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Chapter 82–presents

    nose fragrance lingering, bosom warm Jiao Qu, building into his heart felt a lack of stability, half empty lines are filled with silk suture. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    none of them speak, immersed in anxious mutual flesh embrace, but China conservative factor in the bone marrow, so that they did not like the arrival hall of other couples that fierce kiss self-assured or supercilious.

    over half, Yan Ke gently pushed into floor, a little messy hair Liao, containing Mouguang tidal said hi face:

    "let's go out, Du Yizheng, wait, come home."."

    well, home.

    "good."!" Lou Ren mature pull the girl's hands, as many as two days, the world has never been apart for more than a month.

    ten finger locking, a tight grip, the couple with a smile said to fade, just feel, while slowly toward the outside, out of the arrival hall, into the parking place.

    Duran stood by the car, saw them coming, smiled and waved.

    "aunt Du, he's built."." Yan Ke shallow dimples, pointing to her husband said.

    "good aunt Du."." Immediately the building smiled and greeted.

    the hands of two buttoned hands have no separate intentions.

    "well, well, maybe you saw a lot of your game a little while ago, and I had a few glances."." Du Yan smiled and shook his head. "If my baby had half of your worth, I would have fallen asleep laughing."."

    she swept the corner of the couple posture, secretly Alice tongue, young people now, than they will open too much, however, they have been admitted to the elders Ji, see parents, wait for graduation married, it was close to normal. Unlike the US side, it's frightening!

    a few pleasantries, the couple sat in the back row, because there are outsiders, not tell what the words said only after being apart a long time, building into interesting things heard all kinds of feelings long plane international flights and Yan Ke met in school.

    vehicle road into the North Benz, Cannes, which is home to the local rich, often see the police patrol, rare exclusion.

    a piece of lawn across, they arrived in the strict home where Yan rented.

    looking at the weather, Du Yan laughed: "you go down first, I'll go to the parking garage, cook immediately, and the plane meal is not good and less."."

    "uh!" Lou Cheng agrees.

    it is good that can be present on Different people, different views., component itself, is too little, every time have to face, to beg for more than two airline stewardess, so only three full.

    before he is Keke, don't feel hungry now, uh, can hear the voice of the belly murmur

    Yan Ke also aware of, forced to endure laughter, pull down the car, and quickly to the front door.

    "you are delicious; wait for my share."!" Her eyes filled with lips, light SIP said.

    "and you?"" Where would you like to go to the little fairy?.

    Yan Ke Xiao Du mouth, wrinkled nose, indignation answered:

    "I've gained four pounds."! Dare to eat?"

    "no, I just hugged you; I didn't feel that way; and with your strength, it was a lot lighter."." Lou Cheng relieved, Ke Ke Ke classmate.

    you are smart, if you dare say that I am really fat, huh! Yan Ke eyes dark turn, pursed her lips:

    "really, before the formal term class language fortunately, after school, and because of our domestic courses, all to a tight schedule, but here the professor loves homework, sometimes has to do with the packet, we also have a drag Group back girl, get every day we are busy, sleep late, the morning is not much time to exercise, weight so Cengceng rub up!"

    she swung her arms up to represent her own weight.

    "well, I don't think you're heavy."." Building again emphasized once again, will not say that he has always felt Ke thin, slightly better meat.

    but after I grow up strict coach various routines good youth, how can make a mistake in this simple question!

    speech, he followed the strict Kejin house, this is a two storey building appearance, no significant Mountain Dew, which is quite luxurious decoration.

    "the one you lived in before my mother, like me, was on the two floor, and aunt Du lived below."." Yan Ke to the floor to introduce the arrangements for this period of time.

    "good."." The building becomes muddy and doesn't care to nod.

    I live where does not matter, anyway live to live will live to your side there, just, Du aunt on the first floor, will not disturb!

    Yan Ke seems to be aware of his thoughts, tender and cross his one eye:

    "what do you want?"!"

    "miss you!"." Building into a laugh out loud, instantly back face to face sweet ability.

    bah, obviously want bad thing! Yan Ke spat, looked around.

    she was about to say what, Du Yan entered, had to forcibly stop, torn into some local customs and practices the topic and building cannes.

    the two talked and laughed; as the ingredients had already been dealt with, the sumptuous dinner began to be put on the table equally.

    Yan Ke clip a few chopsticks, eat half a bowl of rice, then put down the tableware, one hand Tuosai looked at their silly eating oranges.

    "you really don't eat?"" Cheng asked again with concern.

    "do not eat, lose weight."! After this period of time, to adapt to the course, have leisure temper, and then resume normal diet!" Yan Ke answered earnestly and resolutely.

    "well, how do I think you are tired of studying abroad?"" Lou Cheng exclaimed.

    Yan Ke drum drum cheek: "here you really want to learn, work and report a lot, not only some people like, only a variety of play, and I also choose the course."

    in order to finish reading early, early graduation, go back to see you earlier

    "that should be better tempered, good body, good spirit."." Lou Cheng tells a way.

    at this time, Du Yan and end the two dish out, a middle Mashed Potato, around roast potatoes, aroma, a tomato oxtail soup, red color is very attractive.

    Yan Ke sniffing a mouth, his eyes looked at the past, and then pick up a piece of roast potatoes together:

    "orange, aunt Du, this is especially delicious."."

    "yes?" The building looked at the girl, waiting for her to bring food to herself.

    however, Yan Ke has put the potato peel into his mouth, neat teeth bite, bite off a little, meet to chew and swallow.

    "aren't you eating?"" The floor is funny.

    Yan Ke ah sound, Yang Yang chin, "yizhengciyan" answer:

    "I'm going to try this for you, OK?"!"

    "well, yes, aunt Du is not standard. You can eat it."!"

    Lou Cheng was busy laughing and clearing his throat:

    "would you give me another try?""

    Yan Ke teeth bite lips, a very difficult way, finally, her eyes turn slightly nodded: "since you have such a strong demand"

    here, she was not fit to go, first laugh, voice clear soup, swaying branches, and hate:

    "you're going to bring me to work tomorrow morning, you know?"

    not waiting for an answer; she was already a piece of stewed beef; she could hardly wait to cram it into her mouth.

    "rest assured."!" The floor makes eyes to smile, the vision is gentle looking at one's own daughter-in-law.

    enough to eat and drink; two people sat on the sofa and watched Du Qing clear the table.

    "when you digest, I eat baked cake and crackers."!" Yan Ke next to the building side sitting, a eager look, to show their own results of this period of time.

    "look forward to."!" Cheng Cheng is also interested.

    "then I'll prepare the material first."." Yan Ke stood up and stuffed with slippers, go to the kitchen, like a busy bee, out into, back and forth, until this time, some building talent from the previous excitement in slow come to notice what a fairy dress, rather than just the people, only her eyes, her only every twinkle and smile, in addition, there is no heart.

    nice to see His eyes with the girl's figure moves.

    and so on and so on, almost came back, he remembered something, with his chin pointed at the stairs, and lowered his voice and laughed:

    "go to your room first; I'll give you the present."."

    "uh!" Yan Ke Mouguang look bright, but the surface is demure, led to the two floor of the building into a slow pace.

    come to the two floor, into the girl's room, floor down bag, untied bag, pull down the zipper, first took out a Book road:

    "Chinese cuisine."! Courtesy is more important than affection!"

    see the menu, hear this sentence, Yan Ke suddenly burst out laughing, kneeling on the bed, watching her husband out of something else.

    "this is the Buddha, I am jinfosi specific to your request, this is the tower lifting bag, you mentioned before that, this is a" bucket "tactic of jade, carved well, kind of unyielding feeling completely out, and a memorial value, however, you don't wear, after all, is the tomb of something ominous, and the Amulet of silver, I in the city to buy cloud features" The floor presents the gift one by one, just like before introducing oneself, more than one month's life, the long winded, the entire situation presents, looks like no matter where oneself goes, the heart is always in the girl here.

    Yan Ke watched and listened as much as a bit tipsy, Mouguang hidden star, flicker.

    "well, that's all."." The building stopped.

    Yan Ke will be looked up, looked at him, eyes seemed to contain a look into building thousands and thousands of words, heart quiver.

    in the atmosphere becomes delicate, the girl across the corner, suddenly found a few strange things of their own box of orange backpack.

    "what is that?"" Yan Ke curiously raised body and probed arm.

    building into a look down, face immediately red, it is less to stop.

    Yan Ke took the box a few things, gazing at the face, suddenly red, like the horizon Cabernet, jiaosheng road:

    "did you buy this stuff?"!"

    an orange comes with a condom!

    "cough, I don't think I'm inhuman."" The floor was full of cheek and ordinary.

    Yan Ke hum two, have not seen the real shame she endured, somewhat curiously opened the box, winced, blurted:

    "how do you lose one?""

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