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Chapter 76–rising

    "Peng Leyun wins."!"

    with the referee announced that lasted for many days, king game completely ended, only the field still cheers echoed, let the end of the story is more beautiful. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    Tang Zexun "gas" body, body pan light and with a little muscle trembling, walked slowly down the back of the ring, graceful slim, a bit lonely.

    this game, they completely passive, while fighting for a long time, but almost did not cause too much of a threat to Peng Leyun, the most usual rely on "dragon" has become a short board, always used by the enemy and the failure, is one of the main factors.

    Jibi, Lenovo to Tang Zexun Peng Leyun and Ren Li that war, they had never used before the half pluviose, not ability, but not dare to try, because once the "ready" to be interrupted, or pluviose failed to hit the enemy, often exposed to the opponent, good the opportunity.

    "do I rely too much on" dragon fly "?" Tang Zexun looked at the Japanese delegation quiet people, heart suddenly give birth to a thought.

    since the "dragon" has become, regardless of their own experience what the enemy, can let the other fear and avoidance, never thought that one day would be on the strongest.

    no matter how strong, can only play in the most suitable time Most suitable time Thoughtfully, Tang Zexun began to reflect on the past and sum up experience and lessons.

    Peng Jun; I will try my best to catch up with you!

    look forward to our next battle soon; then I will bring my fugu"!

    a congratulations and after the ceremony, Peng Leyun et al., building into returning to the hotel.

    in the lobby manager Zhong Ningtao took a clap, said smiling:

    "Congratulations you overfulfilled the task, bonuses, we unified agent, within five working days will be to your account, have a good rest tonight, tomorrow afternoon at five aircraft, is the first in the frovatriptan2.5mg stroll, or directly to the airport duty-free shops?"

    "I'll do it."." Ann Chaoyang can not be all without exception to answer, Peng Leyun is the same gesture.

    Ren Li mused, good embarrassed look, Miaole building into a mobile phone, very assertive proposal: "now some things around frovatriptan2.5mg duty-free shops, there can not buy."

    fortunately, strict coach reminded himself of a trip abroad, how can we not give mom and dad father they bring gifts, after intense discussion, the list has listed, even where to buy better, she made sure to turn.

    of course, a daughter-in-law needs a gift!

    "yes, it would go to the airport frovatriptan2.5mg. Anyway, there should be a time to go to the duty-free shops." Zhong Ningtao made a decision to cut the Gordian knot.

    shopping shopping is not mentioned; several people successfully caught up with the plane and arrived at Huahai at night.

    say goodbye to each other on the occasion, see Ren Li in her contact with WeChat pick people, building into the hearts, wondering:

    "Taoist priest, Wen Qing, should you also give me a nickname?" What is it?"

    in general, nicknames are equivalent; there is no reason for them to be taken!

    to hear this question, Peng Leyun, Ren Li Chaoyang and look at each other and shook his head again:


    "really?" Building into a suspicious ask.

    "really."!" The three men nodded at the same time.

    well, you're really a good kid As soon as he saw his eyes, he said goodbye to the small group of friends who did not know how to fly. Then he left the airport and went to a five star hotel opened by the ice God in huahai.

    second days after exercise, he sat high iron to meet their own Mo master, accepted the advice directly from the afternoon high airport, flew back to Xing province.

    all the way, when he finally stood at the door, it was already seven in the evening.

    "Hey, my mom, where's my dad?"" The building opens the door, after entering the house, saw cousin Qi Yunfei only.

    she has made up a missed lesson before summer; she will stay here before school; that is to say, she will sleep for a few more days!

    and Chen Xiaoxiao officially began to read third grade, did not follow her sister came over mischief.

    Qi Yunfei elbow with the arm of the sofa, smiling and looking at their own cousin: "that is the district who what happened, the past help, let you eat a dish is not cool, and, also, I brought you fried dumplings, good a big bag!"

    "Hey, do you remember my brother?"." As he laid down his knapsack, he sat down at the table, untied the bag, and immediately smelled the scent of the attractive spittle.

    Xiushan and other places are different, there are only two ways to eat dumplings, a steamed, fried two, the well of the flour fragrance, and quite chewy, which will dumplings immersed in oil, fry until golden, apart from eating fried dumplings and the Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings. People can not stop the mouth.

    Qi Yunfei left the sofa to sit across the table, one hand Tuosai, Leng Leng looked at the building into a bite to eat fried dumplings, less than five minutes, the whole forty vanished.

    moreover, he hasn't got enough, pulls out the soup, add to sweep the coming to the fore, a plate of delicacies.

    "floor elder brother, Hello, can eat."" Qi Yunfei's mouth was half open and blank.

    can eat a lot more than I saw last time!

    building a put chopsticks, right fist waving a way: "what do you think of the beating strength come from?"

    when it came to this, Qi Yunfei's eyes immediately became bright and very sad to speak:

    "building into a brother, you are not like before, before the summer, you will be shirtless!"

    "isn't that nonsense?" I have frost ability, still can be afraid of heat?" Building into a funny and said, "old, too polite, you seem very disappointed?"

    "yes, right."!" Qi Yunfei nodded openly, "I still think while you shirtless, then photographed a few sheets, and the girls in our class is not kneel down to call my sister!"

    she giggled and got caught up in yy.

    his cousin's current figure is really drooling for the girl; and the whole grade loves him; he adores him too much!

    building a mouth twitched, the idea of rotation, smiling way:

    Feifei; how about the final exam?"

    Qi Yunfei returns to earth, stammer way:

    "more than 20 in the class; well, about thirty."."

    "which parts of the exam are not good?" I remember you were particularly afraid of math and physics." Lou smiled and continued asking.

    "math, math failed; Oh, my brother, what are you asking?"" Qi Yunfei was all over the place.

    as a poor student, she hates the subject.

    "care about you."! I'm your brother!" Cheng answered solemnly, "how many points have you got in math?" What about physics? What about chemistry? Have you finished your summer homework?"

    Qi Yunfei ah ha, suddenly stood up and said, rushed to the bedroom side edge pretty sound replied:

    "Lou Cheng, brother." I remember something to do. Let's talk about it later!"

    kuangdang! She shut the door and stomped her feet in hate.

    Lou Cheng is really, and can not have a good chat?!

    Lou Shi Shi picked up the chopsticks and continued to clean up the food action.

    small sample; also want to candid camera me? Don't you know what the topic terminator is?

    when he was full and drunk, he took a picture of the sofa to Yan Ke, and cried and had to do a few days when the director, Lou Sheng and Qi Fang finally came back from the outside.

    "Mom, whose accident?"" Casually asked the building.

    "Dinglaoer home, his son had an accident, home in a dreadful mess." Qi Fang sighed, "just over thirty people, how to say no, really"

    "Hey!"." Lou Sheng than spit tone, followed by regrets Road, "the weather has unpredictable circumstances, into a son, after walking to be careful, do not bow your head to play mobile phones."."

    a car accident? It's a ten truck, and I'm not going to get hurt Lou Cheng secretly Tucao a sentence, but the mind has emerged the appearance of Ding boy.

    he is ten year old Wang Xuda, special love novels, no money to their junior high school that would, from time to time from him to rub some books to read, never married, recently dating success, who knows so lost.

    life is really fragile

    enjoy the moment

    to sigh sigh, foreign people, similar emotions soon ceased to exist, building into changing the subject, and chatted about mom and dad for the first time to go abroad experience, and give gifts to them, Qi Yunfei did not forget that.

    fall asleep on time; get up on time; after a workout; he just feels that metamorphosis is about to finish; that's what it's like for two days.

    wait until after breakfast, a taxi to the floor area of building Pingle Kim, his meeting with Wu Qinggui, confirmed the bonuses based on the terms of the contract attached to get the national championship and tournament third, and enter the human, has a corresponding reward.

    this time Wu Qinggui came directly to the gate of the building and asked in a smile like a flower:

    "you don't seem to like shopping very much.""

    stroll with a daughter-in-law Floor makes a smile, shake one's head: "very little, now net buys more."

    "it is no wonder that you haven't seen our newly opened several outlets, give you specially designed that several martial arts shoes are particularly good, help us to fully open the market, you do not know, you do not, in the province, more than the province, many have known welcome, especially young people, all of a specified building into a paragraph! Even if you shoot those posters, some people rob!"

    "is there such an exaggeration?"" Cheng Cheng blurted out a rhetorical question.

    &nbsp:Wu Qinggui, ha ha, laughed: "more exaggerated than you think, the main thing is that you do not usually have any commercial activities, and everyone's enthusiasm has accumulated on it."."

    talking, they entered Wu Qinggui's office, and when the door closed, the lean middle-aged man took out a check and pushed it to the building.

    this is still the first time to see a check, take aim, count the next zero, surprised:

    "one million?""

    this is more than the bonus you can get under the terms!

    "you deserve it."." Wu Qinggui was beaming with laughter. I just didn't want to keep the contract.

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