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Chapter 92–new "super heroes""

    Cannes near the University, Smith pulled over the car, turned to the floor into the road:

    "I have to go back as soon as possible to deal with the rest of the matter; you can rest assured that there will be no surveillance screen left.". Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest"

    "OK."." The floor nod, untie the seat belt, push the door to get off.

    he just walked two, suddenly heard Smith shout:


    "what?"" As soon as he looked back, he found that he had pressed the window, crossed his body and poked his head out. His eyes were painful but sincere, and his voice was deep and slow:

    "thank you."!"

    the bottom of my heart suddenly felt, smiled, shook his head, said nothing, and turned to the usual entrance.

    "the butcher" borrow, great hatred has been reported, Smith precipitation five years of pain and suffering has finally been catharsis.

    building has taken off the black rimmed glasses, back before the dress, go to the supermarket, buy a bottle of water, it was boring ice after the first heat, then reheat ice, until the end of Yan Ke coming out of school curriculum.

    in this process, in fact, he is not so boring in the surface, has been carefully reviewed and Joseph fighting experience while in this contest, he won an overwhelming advantage, the other was connected to the "dead", failed to play "Gruca" schools of all sorts of strange and violent, but can change a perspective, as if suffering their own surprise, fall into a passive, how to turn things around, to break the predicament, such as Joseph in a choice of another response will be better, if so, how to continue to give enough pressure to convergence.

    a losing battle needs to be pondered; a battle of victories is also needed!

    and this is still "ice mirror" after the breakthrough of the first actual combat, with it as the core of the actual combat, there are many places to sum up!

    hand floating ice mineral water, building into a station to Cannes university school gate, waiting out the Ke Xiao Ke classmates and Du aunt.

    then, the cheek meat, looks gorgeous Huang Xiwen and befriend a few female students laughing to rush to the door, there will be a party at their carnival.

    line of sight wandering; Huang Xiwen suddenly saw a familiar figure, involuntarily trembling.

    it is loose influential man, he and Lin missing the team won the national championship that is still in the school forum has a fever!

    more importantly, he is Yan Ke's boyfriend!

    Cheng Cheng Why did he come? Huang Xiwen looked at the lines clear, face with warm masculine, heart sank like ice, experiencing tens of degrees below zero cold.

    he hasn't broken up with Yan Ke

    did he ever speak ill of me in front of him?

    will he hit me? Is it too late to call the police?

    heard of martial arts are very impulsive!

    Huang Xiwen thoughts surge, all in the wrong direction, the more you want to, the more you fear, the more you think, the more you tremble with fear.

    to the strength of hearsay, even if the police arrived, it can not stop it?

    will help He is a senior artist student of Joseph's apprentice, although certainly beat the floor, but can be reported out of Mr Joseph's name, let the other quit

    Oh, dear, what am I thinking?! I have done nothing wrong with Yan Ke, and have been very kind to invite her to the party, and broaden her social circle, I, I have a clear conscience!

    moreover, she in the Kang did very introverted, very lonely, very gregarious, also dressed exactly like the old aunt, I was not wrong!

    I'm not afraid of anything!

    floor overlooking the door, the line of sight swept through the figure, looking for their own little fairy, suddenly, he saw an Asian girl, from the feeling that should be Chinese people.

    he was such a look, Huang Xiwen's two calves and trembling, a cold sweat with a forehead sweat to secrete, gauze soaked signs behind.

    "Laura, what's the matter?"" A girl shouted Huang Xiwen their American name.

    "me, me."" The language of Huang Sheng is not sound, and it drags the students in a hurry, signaling a detour home.

    there are a lot of fellow villagers here Building into a random thought, suddenly a bright eyes, reflecting the Yan Ke figure, through Zhaqi hair and big black glasses, see the beautiful inner.

    he smiled and greeted him. He heard someone calling "Laura". It seemed that the Chinese girl fainted just now.

    a lot of good people, I do not do the red scarf Building into living Yan Ke's left hand, and took her bag and debris, feel heart really settle down, be at ease, as if to return to the warm and peaceful home, before the raid the emotional residue completely dissipated inhuman.

    "what's going on there?"" Yan Ke was curious to look to a layer of lateral.

    "it seems that there is a girl who is dizzy. The weather changes so much that it is easy to catch cold when you are not careful."." Cheng Cheng thought of what to say, gas has been determined, carefree manner.

    Yan Ke vaguely see the surrounded girl has been revived, was carried away by good people, it does not care about, and with the construction of a family back home.

    time for Du aunt do dinner, she took no worry of oranges on the floor, sat by the bedside, mild cough twice, to smile, pursed lips:

    "say, what bad thing to do in the afternoon ~!"!"

    her eyes eagle-eyed, Ying Ying, is full of curiosity.

    "cough, catch a perverted murderer!"." Xianyan building into a concise and refined key.

    "perverted murderer."" Yan Ke Zheng big eyes no confusion eyes, confused and puzzled.

    all the circumstances she speculated in the afternoon fell through.

    "well, have you heard of the butcher?"" Cheng Cheng asked a question.

    this is the Cannes well-known, far and near!

    "heard, the queen mother also summed up the" butcher "the crime of several key areas, so that I have nothing to do, take preventive measures You caught him? Do you know who it is?" Yan Ke has been unable to keep a face, like a girl who wants to hear the story.

    go to the building into a girl sat beside, nodded: "is the" senior Gruca "genre of fighting Joseph, I'm not reported to the senior course, wake up" when the spirit of its "communication in gem treasure, aware of Joseph's polished, hidden bloody originally, violent * *, I don't have any evidence, direct door-to-door words, it is easy to become criminals deported, so most did not want to do, then, is responsible for monitoring the I spy chief Smith initiative to contact me, his girlfriend is a" victim of the butcher 'sunny"

    ranging from building said end, Yan Ke was stupefied, the posture is sitting side, blurted:

    "does an agent monitor you?" What a monitor? Also, the strong entry into other countries, we will monitor"

    "what would you like me to say first?"" The building is laughable, loses one's voice.

    "all speak and speak."!" Yan Ke has put down his hair, took off his glasses, and his eyes are bright and crystal clear.

    after the answer, she suddenly "oops" and relieved:

    "but we pulled the curtains"

    if not finished, the girl closed his mouth, face flushed, brilliant hues, see the building into a swing in the mind.

    well, he dismissed Yi Nian, firmly replied: "I have seen the video of them, only relates to me outside activities."

    Smith dare to peep; I'll let him know what is called amnesia!

    see Yan Ke does not want to mention this topic again, the building turns to describe the general thing once again, the last road:

    "although Joseph like inhuman, but recently I have improved, but the raid, uniform he can say I most worried about as sure as a gun, in fact, is ending, for fear of revealing identity, give you cause trouble, which is why I started not want to do, but with Smith, it is not a problem."

    "as for uncle Cole, he would have to surrender, but he did not know who I am, I don't know," Gruca "schools even find the corresponding ability, also can not find me"

    look into building meanders, think of a girl demon "butcher" destroyed, the thought of Cole and Smith to bear the pain, think of the father to be willing to pay the price Yan Ke sometimes have mixed feelings, eyes are a little red, and indignation and sympathy.

    the poor innocent girls!

    the perverted, unrepentant criminal!

    she suddenly reached out and took down the stairs into the shoulder, poker-faced Yaochun nodded:

    "orange, you did great!"! One of my goals for the dream of martial arts is actually want to do Hangxiazhangyi, getting rid of the knight, you meet me on this aspect of all expectations"

    the girl said, her voice grew soft, but at the end she could not help reminding her, "if the villain is more powerful than you, do not leave the pipe for the time being."."

    "I'm not stupid."." Building into a laugh, and then correct the girls on their own cognition, "in fact, I am not because of evil, to Hangxiazhangyi, only to find Joseph, this is just a small part of the reason."

    "what's that for?"" Yan Ke blankly blink, can not think of second reasons.

    building a cleared his throat, Joseph to take credit for road:

    "Joseph's goal is to have a pure" Holy Spirit "girl, although probably not, but I'm afraid that one day he would stare at you, so must nip in the bud, get rid of hidden dangers"

    he Xiaxiang "Cannes criminal cleanup plan described again.

    Yan Ke was at first hesitated, gradually become quiet, just like light sipping lips, slightly suffused with fixed eyes, looked at the building into.

    when the floor said finished, she moved under the arm, amused:

    "you are really, really.""

    really can not go out, so she turned to pretend to be wronged, eyes shining bright look into the floor, and bite the lower lip road:

    "I'm not pure."! You're all stained with dirt!"

    "ha ha, married girl, a little pollution is normal."." The floor was low and laughing.

    Yan Ke Heng tender eyes, picked up the mobile phone, relying on the initiative to their own husband bosom way:

    "did I check out?""

    more than a dozen seconds later, she saw the news and made a human translator:

    "Cannes problems for more than ten years' butcher 'finally borrow a victim's father in the emergence of new super heroes' takeaway, takeaway chivalrous man" Takeout man Ha ha"

    Yan Ke smiled and could not read any more.

    building into the mouth of a smoke, very dissatisfied with their superhero nickname.

    yes, very dissatisfied, and not a bit demanding!

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