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Chapter 87–associative forces

    less than eight points, Yan Ke will the rest of the work together, stretch under arms, turn toward the floor, smiled and asked:

    "would you like a cake?""

    looking at the girl shiny eyes and a face to the floor into the chuckling, categorically replied: "want to!"

    "good."! Sister, I'll do it for you to see my craft!" Yan Ke satisfied to nod, stand up, take hairpin, don't live the hair. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    well, a minute of silence for the last night's wasted material

    down the stairs, came to the kitchen, the girl turned out a few eggs, beat the separation, egg yolk bowl, egg white bowl.

    "do you need any help?"" Lou followed, volunteered.

    "er"" Yan Ke eyes turn, will be filled with egg white glass bowl handed over to the building, "then help me beat it."."

    since orange is so sincere to participate in, I do not have to beat the egg machine ~!

    "OK."." The building has pulled two chopsticks, the wrist is ready, is about to vibrate quickly.

    but at this moment he was puzzled and asked, "what kind of beating?" How far did it hit?"

    I haven't made any cakes. I used to cook eggs for my mother. They should be different

    "uh" Yan Ke pondered for a moment, blinking his eyes and small jump around, opened a kitchen drawer, took out a book, look at page two, "to have a relatively coarse bubble appears, well, is this."

    how does it feel like a fly on the beam? Seeing this, the floor of the mouth twitched.

    aware of his eyes; Yan was busy raising his chin; his face was seriously emphasized:

    "I actually remember."! In order to confirm the book do no danger of anything going wrong, only!"

    "understand."." Building a smile in response, wrist flick, high speed tremor, with chopsticks ups and downs, clicking.

    Yan Ke to see his God, for a minute before feeling out loud:

    "orange, you're a human egg beater!""

    the hand speed, the power control

    finished, the girl looked at her eyes, carefully thought for a few seconds, so that the floor slowed slightly, and they took out their apron and began to deal with the yolk.

    wait until the building is over there, playing coarse foam, and she quickly weighed the sugar, put it in, and ordered to accelerate the mixing.

    the whole process, the girl bustling about, back and forth, and sometimes into body building, and temple, occasionally they are full of hope, warmth, joy is also happy.

    finally, they do everything material into the mold, into the oven, set a good time, and while waiting for each other, while on the phase, on various topics, or intimate slapstick.

    "thirty seconds left."" Yan Ke stared at the display number of the oven.

    "ha ha, it must be delicious."." The floor was bulging with anticipation.

    after they said a few words, the sound rang out and the cake was about to come out.

    "all right, all right." Yan Ke pleased to turn around and get insulation gloves.

    so she can look back, but see the floor into the oven door has been opened, so the red to start out with a cake mold, like to eat dishes like take.

    "orange, do you know what I think now?"" Yan Ke is stupefied first confused, then can't help laughing.

    "what?"" The building into a mold turning into, the cake is a sweet dish, diffuse and.

    strict, "solemn" answer:

    "dangerous attempt, children, please do not imitate."!"

    "ha ha, I wore gloves."." Cheng Cheng put the mold well, raised the right palm, the surface glittering and translucent cover, and some white gas transpiration.

    "" Yan Ke actually speechless moment, turn Mou to see the cake on the table, a breath of fragrance, carefully nodded, "oranges, I really envy you!"

    "what do you admire me for?"" Cheng Cheng surprised.

    "envy you have such a good wife of mine."!" Yan Keyang under the arm, Minzui could smile.

    ha ha, building into a laugh out loud, happy for a while.

    Ke Ke Ke classmate also brought me a little funny

    then, Yan Ke will spoon handed over a face, I want to try and do not dare to look like the timid way:

    "orange, you try, tell me how it tastes.""

    "uh" Building into dug a spoon, chewing a moment, face intoxicated, enthusiastic praise, "good! Sweetness just fine!"

    when talking, he stretched his arms and placed the spoon in front of the little fairy's mouth.

    "really?" Yan Ke eye is joy, neck exploration, close to the spoon beside the delicate to bite a small mouth, taste it.

    ten seconds later, she sighed, eyebrow curved saying: "well, okay, don't lose the level!"

    but not in taste; oranges are so exaggerated

    well, in a good mood today, he does not expose his exaggerated acting ~!

    "think of here," Yan urged:

    "you eat fast, you eat fast!" Oranges, I tell you, oh, here are all super sweet dessert, can the dead, just like sugar do not like money, I'm not a special kind of sweet love"

    Yueyuexiaoxiao, the couple will be cake clean, of course, by building into 4\/5, at the last, he felt that to increase the workload of Du aunt, has offered to cleaning up, feel shy, wash clean the table.

    looked at the building into wear aprons in the sink, conscientious washing, take special dishcloth, Yan Ke side in the kitchen door, eyes flashing gradually.

    after a while, her dimples emerge and move closer and confidently:

    "orange, let me help you."!"

    followed by the sound of laughter sounded in the kitchen, and sometimes can hear the sound of building helpless:

    "if you say you don't help, why bother?""

    in a cheerful atmosphere, two people packed up, back to the two floor, respectively, bath, mouthwash, lie down on a bed.

    Yan Ke seems to have forgotten to make room for an apartment arranged next door; asked with great interest:

    "the oranges, you just said you 'got' ice mirror 'vanity to meet God and see yourself' realm, this is what ah?"

    "induction range increase at least half of the inner body of the accurate grasp to almost no error, if you have internal injuries, recovery time will shorten rapidly, but also the corresponding stimulation of Qi and blood, the simplified" bucket "tactic, combined with the prior understanding" Asura "outbreak the power will be stronger, can increase the frequency of use" Building a road, half for their own daughter-in-law is doing self describing summary, "as for strength to grasp, moves control, that's all the minor details impact, yes, tomorrow, Keke, I teach you the" bucket "tactic, tonight we sleep on time, make up the spirit."

    "OK."." Yan Ke pleased to answer.

    she listened to the story of the story just now; her eyes brightened.

    paused; the girl remembered something; the busy man asked again:

    the word "all"; no news yet?"

    "no limit, fluctuation flow collection of arcane, estimation is not so good to succeed, even if the military have scruples about many things." Cheng Cheng sighed.

    at this moment, he suddenly thought of turning, laugh:

    "I found" ice mirror "breakthrough there is a use, ha ha, do not say, do not say"

    not suitable for children

    Yan Ke immediately filled with curiosity, fold sound even ask, hands and feet and use, and sometimes threatened, sometimes spoiled.

    after a rough fight, the building stood up with a show of hands, and spoke frankly, in a highly academic tone:

    "you not abandon me last night out with the old, that is not sensitive, but now" to "see the ice mirror 'self' state, can be controlled, can be, well, anyway, self regulating sensitivity, coupled with" listen to the strength "the effect should be good"

    Yan Ke first heard shame, and at the end, it became standard dumbfounded:

    "the oranges, you how to practice the martial arts to go"

    "apply what you have learned."" Lou just wanted to humor answer, immediately suffered the show boxing beat.

    slapstick to the end, saw the atmosphere has become a little wrong, Yan Ke quickly turned, back to the floor, and buried his face in the pillow, muffled announcement:

    "I'm asleep."!"

    building into the thought of the girl has can't help laughing, did not sleep all night, today rely on "" words, even make sleep are saved, while the hearts of love, hold back the impulse, hugged from behind the little fairy, shallow kiss cheeks road:

    "good night."."

    "good night."." Yan's face dimpled slightly

    the next morning, two people refreshed themselves, the floor to find the word pen, written "Doo Doo" word trick.

    when the temper is completed, after breakfast, he went to the Cannes university campus, and Yan Ke waved as before, "Meisaisi fighting games to bypass".

    a block of the road, he suddenly heard gunshots, saw the side of the bank ran out, two wearing headgear, armed with a robber, seems to be a white, a black.

    "Hey, have the opportunity to fight crime?"" Floor into a spirit, eager, full of interest.

    in his hand, a figure flashed with a thud, knocked down one of the robbers.

    this figure just want to do Superman dress, Dodge, swipe left robbers, silk thread cloth into the net drop from the clouds clouded his goal.

    and the two sou sou sou, was rushed to the floor, to look a little dumbfounded:

    "America" super hero "this is too much?"

    "rob a bank, three.""

    the next block; watching the surveillance, Smith was laughing:

    "the two bastards have a bad luck; there are three" super heroes "eating breakfast in the neighborhood"

    here, he was added:

    "and a dangerous level of monsters passing by.""

    the morning episode flashed past; the floor shook its head and left the scene, something in mind:

    "if the American people are keen on playing a super hero, that someone will not play, not play, say, someone will imitate the high-end and abnormal criminals, uh, this seems to be their traditional"

    "back to collect information, see Cannes have similar criminals, lest endanger Keke, to nip in the bud!"

    "Hey, but unfamiliar, no information no resources no evidence no clue, accidentally crossed the line, deported, or else really can do a" Cannes criminal cleanup plan, "turn on" blasting "point"

    building into a boundless thought, came to the "Meisaisi fighting games" door.

    PS: Tm: the Cannes criminals we move sheire who?

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