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Chapter 77–the new term

    see Lou Cheng still rather hesitant; Wu Qinggui busy and added a sentence:

    "you bring to our company income completely worth the money, if not trust, afraid of what the dispute, we can sign a supplementary agreement, to be honest, you are in power, identity and status, I really dare to hang you, it's not hanging old birthday long life, too?"

    here, he couldn't help sighing with emotion: "earlier this year signed the contract with you, I have been very optimistic about your development, who knows this, only half of the time, you will have a non-human realm, but also won the championship of the martial arts the number of micro-blog fans and the forum has been rising deadlines"

    to make this early forty guys feel too unrealistic is a dream. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    the contract was simply worth it!

    "where?"." Lou Cheng modest smile.

    from the University in Budokai finals began, the number of fans in their micro-blog has increased substantially, especially after the championship, is more exaggerated, until the tournament match with King heat, began a steady climb last night, look under about three hundred thousand look, but early to watch the crowd and due to their own masters, Mo Jing Ting et al. Take a look at the total number is definitely not less, after all, did not buy powder, are true.

    but the number of attention forum also have more than 40000, from the cold and gradually developed into a lively, compared to February and March last year only Yan Xiaoling and the "magic Brahman" two people support, that is really disappointing.

    at that time, even if I did not expect, there will be the present situation, especially in just ten months!

    but the number of fans on the current state of their own, are of no importance, strength itself represents a lot, "Dragon King" and "Wu Sheng" a few months have not issued a state, and a fan interactive, but their social status and hidden power, not one reduce.

    floating thoughts, building into a caution, or let Wu Qinggui drafted a supplementary agreement to the simple, photo for sister may see see after the application, they readily start to write a signature, check up.

    as for how to check with doubts, he did not ask wood louse.

    I do not understand, does not mean I can not search, does not mean that my wife is not clear!

    the whole process, two people tacit extension of contract did not mention the problem, after all, and in one year and four months, building to to what extent, how much the price, are still unknown, Wu Qinggui now to give less very headache, but there are other bundled suspects, as a good relationship, such as the contract expires on, at that time, the conditions of similar circumstances, do not make sure the floor into the cooked.

    in combination with what he saw and heard, he can make a preliminary judgment that the other is a heavy friendship.

    signing the agreement, take good pictures, time nearly noon, Wu Qinggui looked under the table, warm smile:

    "eat lunch together," I shouted to the Methodist chief, and Wu Ting, the girl who was yelling to see Lou sir."

    "OK."." The floor promises readily.

    his heart is not love to socialize, but the two sides are the cooperation, and has a business out of friendship, eat a meal together, it will not be embarrassed and boring.

    more importantly, my mother went to the house to help her, and I didn't have enough time to make lunch for myself. Where did I go to eat instead of eating?

    just as the two people took the elevator to the underground parking lot, the building's mobile phone suddenly rang out, from Xing Chengwu, director of Xing xing.

    "Hello, Xiao Lou, back to Xiushan?"" Xing Chengwu smiled, and said, "if you're free, let's have dinner for two days, and congratulations on your four seasons army."."

    "ha ha, well, uncle Xing, you do not say, I will come."." The building answered without hesitation.

    uncle Xing? Wu Qinggui read these three words, the brain a turn, remembered the voice on the phone so familiar.

    he lowered his voice and said, "Xing Bureau?""

    building into the call side edge must nod.

    "don't invite him to come?" He and old Methodist are old friends, too." Wu Qinggui smiled more broadly.

    police authority deputy bureau, he is very willing to befriend the object, really has a problem, the way to solve many problems!

    "I'll ask."" The building is low to answer, turn head to the thing to Xing Chengwu lift one mouth.

    "OK, I'm worrying about the food in the mess hall. Ha ha, I often talk to you."." Xing Chengwu laughed.

    how could he not know that Wei Renjie had something to do with Lou Cheng?.

    after more than 20 minutes, they met in the water villa; Xing Chengwu saw the building, and reached for the other's shoulder, smiled with emotion:

    "small building, I know you less than two years now?" I'm afraid I'm not your opponent now!"

    "how come?" Uncle Xing, you are a senior non-human powerhouse." Laugh out loud to floor.

    "Hey, most of my time doing paperwork, hey, also in hhrrc real opportunity can, not more than three times a year, and the gang of men want to practice, one of the two is very stiff, boring, boring." Xing Chengwu is half sigh half recall said, "something is rusty, it still can" jade "are really resistant, beat you."

    apply the allusion is getting stout again The building became silent to help the Xing chief to carry on the summary, hit a ha ha, and turned to ask a way: "heard that Jingjing elder sister went to Huahai in the middle.""

    this is heard from Ke Ke classmate.

    "yes, Ann Chaoyang graduated, Huahai is afraid to go downhill for a period of time, the girl Jingjing, ah, said the drama is the surface cold heat, she has been in the martial arts training, to help support the martial arts club, for this, also made a special trip to China as soon as possible, to find the relationship between the auxiliary lifting ability." Xing Chengwu listen to the familiar call into building "Jingjing sister", the old bosom comfort to say a few words, "well, now you see the progress, she is mostly white."

    chatted for a while; Wu Qinggui picked up her daughter Wu Ting; her lively personality soon became the pistachio on the table; Sir Sir was a short stop.

    until this time, Lou Cheng knew that she and her cousin Qi Yunfei were classmates.

    they had also found each other is a nodding acquaintance with, until both sides are aware of their own, soon became a bestie, mischievous troublemaker and self-evident effect, Wu Ting even frankly, she has urged Qi Yunfei to please yourself to help, teach them to swim, to see the master under the abdominal muscles, but in early July, he was relentlessly rejected.

    over dinner and not much business, only a few parties deepen friendship, the next two days, building into a see Grandpa's grandmother, to see Grandpa Ning water grandmother and aunt were visited at home alone father-in-law, sent before mentioned venison.

    so busy and not idle idle busy days pass quickly, August 31st at noon, building into a packed, high iron on the return to pine city.

    although he was two months away from campus, he felt like he had been through the whole year

    long pine, micro water lake long, Long Wu Road Agency, the long bright teaching building, in the evening sunset, through the window, into the building into the eye, but not the beautiful beautiful figure.

    look at these buildings across, go into the bus, walking alone in the street, walked to the familiar eyes closed can know what the shop out of the road ahead, but the mood was different.

    seven, unit 302, dormitory two; he pressed the living room light and lit the darkness of the room.

    the backpack in the self-study spree is already not in the small bedroom, a building knocked on the door next door.

    "who?"" Cai Zongming's magnetic voice came out.

    building a no answer, twisting the handle, opened the door, saw the goods are: computer multitasking is playing in the entertainment, the handheld mobile phone is a critical moment of the game, his mouth is close to the right side of the desk that listen to coke before biting Straw.

    "Hey, is that cool?"" Lou smiled and suggested, "go, eat."."

    "puff!" Cai Zongming took a coke and sprayed it on the computer screen".

    he forgot the game, raised his head, surprised, blurted:

    "do you want to go to dinner with me?" Your husband?"

    and since Yan Ke contacts, orange this guy almost did not come to you go to the dining room!

    today, is this the sun from the west?

    someone went to the country's temperament changed Dekor,?

    Keke the co culture of a year ahead of schedule, have to the u.s" Cheng Cheng answered frankly.

    the former "mouth king" did not ask, and he did not say.

    Cai Zongming is one Leng first, then suddenly, down mobile phone, patted the shoulder into the floor, half is half ridicule said earnestly: "you can finally feel my pain! How about that? Would you like to ask me again? I'm not talking about long-distance relationship, who despise you, I mean, uh, you know."

    Lou smiled, dry crisp, took out the mobile phone, the ticket booking situation displayed in front of Xiao Ming classmates.

    "I wipe."" Cai Zongming exclaimed, then made a gesture of disdain, saying, "I despise you."! Rich? No class, great? Great Kung Fu "

    "I'm sorry, Kung Fu is amazing."! Money is great!" Floor to endure laughter, tolerance stomach pain.

    "Mum, egg, no mention of this sentimental topic; I have nothing to teach you; you have understood the essence."!" Cai Zongming sighed deeply, so that the characters in the game have been killed, it is more sad.

    "yes, you did not take a rest during the summer vacation? Have you lost your martial arts skills?" Building a branch to open a topic.

    Cai Zongming bent his arms, bulging his muscles, smiled proudly:

    "I think I have to do the top strength, that is, always can't find you say 'received' feeling."

    "this is not urgent; haste makes waste."." Some building into a.

    "uh" Cai Zongming ordered, and then half of the imagination, half worried, said, "I do not know this martial arts club can come a few fierce new people.""

    "Hey, you don't seem to care about this kind of thing?"" A bit surprised to open floor.

    Cai Zongming glanced at him, "extremely elegant and valuable" to answer:

    "I bet you forgot that I'm president of the martial arts club."!"

    building a ton when the old face a red, Ganxiao two channel:

    "in my mind, you are the" lover "and" mouth "king, nothing else"

    "speak people"!" Xiaoming interrupted politely.

    "I really forgot."" The building covered up the face.

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