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Chapter 75–ending

    "wind wind Style!" Hear the bulletin, almost beat wall building into a laugh, as the Organizing Committee of the blind and the thick skinned praise. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    well, when I go out to quote the name of the shop, can add a "rub on the wound, next to the dead, and also can play the" non-human "."!

    multi fan, how powerful, tough guy!

    after sharing this with Yan, he looked at Peng Leyun who had stopped smiling:

    "Taoist, it's almost time to go out. It's only a few minutes."."

    less than four minutes from the end of the finals!

    "uh" Peng Leyun, who had changed his clothes, stood up slowly and headed for the dressing room door.

    the two step, he suddenly stopped, looked back to behind the building, puzzled:

    "what did you just call me?""

    "Taoist priest."." Building into a calm smiling answer, explain a sentence, "you see, you are the supernatant of disciples, and in the study of natural mystery, what is often a state of cultivation, not a monk?"

    "OK"" Peng Leyun didn't have much resistance to the new nickname. He pulled open the door and went out.

    ANN catch up with the sun, and building side by side, glanced at him one way: "you are idle these days, when nothing is going to be pondering, give us what nickname it?""

    "no, nothing."." Building a ah ha, shaking his head.

    am I such a boring person?

    is also occasionally and mouth Wang babbling, fellow total to this band!

    ANN Chaoyang, not sure enough, asked, "come on, what's your nickname for me?" Not very wonderful, I can accept."

    "Wen Qing"; literary and art youth!" The building answered without hesitation.

    ANN breathed a sigh of relief and nodded: "it suits me well."."

    it seems that Lou really thinks I'm more reliable!

    building into the mouth twitched, no good to explain themselves in the context of "Wen Qing" is to live in their own world, love the spring and autumn, once into reality, always misfits, people do not worry that.

    "by the way, what nickname did you take to Li?"" At this moment, Ann looked up at the side of the sun and was watched by the manager, Ren Li asked curiously.

    building into a ha, categorically denied: "no, not really!"

    "really?" An Zhaoyang doubts and answers.

    "uh!" Cheng Cheng replied solemnly.

    on seeing this, Ann Chaoyang did not ask again and left the matter behind.

    building a norimatsu tone, wipe the sweat does not exist.

    own almost do not give the girl to take the nickname, feels that lacks the respect, but with Xiao Ming schoolmate's casual discussion, if has been known by Li, I am afraid will be pursued several streets!

    that night, that night, the dialogue was like this:

    "Er, what kind of person is Li?"" Cai Zongming has always been curious about the beauty of the girl, but only far away.

    "Luchi advanced, moderate face blindness, what things are very confident, dare to do, in the online love and quarrel, the reality also has a tendency that is willing to engage in things" Lou Cheng truthfully described road.

    "small, big eyes, like doing things, isn't this Chihuahua?"" Xiao Ming's Association is quite rich.

    building a stupefied, they almost immediately made a sound, screenshots, "bent snickering" way: "you say, if I give Ren Li read this, you can live a few days?"

    "that's what I said before."" Cai Zongming answered with disdain.

    come, hurt each other!

    "you and I are different, ah, I have the power of self preservation, you do not have any students still understand the curse."!" Building into a shaking body, a smirk "" bow two bow, three bow family salute ~"

    "give uncle kneel."!" Cai Zongming immediately sent a "kneel" expression, shamelessly begging for mercy.

    recalled, Lou Cheng decided that when this thing never happened, the side head to Li polite smile, sat in the stands of the position, watching Peng Leyun toward stone steps.

    after two minutes, both sides stand, the interval of thirteen meters long, the referee started to look at the clock, waiting for the whole point.

    "how did you say the Taoist priest started?"" Ann Chaoyang asked with interest.

    learn to call nicknames; learn to slip away Fufei building into a sentence, mused: "Tang Zexun", "take possession of" direct blitz pounce is easy to lose. "."

    "if I would deliberately slow each other before, there are ten meters away, there is enough time for the strain." Ren Li joined the discussion with great glee.

    they exchange, the referee raised his right hand, he came down with the fall, and drink a sound:


    officially started the final battle of the tournament, the winner on the throne, and the other is the loser!

    the sound just out of Tang Zexun, the body leaning left foot, a foot, a cross forward, the whole people will appear in the twinkling of an eye can attack to Peng Leyun's position, ten meters distance seems to be all illusion.

    fast flow, "shrink"!

    bang! The air flow barrier, were open movement, Tang Zexun obliquely placed in the left waist right fist coming out, the reverse slash!

    a dwarf, a sword, both with only one like a freely flowing style of writing, abnormal action, compact, is very perfect!

    compared to the battle of the floor, Tang Zexun started the game with all his might.

    however, her right arm could swing fist back had a flashing silver light only hand it down at a pan with miniature "knife" by "back to the"!

    consistent with the judgment of the three day mission is not reliable buddy, Peng cloud slow action in half a minute, Tang Zexun small jump half a step, or to the near, right palm lightning press, just perfect ruined the opponent's sword ""!

    hereby electro-optic, he turned back and left elbow homeopathic at enemy, forcing Tang Zexun yanked from the right side of the body, is to do both lateral, Dodge, and pop-up "scabbard", left snapped to row, shaving a white awn.

    confusion between the two people continuously fights, continuous collision, will learn their hands close and joint effort, skill is to play to the extreme, sometimes caused intense bursts of sound, sometimes no sound entanglement, thrilling.

    see this building into a feast for the eyes, and to look at their own, looking for problems.

    well, the beginning of the Taoist priest's response is the same as what we thought

    not easy; except for Li's scene, he's finally gone!

    fight to the office, always out of mind "listening" and a small part of the Peng Leyun movement suddenly heard the sound of a normal imperceptible snap".

    it is heavy and powerful; it makes the heart tremble!

    come good! Peng Leyun dark drink 1, Tang Zexun in the arm will at the same time, a double palm, let flat thunder sounded!

    a rumble!

    deafening thunder, flickering mind, Tang Zexun head Weng long sound, ready for the "dragon" strength was nearly shock scattered, slow hand movements for.

    this is the slow, Peng Leyun double palm apart, pulled out a thin flash of lightning knife.

    to this step, even if the "flying dragon" can be issued, can not catch up!

    can it be lightning fast any more?

    a flash of lightning, Tang Zexun cut in, cut out of a black mark, cut the other muscles tremble, accumulation of momentum has dissipated.

    snap! Peng Leyun stepped on the foot, robbed in the past, think out the blue jade sign, hit the "Lei Zhuan" fist!

    Tang Zexun paralysis is not heavy, timely clear, suffused with white mans body, clothes and cut out his right arm to muster, cross insurance, split in the opponent's fist.


    her hair was fluffy, arms wrapped around the lightning, filled with smell and smoke, but will Peng Leyun split body shaking, hand pain, instinct swinging.

    Deng dengdeng, Tang Zexun active back, distance, time, in order to get the "gas" digestion paralysis.

    not what intervals until Peng Leyun came again, and she the tiny bow body, was a slight snap sound, but more than a faster than last time more anxious, let the opponent had enough time to do a bolt from the blue "".

    fast flow, take "the birds"!

    bang! The explosion in the sound, Tang Zexun left out of the counter, blur, cut to the enemy.

    at this critical moment, she could not take the battle for two or three minutes!

    Peng Leyun waist sank in the footsteps of the times, the body jerked back, as a stone will change the direction to pry himself at fist, to break up, accurate Zexun Tang "knife awn", hit the top of her arm, blocking the the enemy's counterattack.

    however, Tang Zexun's right hand has become a series of knife, cut out, the same fast to blur, the same fierce fierce, a showdown in the moment.

    at this time, Peng Leyun's body inside out the turbine crazy turn sound, a stack together, with a clear sense of strength accumulation.

    suddenly he and Tang Zexun had a strong repulsive force, let the arm attack action by the barrier, slowed down!


    Peng Leyun punch out, "knife edge", and median by repulsion and reached for a rebound, drop down a large distance, let Tang Zexun "three aerial ace" could not complete, have to interrupt.

    fast knife, not to cut the opponent is no good!

    however, Tang Zexun has thus stabilized the situation and is no longer as precarious as it was.

    fighting again, she became more cautious, mostly from the building to understand Peng cloud to know where the mystery of "dragon", therefore can not easily use this pluviose, lest it exposed the flaws, opponents have been caught, like that of passive.

    no "dragon" deterrent, and the lack of weapons of Tang Zexun, gradually in the fist fall leeward, accumulate more and more serious paralysis, must distinguish many "gas" to neutralize, if not there "against Peng Leyun and other aerial ace", take mind against "Dragon", she would have swallowed the bitter fruit of defeat.

    and after a few minutes, Tang Zexun knew it couldn't go on like this.

    at this time, Peng Leyun also heard that the small but coagulated "snap" sound.

    without hesitation, he again made a bolt from the blue palms.

    the sound of thunder, Tang Zexun eyes not shaking, like early ready, a step step, suddenly flash to the side, trying to make a "cloudless thunder knife" split in the void!

    she had to "dragon" to make fraud, defrauding Peng cloud upper hand, and then catch the transient opportunities, cut out kill, destroy the enemy.

    "clicks" again, but Tang Zexun's eyes changed a bit, because Peng Leyun's hands tightly closed, never separate.

    in order to maintain this state, his forehead sweat, it seems very difficult.

    "cloud thunder knife" can be excited by the delay!

    black, white flash, again split in Tang Zexun, splitting her paralysis with a thrill, which have the ability to cut out the "dragon" or "birds take".

    footsteps cross, Peng Leyun dadada played the organ in the blood of a boxer, a release, pull tight fascia, crazy attack, almost made a blur.

    the paralyzed Tang Zexun blocked a few, and then completely can not keep up the action, but can not wait to see the opponent's fist stopped in front of the body, hear the referee announced the results:

    "Peng Leyun wins."!"

    call Peng Leyun outlet gas, felt some regret, actually did not experience the "dragon take".

    but, then again, if there are some signs of this building into a war, he will be very difficult, even very may lose.

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