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Chapter 93–home daily

    Yan Ke laughed and lifted his head and looked at a discontented building, it has deliberately eyebrows way:

    "I remember you said to do my own take little brother! OK, just give me one person to take takeout? You liar!"

    "" she tilted her mouth again, unable to hold her face. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    stopped building into a girl's waist, cleared his throat and laughed: "I did not give Joseph deiivery ah, do you want to say to him," Sir, your arrival, you a blow and a shout "" Jin Yan "has served you ordered Dongfeng 21 has been issued shoot?"

    "the oranges, I found your lips more slipped Say, is not with "mouth king" learning bad?!" Yan Ke laughed out loud, turn comfortably on the floor into the arms, lifted the mobile phone, reading the news later, "the police arrived, the villa living room was full of blood, the body of Joseph"

    she could not read any more; she felt her appetite disappear in a flash.

    building a looked down, with strong eyesight to see that a few lines of words.

    Cole heartily vented his pain and hatred, dried Joseph's blood, dismembered his body, and even made a knife, chop, burn and so on, trying to destroy everything.

    see the building into a sigh and a staggering, for subsequent development more firmly, so if it is not found that the coroner Joseph suffered "frozen" damage, simple explosion or fire, the master is strong.

    "Cole also completely destroyed the entire villa monitoring system, so that experts can not make recovery."." Yan Ke skip the previous content and translate the following description," Cole truthfully confessed his criminal behavior, but did not mention "take out the man", even if the use of personnel related to induction, there is no harvest We can do a "delivery man" image outline: he is good at computer, is very powerful hackers can invade the police system, blocking between the alarm device and the police contact; he fighting high quality, strong in senior fighter Joseph; he has made explosive powers; he did love delivery boy dressed"

    afterwards, Yan Ke Minzui look to the floor, "serious" nodded:

    "simply from what they listed, your daughter-in-law does not recognize this is you.""

    "they think too much."" The floor became funny and shook his head.

    this is best!

    as the heart of the people, he has forgotten that without forcing the nickname.

    at this time, Du Yan made dinner, urging them downstairs, because of news content, Yan Ke only eat less a bit, it is to fill the floor gobble down, before consumption.

    after dinner, the girl opened the computer, busy report, take the floor on the menu, lit the lamp, sitting next to, and cooking, and for news, and research "video Gruca" genre, and turned to look at the girl gentle beautiful face.

    "your report is very complicated."" After a few glances, he sighed.

    "well, this is not urgent. I'll be able to make it next week. I'm going to do a simple preliminary data collection for tomorrow's group discussion."." Yan Ke will tease hair fell into the ear, picked up the cup, drank, and according to the mobile phone screen looked bright, discuss several groups, and then talk: "before the girl is Huang Xiwen fainted!"

    "yellow Xiwen? How could she faint?" Building a heard of this name, know little fairy classmates in the same training plan, good at communication, often invited his daughter-in-law to the party, don't let love similar occasions she made her from euphemism be pestered beyond endurance, shirk into outright refusal.

    Yan Ke suspiciously looked at her husband, see his sincere attitude, not like the fake, then shook his head replied: "I don't know, may be going to study, often stay up late, the body becomes poor"

    orange appeared there, Huang Xiwen fainted in a coma, he is not for me, secretly use arcane spirits?

    no, I didn't tell her bad words about Huang Xiwen; I complained at the most; this person was too passionate, too familiar and too little to eat.

    Huang Xiwen is perhaps a see orange, he fainted myself? The idea turns room, the Yan Ke makes a guess, the in the mind is inexplicable dark bright.

    that's fine. Nothing happened again, and felt the tone again!

    because the task is not much, her mood was relaxed, and became a few exchanges and other topics about building, and building into a see interesting news or video, and she will also share a common le.

    such a learning scene is very warm, but also very comfortable, the only problem is that the efficiency is too low, until close to nine points, Yan Kecai will be simple data collection completed.

    "it's all you."!" She took a glance at her eyes, stretched out her slippers and kicked the floor.

    I didn't concentrate!

    "this is called blue water?" The floor becomes a smile, from black a sentence.

    in love for a while, Yan Ke suddenly heard his stomach gurgling sounds, then turn on the eyes, "said Qu Wei injustice":

    "orange, I'm hungry." As the exclusive go by, when you show up!"

    the news didn't make me eat dinner!

    "guaranteed to complete the task."." Lou took out his cell phone and searched for the twenty-four hour restaurant nearby.

    the Cannes is not much, after nine also opened the door a few.

    see him seriously look, Yan Ke cheek dimples shallow is suggested in the best of spirits:

    "or else I'll follow you; I'm here; I haven't been out for supper yet."! Well, I am responsible for driving!"

    "do you have a driver's license here?"" The floor surprised and blurted.

    "of course, this is not difficult to get a driver's license, I followed aunt Du in August, then a casual exam, it is too much, right?"" Yan Ke proudly raised his chin.

    "I admire you most."!" Become grandiose praise road.

    while the head, the couple went to grab the key, driving out the door, went straight to a Yan Ke heard long 24 hour restaurant, there is the most famous local specialty pies.

    hazy night, the wind swirled, surrounded by a quiet, no big city north Cannes lively.

    car drive faster, let the building into a small Ke Ke had to remind the students deeply hold, stop refueling door, after a while, the road in front of the intersection figure, dressed in a black cloak, fantastic dress, where arms waving hailed.

    "what's the case?"" Because her husband is in the side, Yan Ke great courage, muttered a sentence after the car stopped, doubts look at the past.

    a man opened his mouth, spit out a word speed fast, with a little slang, heard the building into yilengyileng, probably only made it clear that he would like to express the danger ahead and Smith exchanges, others know that he is the foreign population, slow speed, and reduce the slang nonstandard grammar.

    "what did he say?"" Asked the building, lowering his voice.

    "he said, in front of the Schwarzwald District, is a ghetto, security is very bad, robbery and theft often happens during the day at night, try not to, more dangerous, we suggest a detour." Yan Ke dutifully translated and published their own views, "U.S. monitoring network side although very mature, but due to various reasons, only part of the block, like the bottom place, means bad ones, more in disrepair"

    pause for a second, girl eye flow, glanced at the downstairs, whispered:

    "I have super hero" take out the man "protection, not afraid of what the public security is not good."

    then, the couple smiled, neat on the outside of the "cloak" wave:

    "thank you."!"

    then, Yan hit the corner light and headed for another road.

    can not live up to other people's kindness!

    watched them go away; the poncho greeted his compliments with a sense of fulfillment.

    "by the way, why does he wait there to remind people?"" After a few seconds, the building made a whisper.

    Yan Ke xiaojinjin said: "he said he is a" super hero ", although the strength is not strong, not recognized by everyone, but always want to do whatever is good, a lot of people see the night unknowingly into Schwarzwald area, suffered the loss of property, even hurt the body every day, here to remind conductor."

    "Lou Cheng listens to be touched quite," the heart is rather angry and ground sighs with emotion:

    "I think this" super hero "American culture is quite interesting"

    each country has its own characteristics.

    "uh huh." Yan Ke agreed to nod, immediately puzzled frown, "he was wearing a black cloak hailed, in addition to us this night, who dare to stop?"

    no wonder he says the effect hasn't been good

    "well, that makes sense" The building froze for a moment.

    while Xing and Xing, and return, Yan Ke after a big meal at nine forty, the couple returned to the home.

    "take a bath and sleep."!" The girl took the rest, pajamas and change things to the door.

    when she was out, she looked back at her eyes warily, and saw that someone didn't follow her plan, so she walked forward and went into the bathroom.

    "really, do I have that color?"" Seeing this, the floor became funny, shaking his head.

    waited for a moment; the water stopped and Yan came back with a dry towel wrapped around his head.

    she's nightdress slightly different from the past, belongs to a sling type exposed collarbone, shoulder, graceful lines, and a white building into a look at.

    "I usually wear this one." But it's not too embarrassed to wear in front of you Well, anyway, you said, I'm a married girl. What are you afraid of?!" Yan Ke forced a wave of interpretation, cheeks flushed just because of just bath.

    "pretty nice."." Building a go in the past, to give an irrelevant answer, said, "I help you blow your hair."

    "uh" Yan Ke sat down, will absorb moisture towels removed, leaving the building into a plume of blowing.

    smell aromatic, bow is the beauty of a strike a deep chord, drops over the neck, stop on the floor into the clavicle, took tremendous effort also failed to hold back, in the hair only half dry when you kissed.

    the girl sang softly, soft in his arms.

    a room full of go to bed on time and expect an exquisite scenery, and after a while, building into a contented lie down, hold Yan Ke still slightly trembling Jiao Qu.

    it's good to apply what you have learned He thought with a smile.

    Yan Ke slowly for dozens of seconds, grinding teeth, stretch out his fingers, hate to floor in the chest, abdomen written three words.

    "big color", wolf" With the ability to control the body in pairs, you can easily recognize success and laugh and make a sound.

    Yan Ke wavefront residual water to give him a white, one writing again.

    "big gangster."." The building proudly read out.

    Yan Ke took off his mouth and slid his fingers again to write the characters.

    "big fool!"."

    "big fool!"."

    "big hero", eh?" Building a read, suddenly turned around, looked at the girl, but found Yan Ke long side head, looking toward the next

    outside the dark side of the street; the night shift Smith received a call from the boss.

    "is there a change in the target?" Have you ever been out of control?" There was a heavy voice.

    Joseph was the new "super hero" down, Cannes every dangerous are suspected, all have to ask.

    "" Smith's face was red and panting:

    "no, he's very law-abiding."."

    "very good."." The boss said no more, because he did not feel "building" what is suspected, according to existing information shows that the dangerous level and Joseph no gap between

    the next morning, temper still, so busy all send girls into the school, he went to the "Meisaisi jogging fighting games, nothing like to participate in the curriculum.

    the five thousand of us can't waste!

    well, go to the "Dragon Pavilion" in the afternoon, look at the legendary wish, I wish what were the main hall.

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