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Chapter 85–nature school

    &nbsp:the blonde girl exclaimed, hurriedly picked up her cell phone and tried to take pictures, but when she pointed the screen at it, the spider jumped around the tall buildings and disappeared. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    "missed a superhero."" Looking back, she expressed her regret on the social network.

    although we all know from the cartoon from the movie superhero are fictitious characters, the reality is exaggerated, but always have evolved similar ability to imitate engraved to lovers, according to incomplete statistics, the M recognized by fans, the record of "Spider Man" more than twenty Batman, magneto also not in the minority.

    feeling after a blonde girl suddenly lost in thought, "super hero" is often accompanied by danger, near what terrible things?

    for a moment, she was perturbed and curious

    Meisaisi fighting venue, heard Brook's explanation, not very concerned about building into a smile:

    "understand, understand."."

    head face like giant Olsen laugh like discrimination words, if before himself, will suppress anger and abnormal but Xiufen, with today's strength and level, this is not funny, insulted.

    combat doesn't suit me This week I no joke!

    Brook nodded with satisfaction, led the building into a go, through a corridor, passing an everywhere practice place, and to introduce "Gruca" genre of common sense.

    the most far-reaching influence most extensive audience fighting genre is the "mission school", but the oldest is "natural", they believe that the "animism", to gain strength, change, "a branch of Gruca would belong to the" natural "the person's spiritual, referred to a more important position.

    also, "Gruca" have internal sub factions, "Mesis" on their spiritual combat, in addition, still emphasize communication and a genre of the intelligent part of the universe, in addition, closer to the "spirituality", almost developed into a teaching group, in order to awaken itself some of them even spiritual ceremony can be classified as the category of cult.

    however, this is what Brook said, his position is clear-cut, and some words can only listen to.

    this building into occasionally "is not to say yes or no," and, most of the time in the observation of the layout, the coaches here, the students here.

    compared with the museum, "Mesis" fighting games covering a wide range of upper and lower two layers separated out of the room and the practice field everywhere, with bare hands fight, a wrestling practice, armed teaching, but also for the ordinary people's fitness courses.

    turned a room, building into a corner and even pointing to a similar marine aquarium place, it consists of huge glass partition, inside the wave light swing, dark blue, light shone in from different places.

    a bare white fur wearing shorts strong, from the top to sink, hold your breath, continuous kick, will be a break of two bottom pillars.

    it's good to do this under the water Lou did not see much, thoughtful forward.

    "well, it belongs to the fighter."." As he walked, Brook reached out to stop him and smiled, "sorry!"".

    Lou Cheng subconsciously looked at the past, found that there was bathed in sunlight, the wind blowing from the window, quiet so that the mind can not help precipitation.

    but there is no one, vaguely can see a muscular man the white man is holding a sword, silent do chop exercises, each sword are shining stars like brilliance.

    stepping, chopping, destroying, stepping, chopping, shining This dull scene but let Lou Gruca sent to Meisaisi pairs, fighting games, full of interest, then turned to Brook and asked him:

    "if I want to study, what are the options?""

    on the floor as it wants to experience different martial arts style, and not willing to make out what things to come, because it may cause great repatriation and refused, since there is no method of flying fairy see us, in itself, it is always upside down. Pick up the sesame lost watermelon.

    the most important thing is to come over and get together

    and direct home Tiguan this kind of thing, nor with his own character, feeling too arrogant, no reason, easy to ruin others signs.

    therefore, the plan has been building into the intersection of money, with a bit of practice, to broaden their horizons, with appropriate opportunities to learn and strong, a good youth has the ideal moral culture record.

    "well, we have several classes of fitness, junior, junior, intermediate, and advanced. Which one do you want to quote?" It needs a corresponding fighting base, and it's very expensive" Brook led the building back, detailing it in detail.

    "what level is advanced?" How much is the tuition?" Cheng Cheng asked without hesitation.

    Brook froze, looked at the dark man across the face, his brawny arms and thighs, and laughed: "you?" Senior?"

    "yes, I have practiced martial arts and martial arts skills, understand?"" The floor movements waved their fists in a standardized way.

    "martial arts"" Brook whispered, a shock, but the eyes still full of don't believe that.

    the Kung Fu of China is rather mysterious for him; it can make a man who doesn't look strong enough to have a terrifying muscle break out with terrible power

    can the Asian boy in sight be a learned martial arts man?

    "I think, I think, hey, Jovec, come here, come here, you and him to practice, wearing gloves." Brook reached out to a white man with a muscular upper body.

    he was practicing footwork and punching.

    Joe's broad forehead, facial features chilled, looked a little shy, introverted, but carefully observed, but can find his hidden violent bloodthirsty * * *.

    "he?" Brook, don't make fun of me!" Jovec glanced at the floor, slightly annoyed, staring at the black haired youth.

    "he wants to take advanced courses."." Brook shrugged helplessly.

    advanced courses?" Jovec seemed to hear what a funny thing, his shoulders, a non-stop music, finally turned up his gloves, looked at the building into the road, "the little boy, I will let you know what is advanced, and the milk in her mother's arms are different!"

    "I don't have gloves?" The floor does not care very much to ask a way.

    "no, you try to punch me." Jovec looked bright and excited.

    this is the first time I have heard such a request Building into a Tucao, suddenly feet inside, anti twisted knee, swung back, a straight punch to the front.

    he Tucao go Tucao, or not to, even the outbreak of Dan exit not used, because of you.


    Joe weicher ear sound rang, I saw his opponent's already close at hand, hurriedly raised his arms, put out the boxing block face posture, mind has sketched out the next attack, a combination of boxing let the Asian boy crying back to the scene to find the mother.

    bang! Boxing sag, Joe weicher as body, can't help a step backward, the two step, the three step.

    thump; he stood unsteady and fell to the ground.

    can you?" Lou turned back and smiled at Brook.

    "OK"" Brook said the answer.

    China's martial arts is amazing

    a skinny asian boy who could beat Jovec with one punch; he's a boxing star!

    "how much is the tuition fee?"" Building side with the corner of the eye remaining light, looking at Jovec, standing up, and asked again the key.

    too expensive; think of another way of seeing

    "from now to Christmas, five thousand Meeking."." Brook waved a hand at Jovec, who had not been aware of the situation, and motioned him to return to the exercise court.

    US $five thousand It's a bit expensive, I think:

    "where do I pay?""

    "you come with me."." Brook is also seen fighting men, quickly back to God, led the building into a change of direction, and he said, "we are here fitness membership fee is US $one hundred per month, not including private coach, junior course is five hundred US, is about one thousand at the beginning of the intermediate, intermediate is two thousand meters"

    see the floor became the daughter-in-law is convenient, in the domestic special do a dual currency credit card, just come in handy, credit card payment after the signing of the agreement, tomorrow will be able to participate in combat course, four hours a day, but if you practice well, we can become outstanding. "Meisaisi fighting games" apprentice, real fighting apprentice.

    in this process, see the agreement be dazzled he also photographed ask Yan ke.

    finally, the two sides to the satisfaction of all, Brook smiles will be sent out into the floor, waving goodbye.

    "see you tomorrow."." Building into a smile to say goodbye, Cannes way back to university.

    and this time, Smith has just completed the monitoring arrangement, prevention of emergencies, so looking at building adult harmless left Meisaisi fighting games Left

    "damn!"! What the hell does he want to do?" Smith is a curse, mobilize Skynet permissions, view from the Meisaisi fighting games inside the network and monitoring.

    "he enrolled in a combat course" At this moment, Smith felt that the world was full of imagination.

    a dangerous guy who signed up for a combat course that was not even an apprentice

    ten seconds later, he woke up and remembered the previous case, a part of the Chinese Taoist Guowu just began to challenge the entry, fighting strong, caused a lot of things, so they can only be repatriated from visa.

    this monster is trying to accomplish something like this in another way Smith nodded his head.

    to remind the "Meisaisi fighting games"?

    a question came up; Smith quickly found the answer.

    "why remind them?"" He smiled and drew a cross in his chest.

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