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Chapter 80–good preparation for the building

    on Sunday, September 7th morning, the indoor workshop of the city pine Wu Taoist association. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    "can I begin?"" The building tightened its tight cuffs and smiled to see the three auditors in front of it.

    he had got the occupation certificate is in the city, so the change can come here, but the monk Association and the imperial province there are specially dispatched personnel to the scene, the joint examination, all in the name of justice.

    "yes, let's begin."." The old man nodded to be led by a benign countenance.

    less than twenty-one year old man, who knows he can get to the point which is the future, although its senior high, the status is not low, but not for other things rather baffling.

    martial arts as the saying goes, Ning bully pasqueflower, plentiful!

    the building gave a salute, stepped to the side of the field and was facing a hanging sandbag.

    his waist slightly heavy, make the blood reflux, also hold in the lower abdomen pubic region, the people have a sense of the vast empty, seems to be condensed into a group, mellow and terror.

    Dan gas gushing, building muscles bulging, were clear, followed by a shaking his shoulder with the arm, throw out, like to get to the front.

    in this process, his fist through the air, burning a layer of red in the white flame, as if wearing a most violent gloves.

    a rumble!

    boxing goal, not a bang muffled, but set off a bomb explodes like movement, the sandbags suddenly collapse, every grain of sand on the red circle seems to be rolling, with the shock wave to the front somersault, lasing, sou sou sou sound heard scalp.

    wait until the end of it all, building into a front formed cone fan gravel paved, the scope of the audit staff to sputter can't help eyelid jump.

    "Yan Jin" reputation is well deserved!

    can "at the same time" and "play" at the same time playing a real, forming, complete "Yan Huang Jin", enough to prove that the other side has been completely transformed, and then very people!

    "sure enough, a hero is a teenager."!" White hair old man clap laughs, "we have no problem here, and will be signed to imperial documentary headquarters, you ten minutes, go directly to the office to get a certificate."

    the other two audit staff although some angry at the old white hair and self talk not indulge in arbitrary decisions and peremptory actions, they announced the end of test, but due to their predecessors, and the thing is simple, do not have to follow the article, niezhuobizai smiled: "congratulations young friends, our city already several years did a man!"

    "three old timers."." Welcome back into building.

    a chat for a few minutes, he said goodbye and wait for the audit staff, came to the office, before long, there will work from the fifth to the occupation certificate, a number, a name, a red cap!

    the whole process of taking a certificate, no more than twenty minutes, and for reputation outside, the strength of recognized buildings, it is really just a walk through the motions.

    call, his breath, the certificate will be spread out on hand, snap a photo, a little heart have mixed feelings.

    in September last year to get the post nine certificate, he did not want to come over, you can enter the high quality, but also plans to participate in one or two fixed product competition.

    plan is not as fast as change!

    now, can I call Pindan exit the high official!

    building up a certificate, the picture was transferred to Yan Ke, a girl in love with a few words, and then uploaded to micro-blog, what words are not matched, click on the release.

    the certificate itself is a thousand words!

    brush your congratulations and praise, building into this just along the corridor, outside the city to go to Wu Taoist association.

    he just walked two, suddenly saw a familiar and strange figure into the building.

    found him; the stranger was a little surprised; then came a sudden smile:

    "you are to take the fifth certificate?"

    "yes."." The building becomes to take aim at each other, the in the mind has made a whisper, this guy exactly is who? Quite familiar!

    to keep the common features of ordinary position, angular, temperament calm, have a few yuan Yue Zhizhi state, he did not notice the floor into doubt, do not see a smile, said: "last year, haze lost to you, I was not willing to, who knows this was a year and a half, you have been far behind."

    listen to each other so that, when a sudden floor suddenly, remembering who he is.

    he is Hemingway Peng Chengguang and himself in the martial arts, played a qualifying!

    he was twenty-four years old, has got nine vocational certificate for three years, strong blood to the level of the pole, there is a "fist" flavor, is Dan to make yourself the most difficult environment outside the enemy.

    the students are young and famous, Pine City hot refining body environment martial, get a lot of Dawu hall and the family's favor, he can be independent in order to keep the old main legacy "Hemingway martial arts", the practice is rather general skills, but also do not want to be annexed or from the stubborn shoulder of all, because of this, he didn't stop Dan exit threshold for a long time, has been no breakthrough.

    over one eye, exposing the building into a heartfelt smile on Peng Chengguang hand way:

    "should I also say congratulations?""

    the other blood has been exhaustively diffuse strong convergence, no significant mountain dew!

    and as the coming man, the tower is very clear, what does it represent?!

    Peng Chengguang received a salute with a sigh of gratitude:

    "recent breakthroughs, but also to bring the certificate," ah, than you, than you."

    finished, he also arch start, congratulate Cheng into the inhuman realm.

    the two sides not too familiar, then the respective address a few words to say good-bye, pro out the door, looking at the floor into the eye disappears in the corner of the corridor Peng Chengguang, thoughtfully nod to check each other's data, he also finds Hemingway martial arts, by Wu Taoist Association "work", to exchange a door only can work.

    after years of hard, face temptation, frustration, disappointment and pain in the heart always insist, do not move do not shake, this will, I have some shame.

    after crossing the threshold of Dan's territory, Peng Chengguang will no longer be a hindrance to the non-human!

    as for later, their eyes are not enough, still can not see so far

    out of the association where the small building, around the vicinity of the martial road venues, the floor came up with mobile phones, points open app, intends to about the car.

    at this moment, he suddenly feel thirsty, then turn to a supermarket next to the side to pick functional beverage, while thinking about the next week will leave ya American tour.

    missing little more than a month to emerge, that is not expected to be disappointed by the light Teng, a building full of expectation, and the imagination of Yan Ke meet again at the scene, under the scrutiny of the awareness of how to face what discourse and girl exchange is the indulgence of their own emotions, give her a warm hug is the most exciting, will show his feelings, so she gradually accustomed to

    think about, the floor has been in the mind to shoot a lot of "TV series", two people are happy to get along with the story.

    of course, as an adult male, married, he will look back and some things have become more and more unsuitable for children, mouth parched and tongue scorched.

    he stopped the trend in time; took an iced functional drink and went to the paying area.

    suddenly, building a ton of the pace of living, just because of the dream, remember one must pay attention to things.

    I have no human, according to Ke grandpa's argument, there is no small chance to let Ke pregnant

    can no longer be as unscrupulous as ever; safety measures must be made

    mother egg, I haven't bought that thing yet. Should I go to the forum and ask for a post? The title is "how to buy a condom for the first time?""

    it's a shame to think about it

    foreign affairs no questions search, floor down drink, took out the cell phone, read through pages and pages, already in mind.

    according to the views of others, the supermarket checkout areas generally have a condom, pay when the point, the cashier will understand what is the meaning of the whole, without too much communication, can be effective in the treatment of embarrassment.

    cough, Lou Cheng put on black frame glasses, and had the cheek to hold the ice drink, and came to the checkout line. Two or three minutes later, it was his turn.

    his eyes swept away, trying to quickly determine the target.

    mother egg! What about chewing gum, lollipops and batteries? OK, what about that thing? The building was stunned.

    "do you want this?"" The cashier asked to take root lollipop.

    "er"" The floor is not good to explain, silly nod, took out small change, took the ice drink and lollipop.

    and out of the supermarket, he was back, drink ice drink:

    what am I doing just now, TM?!

    after eating lollipop, he relentlessly find another supermarket, did not hurry to start, first conducted a thorough investigation, locked the target position, and, uh, they have a separate shelf!

    taking advantage of the surrounding unmanned, the floor rapid glance, and found that there are several brands, each brand, there are different models.

    no time to search for a better, he took a box of various models, then run the "ice mirror", the convergence of various emotions, indifferent wave check-out, despite the occasional glance at.

    after a while, he came to the cashier in front of the other side of the eye, a variety of colors of the box, surprised to take off:.


    "uh" Building into a concise and comprehensive, "ice mirror" almost broken.

    the cashier looked at him with an odd glance; did not say anything more; quickly went through the process.

    paid, put on the bag, building into a slow and out of the supermarket, to the roadside, felt relaxed, feel to what difficult hurdles

    back to the bedroom, see Zhao Qiang, they are not here, Lou Cheng can not help but look under the "spoils of war"".

    looking at him, he raised a suspicion again:

    how should this be used? If the key moment of embarrassment, Keke shall also laugh at me for a lifetime?

    and there are different models here

    seriously thinking for a while, he opened the package, began to read the instructions, then took a few and went to the bathroom

    after the meeting, to solve all the problems, and feel that they have the confidence of the building, relaxed and happy out, just met Cai Zongming, opened the door to the small bedroom.

    "Hey, orange, are you all in spring?" Is that next week will go to America?" Xiao Ming classmates laughed a sentence.

    building a stunned and asked: "this can see?"

    "of course not. Who am I?"" Cai Zongming answered proudly.

    next week will go to America, you these days every day chunxindangyang to blame!

    I can't see it, but I can reason it out!

    Beihu building into one Leng one Leng, the "lover" in this violent again sit up and take notice.

    after a week in the past year and finally in his words, September 14th came into his eyes.

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