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Chapter 74–I building into a strong

    a mouthful of blood; a patient's patience; Wu Sheng's face changed as soon as he could drop a drop of water. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    out of this unusual situation, he has been able to imagine other people's surprise, other people's speculation, and other people's accusations!

    the things that had been hidden, perfect, impossible to expose, so that the bare ground was presented to all the audience!

    his reputation will no doubt cliff fall!

    bone guess eyes hazy, reflects the crimson referee spray, feel everything is so unreal, only the feeling seems to have been previously demons with the body, was involved in this farce.

    and more unacceptable is that they lose or lose, defenseless, lose no temper, at the end of the building could erupt into worse than "bucket" sound blessing power!

    ha ha, he suddenly want to laugh, laugh this false, laugh that desire, laugh all kinds of the world, laugh yourself greedy.

    "not good."! Bone guess is not crazy?" See the big screen clearly shows the fat monk expression change, the audience were following the previous loss, all eyes were stunned, suspected bone guess building into play silly, hit the collapse.

    vaku brow slightly wrinkled, a few step has landed on the ring, his right fist, hit the guard and do not break again and again from the bone guess hindbrain, will he stun the past, half–frame to get sent to the emergency room.

    this is the reason he did not look like a physical and mental world of false, causing disgust to leave Italy, as though go to extremes, "demons" hoodwinked Emmanuel, we must resolutely stop, otherwise it will be crazy!

    look at what happened at People are hurrying to and fro., the leader of the country, like face gradually white, seem to be seriously ill, wounded.

    things have developed so far that he has been able to see his own end, the punishment that can be imagined later, as if a tragedy is about to happen.

    a referee can't help, Lou, you're a waste!

    you waste no matter, you also implicate me!

    "how fat four?"" Live post, "night gathers Yan" Linda "defloration number flap".

    I see the match is short; you can't lie to me. When will the referee be injured?

    "I suspect I saw a fake game."" "The Dragon King" gave the same reaction.

    "riding a pig warrior" wiping the sweat Road: "yes ah, although the level of fighting outside the non Gang strong word, the referee occasionally in order to prevent both sides may cause fatal collision casualties, under the back, but also not to step hematemesis ah! What's the matter with this TM?"

    as the saying goes, "something is perverse, it must be demon."!

    human levels of the game, because each control is increased to a certain level, only the close duel will please the elder Gang strong referee, under normal circumstances, the fifth fight with four goods enough, four items for the same order, after all, are outside the gang master is a gangster, not usually idle to do the referee.

    "I was the first to see even an opponent with a referee, and it was a monster from the M78 nebula."!" "The ring road" smiled tears".

    "punch" invincible "hand on chin thinking": "the referee will hurt itself," Yan Jin "generated shock waves and waves of fire to the superposition effect, finally not suppress?"

    "how could that be?" I can't find another referee. I'll change one if I get hurt." "Plumbers eat mushrooms," retorted, "with impersonal control of himself." There are no injuries, injuries, how, will not know?"

    "there must be dirty butt deals."!" "Always pure love, handsome, Okamoto" in the image of Beethoven expression.

    then, silent for a while "the Dragon King" said: "I just went to the referee, he found that the ability of alienation is very interesting, the translation is called" resonance ", whenever an opponent do a collision with him, he will be able to encounter the impact of empathy ', that will bear a certain percentage of the rebound."

    "Gee, that sounds a bit weird." Since empathy can deliver shock and hurt, can it transmit positive effects, such as the improvement of power and the increase of spirit?" "Riding a pig hero" doubts thrown a guess.

    "blind, you find china!" "The Dragon King" by pointing to the front of the Conan "look," I guess, guess the referee to help with "resonance", bone to let him get third results, who know the building into a sudden eruption of wounded bone guess, but this time, his "resonance" hasn't come and interrupt, then the corresponding bear bite injury, he couldn't have It is without rhyme or reason. hematemesis ah!"

    "ah ah, very black!" Perfect reading comprehension.

    "China Dekor also shame? Don't draw shady, pay to help the referee!" In the face of this injustice, "the sky above" filled with righteous indignation.

    "sinister!"! They know that building into a power rebound curse, not directly to him, looking for a bone can help enhance the guess referee, if I win, to have the spirit of Theravada can complete arcane outbreak on the line to see the video, do not see the problem, building into a will not doubt unnoticed!" The plumber "mushroom" and "fist pounding the desk".

    "have seen shameless, have not seen such shameless."!"

    "the climate over Nanyang is always dark.""

    "I think there is such a forum that Japan, Miluo and Nanzheng, said Dekor has lots of cheating, buy the record, heart and hard, face and dark, don't want to play with them."

    "ha ha," a floor of a dozen, two won, but also get the referee vomiting blood, the exposure to things out, gas, really gas ah! See what China Dekor face to the international public opinion?"

    "what dare not face?" No face afraid of what?"

    "it's all winning, cool!"!"

    taunt, exclamation, indignant remarks emerge like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, let live post has become very lively, but because the building into a "two" win also hit the opponent, the referee against injury, make things in you haven't stuck under the watchful eyes of the people. And angry mood.

    "finally understand what you are saying." Good gas! I'm going to complain, and I'm going to protest!" Yan Xiaoling diving for a long time, finally figured out what was going on, "in addition, in addition, in addition, my God is male!"

    "Hey, did you become your male god?" Indeed, "one dozen two" can still win, but not everyone can do it! For the last ten years, he was the first player to let the referee throw blood!" "The Dragon King" first feeling a sound, then said, "I think you didn't use to protest what country, Dekor certainly will not admit, wait for them to explain how, to see how wonderful!"

    "can't you say that a building has broken the referee?"" "Always pure love, handsome Okamoto", with universal "funny" road.

    there was also Public opinions are divergent., building behind to get ignorant, he played so many games, seeing so many fighting video, have not seen the referee hematemesis thing, but today is to put on a.

    strange He frowned, thought, turned, and walked back to the stand.

    "well, a dozen 'two' has won."!" Peng Leyun touched him with a blow.

    a dozen "two", the floor, this suddenly realized: "the referee in the dark to help the bone guess?" No wonder his "six" you become so powerful!"

    I apologize; "Taoist priest" and "Wen Qing" are not "pit goods"

    "" six "like very much? The referee must have helped!" Ann Chaoyang blurted out, feel oneself filled the evidence chain.

    "let's go to the siege; well, surround the umpire for an argument."!" Li Li's eyes twinkle and itch to try.

    "that you don't fool around, I went to the embassy to get official protest!" Zhong Ningtao quickly took a few "when they really want to go, Tianjiao", is equivalent to the activities of the ammunition.

    and Lou Sheng won, and at this point the anger of the heart is not much, but instead of a dark cool.

    let you Yin me, this Yin evil? Come home shorn!

    bone guess; what did someone do for you? I didn't win the same And most of the time, waves!

    he shook his head, angry and funny:

    "then to the leader you, I want to see the country for what reasons dekor."

    now he is more scared to palpitations and died in rotation "experiences, wait back from an Chaoyang mobile phone palm, unlock the screen.

    Yan Ke has long been "eyes stare dog stay" to send a message:

    "orange, what finally happened?" How can I not understand? You beat the bone with two punches The referee is spitting blood"

    "the referee may have helped the bone guess, so by the bite." Cheng Cheng will take the matter with, and turn to talk about their own in the "flash ten years" in the experience of things, and finally lingering fear, "I now recall, or for the kind of regret is very afraid.""

    there is a kind of pain that cannot be told.

    Yan Ke to see his trance, then a Minzui laughing sound, afraid to laugh silly fool, "and then knock each other head snapped:

    "are you stupid?" How can we then? Really that step, but also have to do divorce procedures ah! As long as meeting, will certainly loathe, and will be reconciled!"

    when the building was a sudden, old face a red answer:

    "yes, I forgot that crop.""

    we have got a marriage certificate

    "moron."!" Yan Ke said out loud, fingers Road, "but you have such experience is a good thing, you should conscientiously sum up, writing experience, clearly marked things to avoid and mentality!"

    "uh!" "Floor," nodded forcefully".

    "really want to write a summary of the Oh, and then sent to me, I will supervise you in accordance with the terms."!" "Yan Ke" wiped his hair".

    well, I will often see this summary, always remind myself what to avoid, do not forget the initial heart

    because of public outcry and the Chinese Embassy to give pressure to the final ten minutes before the start of the Organizing Committee of the three or four World War, the abnormalities were informed, explained:

    "Miluo referee Wu Sheng, who has been building old, explosive effect of manufacturing, his style was wounded, the blood, not fraud."

    sitting in the lounge of the Wu Sheng heard the radio said, his right hand suddenly clenched, crush a ball.

    he preferred the organizing committee to punish himself for money laundering, and did not want such a description.

    senior strong as a junior with the wind to the wounded, his face where to put?

    what is the wind? It's the wind that comes with fist!

    if I do, I can be hurt, and what face will I see later?!

    the money is at most a character has a problem, it is related to the boxer's face!

    "haha, style, style!"

    live stickers; forums everywhere, "for this explanation," laughed".

    simply no silver, three hundred and twenty!

    "I have the floor into the wind, injured nonhuman eyes Benthiocarb exit!" Someone Fu poem doggerel.

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