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Chapter 96–2 to home

    China Longquan Museum, glum to flood and a few disciples was examining monitoring, looking for traces. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    they were alerted to the mistakes they had made before they had an earthquake.

    "master, this man is very suspicious. He took a picture and turned away. Is normal supposed to be lively?"" A disciple of Zhu Hong pointed to the screen and the same root on the floor into the figure said.

    another disciple nodded: "and he really know how to avoid the camera, has been 'exposed' face, can not see what, however, we can find this boxing hall people ask, someone must have seen him!"

    Zhu Hong was silent for a moment; suddenly he reached out and snapped the screen; his voice was hoarse:

    "this is a master.""

    stomping like a master of earthquakes!

    a master who can not face himself!

    he turned to look at a few disciples and sighed:

    "we do," beating "you have to recognize, no need to make big, so not good for anyone, but only temporarily influence a boxing hall, other aspects of careful, careful, don't go wrong."

    "yes, master."." Several disciples did not answer in spirit.

    they also understand that the things to be low-key, just a little swallow that breath, trying to figure out who is to engage in things, and now, the gas has spread, the idea is to follow Too Big for Her Skin receded

    Lou satisfied with the afternoon tea; opened the mailbox and saw Smith's reply.

    he said that Majewski's combat level, even with "spiritual" thing, it is only "bad", even "superior" are not, but because of this, the security of itself was particularly hard, travel is very attention, unlike Joseph, the strength of high strength a careless, casual, secure to rely on, are not careful, it is easy to be successful raids.

    Majewski belongs to the Cannes know that he is a mafia boss, chief villain, but the type has no way to put him in jail, he is well aware of this, so just everywhere, please be careful. So what day is a "super hero" to punish the United States "super" most heroes have their own ideas, to prevent crime, arresting criminals, it will not seriously violate the law, directly kill the target, but there are always exceptions, do not believe that the current system of the "super hero" also many, such as dangerous "judge", his slogan is "justice and punishment".

    therefore, Majewski not only cultivate the strength of a number of good men, also hired a professional security company personnel, and to win the two level outstanding "spirituality", supplemented by other investment, his "defense" is solid if not Jintang, over the years, the "super the hero" had his idea, but all frustrated.

    "here's the" level "seems to be the beginning of the Dan level" The building combines Smith's description, recalls the data, and makes a judgement.

    according to Smith, the strength of its own, really want to be careless with, pay a price, there is still hope in the heavily protected strong kill Majewski, but as a result, it will not clean up, it will leave a lot of hand tail, very trouble.

    therefore, he suggests waiting patiently, not impatient; once the opportunity arises, he will notify himself the first time.

    Lou Cheng has always heard people speak, shaking his head will Majewski things left behind, looking at bishop Pavel related.

    Smith Pavel is hiding in the top of St. church, but it is in the central area of the Catholic Archbishop of Cannes, a Kang Treff sits, from public opinion to practice, do not have to sneak into the raid may.

    Kang Treff, a "terrorist" strong, similar to outside the gang!

    Cannes is a big city with the United States, the financial center, the local gang does not lack outside the class of strong, in addition to Kontsev, there are "Gruca" schools of the big elder Stephen, from the "Gruca school" isolated "* * * * Ke Geri" great master, Francisco, and top occupation match three participants, in addition, the government also has a security system, but the information is confidential, the less popular.

    based on various reasons, Smith believes that the "challenge" of Pavel's time is not ripe, he will make sure monitoring, believe that the other party is unable to bear loneliness, sooner or later from the top of the Cathedral of Saint latent.

    a * * who twisted itself Months and years pass by. restraint got short, can't resist long!

    "all right."" Building a sound into a laugh, the mail in the mail to do the formatting, out of the app, not to think of Majewski and Pavel, only in the best of spirits search "spirituality" "psychic".

    Yan Ke afternoon only one class, followed by a group discussion, the building did not wait how long, received the news of the rally, quickly rushed past, and girls home together.

    just get off, yet they started, they heard the voice of my neighbor's house to tap, looked, found the man who has a yellow beard uncle with the hand push type mower lawn, see the couple, he waved a voice called, laughing it is a passion.

    back looked at their eyes disorderly and long grass, Yan Ke Dao blush:

    "these two weeks have forgotten to ask someone to come to the lawn.""

    Lou prejudice time is early; in the heart move, itch to have a way: "otherwise I come?""

    this is the main labor force of the family!

    "well, I remember the garage with the lawn mower."!" Yan Ke is a child I excited, the feeling of playing house.

    two people hit it off into the garage, found the stacking machine, then pulled out a mobile phone, low head, crackling press.

    after a few seconds, Yan Ke stole the eye into the floor, curious asked:

    "orange, what are you looking at?""

    "I" in search of American experience, "lawn cultivation weeding" guide "" The floor shows the screen.

    "what a coincidence, I also!" Yan Ke lips outline, a face I am very professional expression.

    then, two people laugh out loud, feel each other is worthy of growth in the new era of youth network!

    this year, it's customary to ask the web before you do something!

    research exchange; the floor of the weeding machine put forward the garage; ready, he saw Ke Xiaoke classmates empty hands, leisurely hide in the shadow.

    "what are you going to do?"" Building a chuckle loudly.

    Yan Ke solemn seriously waved her fist way:

    "I am responsible for shouting refueling."!"

    " It's better to call 666." Don't look into building Renjun, smiling back and began pushing the weeding machine, cleaning plant wanton Du Du du.

    first, he is quite new, too little, can "hear" the weeding machine "strength", use gradually become relaxed and sophisticated, will repair the lawn neat.

    in the process, he occasionally and the next line of sight uncle staggered, from time to time to nod, really have a feeling of neighborhood, and Yan Ke in the shade and shallow dimples looked at him with labor figure, eyes are soft.

    arrived half past four, the floor became a lawn, low shouted, "refueling", said he was not just looking on, Yan Ke gathered over, to help do follow-up processing.

    a busy, look at the face I do not know what time stick weed fairy building into something to suggest:

    "or shall we cook tonight?""

    I've studied the recipes carefully!

    speaking, he reached out and twisted the weed; and he was fair and fair.

    "but I haven't read the recipe yet."" Yan Ke blinked to blink eyes, a bit wants to try, a little bit perturbed.

    "afraid of what, I will teach you."!" Building into a heroic wave, then said, "but you're so clever, the scene is the same."

    "make sense."!" Yan Ke is confident of his intelligence quotient.

    and Du aunt confessed, the girl took out the apron, first to the building sets, and then wear themselves.

    "we do first?" She asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

    "stir fried beef." The floor turns the menu to the corresponding page and puts it on the flow table.

    "uh huh." Yan Ke opened the freezer, and picked up a piece of beef, pointing to half of the sky, "this is eye meat, the queen mother said before, the most suitable for baking and frying."."

    "the book says fillet."." The side of the building looked at his eyes and answered.

    after a while, the girl turned out on the sidelines of a beef tenderloin, has super ability of performance by hands.

    filed kitchenware, building into a control body, a knife quickly, but few have the shadow, for a moment, that piece of tenderloin became a difference as the shredded meat.

    "this knife is good?" Lou Cheng proudly show road.

    although I haven't practiced knife, but my sister is known as "black and white knife"!

    "bang bang da!" Yan Ke like a look out of the kitchen, carefully weighing tools beloved, in accordance with the strict in demands recipes, conversion to how many grams of sweet potato starch, how much water, how much oil, attention to them and shredded beef stir, the increase in hardness.

    the building cut the onion next to it; frost covered and buried the feeling of rushing into the eyes.

    cutting, his side head looked to see Yan Ke as being what important experiment, to see her white apron, suddenly feel like Ke Xiaoke classmates adorable.

    back sight, see yourself with apron body, building into a sudden wonderful feelings, laugh out loud.

    "what are you laughing at?"" Yan Ke a face blankly turn head.

    "one or two hours ago, I consider is how to remove Majewski and Pavel the serious criminals, but now busy cleaning up the lawn, vegetable cooking" Cheng Cheng described the feelings just now, and stepped on the apron.

    when he studied the weeding machine, he had talked to Little Fairies about horses, Jef J Ki and Pavel.

    Yan Ke after a few seconds, "he nodded solemnly.":

    "that's probably the name of the hall. Get into the kitchen.""

    then, she has been pouring out of a smile

    a small party in the evening.

    the face was still white; Huang Xiwen was sitting in the corner of the sofa with champagne.

    "Hi, are you in a bad mood?"" A young man with white hair came up and asked with a smile, "he's a mixed blood, a pair of eyes that are deep, dark and charming.".

    can you see?" Huang Xiwen did not recognize the man and responded politely.

    white haired youth; low laughter; "you are jealous of a person; fear of a person; am I right?""

    "how do you know?"" Huang Xiwen surprised, blurted out, full of shock.

    "because I am in direct communication with your heart."." White haired youth raised his glass, drank, too profound to be understood said, "I need help with them?"

    "no, no!"!" Huang Xiwen shook his head in surprise and fear.

    Yan Ke should not speak ill of me; Lou Cheng did not deal with my idea; there was no need to make other things happen

    "OK"." The white haired young man said no more and left with a smile.

    "Laura, what were you talking about?"" Jennifer, the owner of the party, moved closer.

    "nothing."." Huang Xiwen was reluctant to mention it.

    Jennifer laughs, "he's a good spiritual"; he can help him when he's in trouble."

    "temporarily not."." Huang Xiwen denies it again.

    Jennifer had nodded:

    "OK, let's enjoy it; let go of the constraint of life; let go of the cloak; enjoy the party!"!"

    by the end of the week, Lou suddenly received Smith's mail:

    "Majewski will go out for a rave party; there might be a chance."."

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