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Chapter 79–dry goods

    on Monday, September 1st, at the University of martial arts hall at the University of town, members of the special training team were re assembled after a lapse of two and a half months. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    because the championship just won the national college martial arts will not long, itself in the summer vacation progress is not small, all smiles in high and vigorous spirits.

    "box, your face seems a little round."" Careless Wang Miaole vigorously at random, say hello to the familiar teammates.

    he will shave his hair this year with only a shallow layer, coupled with the innate evil features, and at first glance, like the newly released prisoners from prison.

    what did He Zi do to kill you with his eyes; made a gesture of disdain:

    "what's wrong with my face?" Eat your rice or wear your clothes? Believe it or not, I'll paint your little yellow rabbit tonight!"

    from small to large, I did not lean thin face, how can I do, and I am desperate!

    little yellow rabbit Wang strongly remembered the opposite face girl is celebrated the Art Institute of touch, hand-painted panels used to make a group reach the acme of perfection, once called the "blood Budo society" in the popular online atlas.

    of course, she privately have really painted yellow rabbit, then Different people, different views.!

    when the king to think or fooling beg, dressed in a black and white side of martial arts clothing Cai Zongming emerged from the locker room, and a few eyes, smiling with emotion:

    "we just have two tables of Mah Jong.""

    fourth sister and brother Mao Li Xiaowen left, third is almost the same, only themselves and orange, 24, He Zi, Wang Dali, Jin Lu Mu and count in new vessels for the, determine to be Deng Yang, a total of nine members of the special training, but the part-time orange guy the coach had to fly, not into calculation, make it two mahjong table.

    "after the new recruit, should be able to have twenty?"" Li Mao is looking forward to the future.

    freshman willing to try a lot of special training, but often can not insist on how long, can come one or two times per week, the class is full of overcrowding.

    "so, President, you have to cherish us."! Multi organizational activities to improve the cohesion of everyone, to cultivate a sense of collective!" He Zi suddenly put forward a solemn proposal, and then smiled brightly added, "for example, hold landlords contest, werewolf kill game."!"

    after nearly a year to get along, Cai Zongming know before the round face girl seemingly glamorous, once familiar, is actually the confabulator, take a joke, it is not very much quipped: "you and Yan Xiaoling is not known as the doltish group of two people? Can you play werewolf killing?"

    meow meow? When did we get the nickname? Must be always with Xiao Ling to be a drag on her! He Zi pointed to his own way: "president, you speak to worthy of their own conscience, I have a face wit, and Xiao Ling like where?" I've got a lot of fun killing werewolves!"

    "what do you mean?" Cai Zongming asked casually.

    where purple with a smile, Miaole next door, categorically answered: "he decided not to kill, vigorously!"

    "did I invite you to offend you?"" Wangdali lying in the gun, to make the next road and vessels for the Mu set the whole room roaring with laughter.

    joy and cheerful atmosphere, Deng Yang arrived, the blood essence exuberant to a glance feeling let people after Cai Zongming loud shouts of applause, the martial arts club for their future is full of confidence, not afraid of things appear out of stock.

    seven fifty-six, the floor into the Wu Road venues, walked to the opposite of He Zi, smiled, "self introduction" road:

    "from today on, I'm your floor coach."!"




    the sound of surprise and Mourinho vessels for wangdali as one falls, another rises, they face at a loss about what to do.

    "well, I have other things to master, has returned to the ice God, but rest assured, I will believe that part-time coach this year, still has the ability to guide you, the school will send a once Wu came to be a teacher, but he is mainly responsible for the leader, Xiaowen sister, you big 4, be busy looking for a job, some things don't need to do it yourself, find a few helper, culture." Slowly into the road, not anxious not Xu, so that people gradually stabilized the heart down.

    although there is no strong outside the gang as a coach, but the new as well as non-human Tianjiao, anyway, most of the time and the application of coach does not exist no difference.

    at this moment, they only juelou achievement is Qingtian jade column Budo agency, the sea Zijin frame beam, he did not go, martial arts agency also did not collapse!

    "OK, I'll ask Xiao Ling to see if she's free to do more."." Li Xiaowen nodded with a smile.

    "in addition to lazy and love Linda fried, no other shortcomings" He whispered in a low voice.

    Lou smiled and looked around the crowd, speaking with the language in his mouth:

    "we haven't had a summer holiday this year. Let's make a small goal this year, and we'll try to get you there."!"

    the matter itself, and both are young, everyone suddenly smug, you made me a good think about the future, to discuss various exit threshold information dan.

    in accordance with coach Shi's statement, "can still hold the ball", Wu Daocai really enter, no matter where you go, you can have a good life!

    the floor into a smile, listening to, and so they discussed almost, before clearing the throat road:

    "let me tell you about my experience of breaking through Dan."."

    that all men are holding their breath, completely quiet, look to the floor manager".

    although there are many online Dan Jing master share this experience, but the computer is on the opposite side of the cat is a dog, who was not sure which is better than the living environment on the high Pindan personally?

    building a after a few seconds, mellow voice said:

    "at the outset, my teacher gave me only ten words," human Dane, round Tuotuo, bright "," human Great Dane "refers to the body as a force not, formed a whole, you exercise, not stay dead, not think not not in practice, the 'circle Tuotuo' means strength, Qi and spirit is rich and insightful, this needs you every little bit polishing and exclude all aspects of the" impurities ", not fast, not urgent"

    "just said is a meticulous job, the most important is the" bright "three words, it refers to a state of mind, which is the will, I remember one of the ancients so described," this light, or what words! " That is why you will, martial arts, are willing to pay the price, this is not the mouth words or excited to do what things on the line, the time to reflect on their own, mining, real to find the throb of its own strength, and then put into practice, again and again to practice, once again let grinding, will really condensation forming"

    "maybe we think this is very simple, so take an example not good, everyone will have a dream, but really can go to practice, can fight for this, there are a few?" And began to practice, began to struggle, and a few can adhere to, and not by setbacks and difficulties down? This statement compares chicken soup, did not consider other practical factors, we understand the spirit of the line"

    building combined with their experience, will be relatively misty find inner strength, concise martial arts will, in order to compare the way down to earth to speak out and hear what violet and Deng Yang thoughtfully, but.

    "floor coach" is all about dry goods!

    "it is almost impossible to find one, you may need to do what will find in Theravada monks always Dekor asceticism, not without reason, of course, is not to let you learn to beg, learn NFAM, learn to torture themselves, but to make you think of what the most suitable for their own way" Floor surface clear, its own stock master bearing, but in fact, almost out of the sweat haired.

    when master, coach, it's not easy!

    obviously, what you have mastered, it is not easy to express it clearly and completely!

    the description just now, at most, has five or six points of its true meaning

    "well, let's talk about it today. Let's digest it. Don't worry. Come back to me if you have any problems."." Building into secretly spitting gas, "now zhuanggong exercises."

    "yes, floor coach."!" The crowd responded in chorus.

    then they smiled, was back before the impact of national competition Our wills unite like a fortress. good feeling!

    returned to the bedroom; saw Yan Xiaoling just climbing out of bed; He Zi made a casual mention of it:

    "coach back to ice God, we are now floor coach."."

    "floor coach?"" Yan Xiaoling stood with one foot on his slippers and one foot on the ladder.

    "yes, Cheng Cheng."!" He turned purple, smile.

    " I, I'm going to special training!" Yan Xiaoling was excited. "I'll take the floor, personally."!"

    "three minutes heat."." He coldly threw out his exact words.

    "" Yan Xiaoling suddenly speechless, yipaidatui, hey OMG, I forget not to register, what time do you start to recruit training members?"

    "and so on, a military training finished."." He asked, "Xiao Ling, what have you been doing for two days?" The mood is not very good appearance"

    and when the home phone, almost cried out!

    Yan Linda lips closed and open a few times, sighed: "no matter what, anyway, it is home to send to, such as I, to make money, to have their own home!"

    He Zi didn't expose more asked, a smile out of road:

    "I thought you bullied it later, if it happens, he said to me, I hit fly to Yanling to help you, an arrow through the clouds to meet thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers!"

    before I really can not see, usually a happy Ling, there are such experiences and sadness

    "box, your boyfriend, Max!"!" Yan Xiaoling recovered his mind and set his thumb down.

    he smiled and nodded. "Well, I'll watch you get up on time and memorize words every day to do your homework."!"

    "ah?"" Yan Xiaoling's face was more bitter than before

    "bite"; Lou Cheng heard the text tone; picked it up and found that it was the five hundred thousand prize for the tournament.

    as a result, he currently has over two million four hundred and fifty thousand of the deposit, within a year do not have to worry about doing trapeze consumption, and wait until the next year, they should enter the martial arts circle occupation, more do not worry about income.

    balance he will cut the picture, to Yan Ke, "fist of light":

    "it's just September 14th."!"

    well, before this, have to go through the inspection, the eight product certificate for five!

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