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Chapter 84–ask the way

    hear the front woman asked, building into a sharp mind thought, smiling nodded:

    "considering, choosing, can I go in and have a look?""

    he is not only speaking proficiency, concise and comprehensive expression of their meaning. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    if the so-called Longquan distinctive features, different from other martial arts boxer, the strength is also good, you don't mind making money here to spend a few days, and complete private consultations, not destroying the signs.

    "of course, I'll get someone to show you in and give you an introduction."." Answer the girl smile, as if to see a deal will be made.

    she picked up the phone, blah said several voices, boxing out soon a skinny young man greeted enthusiastically: "the Chinese people?"

    "yes."." Cheng Cheng answered frankly.

    in front of young people, blood and blood are not exuberant; arms and other positions can barely see the muscles.

    "at Cannes?" Skinny young man looked up and down the floor into a few eyes, smiling and said, "here is the changing climate, must pay attention to, forgot to say, my name is Li Zunping, is a boxing Hall Students and odd jobs, we went in to say, you can see everywhere."

    "OK."." A building with interest followed Li Zunping inside, visited the practice floor, the two floor of the power and equipment room, find the pattern and domestic difference, only students mainly to foreigners, watching a bit of color or white or black or brown men and women practice boxing, horse stance the feeling is quite wonderful.

    "what?" We are the Chinese boxing hall very formal, coaches are also very strong, there are several Cannes unlimited fighting took place" Li Zunping was beside him with conscientious dedication. "Have you ever practiced martial arts before?" If you are a beginner, we have the corresponding courses, there are special training programs"

    listening to the ramble, Miaole bland fist drill, building into a restrained their enthusiasm, smiling replied: "I think, do you have promotional materials? Can you give me a take home to have a closer look?"

    the coaches here although fist all did ring, occasionally break wood, broken bricks, pops the sound make foreigners look quite mysterious worship, think Chinese Kung Fu really badly, but for me, really flat and uninteresting ah, the so-called Longquan looks is changed force change tips, more close to the local ordinary physical effort.

    but to also have skills, can not say you are weak in the boxing Hall of chicken, my uncle with disdain, "reconsider" is all effective way at all times and in all countries.

    "yes, I take a wait for you, I'll tell you oh, our Longquan Museum has a history of ten years, opened five or six branch in Cannes, definitely not a kind of money, we do wish Hong hall calling, and went into a martial arts the Nanyang in China, domestic not what fame, you haven't heard very normal, eleven years ago, he emigrated to Cannes, with three local martial arts features and combat skills, to create" dragon "." Li Zunping smiled and said, "Cannes local fighting field is very fierce competition, we can stand down, not ten years, can prove a lot of things."

    sounds a bit of a legend The interest in the building was touched several times, smiling:

    "and where is the host now?""

    perhaps "Longquan" features are not ordinary teaching exercises can be reflected in the I can't deny others blindly arrogant

    "I wish the main hall is busy, he just sits in a branch every day, well, the day after tomorrow, Wednesday, he will come here, you can come and see what really longquan." Li Zunping warm invitation.

    you'll be too impatient to join us then!

    "OK."." Building into a smile and nod in Li Zunping, accompanied by, took the information out of the hall.

    he lowered his head, opened the map again, and looked for another place to fight.

    and in the open-air cafe across the street. Smith sipped his bitter liquid, the monitor screen and looking at the computer screen, and looked up the dangerous Backpackers like.

    yes, the real danger!

    Smith looked at Renee's information in detail last night and had a deep understanding of his goal of monitoring:

    that is "moving high explosive.""!

    rolling waves of fire, explosion, walk light emerges from Smith's mind one by one, so that he could not help but "Oh" sound, low scold:

    "where are the idiots in the embassy, how can they get visas for this guy?" Why didn't the chief just send him back?!"

    know oneself just complaining, Smith touched the small headset, lowered his voice, said several members of their own group to change the position, to make a replacement, so as not to be aware of the target.

    after doing all this, he looked up, sipping coffee, looking at the target in a gesture of appreciation of the landscape.

    at the same time, building into a look, just connected with his eyes.

    Smith's body is not taut, eager eyes away, pretending nothing had happened, a friendly nod, slowly looking to the side, as a normal reaction to the u.s

    suddenly, he found the floor moving; the dangerous man walked up the zebra crossing, taking the green light across the street, as if he were moving closer to himself!

    "damn!"!" Smith bent his head, made a gesture of coffee, and cursed in a slightly confused manner.

    he won't find anything?

    should I immediately get up, leave the scene, or bright identity, clear the need to monitor each other, and use legal terms to stun him?

    between hesitation; he had already seen a figure in the line of sight; the building was left in front of him impartially.

    a brush, Smith behind a layer of cold sweat.

    "Smith, that's what every man who wants to be Spider man needs to experience, show your courage."!" He grunted, raising his head and calmly looking at the young Chinese man with the words "red 'dangerous".

    "excuse me, can you disturb me?" I want to ask a way." Floor efforts to make their smile amiable.

    just a moment when the four eyes were handed over, I decided to ask the person who was predestined to ask the way!

    he looks friendly!

    Smith almost hand dig ears, incredulously, stiff he replied:

    "no problem."

    "well, I'm a fighting enthusiast. Is there a famous fighting field nearby?"" The building was organized in language and asked expectantly.

    a brother map, I am not afraid to find a way, can be searched, English see people a headache, can not lock the next goal, for this is the bitter and his wife!

    "" Smith grin, spread out the lines of his forehead, and smile rather foolish:

    "Meisaisi fighting games, seventh blocks away, it is a" Gruca "genre of fighting is one important base, base, understand?"

    "understand, thank you."." Building into the mind flashed through the name of a previously checked, quickly on the map to determine the route.

    he waved and said goodbye to the nice brown haired man, seventh blocks away.

    Smith responded with a conditional response; when the other party walked away, he wiped his forehead; his hands were wet and cold.

    "he just came to ask the way?"" Smith mumbled. "What's he looking for at the fight field?" He said he was a fighter lover"

    from here, Smith's face suddenly changed, stood up, knocked down the chair, issued orders to the men through the instrument:

    monitoring Meisaisi fighting games "immediately," Skynet, mobilize the staff gathered, risk guard!"

    a dangerous class of Chinese martial arts; going to the combat zone of the "Anglo American" genre can always produce bad associations!

    building into a walk, or look at the map, or share with Yan Ke, after more than 30 minutes, finally saw a huge sign Mesis fighting games, the printed "logo Gruca" genre: "a clenched fist Trident", below the writing of Mesis the words.

    "it is here, a lot of luxury than the Longquan museum" Pleased to push the door into building.

    receptionist is a blond blue eyed near brown, blue, great figure red dress girl, she was asked, slow speed:

    "are you learning to fight?""

    "yes, can I have a look first and make a decision?"" Answer the floor to mature ren.

    "certainly."." The blonde girl smile, friendly reminder, "a lot of fighting character is hot, you go after, must remember a few things, don't stare at the practice, if someone insults you, pretend not to see, hear, for the discrimination of the words, please be patient, OK?"

    "OK"!" The floor smiles to nod.

    waited two minutes, a tied by small braids, dressed very hip hop black youth came out, when he began building into a moment, a moment doubt he will issue a "Yo Yo Yo" rap music.

    "Oh, a shy asian boy."." Young black people laughing, "my name is Brook."

    "Hello, Brook."." No building into their own names, with the Meisaisi fighting games.

    they just took a few steps, head over a huge monster, that is a significant height more than two meters of the black man, arm exaggerated, shiny, comparable to the floor into the thigh.

    he took a wry smile, looked at the building into a thin arm at a glance, the drum drum itself terrorist biceps road:

    "little boy, fighting isn't for you."!"

    and then, the bald giant did not wait for an answer; a happy laugh turned straight into the other room.

    "don't mind, Olsen is just joking. He's actually a very kind and humorous person."." Brook explained to a bit busy at the floor, "compared with other fighters."

    after watching Cheng Cheng and Brook go in, the blonde girl looked out idly, suddenly found a spider jumping among the tall buildings.

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