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Chapter 94–brave enough to take pot order

    Wednesday morning, Cannes wind mild and pleasant, building into a jog on the street, occasionally looked up a woven net camera, know Smith agents are monitoring their. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    however, he can find a device can also detect the camera have aligned themselves, but could not confirm that they are similar to the normal angle, or deliberately pegged to the side, not according to Smith et al induced reverse hidden position.

    this is the difference between martial arts and modern technology.

    nothing in the world is omnipotent!

    unfortunately, I also want to knock on their windows intentionally, and say "hello" to scare me A building filled with feelings of Shu Fadi thinking to practical joke

    next door, Smith, who changed his car, was drinking coffee, chewing burgers, stuffing his stomach, and the next man staring intently at the monitor screen.

    a watched, blond haired young man casually laughed:

    "the boss, at noon yesterday to see the target and Cannes known criminal cases," the butcher "afternoon planted, you have been staring at him, I suspect that he is" takeaway Xia ", dedicated to, to challenge Joseph, Cole picked up a cheap."

    he wanted to learn Smith "cut" and "consultations" to express, but has not remember the strange pronunciation.

    Smith quietly drank residual coffee, smile replied: "from last month's data, he may win the Joseph, but there is no way to subdue him, even cause greater harm to do."

    "I think so, too." The boy touched his sparse hair, he muttered, "heard China has powerful tonic?"

    Smith shifted the subject, without a guilty conscience.

    he invaded a company last night, the search results are "optimization" to find relevant information of the victims Shan Ni, her boyfriend's part was put in the very back very behind, the corresponding pictures also alter and delete the time has passed for five years, most of this memory would fade, it is very difficult to think of a small figure in the case of little importance.

    and as long as the relationship between Smith and Michael is not discovered, the whole thing does not have a problem.

    the things I've worked hard for five years have finally come into use Smith packed the food into a ball, then pressed the window and threw it remotely. It was accurately sent to the garbage can, and there was a "silk thread" escort throughout it

    just entering the building into a "Meisaisi fighting games", feel a coagulated and oppressive atmosphere, and from the instructor and student or pout, without a word, or whisper, whisper.

    took a few steps, he was about to turn, suddenly saw the day before encountered two meters giant Han Olsen coming near, his skin black and shiny, smooth scalp hair, looked solemn, more dignified.

    "Hi, little boy, I heard you have good fighting skills."" Olsen suddenly opened mouth, showing two rows of white teeth can not see, smile a little reluctantly.

    Cheng Cheng has not answered; there are other coaches through, Olsen instantly closed his mouth, and sank his face again, a solemn look of grief.

    the legendary "face changing" stunt He has a bad relationship with Joseph Watched Olsen brush past, the floor became funny, shaking his head, picked up the cell phone, and share it with Ke Ke Ke classmates.

    then, he turned into the exclusive practice field, saw the red pupil girl ossir Wei students etc

    there is no doubt that Cole did not come.

    a few of them greeted each other; a white student hurried up and said with surprise and disbelief, "what happened?" How did the parade get outside to block the front door?"

    "Jack, didn't you watch the news?"" Ossir Wei stunned talk.

    "so, what did I miss?"" Jack was said, "I took part in a party last night, Carnival came to the middle of the night, wake up."

    "no, Mr. Joseph, Johnny. Joseph proved to be the" butcher ", died of Cole's revenge." Another male student explained quickly, so that the floor almost did not understand, but fortunately he used his toes to guess what the other party to say, only to distinguish between clear.

    Jack had a big mouth, and for a while he scratched his head:

    "are you kidding?" How could Mr. Joseph be a butcher? Even if he were, Cole, ten Cole couldn't kill him!"

    "that's because the new super hero" takeout man "helps him." Wei is scared and ossir to revere the answer.

    I didn't expect the usual formidable fighting fighter Joseph is the demon lurking around us"!

    fortunately, no contact with him, but there is a "takeaway" to maintain the justice of the "butcher" mask.

    "really?" As Jack spoke, he took out his cell phone and looked through the news. A few minutes later, he was amazed and broke into a series of words.

    Oh, my God! But is it really the case? Cool Expressing intense emotion, Jack pointed out, "so, is that a protest against Joseph?""

    "no, also called for a boycott of" Gruca "schools, religious organization, said" animism "is the devil's road, can let a person fall into Joseph." Ossir Wei said quite worried, worried about the "Meisaisi fighting games" affected, "we are not the" Ke Geri "genre strange guy, we are focusing on fighting!"

    well, "Gruca school" a dirty, vulnerable, I can rest assured Lou Cheng wears a smile to listen, the joy thinks.

    "mission" and "natural" very deep contradiction

    "Hey," card "side will suspect" delivery man "is the mess?

    as a result, after the "Gruca school" and "Meisaisi fighting games" and Joseph have to make a cut, at least, seems, nobody will look into the matter.

    a few students were worried and chatted for a while; a female coach with golden hair came over and said in a heavy voice:

    "Leandro wants to cooperate with the police investigation; I hope he doesn't involve the butcher's previous case; you are responsible for the course of these days; you can call me Ms. Anne."."

    directly called "butcher"; ah, cutting really fast Building a secretly feeling, follow Anne began fighting skills practice, and in practice, the "ice mirror" control of the body, can choose the internalized cost restraint moves, purely by boxing, wrestling and judo.

    this also let him have a different experience, and once again look back on the "instinctive reaction" when fighting, and enhance themselves from the details.

    although there are about heart, but Anne has to wake up "the spirit", the heart repair is not bad, always maintained a calm state, conscientiously complete the "wake up" teaching content, let the building into a more understanding of some.

    wait until the end of the course, building into a bath Huanyi, put on the bag, don't look back "Meisaisi fighting games", had lunch and Yan Ke, about the "butcher" cases in the fermentation of the school.

    Yan Ke after class, he bought a bottle of water, Shi Shi however go to the "Dragon Pavilion" in China, close to 35 minutes

    left "Meisaisi fighting games", Jack invited students to befriend ossir Wei, he rented the house for lunch, specially ordered pizza food such as Cola Chicken wings.

    they gather together, not open around the topic of "butcher" and "delivery man", is getting more and more excited, made a lot of speculation, was completed.

    at this moment, the doorbell rang and passed through the living room.

    "who?"" Asked ossir Wei consciousness.

    Jack got up and walked toward the door; he laughed:

    "take out.""

    say "take out" two words, he is like to be put on the magic of magic, once solidified in place, the discussion in the room also instantly mute.

    "not really" takeout man "?" Jack swallowed and forced laughter.

    speak, he went to open the door to act carefully, made a lot of confirmation, after some mental difficulties, and finally got pizza, chicken wings and other things.

    "ordinary takeout kid."." Jack turned back and shrugged.

    everyone relaxes first, then a disappointment.

    a similar scene also occurred in many places Cannes, especially children, are full of fantasy

    building a "Longquan Museum" arrived in China after waiting in a front, saw the skinny young man Li Zunping.

    "do you wish the host is here?"" He asked cheerfully.

    Li Zunping smiled and said, "here you are, doing demonstration exercises. You're an hour late, and he's gone."."

    "OK, okay."." The floor becomes a smile, nod, follow Li Zunping to turn to practice ground, see the person who is surrounded in front of layer after layer, have white have black, have yellow have brown.

    "take a good look; if you sign up, there's a lot more."." Li Zunping from the rear side of hand, trying to take a downstairs into the shoulder, the other is inclined to step, make his moves to space.

    at the same time, building into a pulled muscle fascia, trembling, and all the people he encounters, like met loach, no slide open half step, let him easily "squeeze" to the front.

    central site, a nearly fifty year Chinese man is slowly under the banner of a boxing training routine, a mellow nature, is a bit of knowledge.

    of course, this knowledge is only relatively speaking; the building has been watching one Leng, one Leng, I can not believe that it is a legendary Zhu Zhu zhu.

    very general!

    Zhu Hong white hair a little, showing a sense of the vicissitudes of life, looks pretty good, a master of temperament, he played a certain posturing, feet, and let the students out of six people to push themselves.

    between the hula; in the floor before the reaction came, four robust men have entered the field, there are white, black, and then, two excited students also joined the team.

    they line up like a tug of war competition; the latter pushes the former, turns it in turn, and finally onto the double palms.


    six men straining their strength to feed the milk, and failed to drive the seemingly lean owner of the pavilion; attracted the excitement of other students.

    and Cheng Cheng half mouth, a face vacant.

    from the waist, abdomen and feet change, only the end of the two people really made the effort, and the remaining four not only did not help, but dragged on the hind legs, offsetting the power.

    is this TM a liar? The corner of the building twitched.

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