoyang and Ren Li, the only effect is waiting to be "Pirates of the map"!

    Bloomberg? Mobile phone cameras are broken, and from time to time God wandering guy only with salted fish!

    just after half past three, they entered the end of the tour, a forum like building, the first sitting position Lianhuangjishou, describe the old monk, his eyes half closed, his simple, nothing miraculous, is built into the equivalent of Luo Hanchu, just outside no master Zhao Gang of state.

    Zhao no eyelid does not carry, attitude and see who has gathered, with this Buddha writing rules in Pali his lecture, four middle-aged monk he stood about him, at the same time, English Chinese, Dongying paper, paper making Dekor translation, sound overlay, echoing the meditation hall actually, some inexplicable deep distant, solemn, feeling great teaching.

    the floor became interesting to distinguish, pondering, is to increase knowledge, but listen to, he raised a thick doubts.

    no Zhao Master said may not be what Buddhist stories, but in reality the "Sixteen concept of wisdom" the revised method, starting from the understanding of body and mind, step by step, such as talking, let a person feel really can have what.

    "no", "the sixteen view of wisdom" is so cheap, so casually tell us" A building close to Peng cloud direction, says in a low voice.

    the core strength is equivalent to the "ice" and "fire department"!

    Peng Leyun side head to see his one eye, lips move up, can be hard to hear it straight into the building into the ears:

    "he only speaks a starter," Sixteen view of wisdom "in higher content can not say, you're really so interested, go on the road, he certainly whole-heartedly welcome, personally led, personally denpo."

    to see the floor suddenly, he added: "listen well," Sixteen knowledge "is not recorded in any of the Buddhist scriptures, Shakya Mani was a monk after you S.grosvenorii, well, they call themselves out of the Holy One, summarizes the practice method, empirical method. Very interesting."

    the floor up and down, looked at Peng Leyun a glance, rather rare smile: "I listen to very normal, you say you a door disciple, half monk, mix here listen to what listen to?""

    I decided to take Peng Leyun, a nickname called "Taoist", Taoist always daydreaming!

    Peng Leyun smile said: "since the Song Dynasty, the Buddhist scriptures have mutual interpretation, in order to improve each other in philosophy system, which is also part of the revised method fusion of each other, I listen to what might be under the Hinayana, by analogy"

    "" he said, as if to think of something; his eyes began to drift away and his thoughts were no longer focused.

    and building into the hearts, is the body, looked up to see no master Zhao looked to her, nodded slightly, anger not angry, don't laugh, but his half closed eyes to open.

    they are open at the same time, building into the eyes seem to have Fremont birth, I saw sitting there without master Zhao skin turn golden, grow three head, six arms outstretched, the flame is put, sacred and solemn!

    no? Is it a golden ocean? Building into a deeply shocked, unconscious "ice condensing mirror", shine around, suspected his senses and suffers no master Zhao heroic, hallucinations!

    "ice mirror", Shuiguang light swing, a bright golden ocean superhuman powers!

    really The building also buxinxie, simply do a "strong holding force", let a addict rotation balance, dark and light, cold and high temperature coexistence of miniature "Star", in order to maximize the mobilization of the part itself has been integrated into the subtle feeling.

    the world became empty, building in strength analysis, again to see Zhao, found his muscles already muster, into a streamline type, the skin is dark with Jinhui, but which has three, which has six arms, which have the flame is put!

    no, in the void of his week, the momentum condensed; as in essence, the faint reduction produced two fuzzy heads and four arms holding objects

    thus, building into a idea, he just saw half-genuine and half-sham Jinshen arhat, half solid, condensed by Zhao * * aberrance no master and tyrannical spirit constitute momentum.

    this is similar to the outside Gang realm of expert ah

    think of the master had white world scene, it is the fairy land

    the idea of rotation, building into a state of mind becomes peaceful and leisurely enjoyed had nothing to expose the miraculous.

    his eyes swept Peng Leyun, found their eyes out of focus, where the expression of dull, I do not know who has "wandering", don't care what Jinshen arhat.

    no master Zhao leer to the blind Fufei building into one, look at moving targets, see Ren Li looking at the eyes, dark light flicker, like a storm shares together, Ann Chaoyang will look quite like muttering recollections, read poetry.

    read poetry? The building becomes surprised to listen to, just listen to Anne, the sun is tiny can not smell to sing a way:

    "that year, I long head hug dust, not for the Buddha, just to stick to your warmth.""

    The floor into the mouth twitched, could not help but secretly scoff:

    ha ha, this group of salted fish!

    white come, listen to the sutra!

    well, except li

    that is to say the small Ke Ke, I can amuse her!

    four ten, the end of the lecture, a man walked out of the building into a meditation room, looked at Tang Zexun, at veigar they want from each other, face that just witnessed the reaction residue, but Rohan gold "these are the heart of generation, the expression has returned to normal. To a glimpse of clues, but also the boxer and warrior spirit trance, is obviously a great shock, it seems to be suspicious of life.

    next, is to guide the practice of the link, according to the arrangements of the organizing committee, divided into two groups, several female players to guide little older female boxer, the rest to Zhaitang, tasting monk meal, waiting for rotation.

    Ren Li lost because of fear, team leader Zhong Ningtao told the building into a few words, hurriedly with the past, the mountain tiger quietly watching, invisible nod.

    dining hall.

    monk rice sent one by one; the water is clean; the rice is coarse food; the crude can not be obtained; the buildings, Peng Leyun and Ann Chaoyang each ate a few mouthfuls, then stopped the movement.

    where are they going to torture themselves when they are not hungry?

    and, in a sense, began to miss the good food of the country The building swallowed its saliva.

    after a while, the monks began to clean up the table, not far from the mountain tiger in the corner of my eye sight to see three people without objection, let the other side away in front of objects, face unconsciously will emerge out of a smile.

    the monk has been bought, and the tableware they used will be extracted directly from Dazhu!

    the former Cheng Cheng and others are eating out every day, but they are not scheduled, they can not buy in advance, and their leader will do some processing at the end.

    this time, the tour leader has been transferred!

    at this moment, suddenly remembered a building into things, hurriedly shout to take away the tableware monk, smile of Peng Leyun and Ann Chaoyang said: "you are too careless! What's this place? This is South asia! Magic is rampant, curse everywhere, can not leave what is closely related with their own thing, to avoid being used to cast!"

    well, that's what you think of the manager's instructions!

    see Peng Leyun, Chaoyang face stupefied, building into a proudly rub again he used to bowl along, wipe the saliva itself with other tableware, dark fire flashing, not coke material, but transpiration loss.

    "that's a nice hand."." Peng Leyun felt praise.

    can be used without traces of burning flame treatment tableware itself, the exciting force control!

    the metamorphosis of the building is almost finished?

    speech, he also stood up, hands out hereby white, with all their own tableware, also did not leave anything.

    Chaoyang sees that Ann is also eager to start, he also did not have special powers, but to wave damage, finally pulled out a shameful wipes.

    not far next to the mountain tiger look dumb as a wooden chicken

    several female master guide when suddenly a gust of wind blowing, dispel dull, provocative Ren Li hair.

    after the six product, her hair is solid, no external force is difficult to drop, and in the exercise of instruction, has never had to tie up hair.

    at this moment, Tang Zexun quietly moving near her fingers, like a wisp of twisted like the wind around, hidden in the natural environment, with the practice of girls perfect, "twisted" live Ren Li two hair, they will soundless and stirless torn down. Like girls careless moves.

    no one can "get the trigger" on his hair!

    hair follicle with two black hair falling, Ren Li was aware of, but do not feel what is strange, continue to recruit girls feeding trials.

    Tang Zexun's expression was more leisurely; the smile on his face was as sweet as ever; after the instruction, he pretended to have something to fall off and rolled to the side, so he walked over and bent over to pick it up

    Ren Li returned to the dining hall etc. and will own a building, Nanyang in the magic curse discourse to tell her again, and remind her to take care of.

    "" Li answered confidently:

    "it's nothing; I know the curse."."

    "do you know the curse?"" The building was taken by surprise.

    "yes," some in the curse of the plague of content "in advance to prepare for a long time, in the battle in no time, and generally can collect the material useless, often fails to himself is 100% accurate." Ren Liruo thought, "just like I lost some hair, can reverse the curse"

    here she tried to see Zhong Ningtao:

    "leader, I'm going out and have to buy some stuff."."

    I don't expect you to be like this, Ren Li The untouchables ah untouchables The floor was blocked by a cold sweat.


    no, I seem to be able to bounce curses

    think of here, he no longer say, with Peng Leyun, Chaoyang and others, to the square, guide a bit at most twelve year old boxer or monk.

    looking at each other's tender and devoted expressions and skillful and fierce movements.

    age at home, just contact the Wu Dao, is still in the foundation of physical training stage, from the formation of combat power, have several years of time, not necessarily so long, but the entire society has formed a consensus, early martial arts will interfere with in-depth development, cause all sorts of adverse consequences. And may also affect the child's mental health.

    this process will be complemented by quality education, so that a two are Cheng Wenmang, the future if cut off the martial way, not as a case.

    not so they can be in the Dekor, most people are poor, life is very difficult, although not with the Dayton, but not much, very small to rush to feed themselves, to engage in all kinds of work, have been picked in martial arts and it is a good thing, as soon as possible to practice as soon as possible, with force, as soon as possible for the training of service, is a common desire of several parties.

    and because of the strong rise, there are a lot of referees are not up to standard, fighting often appear out of control, filled with bloody and cruel taste, but similar boxing is unusually popular, many people love to watch this, willing to spend money.

    read according to their reports, China Dekor boxer was a high rate of disability groups, and if no similar to human, root of alienation level, after adults tend to sick and more pain, suffering, or even likely to live fifty.

    of course, many compared to other business, which has been very happy, not only a good income, but also by force, bully under weak, grab resources, and a kind of really brilliant moment, painful years, fleeting.

    the two countries will have such a distinction, because in addition to other aspects of martial arts, China is developing very well, the kids, martial arts is the dream, is the future of China Dekor counterparts, this is life.

    one punch, one foot, the floor into a dedicated guidance, no discrimination, only sigh.

    the opposite child qualification can only be considered as general; in the country, there is no way to pass the first diversion, and have to go the way of reading

    half past five in the afternoon, the end of the activity, Cheng Cheng and others did not encounter any of the moths, and successfully found a place to eat, returned to the hotel

    at night, the delegation of Japan live, researchers began to endure Dazhu real excitement, Ren Li's hair follicles isolated to preliminary treatment.

    he was absorbed, eyes suddenly lit a light, I saw the two hair rapidly burning, instantly turned into ashes, and emitted a faint sweet fruit.

    "how so?"" Otake Mami was dumbfounded.

    after a few minutes, Japan on behalf of the room phone manager rang, he picked up one, Otake Mami is found, the difficult of founder shouted:

    "save! Help!""

    help! The leader hurried out, shouted his hands, opened the real door of Dazhu, saw him lying on the ground, bent into a dried shrimp, and vomited, and looked like a pain.

    "yes, toxic."!" Otake Mami struggled to speak after seeing the rescuer

    "it seems to be a mistake."" Ren Li in a daze staring at a superb collection of beautiful things layout, muttered.

    "shouldn't anyone be around?""

    "well, it doesn't hurt really, and it hurts for a while."."

    "well, this is good!"

    Li patted her hand, walked into the bathroom happily and planned to take a bath

    second days, August 27th, the recovery of 7788 of the wounded into a sense of feeling, and then two or three days to complete the transformation, and truly into the inhuman realm.

    on the morning after practice, he self-cultivation, watching the video, waiting for the next game, looking forward to experience the "six".

    as for Peng Leyun and Tang Zexun, who will be able to win the final title? Of course he is the team mate!

    half past seven in the evening, they satiate, arrived in the Dekor Museum, go to the locker room, doing the final adjustment before the.

    outside, huge crowds of people, the heat air, unlike watching a final, but as in the Festival ceremony, inside the door, Peng Leyun cross with a mobile phone, playing on building into the battle with Tang Zexun video, but his eyes did not focus on the screen, I fly "where, what Lenovo up.

    Ren Li idle also playing down the mobile phone, the thumb sliding, beautiful eyebrows wrinkled and seems to be from time to time, who dispute two, however, she eventually bear his safety, Chaoyang with headset, quietly listening to the music, as if uninhabited land.

    as for the floor, of course, chatting with the fairies.

    "if you wave capsized, I laugh at you for a lifetime." Yan Ke "Wuzui.".

    a lifetime The floor into the mouth hook, crackling typing: "terrible feeling good I'll consider how far the waves are coming!"

    so, time passes, building up a mobile phone, plans to close fifteen minutes.

    at this moment, his eyes lit up Peng Leyun's "return", and his eyes renewed his spirit. He remembered something from his heart and whispered, "what do you mean, curse?" It feels weird and scary. Is it based on the principle of quantum entanglement?"

    he takes their own physics not completely understand speculations.

    Peng Leyun side head looked at him and chuckled:

    "this touches my blind spot; I'm an undergraduate.""

    "Hey, do you know this Terrier?"" The floor surprised and blurted.

    "I am not primitive."." Peng Leyun's shaking under the palm of mobile phone.

    he and the mentality of the floor are quite relaxed

    Dongying delegation, leader of breath, all thoughts behind me and gazed at Tang Zexun road:

    "how do you feel?""

    next is a matter of great honor of the war in japan!

    Tang Zexun moved his hands and feet; smiled, "yes, almost nothing."."

    "good."." The leader nodded with satisfaction

    another locker room.

    the prepared bone; he saw the leader come and hear him speak in a loud voice:

    "building into a win under the mountain tiger, beaten and even let Tang Zexun had to use Barnum, 'four, is recognized as the aerial ace" tournament four strong, as long as you can beat him, for his name, as the name of our country will get all of you like, man get all the praise, glory!"

    bone guess is the successful practice of monks, Wenyan not excited, but calmly replied:

    "he is the real powerhouse; I have a certain gap with him; it is unlikely to win."."

    and Peng Leyun and I were wounded during the war!

    "rest assured that we have communicated well with Wu Sheng from Miluo; he will be the referee for you and the Cheng Cheng competition."." The leader said slightly proudly.

    "this will be discovered and questioned by all."." The bone slowly shook its head.

    "no, because he is not going to affect each other, do not disturb your fighting, he is the alienation of ability, can be in the key, discreet help you play better! Fight with your heart and show what is correct to all!" The leader waved his hand passionately.

    the final was too conspicuous; the third were just right!

    bone guessing; silent for a moment; answered:

    "I just know to be myself; as for other things, I didn't hear that."."

    "very good."." The team leader was pleased to leave.

    next to follow the vaku quietly, what also didn't say.

    perhaps this is the practice of young bone guess Hom, to really experienced, will be realized

    and so he won the building, but because of this often guilt, plagued by, unable to understand, to understand the physical and mental false, rejected all the world, give birth to abandon the meaning

    bone guess sat motionless for a long time, and when the outside radio sounded, it suddenly shake terrible fat, like a mountain stood up.

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