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Chapter 89–Request


    see the name, remember the morning when building a ton of "communication" gem Fetish experience, remember the thick, fetid and strange, cruel "blood". Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    it is fighting. Johnny Joseph with "the spirit of" polished stones, deep spiritual pollution negative factors seems to have originated in his heart for a long time or emotions.

    think of this, and build a spirit, studying why Joseph was included in the list of suspects.

    "once in the woods near his villa, found the blood of a missing girl, Taylor." His ex-wife trumpeted his belief in the devil, the family has a similar "pure girl spirit" and other cult books Another victim, Shan Ni's boyfriend, accused him of seeing a similar Joseph around the scene of possible disappearances, but the broken camera failed to provide proof"

    the lines look down, building into found these clues are not convincing, clearly demonstrated that Joseph is criminal, even difficult for him to accept the strict investigation, but combined with the sapphire, he was somewhat grasp

    a street boy in the street; a young man in a baseball cap quickly struck the keyboard; then he shouted low:

    "the boss, he was looking at the Cannes and famous criminal cases."

    Smith Zheng Zheng, under his hand over the slave computer, through a finger touch screen, turned the building into a read.

    this is feedback from the web service provider!

    "what exactly is he going to do?" Do you want to play superhero too?" The young man in the baseball cap doubts and asks for communication.

    Smith was silent for a moment, slowly opening his mouth:

    "it is like China Guowu of Taoism, with Chinese, called 'cut', 'things'."

    &nbsp:he used unfamiliar and strange accents to send out the words he learned in the last few days of research; then added, "our masters don't like the challenge as well.""

    "I should understand; he's looking for a way of challenge that won't be expelled by us."." The young man in the baseball cap suddenly realized, "chief, you must try to warn him not to make things big."."

    Smith nodded slightly; without saying anything more, he handed the laptop back to his subordinates, pointing out the road outside:

    "I'm going to get a cup of hot coffee. Do you want it?""

    "no, can I come and listen to coke?"" The young man with a baseball cap smiled with a big smile.

    under the car, Smith around to another shop, bought a cup of reeky black coffee, and then take the elevator to the top floor, the roof, into the edge, close up on the opposite side of the building, overlooking the silence.

    the seat is not high buildings called "Meisaisi fighting games"!

    a few minutes later, the roof of the door was opened, the gray haired middle-aged man Cole carrying a bag of things appeared, tired of the body, indifferent eyes.

    "Smith."" Cole paused for a second, then uttered a sigh, "you're here again.""

    Smith picked up the cup and drank the remaining cold coffee, bitter smile:

    "Uncle Cole; how are you recently?""

    "or did not wake up the spirit of self", or failed to become Joseph's combat apprentice?." Cole took out a can of beer, and Peng opened it and drank deeply. The pale yellow water drops along the chin which he had forgotten to scrape, and fell through the gray and messy cinder and fell into eight pieces.

    Smith opened his mouth, as if to say something, but in the end did not say a word, but the cup squeezed into a ball, and turned away from the roof.

    &nbsp:he went to the supermarket, bought a coke for his group, told the other person to go home to rest, to ensure his energy and to wait for the rotation. As for the other members of the group, he was sent to do something else

    building a study for a long time, suddenly laugh, satire itself seems too into the drama.

    even if you currently have no small sure. Johnny. Joseph is active in more than ten years of the "butcher", can justifiably come to visit, eliminate hidden dangers, but if you can't find the actual evidence, subsequent finishing will be very troublesome, but the senior strong a very high position.

    as a result, he accidentally becomes "offender", in the unfamiliar, not how much resources can be used where serious consequences, not to mention, the light will be expelled from the visa, and its main contradiction for the.

    do you want to seek military help, they certainly have the US business intelligence network

    but, how do you open your mouth?

    a flash of thought; the floor has simulated the most likely dialogue:

    "I'm going to get Jonny. Joseph, need intelligence support."


    "he is an abnormal offender; he may endanger my wife."."

    "Oh!" Does he know your wife?"

    "do not know."."

    "does his target population include your wife?""


    " Then why are you trying to get him?"

    "do you understand, there's a possibility, uh, a little, maybe I'll nip it in the bud."."

    " Please forgive me for not understanding your train of thought."

    think of a similar scene, the floor shook his head to laugh at himself, and temporarily put down the idea of visiting the butcher.

    Joseph's goal should be for younger girls; there is little chance of getting a college student, let alone one of the many female college students

    although this creepy criminals are very hateful, everyone has the right to punish, I also have Hangxiazhangyi feelings, but I still have to consider the actual situation.

    end of Ice Latte, drink the last mouth, building stereotypes too early, going to the "Meisaisi fighting games" to do an hour of free practice.

    can not because of the body has become inhuman, force internalization, even if not how to temper, the realm will not go back, relax their demands.

    my goal has never been more than human!

    Er, not previously

    take mobile phone, out of the cafe, to distinguish the floor into the road, before the body suddenly drove a car slowly stopped at the roadside.

    "Hello, Lou."." The driver smiled and greeted him.

    who? The building into a face at the past, only feel that young sun face somewhat familiar.

    but in his eyes, most of the crooked nuts were almost the same

    "you asked me yesterday."." Smith reminded one.

    "Oh, it's you."." Remember when building a ton, see light suddenly, then a quick turn, stunned talk, "how do you know my name?"

    this moment, his hair up, as if soon came out of the monster, the natural blooming momentum let Smith suddenly shuddered, almost unable to control the body, want to abandoned the vehicle and fled.

    took a deep breath; Smith smiled, took out his papers and introduced himself:

    "I am Smith of the Department of homeland security, responsible for monitoring your activities in cannes."

    his manner did not violate the constitution, similar monitoring can be and the goal of communication: first warnings, let Hua Guowu know Taoism itself in the state machine under the close watch, can effectively reduce the occurrence of violence, preventive measures to.

    however, subsequent monitoring will not be reduced and detected and prevented for the first time.

    this is the most common way to many senior agents received similar tasks, but Smith is a green hand, quite a bit of "aggressive", also chose the secret monitor.

    Zheng building into a second, corner saw the copilot was playing on the computer screen before their own figure, you have said that:

    "can I verify your identification number?""

    when his voice fell, he saw Smith's twitching mouth, as if he had heard the other man shouting "trust between people".

    "yes."." Smith held his expression and answered in a deep voice.

    building into a search that way, complete the affirmation, nod asked:

    "Mr. Smith, what do you want to see me about?""

    he had heard, can be reasonably inferred that similar own realm warrior into us, will be monitored, so that many have no scruples about every word and action, to find a random person around, now see is responsible for monitoring their own spy chief, relaxed feel kind of boots finally landed.

    "Lou, get on the bus."." Smith picked up the computer and pointed out the driver.

    floor art expert bold, and a clear conscience, immediately pull open the door, sit in, and conveniently fasten the seat belt.

    this little act looks silly, Smith, has a magical feeling:

    does this monster wear a seat belt?

    he convergence mood, start the car, to go to another district, pondered for a moment after:

    "in the building, you check the Cannes famous criminals, who wants to 'cut', 'things'?"

    is this the door warning for this? The building seems to have suddenly become, chuckled:

    "just random checks; I've always followed the law."."

    Smith didn't seem to hear his explanation, she said:

    in fact, there are some evidence about Joseph, revealed more than, but can not form a complete chain of evidence, and he is the status of contacts, and many members of the senior lawyer with fighting, we couldn't get the warrant"

    "Shan Ni is a very intelligent girl," Gruca "faction said," his father once around Joseph's house to listen to her "residual" crying and screaming, I believe there must be hidden crime, buried with evidence, as long as we can go in search of clues, certainly can be locked, the arrest of Joseph!"

    "but nobody listened to us; for the past five years, a" super hero "tried to sneak into Joseph's villa and was found to have been sent to prison In recent years, if Joseph went out, he would let his students watch the villa and install a high-tech surveillance alarm system. "Super heroes" and "detectives" rarely got involved."

    building a listened thoughtfully, slowly nodded:

    "do you want me to come to visit Joseph, challenge him, knock him down, and give you the chance to search for evidence?""

    "so to speak."." Smith answered with a deep voice.

    "but what if you fall out?" What if you don't recognize it afterwards? And what does it have to do with the homeland security agency?" Where will the building be unprepared for the words of strangers?.

    find the evidence; say anything; if not found?

    the other party may simply use its own, will not help eliminate future problems.

    Smith's side head saw the eye; the deep outline of the eyes showed deep sadness and pain:

    "I will deal with the alarm system, if they can not find evidence, as long as you do not disguise, let Joseph badly hurt, it will only be a" common ", can not find the suspects, involving the" super hero "attacks, I can cover up the past."

    here he sucked his mouth:

    "when you look for information, there should be a picture of the victim Shan Ni and her boyfriend, and there is a picture of him interviewed."."

    the memory of the building's mind was lit up, and instantly flashed pictures of the blond young man's boyfriend, who gradually overlapped with the former spy chief.

    from time to time, Smith is for this thing to join the national machine?

    Lou Cheng's mind dispersed, and began to believe Smith's statement.

    withdrew his eyes; Smith looked forward:

    "I know, it's a tough choice for you, and Joseph is also a dangerous monster. You don't have to beat him, and only knock down, don't kill.""

    his voice did not fall, the corner suddenly saw the building into a light mobile phone, calm buried his head, was to read the video.

    that's Joseph's latest battle highlights.

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