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Chapter 98–"farewell" scourge"

    eating the noodles, drank two soup, building into fangxiawankuai, left hand out coin flip, low voice Tucao Smith:

    "the spider that stock is really, I just started so casually mentioning, feel more adventure on your own, do not go, he directly agreed, but also to improve the plan to discuss in the best of spirits, and ending, I think he is worthy of the first sub agents, psychological quality what strong wind and big waves burst table, not seen, who knows after wither too just like little sheep like, a move with me about this is contrary to his ideas, do not deserve the spider man, how early do not refuse?"

    Yan Ke single hand Tuosai, quietly listening to the dark eyes, looked like jewels in the floor into one eye, he quickly fell to flip the coin left over, thought for a moment, not sure the language of airway:

    "orange, in fact, you are not too calm?""

    ah? Look at the floor into, wants to deny, can glance jumped about coins, as seen in the same state of heart lake. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    its surface seems quiet, only microwave waves, deep actually tight, hidden somersault.

    yes, after "visiting" Joseph, I was also unable to control "abuse" mineral water bottle, ice and hot, and then ice reheat, until see Ke Ke, just barely calm down

    as a law-abiding 20 years of students, not just their perfunctory Smith said, legal consciousness, is a natural desire is never a desperado, always on tenterhooks life.

    although it has experienced nine events such as shadow kill, enhance the ability to adapt to the edge of life and death, temper the mood, but either passive, or not relates to the life and his hand tail, no need to worry about, and in a foreign country "butcher", clear the raid on Majewski there is an essential difference.

    in the final analysis, in this respect, I'm just a fledgling, and I don't like doing such things very much.

    by the girl as if through the heart of the eyes of a look, the idea of the building of a surge, and eventually into a sigh:

    "Ke, come here, let me have a hug."."

    "uh" He left his seat and walked up to the platform. Still standing up, he opened his arms and hugged himself tightly.

    familiar with the taste of the threads of drill into the nose, linger in the mind, beautiful Jiao Qu slender warm, breathe like a resonance, building into a heart slowly calm, "watching" anxiety and feelings of apprehension, tension to a little quiet lake, no longer undercurrents.

    in the process, he awkwardly and awkwardly soothed his back as he gently caressed the girl's hair.

    "get rid of the butcher and Majewski, Cannes or other criminals may not involve you, or belong to the scope, Du aunt can respond well, the only one of Pavel, he hid in the holy top Cathedral, avoiding a few months in the limelight, should not dare to steal out of touch. But his main goal is to minor children, I should not have what to do, can relax and enjoy life" The floor has a deep voice, not much organized language, what to think and what to say.

    Yan Ke soothing action gradually familiar and smooth, hard floor into the shoulders, replied in a low voice:

    "that's fine. That's fine.""

    hold for a long time, two people from the sub floor, to pick up the dishes, both physically and mentally relaxed smile:

    "Hello, your dishwasher has been on the line."!"

    "speak just like I did."" Yan Ke looked contemptuously building into a chuckle, quipped, "when someone came back just a clear, I just go out and buy a food like noodles, get hungry than" super hero "more important things, the results are fitted out!"

    here, her smile, whispered a word:

    "so I'm relieved.""

    washing the dishes, the couple were bathed, lay down on the bed, the back cover is thin on the pillow, brush with mobile phone.

    "well, our group of students is saying that Majewski's case involves Jennifer's elder sister." Yan Ke folded his legs and shook his side.

    "so soon is the news coming?"" The story hasn't been painted yet.

    as for the local Dave forum for the exchange area, he still confused, unable to find north, not to study.

    "a classmate's uncle very early immigrants to Cannes to do business, to do his cousin at the police station." Yan Ke explained a sentence, the mobile phone and people together to the building, with him to see the follow-up.

    according to the student's description, Jennifer the Cannes University's active character very early by Majewski to help him find the control, good girl, general means is invited to the party, when played a few times, familiar, will take "tonic", luring him to seek more luxury, then slowly increase the dose, the formation of addiction, finally introduced into the spiritual "orgy", and indulge, degenerate spirit, become the spiritual props or Ma Jef J Ki draw society of people tools.

    when tired, if not the talent, will be thrown to the bottom, control of money.

    in this process, lured the girl in turn will become people like Jennifer, pulling no alert girl more, let the victim snowball change, however, not everyone will perish, it should be said that most of the girls in several times, not found the reason, will refuse to, of course, also do not want to come back, forced drugging of poor victims.

    "how could that be?"" Yan Ke look angry voice has be struck dumb, unsteady.

    Never mind than Joseph kill girl with her, there is no less be strangers to each other, the victim in this case involves the students.

    Yan Ke of the United States no party atmosphere of discrimination, just think it a waste of time, and easily lead to gossip, don't know who is willing to participate, but the hidden danger some party, like a seemingly gorgeous terrible serpent.

    a burst of joy; no qualms about prior action.

    bullying girls what skills?!

    and more easily involved than expected!

    Majewski died well; those devotions were hateful; they hated the chance to discipline them.

    Yan Ke said angrily for a while, the party had some psychological shadow, and the police station for the victims to consider, did not disclose who, who, who.

    "orange, you did a great job this time."!" Vent finished, the girl's eyes sparkling look up to her husband.

    building cost to habitual in love one, ask what reward, but his mood is excited after precipitation, see Ke Xiao Ke students faces a serious and bright eyes, suddenly feeling all paid off.

    "I like this reward."!" He chuckled and whispered.

    "ah?"" Yan Ke a face stay foolish, don't know oneself orange again pull to which nerve.

    when did I reward him?

    a little quiet; the girl brushed the news again, and finally found the story:

    "take out the man" reappearance!"

    "notorious" Majewski was executed "," delivery man "is not lawful hero."

    a rave party; a deadly party!"

    Yan Ke with English reading ability; over the floor into a lot of; quickly browse, and made a translation:

    " According to the spot investigation, "take out the man" has the formidable Companion to help, this perhaps is they can kill Majewski, but other heroes can not be the reason"

    " The monitoring device is damaged, the key part to record, but finally we can extract images visually see "delivery man", he is less than seven meters tall, do the common delivery boy dressed up, wearing a baseball cap and a big black frame glasses, color can not distinguish, belongs to thin cheeks he is really good at manufacturing, explosion, hand fire cover, so did not leave fingerprints This is in line with the description in Cole's simple confession."

    "basically consistent?"" Yan Ke smiled to make a voice, turn over one's eyes and see toward the building.

    their oranges have developed to seven or eight meters per two times. They are not handsome, but they are also good young men with clear lines, full muscles and strong outline!

    "if it does agree, then I should have a headache."." The floor became a smile, deep feeling shrink bone work good use.

    and two, Yan Ke translation news comments, American people divided into the camp of two different.

    a "delivery man" without legal judgment, make a sentence, not a "super hero", but people is lawful evil, today can kill the notorious repute but no evidence of the horse Jef J Ki, possibly by free proof self judgment kill others tomorrow, perhaps innocent people and this will be a factor of social instability, must be strong regulation, hoping to catch the "delivery man".

    another wave of think the system has no * * save, become rich and powerful judicial and lawyers toys, can no longer maintain justice, this time, you need to take the knight to justice, punish the bad guys.

    they claim that the "take out" man is the idol and the real knight.

    translation of several of the most popular reviews, Yan Min laughs:

    "I don't know, but we are certainly those rebellious youth worship you."

    "everyone wears a pair of black rimmed glasses to imitate. It feels a little wrong."" The building to fall into a reverie.

    the couple discuss laughing for a long time, until the clock comes, each other.

    sleep until midnight, Yan Ke Long awake turn, want to turn over a body, but found that his right hand was tightly dragged, unable to break free.

    her head up, look to the side, saw the building into a while was sleeping soundly, but his hand firmly hold himself, would not have the slightest loosen, his eyes moist faded, faded becomes quiet, like a child

    the next morning, the couple got up on time, temper, because there are a few other practice experience, "the word" Yan Ke "dou" words after several days of practice, preliminary touched the threshold, which makes her very happy, eat breakfast five.

    campus building respectively, into the "Meisaisi" fighting games and go jogging along the way, really saw a lot of wearing a baseball cap, wearing black rimmed glasses imitators, in this regard, he can only twitch mouth.

    after a week, because Pavel never leaving the top floor into the church, to remain in a proper sphere, even in order to avoid the limelight, not as planned, looking for opportunities to challenge the "Gruca school" fighter.

    in the blink of an eye, close to the time of the end of the month, to the day of return floor.

    the Lyon Airport lobby; monitored by watching the reluctant couple, Smith breathed a long sigh.

    he this time although recognize the soul, understand oneself from Joseph has a major suspect but can not get the warrant to deviate from the track of spider man, the idea of justice, therefore, will be in the building to offer clear Ma Jef J Ki villain when he promised, but that building is a dangerous man, old in Cannes, it is easy to stir up trouble, and let yourself constantly on the run following treatment.

    call; thank God; he's leaving at last Smith painted a cross religiously.

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