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Chapter 97–the role of the team

    a statue in front of a fountain in the villa, Majewski face the remnants of excitement on the side of the spiritual mentor: "Moorhouse, this feels great, I quickly exposed to pure spirit of the world. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest"

    he is less than forty, tall, sunken eyes, straight nose, eyes showed light green color, contour lines are soft, is a good man, and a child born temperament, unlike other smugglers, drug, prostitution, the gangs commit all sorts.

    spiritual mentor is a more than 20 year old young blood, hair dyed white, light brown eyes, dark and deep, seems to be connected with another mysterious strangeness of the world, and he even older oneself a lot of horse's stand together, do not shy, but increasingly too profound to be understood.

    "well, try to keep this feeling in mind; repeat this meditation tonight; I believe we can be of the same kind."." Moorhouse smiled and answered, "there's a feeling of letting go, letting go, feeling relaxed and calm.".

    another spiritual forty, eyes hidden madness, it seems that is still a just carnival, Carnival and get rid of the bondage, to express the mind life feeling refreshed.

    he and Moorhouse were standing on each side of Majewski, surrounded by several professional bodyguards and gangster gunmen, and boarded a bulletproof car

    a room on the first floor of the villa, Jennifer 'cheeks flushing shook the glass, bright eyes looked completely relaxed spirit of Huang Xiwen road:

    "how do you feel?""

    "feel light, the body seems to have no weight, and my depression and pain also yell, vent out, very happy, very happy."." Huang Xiwen's eyes implied a little vague answer, although the body is tired, but the spirit is satisfied.

    but, after all, she was attending a similar party for the first time, and soon became worried:

    "Jennifer's elder sister, will this be addictive?""

    "you can rest assured that this is a spiritual community nostrums, really a little marijuana ingredients, but you know, you can also search to this addictive than cigarettes is still low, you see me, usually have shown signs of addiction?" Jennifer sounds soft, good at giving systematic guidance.

    "yes, sister, you look healthy and energetic."." Huang Xiwen half is certainly half admiringly said.

    sister learned to cope with the curriculum and the party, not like themselves, full of pressure.

    Jennifer smiled, and said: "Lola, you know the two floor just have a party?"

    "know."." Huang Xiwen was curious, but don't get invited, not through the stairs of the burly chap.

    "that is the secret of * * * * Party, can help you better to release the pressure, to get rid of the shackles of the outside world and the body, see oneself really out of the ordinary, see its jewel like bright heart, which can not only help you relax, get the wonderful calm, also can let you experience the acme of happiness, so as to break the" prison ", the world of pure spirit opportunity for communication." Jennifer in a dreamy mood described.

    see Huang Xiwen remains cautious, not words, she changed the saying: "this is one of the most popular society party, there are members, lawyers, professors, there are a variety of company CEO, before you meet the spiritual, is their mentor, very much, much stronger than the ability."

    light heard "society" four words, Huang Xiwen bangs, but she still has doubts, did not dare to ask, look the other way

    in the villa, Majewski and the two spiritual bulletproof car, several professional bodyguards did not immediately withdraw, black riding behind, but the separation of four door, guard around.

    with bulletproof cars going slow, they hold the door, small run, just to maintain the position until the other completely starting to recover quickly, arm, turn around, but also on the drill into the open doors of the second car, the whole process of professional fan.

    at this moment, villa outside shadow jumped out of a figure, wearing a very low nose baseball cap, a black frame glasses, cover half the face, and exposed, twinkle, confusion of color, close to the muscle, thin abnormal.

    quicker than words can tell, just building into a flutter, drew a inch like bullying to bulletproof cars beside blood arms immediately blasted the expansion of the right arm, open palm, filled in the flame suddenly in the trunk.


    a sharp, jarring sound of friction; the rear wheels of a bulletproof car were firmly pressed against the ground; the first was spinning wildly; then it slowed slowly, splashing out golden sparks.

    and the floor of the feet have arrived, muscle blocks exaggerated, will be the whole body twisted into a whole, the cracks around the road highlights, spread out.

    he pressed a parked car!

    when this mutation, the car subconsciously make a panic brake, shaking several bodyguards, so that they did not have the first time out of the window from the big caliber pistol.

    the Moorhouse of the former car had already responded, the dark fire flash in the eye, the body appeared before a group of twisted uncertain shadows.

    this time, building into a didn't do extra action, left a shake out, open fingers, bulging muscles and tendons and small, bluish black dark red clip to hold on the fuel tank of a vehicle door.

    his broken steel sound, the "door" was abruptly pulled into the building with this momentum, back, away from the door through attack of shadow, shooting car bang and bodyguard.

    they stabilize the body, from the pop-up window to complete a round of quick fire firearms.

    back, back again, in this process, right before the building suddenly thrown a fireball, the heavy condensed shot out accurate light shadow, drill into the tank!

    "no"!" Seeing this scene, Majewski and the bodyguard captain sent a startled cry.

    a rumble!

    a huge explosion immediately sounded, all other voices will engulf all, horrible fireballs from inside the car plates to jumping, rolling, tearing up the plate, broken glass, burning red, magnificent to the extreme, too terrible to the extreme.

    after the car stopped short bodyguards, endured two explosions of fear, have to get off and divided into two groups, one group will go into the direction of building fire, a group trying to save.

    then, completely covering the car in front of the flame suddenly separated by a strange, just to wind around, tinged with green.

    the skeleton of the car, "spirituality" Moorhouse eye is dark awn, ragged, pale broken out door kicked around the right arm, left hand shadow, pulling Majewski.

    the underworld tycoons quarrel haemorrhage, who many have terrible burns injury, though not fatal, but very serious, almost unconscious on the spot, while another spiritual and his driver capable subordinates, even stronger, also embarrassed, almost lost power.

    building into turning flexibly, is to the flower beds in the rear, the bodyguard Moorhouse drive off, when the fire is in the left pocket, grab a coin, pop-up flexor.


    the pennies distorted, a friction out of red laser to Mars, Majewski.

    Moorhouse low curse, Majewski will be lost at the foot of the two palms stretched out, and more shadow, and greet the "bomb"".

    bang! The coins were blown apart, pierced through layers of shadows, and finally faded, while the bodyguards covered the floor with a fire that forced him to retreat again and away from the scene.

    at the same time, the people behind a bullet from the muffler flashed into Majewski's head, soundless and stirless, let him steep eyes, protruding eyes, body incontinence, death.

    huge stone in the fountain, the long shadow thrown a few latent thread, stuck to the villa of the corner, a whoosh sound disappeared.

    building into seeing this, quickly retreated, no longer stay, several ups and downs, all will be far away.

    a sudden go by like the wind, he step, "ice heart mirror" reflects in a track of its own shadow, it is like a face, vaguely show Moorhouse's appearance.

    for people who are physically alienated, it is easy to use "super power" within a small range, but in a long distance there is no control at all, and "spirituality" seems unrestricted.

    building a quietly, in the mind in the outline of the ancient form "soldiers", its action for blood evil into the shadow of spikes.

    this is his "ice mirror" breakthrough in order to complete the operation; also belong to "nine word formula" simplified, also with the power reduction in exchange for rapid use.

    plop, "spike" has hit a shadow, it will disappear.

    "ah!"!" Villa doorway, Moorhouse suddenly issued a bellow, covered his head, the pain fell to the ground, the body smoked a cigarette, very shocking.

    bodyguards at a loss about what to do for a few seconds, to start saving, but also has car flame Sheng, two explosions.

    a rumble!

    the loud noise scared the men and women in the villa pale; someone called the police; someone tried to peep out.

    "don't be afraid. There's Mr. Moorhouse in. There's no problem."." Jennifer comforted Huang Xiwen, "and Mr. Zajel, he is respected the strong person"

    Majewski is alias.

    "is Mr. Moorhouse strong?"" Asked Huang Xiwen gingerly.

    "very strong; he is a very gifted spiritual."." Jennifer confirms.

    wait a few minutes, see the outside and blew the gunfire has stopped, they carefully look out from the window, I saw a car burning skeleton, Majewski and Moorhouse was moved to the side, no movement.

    the villa was completely quiet and depressing; Huang Xiwen shook his head and felt it would be his nightmare

    &nbsp:two blocks away, the floor meets Smith, changing out clothes and sneakers, and turning them into ashes.

    looked at the bones of the building and made a lot of noise; it became bigger and higher; the muscles of the face swelled up and became more chiseled; Smith exclaimed:

    "Oh, that's amazing!"."

    "a little trick."." The floor smiled.

    "after the encounter of God", he has enough control over his body to complete the contraction.

    Smith started the car, headed afar, after a pause, he said, still have a lingering fear:

    "I'm crazy, you should be confused, in this matter, I broke a spider man's creed, I do not deserve the spider man, floor, you know, this is the first time I kill, I spent five years as a spy, not involved in what a dangerous mission, have not made a few pieces of" super hero "thing to do, this is the first time I had a bullet shot out of a life, so no, Majewski and his side is spiritual but no damn, convicted of the case, I think I'm in the crime"

    a glance at Smith; the corners of his mouth twitched down the road:

    "Smith, calm down. I didn't know you said so much before.""

    "understand, understand, calm, calm."." Smith took a breath and retrieved the professional qualities of the secret agents.

    building a pondered under way: "you don't think Majewski damn? If he can find strong evidence to nail him, someone else has already done so, if not, even if he is arrested, he can easily leave the court."

    "I know."." Smith looked over his shoulder and said, "I just feel like I'm no longer a spider man. I need to find the right concept for myself, Lou. Why are you so calm?" Don't you have inner struggles?"

    isn't that nonsense? Finally, it's not me who started killing "Cheng Cheng thought," replied earnestly:

    "probably my legal consciousness is weak."."

    "" Smith was dazed.

    he did not say, around the section of the road, the guns "back in" the horse of Jef J Ki to head his side and finally sent to the north building into cannes.

    entered the house; the floor saw the waiting room in the living room without changing its gown; smiled and said:

    "fix, so.easy."."

    "concrete circumstances."." Yan Kesong asked a sigh, eyes shining.

    building is to be described, suddenly heard the stomach hum, his ridicule: "I get something to eat, so a hungry."

    "I'll do it."!" Yan Ke eager to raise the next arm, "what do you want to eat?""

    "do you want noodles, do you?"" The floor laughs casually.

    "flour" ~ you can make noodles yourself." Slowly, he ran into the kitchen, then shouted, and pointed to the flour. "I made up, and you rubbed it."!"

    "don't you do it?"" Laugh out loud to floor.

    Yan sipped his lower lip and answered with an innocent face:

    "you had relatively large!"

    "all right."." Lou smiled and put on his apron.

    Huang Xiwen et al. Wait until after accepting the police inquiry, he was just a bowl of noodles to go out, look at the leftovers before Yan Ke heat, pour into it, and then as toppings, tongtongkuaikuai eat up, or to the girl about things before.

    a really nice night.

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