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Chapter 81–across the sea to see you

    September 14th, the morning after, bath, floor and carefully checked all the things in the backpack, confirmed the band have been brought, and then rushed out the door, leaving the campus, a taxi to the airport. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    after the ticket, security inspection, and a series of processes and an hour of waiting, he finally boarded the U.S. Cannes flight, the mood and emotion

    Beijing time No. fourteen at eleven fifty-five in the morning, Cannes local daylight time on the thirteen day at ten fifty-five in the evening, is fragmented and building into a strict day chatting Ke received other latest news:

    "off, take off at once."!"

    Yan Ke's eyes suddenly bright moment, picked up the mobile phone, fast typing, crackling wrote the two row, feel his or too straightforward, it is difficult to accurately express the idea in mind, and only return to a "chicken pecking like nod" expression:

    "uh huh!"

    point to send, to put the mobile phone, she made several times according to the report, the edge of light, to see if there is no news from the floor, so for a while, see there no response, and check the page, confirm the flight successfully took off.

    endure the throb of her heart; she will complete this week's report and the remaining homework, so that the fourteen day, that is, Sunday, do not have to busy other things.

    twist the body, stretch, and take off the rubber band, so that the soft hair slipped down, black light rolling.

    then she took her pajamas, went into the bathroom, made a clean head, washed her face white, and the water was beautiful.

    "do you pay enough attention to it?"!" Yan Ke with a dry towel wrapped in wet hair, wipe the mirror of the mist, looking at the kiss reduced his elegant, chuckled a word.

    someone always says, "I see girls more than they do."!

    she thought, and wipe the body lotion, do mask, wait until the hair is dry wisps, suddenly remember one thing, even her face flushing through another bottle of cream, eye light overflow them onto the top of the thigh, pushed down, over the knee when the cover, ankle, stop on tiptoe.


    Yan Ke Chen inexplicable 1

    flight, on their own has always been frugal building into a set is economy class, even so, and also spent his thirty-five thousand appearance, because of this, only two million four hundred and fifty thousand out of his account.

    call, this is really not the average person can play the long-distance love Look at the floor into the ticket, raised a similar understanding.

    is the stronger self better, not just to be able to withstand the tests?

    the plane can not access, building into don't feel boring, sometimes quiet contemplation, for subtle, consolidate the non-human realm, sometimes imagine meeting with Yan Ke, as well as the scene along next half a month, the most divergent thoughts on the occasion, even the idea of the future, and the girl over the end of life life.

    of course, do not feel bored does not mean that he is not anxious, just hate the flight can not arrive immediately, but hate their ability to be useless in this matter.

    as for the long haul flight, the narrow space of the economy class did not make him feel unwell and there was no sign of back pain.

    inhuman is human!

    on the way, the plane meal, clean up after the airline stewardess entry card and customs declaration form issued to each passenger, you can ask the Chinese template control, but need to fill out the kind of pure English, building into a strict coach exam cramming, easily written, folder into the passport in.

    no words, way to change the time, Cannes local time on September 14th at four forty in the afternoon, the flight began to decline, through the window, can see the magnificent building into a lake, can see the river through the city, and the color is full of modern high-rise buildings.

    this is a very important U.S. city, financial, steel, food and manufacturing industries are developed, the logistics are available, the transportation is convenient, and is located here in the Cannes university is the field of economics is well-known, far and near top scholars, took the relevant awards nearly 1\/3 from here.

    well, there are a range of us in all are regarded as excellent fighting genre, what is called "gruca" A similar idea in building into a mind just flashed his thoughts, quickly back to the coming after being apart a long time.

    more than a month's time, the couple has been the couple joy in their marriage., enough for a long time!

    well, from those posts, apart for a long time, even if every day there is a meeting, exchange, there will be a bit strange, it would not be suitable for a hug, must step by step directly to Keke, slowly dissolve

    but, by the way, does he think I'm too cold and leave a knot in my heart?

    ah, what a dilemma

    Cannes north, the girl in the room.

    Yan Ke sitting in the dressing table, for busy for a long time painted the last pen.

    she pursed her pink lips, looked at the mirror, sometimes feel bright and moving, is really nice, orange will the fool move not to open eyes, sometimes feel that in order to make leisure, these days of homework and report go a little pouch, and because of this half a month in the exercise time is reduced, fat for four pounds, compared with domestic, as bad a diudiu

    &nbsp:in an alien mood, she looked at the time, no longer hesitated, stood up, opened the wardrobe, and thought back to each time the building looked at the scene, and picked the match.

    Cannes in September, the weather has turned cold, but the local climate variability, often within a day of cold warm difference, so that the streets are often signs, display the current time and temperature, Yan Ke hesitated, pick a lady style white shirt, a a knee length skirt, a color stockings, wearing youth tennis shoes.

    she also examine their own for a while, suddenly in the heart pounding, will the wedding ring wear, put on the bag, out of the door, calling on a full-time bodyguard Du aunt, from the other side to drive to the airport

    five fifteen in the afternoon, slightly delayed flight landed in the busy Olympic building into Lyon Airport, carrying luggage, holding a passport, along with people on to the side of the Yan Ke smooth landing news.

    because of this period of time and have "strict teacher" to practice speaking and listening, he can communicate with the staff reluctantly, not much trouble came to the customs window, of course, the queue is unavoidable.

    took the passport and entry card and return, the staff carefully check up, and this time, at the airport of a private office, the Department of homeland security is responsible for the local people to see the computer screen on the "people" are marked with red "dangerous"!

    danger level The potbellied gentleman called and shouted in a twenty * * white man, pointing to the computer, sink a track:

    "Smith, do good monitoring until he leaves."."

    the brown haired Smith looked down at the turned screen; "Oh," a soundtrack:

    "danger level"? So young?"

    on screen, the dark haired man from China was obviously no more than twenty-five years old; no, he was only twenty years old

    is this a monster?

    "don't ask why, do your thing well; I'll let Renee sort out the information to you and give you the C permission to use Skynet."." The man smeared his sparse hair.

    "yes, sir."!" Smith turned to the right hand lift, flew out to see the thin thread, tied to the door handle and pulled it off.

    left hand lift; and silk; Smith pulled a bullet; and the whole man left the office.

    "close the door conveniently."!" The chief growled and muttered, "don't think that evolution has been the spider man."! That's virtual people!"

    "well, sir, you may go."." After ten minutes of delay, customs officers returned their passports and torn half entry cards back to the building.

    call Worried about being sent back directly as a terrorist, the building breathed a sigh of relief, accelerated, and rushed to security.

    it is a line, he walked toward the arrival hall with vigorous strides, while the message asked Yan ke:

    "where are you?" I'm coming out."

    international traffic package is good!

    Yan Fang observed the environment; declined to make a conversation; his heart lowered his head and replied:

    "just opposite the exit, you look ahead."."

    message drops over, building into eyes, almost laughing.

    Ke Ke also excited ah, said so general, no sign of things

    he was about to ask a word, itself has gone out as a conscious vision, he saw the elegant beautiful figure as quietly standing in the dim light.

    there is no sign of * * *, she is that sign, people come and go, silent bloom, beautiful around.

    bang! Bang! Bang! Floor into the heartbeat immediately accelerated, he kept telling himself, to patience, to step by step, do not frighten Ke Ke, but footsteps are getting faster and faster.

    and the other side of the strict Ke want to reserve, is expected to familiar figure, but involuntarily moved himself, and greeted.

    between a few steps, two people are already close at hand, breathing can smell, each other's face is so clear, no longer across the screen, across the phone, across the computer, across the cable.

    Jiao Yan flower, Minzui smile of the state as in the past, building into a mind om it, forget the other, to reach out to the will into his bosom Yan Ke, hug!

    Yan Ke at first hesitated, then softening, feeling in the memory of the temperature, smell the quick and familiar taste, feel the heart worry, fear, tension and apprehension were ironed, fear unfamiliar feeling yet disappeared.

    such a hug scene in Austria Leon and several of the arrival hall, they not only.

    "enviable student days!"" Smith chewing gum, staring at the monitor screen, with a sound heart.

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