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Chapter 99–Zhao Qiang's wedding

    security, compared with only a big back clear, building into a side more than a 20 inch drag rod box, filled with leisure and shopping Yan Ke harvest, his feet have new clothes from head to also have a gift for Lou Zhisheng. Qi Fang et al. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    it's good to have a wife; this matter is considered in every detail Yan Ke building into a look to the residual fatigue color, reach out to help her hair up to the ear, smiled and said:

    "I'm in, you go home, sleep early tonight, sleep well."."

    Yan Ke was quite touching, can listen, and shame and gas, eyes open, right arm jitter, fist from the waist to jump out, hit the floor collapsed into the abdomen, not the actual force moves freely flowing style of writing.

    "who's to blame?"!" She clenched her teeth and whispered, pretending to be free and easy. She turned and walked slowly toward Du Yan waiting at the elevator.

    the building covers the belly, stands straight the body, smiles to look at the young fairy's figure, in the mind whispers:

    "should I go to the forum and ask, wife is more and more shy, more and more" violence ", how to do?"

    "Er, they must answer" show affection, roll, "" I'm wrong, I'm rolling myself. ""

    he watched the idea of ups and downs, Ke Xiao Ke students away until the fast stairs, Yan Ke finally lose my mood, back over the head, look here, see the building actually set in place, not moving.

    four items hand over, she does not close the mouth low scold:


    because of this separation not too long, because the next month will come back, because they already have the experience, before two people didn't like that at ten seconds later, unable to part, again waved, into the elevator, into a switch to network security, familiar love mode.

    seeing the building into a smooth road, the flight take off on time, the weather forecast is not bad news, Smith was able to hold back the urge to celebrate fists again, finishing the monitoring report over this period of time, the artificial spider line, a whoosh sound into the director's office, like to be free the world.

    thank God, amen!

    a neat little broad patient in the hospital, an arm, face stiff brown hair and a middle-aged man through the window, looking at the intensive care remain unconscious Moorhouse, on the side of humanity:

    "he is close to brain death.""

    "I know."." A body of black, green eyes, can not see how old man flatly answered.

    he looks very ordinary, but there is not a scholar, in the real world of fantasy mystery, make people convinced, willing to listen to his words.

    "Lucas, I have a suggestion. Let me take him away. You should know that we have a" man-made weapons project "that will allow Moorhouse to live in another way." One armed man said solemnly.

    Lucas silence occultist fan, invisible micro nodded:

    "I have no opinion."."

    one armed man quietly relieved, and asked: "you have not found" useful clues takeaway man '?"

    "no," psychic "is not omnipotent; in the absence of direction, even the grand master has no way." Lucas answered slowly, "but if he happens a few more times, we'll surely catch him."."

    "may God bless you."." One armed man used to say.

    but the voice just fell, he felt wrong, God will bless the demonic spiritual help, the more likely it is down to the light, clean them.

    Lucas apparently thought of it; smiled with irony; at last he looked at Moorhouse in the ICU, and turned away.

    "Lucas, and one more thing, you have to finish cutting as soon as possible and throw out a few people to quell public opinion."." One middle-aged raise voice reminder.

    "we are doing it."." Lucas turned back and smiled a little. "Gore, wait a minute. I'm inviting you to my private island for a holiday."."

    "happy to be."." One middle-aged Gore thought of the scene on the island, a fiery underbelly

    building a city to pine is eleven, on the eve of the martial arts club and will have three days of vacation, he is going to back in October 2nd to help Xiushan trip, mom and dad move, and to give them one by one gift to buy a new house after half dry, can finally stay.

    just into the bedroom, not enough time to lay down their luggage; floor achievement saw Zhao Qiang, Zhang Jingye and Qiu Gao three people returned from study.

    "Gee, so early?""

    "Gee, are you back?""

    both parties completed the greeting process in surprise.

    "" Zhao Qianglve laughed a little sheepishly at the moment:

    "orange, eat dinner together at the same time, my treat."."

    "do you treat?" Why?" A building over eye director Comrade A Qiang, he was wearing a pair of black glasses, hair neatly combed, seemingly old-fashioned, but there is a sense of maturity.

    be worthy of being a scientist

    "orange, you little days, do not know the Han, regardless of the Wei and Jin Dynasties."." Cai Zongming got in from the next bedroom and dropped a Book bag.

    he is at any rate by the test of true ability.

    "what's the case?"" Cheng Cheng rather curious.

    old Qiu Qiu Zhigao enviously explained: "John has a girlfriend, must treat ah!"

    "girlfriend?" Is that the city normal school?" Lou Cheng Gua asked.

    that was Zhao Qiang's high school classmate.

    "uh" Zhao Qiang nodded with delight and a shy nod.

    "you don't mean an elderly person who teaches you to study while you are young. Do not waste your time in love and love?"" Lou quipped with amusement.

    "man, this life has to take into account the course of history."" Zhao Qiang sighed contentedly.

    "speak people"!" The building interrupted his explanation.

    Zhao Qiang helpless: "just couldn't resist scratching the chant, is to love it, what are you going to do?"

    "I think your action is still strong."." Cheng Cheng praise a heartfelt.

    "Okay, okay, mostly she's good for me too."." Zhao Qiangmei opened his eyes and smiled.

    Xiao Ming classmates disdain to say: "with them every day chat, weekend you go to my school, I come to your school state, not lovers become enemies, classmates friendship?" Who do you cheat? Didn't I say, is that Wang Xi Jiang sooner or later to give"

    he is a hold in the palm of the hand.

    said Zhao Qiang only ridicule in.

    and a burst of laughter, building into a casually asked: "where to eat at night?"

    "go to Pine City normal side there, they are old school district, next to the food street, snack street, much richer than our side, or eat too much."." Zhao Qiang suggested.

    the city was originally referred to as normal, because after the pine division, called a Chow Chow Dog popular, we voluntarily made a change.

    "Pine City normal old campus" a little far away ah" Cai Zongming hesitated.

    "Hey, my lover, it's not like you as a person?" The building listens to one Leng, the export teases.

    "how isn't it?"" Cai Zongming glanced at a glance.

    "if it is before you, will say, go to the Pine City normal good, there is beauty, as a married man, although not mess up, but you can enjoy to the full, happy mood, which may be too far?" The building was impolitely damaged by "mouth king"".

    Cai Zongming was stunned for a moment, sighed:

    "today is different." You see, my daily morning training, the afternoon and evening lectures to do homework, but not like you have a cover of colleges and schools, not afraid of the exam, the remaining time can only meet with my a chat, play games have to do, what the mood is to look beautiful, I am now, standard downhearted. Dumb as a wooden chicken"

    "ha ha, you say so, I'm happy."!" Floor shot took Xiao Xiaoming's shoulder.

    Cai Zongming left the mouth: "before I tried to persuade you, my girlfriend is not around, don't live like a monk, a brilliant sun a little more good results, now understand that TM really dead tired! Where is the mood and energy?"

    a little rest, a group of five of the way about each other is how to start, Zhao Qiang are ripe, almost at the same time both sides have affection, dedication is a woman daozhui, during that time, Wu Qian has often been invited to travel, in a paste paste coating, as for my comrades Time reveals a man's heart., understand their feelings, not how easy and around together.

    so it seems, only I was real to hand" Lou Cheng blurted out a sigh.

    it has just finished, he thought had remembered, Yan Ke in the United states.

    just separated, already missed.

    forty minutes later, they came to Pine City normal north gate, met Zhao Qiang's old classmate, now girlfriend Wang Xi, she looks Zhou Zheng, the skin is fair and white, about six meters.

    "my roommates, you know, Lou Cheng, he has to wear glasses now, or else it will block the traffic."." Zhao Qiang introduced his girlfriend.

    "Hello, there are two girls in our bedroom who are your fans."." Wang River politely said hello.

    "I can only say thank you."." The floor smiled.

    "Cai Zongming, I told you," Wang mouth ', only one mouth guy, Zhang Jingye,' model workers', old Qiu, our small bedroom only a single dog, you have to give him." Said Zhao Qiangzhi proudly.

    chatting casually; they entered a gourmet street near the north gate and found a reputable barbecue shop.

    waiting process, building into a spoke of us let everyone with rapt attention, local customs and practices, on the "super hero" of the social phenomenon of interest.

    when his mobile phone rang suddenly, a strange number.

    who? Building suspected fraud or telemarketing, but still afraid of missing important things, chose to answer.

    just a connection; a magnetic voice sounded across the room:.

    "Cheng Cheng?""

    "yes, you are?"" Lou Cheng asked puzzled.

    there is no pause; take it for granted:

    "I am Chen Qitao."."

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