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Chapter 86–mirror self

    left "Meisaisi fighting games", because the set began to class tomorrow, building into a simply died down, no longer looking for similar places, meal to a stutter, a genre of fighting to their own experience, after every month to come, hurry in this all will not fix down, let the future seem boring?

    he looked at the time, hands in his pockets, to return to the Cannes university street, passing Chinese more, accidentally saw a large supermarket. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    in the heart move, Lou Cheng took out the cell phone, take pictures, sent to Yan Ke, and "bad laugh" road:

    "or else I'll buy a dish by the way?" You seem to have eaten all your stock last night"

    finished his word; he read it roughly; his mouth was smiling; he changed "your house" to "our home"; then we ordered "send"".

    after a few minutes, Yan Ke "bright eyes" laughed: "how are you in when" househusbands "feeling? Do not strong 'househusbands', this set point like Bang Bang Da ~ manual!"

    followed, she rolled her eyes again:

    "but I remember we haven't bought the dishes together." Wait for me. I don't have any classes in the afternoon!"

    "good."!" "Gelasmus" to the floor.

    he switched to the map interface, to re confirm the route, then put forward taking the pace of mobile phone, leisurely.

    go for a few minutes, through the neighborhoods of wind suddenly became strong, it suddenly dark and real-time temperature drops to visible speed.

    crashed, with moist rain began to fall, to the extreme, tick, gradually intertwined.

    "Cannes climate is really be the most changeful" Did not bring rain gear into buildings around, looking for shelter.

    at this time, he had the necessary response, aware of the "rain" fall, muscle shells, shoulder movements, immediately put the part of the water thrown out, did not dye clothes.

    hey, that's interesting The floor into the eyes, as if to find what fun things, busy mind to visualize, convergence, setting the "ice mirror" at the heart of the sea, the tiny scale changes throughout the body are presented.

    compared with the past, not after he controlled to feel as if the brain is abnormal, super computer instantly extracted every subtle body to collect the information, and rapid feedback on their respective orders.

    micro fascia drum, veins pulling, building into a continuously moving muscle will fall on the body, just perfect raindrops shaking out from the shoulder to the arm, from the chest to the lower abdomen, from the thigh to the ankle

    in the beginning, he was a little confused, Gu brother, sister-in-law Gu had lost meaning, Gu, Gu Gu had left, not right, rain falling, surface soon appeared in several wet traces, especially the head, non Gang not thorough self-discipline, by pulling the skin and muscle of small, sometimes will certainly slow side.

    step two, a building in the rain "leisurely" walk slowly, grasp the rhythm, no fuss, he was immersed in everything in good order and well arranged, like a symphony, let the body play different instruments in an orderly manner to play the beautiful melody, so intoxicated soul.

    &nbsp:on the saloon car in the next block; Smith looked at the surveillance screen, shrugged his shoulders, and was puzzled about the coffee next door:

    "is he a poet?" Rain is so happy?"

    "unable to understand." A strange oriental." Black haired brown eyes of Homeland Security members shook their heads.

    Cannes rain, come quickly, go hurry, building into a walk to before the open-air cafes, clouds have dispersed, the sunlight into the wind.

    call He threw out his breath, wiped his forehead, and was sweating and sweating, feeling tired and cool.

    just that kind of experience is really great, he had become "gods", "spirit", the control of the flesh inside is all crystal clear Bilu, grasp!

    this is the ice mirror, a breakthrough feeling?

    "the void in God, see yourself"?

    "ice mirror" the most difficult outside the gang known as the following Juexue, the control core belongs to the "many martial arts department of ice", not only difficult to practice, but also enhance its complete metamorphosis into hard, non-human, building into a thought it would correspond to have strong, who knows. No body, result, but because of a sudden downpour broke rather baffling.

    "to us, see Ke Ke, physical and psychological satisfaction, latent impetuous atmosphere fades, the spirit became stable, and with the foundation, so the chance to gain?" The building was surprised and amused into thinking.

    mother egg; how did I do it? He can not help but Tucao a sentence, once again examine themselves.

    the rain rush and his ice mirror control ability is also just a breakthrough, there will be the occurrence of Gu Gu to the tail, the body of a lot of wet marks, especially hair, are close to the lodging.

    but in such a downpour and ten minutes left, from top to bottom but is still mostly dry, fantastic things!

    shook the clothes, building into a right hand lift, wipe the hair, wipe down a piece of frost or ice.

    he changed his hand; again, a little mist, and his hair was dry.

    "yes."!" The floor into the show made a meal of gratification, lift step toward the coffee bar to a cup of cappuccino, prompted by a sudden impulse, looking for a table, drinking coffee, watching mobile phone, search for "Gruca" schools of pure English information, leisurely wait for Yan Ke over the course of the morning.

    Chinese related information, he has been there from the ice God Pope took a copy, but lost in the rough.

    on the other side, above the rv.

    "chief, you see."!" The monitor surprised him and called Smith.

    "what?"" Smith laid down the table and looked over.

    &nbsp:his subordinates pointed to the screen and said, "chief, he was walking through the rain for thirteen and a half minutes, but the clothes were only a little wet."!"

    Smith close to the past, carefully look at the playback, etc. see Lou staggered frost and the power of the flame to dry hair, suddenly suddenly have explained himself:

    "this should be some sort of application of his powers; well, very fine, very wonderful," he wrote to the report and added to the data."

    "yes, boss."." The staff released their doubts

    at noon, Cheng and Yan Ke, aunt Du meet, outside looking for a well-known old ink house, fill each other's belly.

    after that, the couple let Du aunt to pass the time, hand in hand, go to the supermarket, to see the food, fruits and vegetables and various meats a superb collection of beautiful things.

    "what do you want to eat?" I ask you ~ "Yan Ke is a dimple, sweet smile once.

    "" The floor became stupefied, annoyed way, "forgot to see a cookbook, all don't know what to let Du aunt do tonight, then just buy."."

    cough; last night, not at all

    forgot to read the menu By his words tick memory, Yan Keya itch like cross his one eye, more white cheeks in the light red, humphsquirts said: "what do you remember!"

    "back to my research, with certainty, to Aunt Du days off, we do it ourselves."!" Lou Shan into ridicule, evade the crucial point.

    the incident flash past, Yan Ke pulled the floor into a building, pushing the shopping cart, walked to the shelves before placing meat.

    the girl gleefully looked quite interesting in your car to pick up the food, pronouncing the mouth on road:

    "this steak looks good. This cowboy bone is ok too.""

    Lou Cheng listens to a Leng, one Leng, rather admires admiringly to ask a way:

    "Ke Ke, did you and the Empress Dowager Du aunt come here to buy?""

    otherwise, how can you pick so fast and so confident?

    Yan looked up at him with a sure face:

    "no, today is the first time."."

    " What criteria do you choose then?" Building into a stunned talk.

    Yan glanced at him with your foolish eyes; confident:

    "look at the price; generally speaking, the expensive ones are good."!"

    "well, that makes sense" Building a speechless.

    to be sure, Yan Keyang head edge will fancy and meat to the car side, added: "but you look at them, feeling is next to the good, beautiful lines"

    can not be seen Cheng Cheng dare not refute, follow the confidence of the small Ke Ke around the food circle, watching her excitedly picked up to pick up.

    finally, they returned to the vegetable area and planned to add vitamins and chlorophyll.

    "orange, what's this dish?"" Asked Yan curiously, pointing at a piece of green.

    the building is condensed, the eyes look and confidently answer:

    "do not know.""

    "I don't know, I don't even know the word."" Yan Ke agrees to nod.

    then, two people at a glance, I laugh.

    check the word, know the scientific name, is still not clear what that thing is called, strict Ke clapper road:

    "buy, go back and taste it."!"

    building around the case, she had the spirit of changxin.

    so, they bought two full car, each carrying a go to the checkout area, looked at each other, suddenly had really set up the family, live with subtle feelings.

    the mouth is tilted, the couple check-out, buy components though, but not conspicuous, because there are many go to buy a week by the presence of food.

    use freezer is a major feature of American life.

    buy a single, pay the money, the floor easily mention a few big bags, things, follow Yan Ke to layman.

    after two white students, they left the door and waited for Aunt Wang to drive.

    and one of those two white students, looking back at the back of the building, a face of doubt.

    "what happened?"" Tall and strong face freckles Brown students confused to ask the companion.

    "nothing."." The blond haired student with big arms and a tattooed tattoo shook his head and answered.

    he just felt that carrying bags of food of the Asian Youth familiar.

    freckled brown haired students didn't dwell on this issue, and said: "George, we can't fight the apprentice, or try the Chinese martial arts, before the tournament, you also saw, Peng and floor are very powerful!"

    "let me think it over."." The blond youth frowned

    back home, Yan Ke began to busy homework, floor into daily exercise, Du Yan prepared dinner.

    wait to enjoy the perfect food, it was already dark, Yan Ke returned to the room, turn on the lights, with yellow halo under room.

    "and a little more; the professor has the most assignments."." The girl stretched on the floor, complain about the sentence, then working hard.

    then she found the chair coming up, sitting next to her, opening the desk lamp to make the light brighter.

    then he sat silent, holding a book in his hand, studying earnestly and quietly.

    "orange, what are you looking at?"" After a few minutes, Yan Ke conceal curiously asked the head.

    Lou Cheng Yang Yang Shu road:


    puff Yan Ke breath sound, lips, look to the side, cheek dimple deep outline, the lights in the room feel warm.

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