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Chapter 95–performing accidents

    watch a while; the floor becomes real; it's funny and funny; it's never fun to waste time. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    really wish the main hall of pure lie, it is not obvious that he has a fairly good foundation of the martial arts, the year with Dan only a piece of paper and gas state distance, but due to age, has no hope of breakthrough, although not a dragon on the scared adopt change my life, can let oneself be original in conception, eyes bright, but is mixed in several countries, powerful, suitable for entry.

    to him the situation, in Chinatown, in Cannes around the University, made a martial arts, earn pension money, is not difficult, but to hit fame, set signs, set up the chain, make a good, it is inadequate, not enough for only martial arts tricks. By exaggerating performance fooled people, who share the same fold or aspire to Chinese martial arts "mysterious local people".

    from the actual development of the main hall, I wish great success, fame and fortune.

    on the one hand, he is very sensible and sober, never "Gruca" schools have strong vision what conflict, not to snatch the "resources", take only to be eliminated, and the road is hard for general, not him, and had strong physique "true disciples stop robbery, on the other hand, not trained in martial arts practice," master "is the key," personal practice "is the key of the key, even if the student does not succeed, also is the reason, so no one would like to find fault," Meisaisi fighting games ", the same there are large tracts of losers.

    gently shook his head, as onlookers cheered in the building at the * *, seize the "show students" focus change opportunity, one of a silent and deep fried, into the left leg, causing it to expand the thick.

    the foot of a foot stepping forward, the site suddenly shaking, eager to shake!

    standing in front of the tall white Zhu Hong suddenly suddenly fell, crushing the imbalance, to the main hall.

    Zhu Hong a face, feet suddenly inside, twisted knee swing hip, stretch arms, insurance against.

    however, behind the students like Domino collapse, a fold up, finally let him withstand, gravity sloshing, lean back, staggered a few steps back, sat down on the ground.

    thump! Thump! Six students were falling, broke into a group, and I hung eyes.

    the cheers around you come to an abrupt end; everyone, look at me, I see you, look blankly.

    what's the situation?

    this is probably called a performance accident A mischievous smile in the low floor, and again panic and confusion, the attention on the site, pick up the mobile phone, a photo, and then get back out, "a" bomb bomb, clothes, walk away.

    after a few seconds, we return to God, the crowd of two white men have come at a loss about what to do.

    "George, let's go back to class."." There are a few freckles brown haired young face looked hastily rushed up to Hong, said disappointed.

    just now that the ground wobble is too close to the student's fall, it is easy to confuse cause and effect after the event; the latter is the cause of the former.

    big arms; a demon tattoo; blond hair; youth sighs; answers:

    "good." Well, even if China, like Peng and Lou, as much as not much ah."

    not to mention being willing to come to a foreign land!

    left Longquan hall after the building into a stroll aimlessly around the streets, before things together with the photo sharing to Yan ke.

    the girl laughed tears: "poor to draw circles in the main hall, certainly wronged, said I move sheire who, he probably suspected former enemies or boxing Hall of competitors, absolutely not the guy is a boring"

    "he can perceive anyone. Not necessarily, will probably be considered incidental errors" performance "." The floor was marked with two words in the performance.

    "ha ha, I was thinking," if that person, who knows the real purpose of someone is to nip in the bud, and this has not yet been a little far away, what would be the expression?" At this time, Yan Ke brain appeared in the floor and Joseph dialogue scene.

    this time, someone no longer says "nothing to do", but frankly replied, "for the safety of my wife, I have to eradicate the danger ahead of time."."

    and how would Joseph react?

    change is me, will definitely talk to ask "who" is your wife, then you do not know the strange answer, then after a similar "I and she has what relation" "should not" give birth to strange dialogue, extreme absurd and the endless rage

    "should be in the expression." Building into a "sinister smile" reply.

    Yan Ke "Wuzui break", force your attention back to the classroom:

    rest, Mr. Joseph, who told me to study at Cannes.

    through this dialogue, building again thought of his "Cannes criminal cleanup plan, so leisurely screening potential targets.

    "nightmare" the strength of Be Joseph, not yet locked valuable suspects, couldn't even find who you are, not to mention the door "visit", and his only crime area in the slums can effectively avoid.

    the other is either aunt enough to deal with, or none of them involved, and only two can pose a threat.

    a man named Majewski, Poland origin, level is only OK, Cannes a gang leader, involved in arms smuggling and large-scale drug trafficking case, advocating "spirituality", love for drug control girls, luring innocent party, were in some cases, the strength does not prevent all.

    Majewski was arrested several times, but have been ahead of the prevention, made a cut, by the right-hand man back pot jailed, is still at large.

    a man named Pavel, members of the church, fighting level, due to the violation of children and the young girl, now I do not know where to hide, there are rumors that he is hiding in the famous Holy Church in Cannes top, but no evidence, who did not dare to search. "Even a super hero".

    think of these, the building and open the phone, sent an e-mail to an obscure mailbox, let Smith provide more information for reference.

    there are good opportunities, and there is no future trouble, you can try to sell, not on the temporary do not think, "butcher" incident is at the cusp of the wave, and avoid the "boom" or "good"

    Smith pushes the door away from the car; moves his hands and feet; walks to the cafe.

    at this point, he noticed the reminder, took out the cell phone, processed, logged on a mailbox that was not his own, and saw the "built up" mail".

    looked through it; he covered his face with a headache.

    this is not finished!

    however, if more than a few times, attention will shift from "the butcher" case, in the follow-up, it will bury me and "take away man" link may

    but not too much, or sooner or later will be exposed

    PS: this chapter behind the card, half a day did not think well, see the time is too late, the good part of the first to write, so the words are relatively small, can not be postponed to the evening

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