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Chapter 83–a lovesickness

    "ah?"" Hearing the little fairy's question, the building opened its mouth and felt hardly open. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    see him stay stupefied, Yan Fang blinked innocently and pointed to the top left corner of the box:

    "here's a '3', isn't there three? I think there are only two in it"

    I personally do not understand, you do not lie to me ah!

    well, the floor into the old face a red, Frank decided.

    on the back of the box print clearly marked "three pieces", Ke Ke as long as not blind, and want to see, absolutely can find that lie in this matter, it is not caused by jealousy, waiting to be human tragedy of domestic violence?

    well, he coughed, side head looked beside, I pretend very thick skinned my so-called answer like:

    "three", "I", "I am not useless", afraid of the critical moment is not good, they have opened the packaging, and tried"

    Yan Ke was a face Meng force, no confusion's eyes were big and round, as if the cat head stuck.

    a few seconds later, she woke up and realized what was going on. The body began shaking, the screen trembled, the dimples could not stop appearing, and the laughter was unbearable.

    oranges are really good at preparing, good experiment spirit!

    "Hello, funny!"!" Yan Ke out of the box, and fell down around the white bear doll, smile shaking and disorderly fibrillation, will reach out to the side of the bed the slippers are dumped a slap.

    couldn't help it! Ha ha ha!

    floor helpless, looking at only one step to laugh at the bed full of rolling daughter-in-law, gently exhaled tone, rubbed the next face.

    I am not afraid of embarrassing moments, you laugh for a lifetime?

    Er, it doesn't seem to make any difference now

    hey, can amuse Ke Ke, can make her so happy, also worth

    the idea of rotation, he himself began to feel that this is funny, and the corner of the mouth is slightly tilted to see Yan, waiting to see how long she can laugh.

    just look at a few seconds, the side of his sight can't help betting on the girl eyebrow crooked, laugh blush of delicate cheeks and pursed his lips the beautiful lines of white powder, slender neck, and a lady and outline figure shirt, straight legs and slightly hazy sloshing delicate feet from the top down, from the bottom up, read it again and again.

    the night outside the window seemed deeper; the moon seemed brighter in the sky.

    Yan Ke laughed for dozens of seconds, finally slowly come over, is to tease his own orange two words, suddenly found around become very quiet, and soon felt the bed sink down.

    she lifted her head and side face, look to the side, saw the building into a side has sat at the edge of the bed, fell back down, eyes deep dark, like dark fire, but with his own shadow.

    four eyes, Yan Ke bite the lip, Lianqu just wanton smile, slowly closed his eyes, long black eyelash flutterfibrillation.

    floor with two hands supporting, leaned down, gently kissed the girl's pink lips, and felt a long absence of sweet.

    once again, he can kiss, so tender, so slowly from the girl's lips, hooked that have a timid little guy, with its lingering dance.

    kiss kiss, building into a longing and desire to be completely triggered, action is more and more intense, crazy lips sucking, hands down, feel really good to the shirt looks good, flashy without substance, but how have so many buttons, let people hate not a tear.

    Yan Ke's mood has been brought up, although not active, but sometimes touching the floor into the back, and raised his hands lovingly with her husband, try to undress.

    she was, the rest of the slipper also fell on the floor above, finally unlock buttons into floor, did not take off the girl's shirt, while the pilgrim buried down, while the back out of the palm of your hand, cold hit group crystal, hit the door, it will be "push to closure.

    when bang, and external isolation, a charming room.

    intense, building into a holding the last glimmer of reason, on hand over the goods box on the bed, open the package, with the use of.

    a muffled grunts ear, he bent his head and kissed Yan Ke, both the mind and the body to blend a.

    I do not know how long before the girl's voice through the Qing fine two times, while building into action has not stopped.

    "you, why aren't you well?"" Yan Ke look like water, face flushing, hands into the floor neck, low gasped.

    I do not know the building into a proud or embarrassed, his ridicule:

    "may be wearing that; a bit insensitive.""

    he remembered he had seen a story, that time is too long, the girls enthusiasm will fade, but not comfortable, just after the fierce, he is not so difficult to self, and slow movements, and kiss and caress, from the taste to read hastily and without thinking.

    in the end, his hands hold the girl's legs bent, eyes staring at her eyes, in the sight of the intersection, straight into the heart, and she also reached the peak.

    I see what is fonder The floor fell to the bed with a good handle, pulling the girl and thinking happily and pleasantly.

    "you were just as hungry as ever!"!" Yan Ke while amusing sketch the building's abdominal muscle, while the Jiao voice protest way.

    the total feeling will be swallowed!

    "Hey, hey, really hungry for a long time!"." Building into a snicker replied, "I want to be the first day to exercise restraint, to seriously, lest you feel I am only thinking about this, but we see a small fairy, couldn't help ah."

    after such a "communication", two people feel each other last time and the residual distance brings the barrier completely vanished, and the heart tightly together, hate all the secrets to tell each other.

    Yan Ke also wanted to laugh and stare into the floor, bit his lips, half curious half concern, said: "the orange, I asked you a thing ah, I heard the boy as long as the start, always think about it, this is more than a month, you have to do? What should I do?"

    wouldn't that be so? She remembered the low Mou snicker, had previously been a thing to help him kidnap orange.

    "it is a critical moment before inhuman, but also participate in a tournament, wife is not around, thinking how to think about that later, well, sometimes endure passed, sometimes they didn't solve the chant, this is also too?" The side of the building caressed the girl's wet back, and replied calmly, proudly.

    the other girls, I really did not see!

    hear her husband's words, Yan Ke a warm heart, suddenly remembered the complaints before Yan Xiaoling, she said she finally the courage to enroll in training, accept the coach tell the floor, idol eyes only sister, directly flew to the United States, no miss, let many female students interested in participating in it is very disappointing, based on this, she decided to go back to sleep, the idol far better!

    "and you?"" At this time, the floor casually ask, words just say, feel regret, doubt oneself will be kicked out of bed.

    Yan Ke had a sweet heart, and want to get more silly orange tight, heard the remark, face suddenly red, severely beat him, kick his foot, get angry:

    "how could I?"! I'm busy! To adapt to the side of the course every day, the progress of convergence, many assignments and reports, and I don't love to participate in the gathering of students, group discussion in the library, then go, they all think I'm not good, is a nerd, is boring, very lonely, very introverted, not gregarious, here are the kind of love cheerful, lively, can sing and dance girl, well, like this also is actually good, save a lot of trouble, do not consider how to avoid arousing suspicion"

    and, as she spoke, she forgot the question, opened her heart, and spoke of the feelings she had mentioned at ordinary times but did not speak in depth.

    bixian Hear this word, the building is again delighted and is pity, the favour asks a way: "that, they have repulsion you?""

    "but it is, but not serious, I am Curve Wrecker group, all others must rely on me, fairly polite, hum, really dare to mess with me, but my top nine master!" Yan Ke will this more than one month of feeling again from beginning to end once again.

    floor to listen and take comfort, or tell jokes at the end of his digestion haze, fist, "who dares to bully us a little fairy, I will let him not survive, qiusibuneng! Frost plus flame, ask you afraid of not afraid!"

    Yan Ke and amused, then frowned: "stare at you and talk, forgot to go take a bath, a sweat, sticky!"

    speaking, she tried to dress her shirt and go barefoot to the bathroom.

    "OK."!" A smile answered.

    "Hello, what's good?"" Yan Ke eyes on the turn, and anger and doubt looked back to her husband.

    "take a bath!"!" The building became one hand, and left the bed directly. Then, with one hand on the back of the little fairy, she held her leg in one hand and finished the princess's embrace.

    "start off, take a bath."!" He hey hey smile, open the door to go to the toilet of the two floor.

    according to Ke's previous statement, one layer and two layers sound insulation is very good, no strange words, aunt Du generally will not come up.

    Yan Ke completely silly, wait until wake up, has been busy burying his face in the What is done cannot be undone., building into the chest, severely beat him:

    "you stinking rascal!"!"

    music, into the water, after a while, building into a panic, hurry into the room, leaving a box will be picked up, again return.

    night stars night wind, the day dawn, Yan Ke sb, half sat up, still staring at the cheeks blush floor into the road:

    "it's all you, the sun is coming out."!"

    she "hates" bite a lip, eyes to cross the road:

    "for me to use the word, I have classes in the morning."!"

    well, actually half of the time in the chat heart ah, blame me? The sound of a building into a snicker, came up with the ancient concept of high spirits, a print Jue said, deep:


    out of his mental decline, arcane, quite distressed and said: "I still go to bed on time, I think the use of" person "tactic is occasionally one or two recovery way, fortunately, long-term be harmful."

    "well, sleep on time."!" Yan Ke first break into a laugh, and then make a fist poker-faced face, shook, "I will remember your words!"

    "er"" The building into a dumbfounded.

    wash finished, two people ready to go out for morning exercises, just down the floor, Yan Ke took aim at the kitchen, suddenly a "wow" a sound.

    "what's the matter?"" Lou Cheng asked puzzled.

    "yesterday you were given baked cake and cookies; the materials were ready and the result was not."" Yan Ke face one inch of red, shame almost can not lift.

    Aunt Du did not clean up; she must have thought that we would do it at night; and now they are still there Isn't that clear?

    "poof, nothing, say forget." Thick skinned, indifferent.

    Yan Ke has turned over one's supercilious look, the horizontal eye sees him, hates to wring a way:

    "blame you."!"

    for this, the tower can only respond with a dull laugh

    morning exercises finished, used breakfast; Aunt Du drive strict to school, Lou Cheng with the past, along the way active atmosphere, so that the girl face aunt sin.

    to the school gate, Yan tied up his hair, put on a large black frame glasses, built on the road:

    "I went to class, you stroll around, people here love to use slang, words can save on the province, do not understand, ask a few times."."

    "rest assured, I have a professional translation software, but also downloaded the three sets of Google."." Lou smiled and shook his cell phone.

    then, Du Yan parked the car, accompanied by Yan Ke to go to campus, she will wait in a secluded place, to prevent campus shootings or violence, American schools can not secure.

    until the girl disappeared into the floor, look back, open the map, search or combat places near the school.

    to the United States, a major goal is to see their own different style more, the martial arts.

    identify the target, he according to the map, along the way, like a backpacker like go for a while, came to the three storey building near here, hanging signs, called "dragon Museum of china".

    well, really chinese The building was set up in the door, you can see, just see the receptionist is a long black hair features fine girl, tell from feeling, not the people of japan.

    "Hello, do you want to learn kung fu?" Front desk girl found Lou Cheng, in English sweet smile asked.

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