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Chapter 78–little fan

    a mess hall in the University of town; in front of Cheng Cheng and Cai Zongming, there was a plate of dishes. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    "what are you talking about?" Teaching practice has gone?" Hearing the news, Xiao Ming's classmate was surprised.

    how to feel with a national championship, on the loss of a supporter? Bah, who is the monkey!

    Sun Jian Lin Hua sister out of the senior and martial arts club, "poker face" Lin Shushan Zhai lack of home and recuperate, it will not come back, and now even the coach left the big pine Shi, but orange still, martial arts agency other members had a summer vacation back I'm afraid, will doubt their own wrong door!

    "uh" The floor into the plane meal, with the mouth of the Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork swallow down, and then smiled, "it is not very normal? A strong Gang accompany us this group of big boys playing two years is not enough ah? Rest assured that the school will find a martial arts teacher to do part-time, but the main thing is the leader, or most of the time I'm going to show you, the new man, when you take enough tianjiao!"

    "I wipe, orange, and you raise a proud little tail."!" Cai Zongming "anger" accused a heart worries dissipate a lot, "but you do not want to do each month from the U.S., trapeze?"

    in order to maintain emotion, oranges are also hard to spell.

    building a hey hey laugh: "half a month with your own, half a month of practice, you see I don't master guidance, occasionally make correct, everyone started, the school is to learn, not to teach what the excess at most, it then specialized pumping time to tell you about my experience, new words, Li Mao brother very solid basic skills, the daily supervision and no problem."

    here, he added: "for most of the game, I will not play, will do a self precipitation to martial arts agency currently does not have the personnel strength, Dan in team environment, have to take hold."

    "well, these two days I have seen you, and Li Maoshixiong also discuss it, he should be strong than me, there should be a top grade nine level, but also did not touch the edge of the box you exit Dan, said close to office nine, but she is a modest character the kind of people after the proud people, I guess she has a weak nine, Wang strongly about her, Mu Jinnian Road, a little weaker, but also a strong amateur, what will come to see this on the freshmen, in the next year, no one really 'or' exit into dan" Cai Zongming side edge meanders back.

    this sees the floor become one Leng one Leng, did not expect Xiao Ming schoolmate also has such earnest and the attentively side.

    he is fit to be president of the martial arts club!

    "Li Mao senior, if someone can become Dan in this year, then we have the incense even if it is handed down, it will not decline."." At the end of the floor into the laments, glanced at Cai Zongming chuckled, "you can't give you a drag!"

    "fuck, I thought you would say I want to be a martial arts agency under Dan jing." Cai Zongming angry and funny, said, "if the big 3 also can't Dan territory, Wu Tao Dream I also chase fart, inherited my dad's got home!"

    duty nine can only hit trials, belong to the bottom of the martial arts circle, really did not do the rich two generations comfortable.

    as for amateur levels, even the real martial arts circle has not yet entered!

    "really?" Ask the floor into smiling.

    "true"" Xiaoming students did not know what to say, and then filling the mouth water, sighed, "big 4 also can try, if, if twenty-five years ago is not the Dan environment, it's no fun."

    "how do you say more and more far away?"" Lou Cheng quipped, "no confidence in yourself?""

    "I'm just setting the worst case."!" Cai Zongming replied with disdain, "although not as bad as you are, I am also the top three of the martial arts club for so many years."!"

    "me, Lin short, Ke Ke, which isn't faster than you?"" The building has punctured the "king of mouth" cowhide.

    "you don't understand people?" I mean, rule out your freak, I'm the first three, you're all alone!" Cai Zongming was angry.

    Yueyuexiaoxiao, two people after dinner, go to Wu Dao agency, half Xiaoshi half a sense of return "".

    Pine City University Wu stadium, brightly lit, come to fitness and temper of students everywhere, building a glance, deeply gratified.

    two years later, the atmosphere is getting better and better!

    then he caught a familiar figure in the corner of his eye; old Qiu Qiuzhigao was rubbing sweat into the power room.

    "Lao Qiu a few days ahead of schedule, a morning practice, a practice at night, during the day also self-study, I am sorry to be lazy."." Cai Zongming followed the building into a gaze, "so if he came in, with his body shank meat, now is not an amateur before three, who dare to believe?"

    sorry to be lazy Who was the three person who used it before? Building into a smile and shook his head, sighed and said: "the old Qiu is not the wrong choice, at least two grades got us big cut, this year to enhance the strength of the martial way up, senior job is relatively easy, treatment is not low His family is not very good, can only do the most practical choice, not everyone can talk about dreams"

    "are you mocking me?"" Cai Zongming from the black one, to speak with other roommates, "model worker like you, in addition to accompany his girlfriend, is hard to learn programming, I heard a strong level of speaking, he is very good."

    "the Duke himself?" Asked Cheng Cheng with interest.

    "he has been our previous professional achievement, counselors have hinted at, then for one year, probably the research, animal hung up two, pay resat, but he does not care ah, not bad money home, Lao Mu and his girlfriend are intend to test research, and also hang a few families, is a training instructor, he said that again, let him out of school." Cai Zongming said, one by one, one by one.

    "God Man" is the soup text, heavy game enthusiasts, really forget the exam time of that kind.

    building into heard it is a regret, he is busy in love and martial arts, to go to bed early and get up early, and roommates exchange actually not too much, now listen to the classmate Xiao Ming said, found that two years left traces in all of us.

    he's just feeling what, suddenly I saw a boy is coming.

    the other side probably one meter eight early, looks Zhou Zheng, the stature is partial strong, the blood and blood exuberant, to a certain extent, nearly became the essence.

    "at least nine strong."" Said the man in a murmur.

    this should be the new freshman!

    other sessions, in addition to the martial arts club, there is no such force exists, and the martial arts club people, they will not know?

    the boy near the small run, shouted: "sunshine smile floor floor seniors, uh, brother, Hello, my name is Deng Yang, is the ten island this year admitted to the disciples, Sondar, just over eighteen years old"

    "here he paused," he added excitedly:

    "you are my idol."!"

    this guy is well done By building into a fufei.

    eighteen, nine Qi, occupation, high school directly This was their brother uncle Fang Zhirong didn't much A building with a smile: "we just said we will not have the genius to Pine Road Dawu agency, this year now, I trust, uh, our new recruit in the military, but tomorrow you will be able to follow our training, we will help you to apply for no military training."

    "OK, OK."!" Deng Yang excitedly answered, then categorically said, "brother building in front of you, there is no genius!"

    good, would speak very well, is a good candidate Building into almost laugh.

    and a few pleasantries, Deng Yang waved goodbye to put the temper, Cai Zongming loose mouth airway:

    "it looks pretty good to get along with.""

    "what are you worried about?" I really have a hand thorn, fix." Cheng became keenly aware of Xiao Ming's worries.

    "but you a month to go to the United States, a fifteen day, encountered bad character strength and strong life, we very difficult." Cai Zongming looked down at an orange with disdain.

    playing and playing, but the tube can not manage, but also how to do?

    group, total can't be Peng Leyun and Ren Li of the school environment and the presence of Dan? Otherwise, when I come back to clean up?" These are not the only things that happen.

    high martial arts is amazing!

    "how is a feeling of being bullied, a parent feeling?"" Cai Zongming laughed at himself.

    "if you really want to recognize my parents, I also have no ~" building into a long tail deliberately.

    "roll"!" Xiao Ming students concise and comprehensive

    in the dormitory of the Art Institute, the boy with short hair, He Zi pushed the door of the little bedroom into the room. He looked around and said, "Jin brocade, Xiao Ling?""

    Jose looked back from the computer screen and pointed to the outside: "answer the phone, the balcony."."

    "well, I have something to ask her."." He Zi casually explained, and went out again, waiting for the balcony of the glass door.

    she waited two minutes, but did not hear the outside voices, the hearts of a tight, busy screwing the handle into the balcony, and balcony to find Yan Xiaoling is crouched in the corner, biting his lip, red eyes.

    "what's the matter?"" He Zi asked with concern.

    "nothing. There's something at home."." Yan Xiaoling stood up hastily, casually wiping his face, revealing a funny grin, "you also come to the balcony to make a phone call?" What a coincidence!"

    "no, I'll ask you one. Are you going to attend this semester?"" He Zi returned to the subject with suspicion.

    special training? What does that mean? It means that I will wake up and say goodbye, brush brush QQ brush TV group game time will be less Yan Xiaoling hesitated for a moment.

    "didn't you want to take part in special training last semester?" Said he has perseverance, perseverance, but also specialized to the next exercise software, supervise themselves, to prove to me?" He Zi sneered. "What's the result?""

    "hold on for seven days."" Yan Xiaoling replied with a evasive look, then confidently said, "you don't know me. It's always three minutes, and your interest will soon be gone."!"

    "still proud."" What was the purple

    after the next morning, the feeling of a temper, complete transformation of body building into a mobile phone, sent a message to the Yan Ke, ".":

    "floor coach" is on the line!"

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