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Chapter 91–Determination

    "silence," Smith answered in a trembling voice:

    "OK, I'll be right over.". Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest"

    hung up the phone; the building looked around; he could not find any valuable clues; he had to fix his eyes on Joseph in a coma.

    before the war, their seemingly casual, direct the fighting even to "dead", let him have no chance, but in fact, this effect can be achieved, itself is willing to go all out, no, "ice mirror" as the core, the anticipation, strength, Juexue footwork, perfect fusion in one, so it was not the business field uniform each other.

    a strong man like no man, it is not so easy to solve!

    because of this, do not hide their martial arts features, is also unable to hide, even if I do not know the appearance of Joseph, after waking up, may also have some accordingly found raid who is more trouble, left hand tail.

    in this regard, building into considerations to make early, the first to think of the "criminal Cannes boundless cleanup plan, he thought, for the weak one, itself can disguise martial arts characteristics, inclusion Gruca skills, in the face of strong enemy, once convicted, they are not not under the ruthless hand," battle "broke the mind not a rare thing, anyway, the U.S. government should love very similar results, according to the master said," their artificial arms engineering need to be completely "brainwashing".

    to consider the unfamiliar, no information no clue, to determine who is guilty, who damn, do not meet their own ideas, and easily from other aspects of legacy, he abandoned the whim of the plan, like a YY game. Who on the Zhiyu Smith.

    their agents should have more ways to deal with the situation than I do No, I'm on my own. "Step by step."" Cheng Cheng idea turn room, Smith has stopped the vehicle, keep the alarm system interference, walked into the villa, conveniently drop the lunch box picked up, the door closed.

    his eyes brim down across the glasses to cover face to the floor, on the ground of the coma Joseph, his face muscles suddenly twitch, eyes in highlights a blood, seem to hate not immediately rushed to the enemy, students eating flesh!

    "too soon; Shan Ni's father hasn't arrived yet; I'm going to make a preliminary search."." Smith is also after years of training, and the evolution of super ability agents, quickly stabilize the mood.

    "" the floor nodded slightly, with a deep voice:

    "if I can't find a clue, I can help."."

    the ability to sense pre–check after the breakthrough of his own "ice mirror" might be able to "see" more than experienced people and discover subtle clues.

    he with gem Fetish "communication", combined with other evidence, almost certainly Joseph is the murderer, is the main source of the Cannes girl nightmare "butcher", so it will be determined on this matter.

    and in the us the ability of many, many psychic situations, if other places have conclusive evidence, the case has been broken, that is to say, Joseph villa is the key, Smith believes what can be found here, building into a vice versa.

    "OK, you can deal with the scene first."." Smith took out the search device, on the first floor, opened the door of the treasure room, Guanghua moist to cast the most eye bone carving, but due to the identification of a process, not only a direct judgment, check the scrapings.

    the building into a pure "fire strength" and "ice strength" for Joseph to add a few, destroy the "Yan Jin" and "ice king" and other residual symptoms, and deal with the living room battle traces, to ensure that no omissions belong to their own clues.

    after a few minutes, when Smith failed to find evidence of a little floating gas impatient when suddenly the doorbell rang.

    building a eyes narrowed, his hair blown, make ready appearance, Smith came out from the treasure room, waved his hand: "the father of Shan Ni We have to speed up, the takeout boy still has ten minutes to arrive."

    talking, he walked to the door, looked at the monitor, lifted the seal, and put in a middle-aged man with gray hair and drooping cheeks.

    Cole The building into a stunned, muttering to himself.

    isn't it the same as, who follows Joseph's student Leandro to practice the Cole?

    he was rather surprised in the morning; for the nine level, he did not become a combat apprentice; he seemed to have to wake up "his own soul" before making a promotion"

    in that case, he has other plans

    Cole just a door, eyes will be attracted to Joseph, his mouth is a tooth friction sound, down the cheek meat shake, eyes full of hate and fierce Li, crazy feeling, as if to direct enemy body melt through.

    "Uncle Cole, take the time."." Smith made a note of warning.

    Cole gasped; forced his eyes back and began to look around.

    he didn't recognize the building; just nodded his thanks to the baseball player wearing a baseball cap, nose rimmed black frame glasses, and a "super hero" who could not see his face.

    "is he Shan Ni's father?"" While Cole looked sadly at other places, the building lowered its voice and asked.

    he believes that Smith's monitoring of himself should not make it clear that he and Cole are in the same class".

    "yes, uncle Cole wants to be a student of Joseph and has the opportunity to watch over here."." Smith's face was somber and bitter.

    "is he not afraid of being discovered?"" Building doubts, ask again.

    "for a killing at least forty innocent girl of the devil, which will go to record their various relatives, and uncle Cole early and Shan Ni's mother divorced one year only to see her a few times." Smith was silent again next, "he regretted the choice"

    two people talking, Cole seems to have been what inspiration, hear what voice, pale eyes filled with a layer of fog, turned toward the collection room, staring at the gold bright red gem, murmured:

    "Shan Ni, is that you?""

    "Shan Ni, is that you?""

    he stretched out his right hand, trembling touched the surface, the gem of all of a sudden, a jewel like shiny, experienced a strong light, jump out and a piece of red, as if in the back stroking Cole's cheek.

    "Shan Ni." Shan Ni!" Cole shouted low, and the mist in his eyes gave a sudden drop of water, sliding down, through rough faces and gray cinder.

    all the stones and sculptures around them drew flashes of light, allowing the treasure room to be enveloped in a sad and gloomy atmosphere.

    "Shan Ni."" Smith strode rushed in, constantly softly say, vaguely seemed to feel the blond girl have given warmth, suddenly reappears yesterday.

    he believed he had found a clue

    charge Spiritual stimulation, coma Joseph eye, slowly waking, heard a loud sound and a "Shan Ni", feel the light out of the signs of fetish.

    "discovered."" He sighed like a sigh.

    "why, why?"" Smith suddenly turned and rushed to Joseph's side, cry out loud, "why did you kill her?"

    &nbsp " Joseph had apparently forgotten who he was, and perhaps he never knew the name of the innocent girl.

    after a brief pause, he smiled without reply:

    "for their pure, Holy Spirit."."

    kolto bright ruby, the pupil is mappinged a piece red, called pathos:

    "what about her body?""

    Joseph was a drunk expression, abnormal people feel: "part of a fetish, with hair standing on end and I left to merge."

    vomit A word meaning before building into almost spit out the coffee.

    "demon, you demon!"!" Cole panted, cursing, step by step, near Joseph.

    poor, nothing done, innocent, murdered innocent! She didn't even know what the reason for the murderer was!

    she must have been confused, confused and puzzled.

    Joseph ignored Cole and Smith's reaction, struggling in the sights of the "take out to beat my boy", but can only see each other's clothes and trousers, black glasses, baseball hat.

    a height of 76 meters to seven or eight; the figure was covered with clothing, the skin covered with ice crystals, can not determine which race But his spirit is very strong, very strong

    "are you a new super hero?"" Joseph turned his blue eyes and spoke in a hoarse voice, trying to find out why he had been involved and why he had been attacked.

    "no"." The tall man answered with simple words.

    well, I can't reveal that I came to visit the source in order to root out the danger that might have caused it. This will let Smith know my weakness

    Joseph is the only female in order to kill the pure holy "spirit", and there is no limit to the younger girl, really may be a gift for meditation on Ke ke

    "then you are for justice?" Criminal nemesis?" Joseph chuckled 1.

    "neither."." Cheng Cheng answered frankly.

    "" Joseph paused, dazed:

    "then why did you come?" Why do you have to deal with me?"

    building into a thought, and a little depressed Baseball Cap Hat road:

    "idle, nothing."."

    in theory, I'm really out of space. I have time to wonder. I happen to be acting very strongly

    "idle, nothing."" Joseph was stunned, never thought about this reason.

    I was stared at because he was out of space

    * * *! * *! What's the reason for this?!

    the fury of his heart turned into flames; suddenly, he rose up, rushed up, and made two bites.

    this moment, he felt they were innocent victims of the sunny confused, puzzled, and hence the hatred and pain.

    the sadness of Smith thought only in the building into a speech against Joseph, was happy I walked past, pulled out a metal box the size of a hand from the bosom, from the inside out of the needle, needle and rippling light golden light liquid.

    assembled injection needle; Smith pumped the liquid into Joseph's body, turning to the floor and laughing:

    "slow muscle agent, can make him an hour in a weak state, and this has serious consequences, will damage the recent memory, if his condition is very good, may be able to carry the past, but now, God bless him."

    "yes."." Building into a satisfied nod.

    Smith stood up, looked at his watch, and made his way to the building:

    "I'll send you away, uncle Cole. You're looking at the scene."."

    "good."." Cole answered in a heavy voice, staring straight at Joseph.

    when Smith and Lou came out of the villa, got into the car and headed for the distance, Cole gave a crazy laugh and slowly moved closer to Joseph.

    "you, what do you want to do?"" Leisurely waiting to find a lawyer Joseph finally panic

    on the limousine; Lou looked at Smith; sighed:

    "you should be able to guess the development of the villa."."

    "Uncle Cole has a determination to pay."." Smith gave no positive answer.

    Lou Cheng no longer words, closed his eyes.

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