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Chapter 73–humanoid ferocious beast

    August 27th, eight o'clock in the evening, the museum began broadcasting guide Dekor atmosphere, the audience cheered and heat waves. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    in the final finals, the three or four place match will be heated!

    "juvenile sprint", in order to get more bonus, did not refuel today, only from the coach's encouragement!" Yan Ke "waving foil", sent a message on time.

    spur on Building into a low laugh sound, "her head shaking":

    "weak chicken, trembling."!"

    followed, he added, "extremely excited" look:

    "can only make efforts!"

    interaction of a few words, he will not quit the QQ lock screen mobile phone to An Zhaoyang, and the other side of the fist bump, repeatedly told: "I quickly ring again when taking a picture. To live post, do not speak do not speak"

    excuses and reasons have been used up, can only be re opened, do not fly in the relatively relatively safe chaoyang!

    "uh, uh" An Zhaoyang nodded to make sure he knew what to do.

    I did not expect Lou Cheng to have such a long winded side

    done live thing, building into a fist saw Peng Leyun reached in the past, a collision with itself, and smiled:

    "don't wave capsized."

    ah The waves capsized? Does Peng Leyun know the word? He knew that I and Ann Chaoyang often commented on him when he was racing Heard the familiar words, building into a have dumbfounded.

    so he woke up, not by the old face a red, next to An Zhaoyang also couldn't help dry cough twice, like the back, but was caught red handed, caught

    "ha ha."." Building into a cackle replied, "no, no."

    at this time, Li also stretched out his fist, looked at him slightly guilty, confessed leniency:

    "I spilled the beans"

    "ha ha, nothing, nothing."." "Smile" road building.

    in such a relaxed feeling, he turned around, along the corridor, to the ring line, step steady, imposing manner.

    live in the paste, is also such a lively and pleasant atmosphere.

    "is this game still to be seen?" Wake up, it must be built, won the opponent's news!" "Always true love, handsome, Okamoto," he said.

    the plumber "mushroom" habitually retorted: "you this is not right, drinking beer, eating barbecue, watching an exciting game to win, not happy? This is enjoyment!"

    "you two, squat in the corner, don't defeat my building's character."!" "Night gathers" Yan Xiaoling "vicious blow whistle, red hair".

    but her ally, the phantom, did not think so, wagging his tail triumphantly:

    "the snacks are ready and the game is out."!"

    they are happy exchanges, the floor into the first place on the ring, stood to the referee's left hand side, no momentum, so quietly watching the bone, guess a step in a flash, meat line.

    the opponent in a dark red frock, tall and fat, like a terrible meat mountain, skin glowing with unique color, with magical power.

    his facial features are stretched significantly smaller, less bitter Wakuduo expression, although deep eyes, but a bit less transparent and disgusted with the taste of prospecting.

    building into looked at the opponent's guess also looked at him in the bone, only sleep stage young man smiling, gentle in fine fig, introverted, if not what threat of ordinary college students, but he stood there, but people still as Yue feeling, it seems once the outbreak, will Taishan collapse in the top of a terrorist.

    breathing a bit, then returned to normal, the bone guess joggings board, corner pointing can't help the referee a glance.

    from the Miluo Wu Shengchang referee with a dark face, comb a large sparse head back, unsmiling eyes on bone serious in speech and manner, guess the sweep did not make any response, plain.

    he is the equivalent of a senior non human being!

    bone guess recovery line of sight, all the distracting thoughts completely left behind, standing on the opposite side of the building, the two sides spaced ten meters.

    looked at the electronic clock and confirmed that it was about to reach the eight ten scale; Wu Sheng raised his hand and made a sign to the left and right.

    then he flicked down his right hand; his voice hoarse but spread all over the stadium:


    the three or four battle of the four boys kings tournament officially began!

    building into two muscles of the thigh suddenly tightened his pants, clear lines, clear edge, at the same time, he is back in a flash, center of gravity exploration, seems to be saved, as is ready the violent storm.

    guess right consciousness on the opposite side of the bone to make a, he answers the left foot, push forward one step, is the only test step.

    snap! A thin spread, rolled up the building into a strong wind, roaring toward its left front, jumped has swallowed a dozen meters distance, just blocked the opponent in the dodge.

    bone guess breath, suddenly sink body, suffused with the gold pieces of fat is clear, become a shocking muscle, intended to "mindprints boxing" coming into hard ground floor.

    at the same time, building a sudden twisting muscle fascia, bulging force, corresponding with the pace, forced to make changes, through the gas barrier, popping, making a melee breeze blowing straight face guess bone.

    treading the cloth gang; the north wind howled!

    ferocious gust, slight shaking body bone guess, instinct eyes closed, there is a sense of cold shaving knife.

    &nbsp:step by step to the side, floor, this is within the feet, knees and thighs twisted back, twisting the back muscles, swinging open arms, punched out a fist.

    bang! The sound crisp sound, poured into the bone guess ears, he could not use the "mind fist", blooming body force, fast lift arm to a lateral frame.

    puff! Building into a fist on his arm off, hit the depression, Dangqi a fat ripples, unable to shake the opponent's body.

    low back twist, footsteps again wrong; floor in the bone guess homeopathy turn around, want to face yourself, once again around the enemy's side, bend the elbow, fierce by the collision.

    although he would like to experience the "koan boxing" and it Shazhao "six". In this game, but it is not like Peng Leyun waves, don't do what preparation began just going to fight hard, a thorough grasp of clear guess fist bone strength the heart has a bottom, and then try again.

    so, if there is wrong, oneself can immediately complete, timely counterattack, not pushed to the brink of failure play heartbeat!

    Bang bang! Take steps, put flowers around the building into a tree, a three, or punch or kick, or hold, and guess bone close collision to the enemy with shades of essence.

    the Theravada monks are gifted, flesh can carry can fight, strength and equal levels of their non-human is only slightly inferior, but see, they tend to lack of spirit, profound fist routines

    the heart has a judgment, building into a distance slightly, no longer melee, and the convergence of many thoughts, "setting out the cold side round mirror, clearly reflects the surrounding scenes within tens of centimeters.

    his soul seemed to be out, floating in the air, without looking at everything around him with emotion.

    "ice mirror" one, immediately building into a contraction of blood, after pulling the arm, shoulder and elbow fast swing.

    bang! He punched laser bomb, high-speed friction air, burning a layer of red in the white flame, only the wind seemed to wear the gloves.

    the intermittent, bone guess can finally breath, working spirit, emerge in the eyes of bitter color, hit ordinary a straight, with dark gold brilliant flowing, and building a "fire fist" ran into.

    a rumble!

    flame spraying, the dark blown bone finger suddenly faded, the dual influence of body was Dan Jin outbreak and the waves, to step back, not hard resistance, while building into throat feeling a twinge of lung, drawing tight, such as burning burning out breath, like fell seriously ill.

    not only that, he also realized the weakness of the flesh, as if he had been ill in bed for a long time, no longer vertical and horizontal ring style.

    heartprints fist, "disease"!

    life, pain and suffering, always difficult to avoid, so everyone will experience a few times, building body hidden memory would be tick, and guess the meaning of the bone fist too, breakthrough in the past, with the "ill" fist is it seems powerless, only helplessly looking at each other for a punch, its defensive action is slow abnormal.

    this is so real, in the building into a "condescending" view, in the "ice mapping mirror", their blood is surging torrents, roaring muscle turnover, the vitality of the young, ready to break the wall, step on a crack ground, which are signs of half sick the.

    before, all of them are "hallucinations" produced by the brain affected by external fluctuations, and secreted the corresponding hormone, which deepened the sense of substance!

    good health The feelings of a "sick" comparative body and reality * *, building into a felt such a sigh, his left foot before the half step, a whole muscle swelling, then snapped out of a collapse, withstood the attack to take advantage of the bone gap guess fist.

    Bang muffled sound, both fists like bone deformation, guess the robe sloshing, was nearly flame to ignite, busy back half a step, reproduction of bitter color, ordinary anti swing arm.

    heartprints boxing, "bitter"!

    building a course is to choose the hard ground, and a hug, a left arm thick, fist pounding fierce, do not avoid anything.

    sharptemperature around the lower condensing water droplets, filled with mist, they surrounded the twinkle luster with the fist, it hit the bone guess small arm, let the muscles sag into fat, make dark to white.

    second, the bone was abruptly guess fought off two meters, feet on the ground friction distinct traces, arm and arm above with frost, lips with cold shiver, building into heard stomach calls, feel unbearable hunger, seems to have become their own do a hard line of monks, is harsh discipline, braving the sun and rain, begging, and nfam.

    dry and tasteless things, eat no pleasure, hungry to quickly reach out to the throat uncomfortable, 11 attack on his mind, so he immediately turned to throw in the towel, rushed into the restaurant, eating a meal.

    no, it is hurry to return home, big chew long missed all kinds of delicious food!

    stir fried eel, roasted eggplant Liu, roast beef and potatoes, stewed pork lotus, tomato soup Fried Eggs, Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork, spicy crab and crayfish A picture flicker on the floor into the mind, so that he could realize the ascetic monks suffering.

    bang! He summoned all her strength, frantically waving open arms, hit a fist, "delicacy"!

    of course, "ice mirror" only ripples, not broken, clearly reflects the fact that he is not hungry, this allows him to control the mood, not anxious nor impatient.


    just came back and was forced to hit the bone guess back, step on a crack on the ground, his heart startled fleeting, can't believe the "hunger" state building into force can make so mad.

    hunger breeds discontentment! The building has swallowed saliva, stretched its body, stepped forward, and its surface muscles are distinct, and the pieces are firm, like the gods coming down from the earth.

    come again! He had a dark sound, with interest out of his right arm, a fist of gun, stab to the bone to guess the throat, "Yan Jin" contained, lit up the air around them to shrink, such as setting fire.

    bone guess eyes blazing white jump, no more willing or busy running test, the spirit of light in "burst pupil, step swing arm, silent before the rush.

    "my fist", "the hungry ghost"!

    he wants to "unconscious greed" quietly affect the opponent's mind, so that more and more playing the more impatient, more playing more ignore other problems, eyes only one breath to get their own impulses.

    it is very difficult to detect the boxing, often caught unaware until wake up, then do repression is enormous, early on the verge of failure or has failed!

    because of this, bone guessing will use it as a front!

    a rumble!

    fire burst, flame rolling, bone guess robe inch arm broken, a crack appeared dark color, his other hand out in front of the face are staggered back, to resolve the "Yan Jin" impact.

    power alone, the fire department did not recognize the fourth core strength, who dare to top three!

    building a "ice mirror" Dangqi a ripple, crystal "level" seems to be split, but also shows the crystal clear Bilu lurking spy".

    be prepared, repression under the condition of "hungry" and it was aware of the boxing italy!

    amazing Condensate water ice, mind building into precipitation, overcome impatience, cut in addition to greed, one foot really didn't show any flaws, played steadily.

    bone guess was surprised, added two "hungry ghost", but still failed to affect the opponent, you have eyes light transfer, change of boxing.

    indifferent wave, bitter color hidden eyes, his breath, Yang back, raised a fist waving arms, seemingly fast and fierce, but did not arouse the slightest breeze.

    building into a cross in the lower abdomen waist down, right arm suddenly lifted, reverse rolling, and the collision of the enemy's fists in the air, aroused a hover sound.

    his heart, the mood is anxious to fall, attributed to calm, I think the fight is not interesting, the game is meaningless, defeating the enemy is more boring.

    what am I standing here for; who am I, where I come from and where I am going? At the moment, it seems to enter the building into a sage time, mention of money didn't interest, thinking about philosophical questions about the world, to guess the bone hit to the elbow down sideways.

    "my fist", "the days of humanity"!

    it can help people overcome all sorts of * *, eliminate mood, away from the "heart" of the hell, in battle, it can resolve the other spirits, reduce the secretion of the corresponding hormone, lazy do not want to let the enemy defense, even instincts to make block, also don't feel.

    six, the mysterious!

    such a state and "ice mirror" has different approaches but equally satisfactory results, are people interested emotions from interference, building into a rapidly adapt perfectly reflects the heart lake, the merciless "heaven", promote body movement.

    hormone secretion, muscle bulging, building into a waist swing arm, launched the left hand, palm up bone deficiency, guess the elbow, fast fire flow condensation will explode.

    bone guess hurriedly elbow in, to avoid the explosion of fire, only sleep as rivals such as cents, in the "six", have no reaction!

    his eyes turn red light, the spirit of a fallen Jin, waist lift, instep taut, do low kick, wait until the building into a fist pumping whip leg block, only cross beating, such as swing hammer.


    building a vertical arm of a block, the hearts of war suddenly tumbling, the blood rushing more fierce, stimulate muscle, fascia drive.

    * * violence filled his body, let the eyes pan a little red!

    six boxing, "asura"!

    ice cracked mirror, ripples almost waves, building into a barely hold surprise, "see" their blood in "Asura" boxing by becoming more active, muscle parts can muster a hidden power, similar to their own use "bucket" tactic when the state, but not so exaggerated.

    that's good Understanding building into your body from another angle, to grasp the subtle changes of muscle, fascia, viscera and spirit in the bloodthirsty and violent revolution under the influence of appear, such as the cellular level The new supersedes the old. accelerate, they are good or bad, are worthy of reference,

    until the digestion of this harvest, their own "fight" word Jue effect, at least 20% increase!

    ha ha, waves, under the experience of "six boxing", is the right choice!

    building a muscle swelling, stretch, make the "giant" step, shaking his arms, "condescending" is a swing hit, hit the bone guess my feet sinking into the ground, trembling fat.

    Bang Bang, bang bang bang! He caught the "Asura", like to eat the same excitement again and again attack hit Dan, guess anguish was a bone, suffered a failure.

    and in the process, bone guessing didn't even see Lou's intellectual absence.

    a monster!

    "my fist" is not what effect on him?

    or I didn't practice home?

    in the heart of the bone, a great doubt arose; doubts about the world, life, and self, and almost the impulse to break the jar and break it.

    fortunately, his "Sixteen view wisdom" has become a small, immediately reviewed the idea, to stabilize the mood, the pupil inside the light flow out, like the red dust of the state of the seven colors.

    bang! Guess again bone fat into muscle, drum, arm swing, virtual fist grip, will punch.

    "my fist", "the way"!

    at this moment, his body suddenly filled with violent force, the spirit was stimulated, a surge.

    this Guess the bone out of the corner of his eye at the referee Wu Sheng, but he is still deadpan, solemn, looked straight up, but I do not know what time his left arm had been drawn, facing oneself, a micro flash invisible dark blue!

    really "communication" okay

    is this the critical moment?

    the idea of a turn, bone guess ignore this thing, with its hitherto unknown good state of the world, meaning blooming to the extreme, and the attack was building into a burning flame fist block, will force perfusion in the past, and the natural rotation, "the world" hell "".

    once the emotions are extreme, the creatures will suffer, suffer, and be unable to extricate themselves.

    hell is not where it is; only the heart!

    a human mind; a hell.

    this is the "six boxing" top secret, even the vaku have not yet made the "six realms"!

    human body at the same time and hell!

    a rumble!

    "Yan Di Jin" burst open, fire waves wanton roll, fried bone, guess side over the body, feet even retreat, just avoided the edge, blocking the aftermath.

    the tower of vision blurred, as if in a flash, experienced ten years.

    in the past ten years, from the initial passion to the two countries, to both the self and the Yan side, things began to increase and the frequency of meetings gradually decreased

    chat content from every point of interesting things to share with each other, because each other busy are ignored, some topic is too lazy to go away, every time the exchange seems to become more and more monotonous tasks, more and more no fun

    when there are two or three times of the scandal, had a suspicion, along with more and more tired, this feeling is then imperceptibly

    at that time, he was even a little relieved and relieved

    ten years later, has another partner himself to school to participate in the celebration of the night, when I suddenly saw the return Long bridge, the familiar figure, she was wearing intellectual white shirt, elegant maxi dress, standing there, overlooking the lake water, the beautiful face still, only more a mature temperament.

    "are you all right?"." I was silent for a moment and then greeted me with a greeting.

    "pretty good."." Yan Ke smiles to nod, have not done to stop, brush past.

    when is far away from it, she was back to himself, half like a sigh said:

    "when you said it, you would wait for me forever.""

    in the heart for many years the feelings of a burst, set off an unimaginable storm surge, he wanted to turn around to save something, but saw the hand of the wedding ring, forced to endure,

    slender beautiful figure is lopsided, gradually to the disappeared, his heart empty half full of strong regret, whenever I think, feel lost their own regret, when I heard her into the marriage hall, is a night sitting in the river

    how much youth to do in the water.

    this time, see the enemy finally dull, bone guess snatched past, quick swing arm, will blow fist.

    ten years, but also for a long time, when their own gray hair, no one around to sing, when you are old

    full of regret, life has not disappeared, a moment into the depths of pain

    in front of the scene swaying, the floor into a painful regret can not extricate themselves, just want to start again, never give up!

    no, this is not what I want in the future!

    he was in a mood to stir up the fire and ice; he wanted to make a fist at himself and his bad fate.

    addict balance, tick the "nebula", which he can mobilize a little after the first time in combat power saver try! Trying to make up for what!

    bang! His body was suddenly tall, his eyes filled with pain and ferocious punch, and soon beyond the imagination of bone speculation, let him grab the victory of boxing, fist has not reached the peak, it was blown in.

    a rumble!

    gas explosion, bone guess right arm is directly open, bounce back, hit the chest, broken broken bones and nearly dark.

    a roar, striding forward, waving fist, hitting the enemy's hastily left arm, and the fury of the force.

    bang! Snap! The superposition of noise, guess out inverted bone, arm fracture, chest depression, almost unconscious, has been seriously injured, looked around the audience in silence, did not dare to believe what you see, feel the building into two fist terror to the extreme, he seemed to feel human beast.

    and the bone's violent force in the body has not yet had time to quit, so it has been completely broken up!

    witnessed the opponent fell to the ground, unable to stand up, the floor became sober, understand that just now are illusions, just think about, let oneself full of painful hallucinations.

    this is my heart of uncertainty and fear of exotic is magnified?

    the experience of the scene, though illusory, but also a bit of truth, have to sum up experience and lessons, can not "again" made similar mistakes, can not "re" regret life!

    the referee took a breath; suppressed what; raised his right hand; hoarse shouted even more:

    "Lou Cheng Sheng."!"

    building a shook his head, for a ceremony, turned to the platform under went, while feeling aroused after the weak power saver, while the heart dark scold the Peng Leyun and An Zhaoyang.

    the two is not reliable guy, say what bone guess six boxing is also like that, there is enough to withstand the preparation situation

    what's the trick?! Just in the "reincarnation of the world", he was directly lost, almost lost!

    just as he is about to embark on the stairs, behind the referee Wu Sheng suddenly mouth, vomited a blood red, in front of the potholes!

    referee? Did the referee vomit blood too? The audience stared at each other, more dazed.

    how could he vomit blood?

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