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Chapter 90–coming home visit"

    Smith closed his mouth, attention to look ahead, let the car in a quiet atmosphere in turn on another road, seven curved eight round, back and forth, to walk around the University Cannes a circle again and again. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    after a long time, the floor from the video interface, released the app, back to Yan Ke complained professor's words, not panic, not tight, as usual.

    "what's your answer?"" Smith filled with anticipation and unusually disturbed, and his voice was a bit hoarse.

    building be stared at him, temporarily didn't do answer, first to send message Ke Yan, "laughing":

    "do you want me to be evil nemesis?""

    "what's the case?"" Yan Ke "vague and adorable animal face asked.

    "side of the Department of Homeland Security agents to find me a favor, and I just plan itself is relatively fit, the specific situation is too complicated, the evening meal to tell you, what is dangerous, the worst result is that you have to find me a good lawyer, can not influence to the future of the visa." Floor into the mouth micro hook, "smile" reply.

    "the queen mother knows several very powerful lawyers; and the homeland security agents do endorsements; you don't make big mistakes; they're all right." Yan Ke Jian Lou said so determined, like going to the next block to buy food, also didn't what is more worrying, curiosity and doubts.

    hum, orange is really, go where does not make people worry!

    "what's your answer?"" See the floor stopped chatting, Smith repeated the question, the sun's deep face tightly tight, afraid to reveal the hearts of the ups and downs of the mood.

    "no problem."." Building into a snap lock on the mobile phone, calmly replied.

    Joseph last year. Johnny to show strength, his breakthrough in the "ice mirror", there is not a small challenge to grasp the singled out win him, not to mention the raid by surprise, not to mention the "ice mirror" has become "void in God, see I" the level of

    no problem Smith is stunned and surprise, feel strong and confident person deep in the water under the.

    is he really okay?

    the level of Joseph has been ups and downs, but always keep in dangerous, the last half year is returned to the peak period of feeling, and the Chinese side monster belong to the same level, is not confident you can easily deal with the enemy!

    Smith has some concerns, specially emphasized this point, sees the floor to be unmoved, also no longer mentions.

    waited five years to wait for such an opportunity; he didn't want to miss it because he was concerned; he just wanted to hang on to it!

    "four o'clock in the afternoon, Joseph will leave from the" Meisaisi fighting games ", when he returns to his home near the outskirts, guard, several students he will leave the villa, leaving him alone, I will call the permission to enter the system, interrupt the police with his alarm the relationship between system Patrol the police, security and so on, add up to twenty-eight to thirty-five minutes, passing his villa nearby He ordered a four forty afternoon tea, which was his habit to supplement the free exercise every afternoon This is you, this is our chance" Smith said one by one and considered everything.

    this matter to him, for five years, night and day!

    building into a quiet look, on this matter and grasp the improved 10%, his words do not know where the combination of contextual understanding, seek common ground, bad communication, just let Smith sound again, explain, or make a key word in translation.

    communication between, Smith drove to the other blocks, took a delivery boy often wear coats and several absolutely empty lunch boxes, and put in the car under the baseball cap also gave the floor, lest be Johnny. Joseph looks to remember, the confession out, somewhat unfavorable.

    this is the floor into the mind, Johnny. Joseph is not because he is the "the Regal isolationist, Gruca" schools in the top ten strong, a teacher, a student, a friend, if the left hand tail, certainly a lot of trouble

    four twenty-three, Jonny. Joseph drove back to the villa, Hummer, met black giant Han Olsen drove the car through the same exaggeration.

    beep! Beep! Beep! He pressed the Lama to stop him.

    "what?"" Olsen put on the brakes, touched the bare head, revealing a white teeth and asked to pole.

    Joseph had a shallow yellow hair, and her blue eyes stared at each other; tone was cool:

    "take care of your mouth; I don't want to hear you make fun of me."."

    Olsen skin is black to shiny, red eyes see, but suddenly thrown a bit of anger, but when he made eye contact with Joseph, saw the deep blue eyes seemed to have storms and waves in the pipeline, and can't help shuddering, faded mood, raised arm. You already know of reminder, and muttered:

    "really, a joke.""

    he loosened the brakes, took the accelerator and drove to another villa.

    "coward, coward!"" Joseph muttered a few words and seemed anxious to fight Olsen.

    he was about 40 years old, is a more than nine meters of the white man, arm and chest muscles chiseled, abnormal eye-catching

    "you can be ready."" The distance of this scene of Smith sound a little shaky opening.

    both nervous and more anticipated.

    &nbsp:Lou Cheng early to take off clothes, at this time, out of black frame glasses, framed on the nose bridge, and the front cap of the baseball cap down, together with the shadow of a block, covered half of the face.

    his right hand was holding a penny coin so that it kept flipping and flipping between fingers

    when parked the car, went to the door, Joseph saw four students heard the news rushed, lined up, reverent and respectful greetings.

    he nodded with satisfaction, said a few words, then waved the students away, closed the door and walked into the treasure room on the ground floor.

    here are pieces of carefully polished stones, some bright red, some green crisp, some lake blue, like, this is not the only one, glorious interwoven between the transferor and the rippling heart to feel peaceful.

    in addition, shelf, table and tree Carved bone carvings and other works of art, they are a bit spiritual exit.

    "ha ha, they'll never find it."" Joseph proud and ferocious low laughed, closed his eyes, exudes its own spiritual, immersed in the quiet glory years, seems to "see" a picture of Zhang Shengjie's pure and beautiful face, they are unreal and floating on the water, as for the spirit of.

    in the frenzy of his addiction to drugs, the door bell rang, and again and again, the sound of the ear rang.

    "damn!"! How did it arrive in advance?!" Joseph opened his eyes angrily, and the blue pupil glowed with a clear color.

    he made a deep breath, hold the mood and turned toward the door, because Daredevil, randomly Miaole monitoring, determine the service, then hand opened the door, saw wearing a baseball cap, head slightly low buried delivery boy.

    not right! "The spirit of the" tyrannical Joseph suddenly had a face to face the demon monster dangerous feeling.

    at the same time, building into a folder on the flexor bomb, the gap in the coin a Zheng fly, wipe out a little red Mars, distort the shape itself, lasing to Joseph's face.

    twelve minutes, patrolling the police will pass here.


    Joseph in the hands of fan lattice block, "Yan Di Jin perfusion" coins suddenly burst, debris splashing toward the front, two One divides into two. divided into four, four, eight points, hit the enemy a fly which just be taken by surprise, 1\/3.

    critical juncture, Joseph jumped out of the blue surface brilliance, significantly slowed down the speed of the coin pieces they play, let the red mark on the skin only.

    and building into a coin is rigid and elastic, blood recovery, immediately swung open, frost left with ice crystals composed of fragments, fast Bailei, calls to the enemy with the lower abdomen, drop boxes.

    Joseph's other fist rushed headlong, blocking the opponent's attack with exaggerated exaggeration of the muscle.


    Joseph's blue brilliance, instantaneous contraction, like solidification, as if the sea has experienced cold waves of the north and South poles.

    "ice spirit""!

    building into a left arm with a rebound, and hold, then exploded, driving a heavy fist shaking right shoulder, side swing, lit the red in the white flame.

    a rumble!

    Joseph has just resisted, then suffered a burst of explosive impact of the waves, the solidification of the blue glow has been divided, scattered eight parties, disappeared.

    and his body can't stand it any more, kicking and kicking back.

    "Yan", out of them!

    this is a fully formed "Yan Emperor" strength"!

    with Joseph back into the first floor step, a blow "ice", a "Yan", staggered sights, without a gap, he can always keep pace, the best distance, as if by a precise measurement, Mrs. Jeanjose may not be back. Dodge shall not, nor escape!

    Bang Bang Bang, bang bang!

    building a robot like, in accordance with established procedures, indifferent outbreak of Dan Jin, half light, with "ice", "Yan, half heavy".

    eight times in a row alternately, did not figure out how Joseph is hot and cold, his body began to swing, he is not famous for many years, and recently by absorbing pure spiritual recovery peak, if it is already unable to resist sustain the blows.

    bang! Floor and step, with "void in the realm of God" directly pushed the blood, stimulate the body somewhere, let the muscles were swelling, let all the fascia open, a lot of tall out.

    this is simulated "fight" word formula operation, the effect is not as good as the original, but win in the compact connection, no pronunciation!

    a rumble!

    waving his fist, hit the Joseph arm, blasted crimson near white fire, set off a violent shock, it will rival the shelf forced open, so he staggered back, then slide up front, fist.

    always can not play to their director Joseph that has been cornered, a loud roar, awaken the heart hidden things, let the body scattered blue Guanghua and prosperous, and had a black red color, gliding toward punch enemies "splash" away.

    with the sound of a building, like ready, a tail, turn back, forced to change the direction, around to the behind Joseph.

    ice part nineteenth; cold bite"!

    thorn, nearly black red light "splash" in the ground, abruptly corrosion out of a vast area of the pit, at the same time, make the building into itself, the waist back Shu, blow out anti whirl, whip to react less enemies, pumping in the above he hurried up the arm.

    "a blow and a shout"!

    there was a muffled, Joseph surface Guanghua completely solidified crystal, pan, eyes look messy, lost focus.

    one succeeded, building into unceremoniously is a fist from the waist up, build rockets, collapse between rival breasts triggered the implosion".

    a rumble!

    Joseph body jumped back from the frozen mouth haemorrhage, finally, can not to control shock body, has been building into a "he thwarted a blow and a shout".

    his sight was completely lax and turned into an ice sculpture".

    built half a step ahead, the right hand into the palm, shot in the left side of Joseph temple, let him directly dizzy.

    the whole process, the surprise attack Joseph no opportunity, every move in the "ice mirror" reflected in the building was accurate to the extreme grasp of the.

    building a clapped his hands and shake off the ice, no fingerprints, to wait outside the phone Smith.

    "OK."." He informed concise and comprehensive.

    "" There was a silence, only the breath grew heavier.

    "the building" seems to have just entered the door

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