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Chapter 100–Hot

    hear each other from the newspaper name is "Chen Qitao", building into the first reaction is "fucking liar", in my mind already sketched out one piece, such as "I am" the Dragon King "Chen Qitao, was seriously injured, lose all martial arts, living in a foreign country. Afraid to contact acquaintances, afraid of being enemies, I hope you can lend me five thousand yuan money, help me return to the Dragon Tiger club, at that time, or teach you, call your 'fire' Juexue, or half your possessions". Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    as for the thing that knows his name, mother egg, now on the grade cheater, who doesn't buy "big data"?

    "I blurted out his money," the impulse, building into a holding is not afraid afraid of the event mentality, flat voice replied: "I find predecessors have what thing?"

    it sounds really TM a bit familiar to me, like the "Dragon King" in an interview with the feeling, mood is like!

    the tone of the phone was unchanged:

    "next year, if you don't go back to Wu Yue, come to the Dragon Tiger club."."

    well, no money? I probably won't go back to the Wu Yue meeting. Nobody should know! It can't be true. "Dragon King"? Floor into the hearts of an excited, do not want to have made a positive answer:


    the Dragon King himself invited me?

    phone short pause, a magnetic voice is no longer mentioned earlier. Instead, neither fast nor slow:

    "Yan Jin" is the core of "heavy", "burning", but not "explosion", this point you know very well, but you are not "outside world", a "heavy", not in line with the actual situation of the body. Soon there will be a bottleneck, you can not in the stage, try to do more of, "burning" doping charm"

    "uh, um, okay, okay" The building into a face Meng force listened from time to time to respond.

    how does this become a telephone instruction?

    a few minutes later, Chen Qitao claimed to stop some people, slow said:

    "that's all."."

    his voice just fell, the sound of beep beep has been issued, a building with a mobile phone, stood for a long time can not be back.

    it seems like "Dragon King"!

    who would be free to show me "Yan Di Jin"!

    ha ha, the Dragon King himself invited me! Come and invite me yourself! As a qualified small fans, Lou Cheng is excited and excited, and I can not wait to immediately call this thing with big horn.

    "oranges; what's the matter?" Who's on the phone?" Because of his unusual manner, Zhao Qiang doubts and sounds.

    as if from what predecessor?

    building is to be roommates and share the "Dragon King" pro do invite things, suddenly feel that will not show off too too high, then smiled and said: "what is not reserved, and predecessors are discussed under the occupation match thing."

    "Oh, you should go straight to the top professional race and follow Wu Yue?"" Old Qiu Qiu Zhigao asked curiously.

    "not necessarily."." Building into a smiling answer.

    at the same time, he picked up his cell phone and gave Yan a "firecracker" expression:

    "dragon king called me."!"

    Yan Kegang up for a while, "rubbed his sleepy eyes and said:" really "Dragon King"?"

    am I awake yet?

    "of course, really."! In his understanding of "Yan Jin", I'm sure!" Building into a fist of light ".

    "did he come to invite you to the Dragon Tiger club?"" Yan Ke how intelligent, thought a turn, has been some speculation.

    "yes."!" Building "akimbo laugh" reply.

    the end of the word, he calmed down, "was scratching": "I like directly promised, and you have not consulted, not for my master"

    this should be called a sinner

    "ha ha, excited floor small into good Meng ~" Yan Ke made a "touch the head" expression, "my opinion, you know, of course, promised him."!"

    building a "laughing" said: "in fact I very afraid of facing a difficult problem, if one is the dragon king invitation, while I Grandpa let me go to the Shushan Zhai when visiting the elders, how should I do"

    "what would you do?"" Yan Ke "turn eyes" road.

    "of course, follow the daughter-in-law."!" The building answered without hesitation.

    Yan Ke "Wuzui smile said:" in fact Shushan Zhai side door upright shelf is very heavy, about your career is the one thing you really want to invite you to visit, they do not pull the Qing, face, looked like Pope door anyway and I leave no successor, brother, and green song brother them."

    "uh huh." And after the fairy share, building into a barely calm excitement, Zhao Qiang and Cai Zongming et al to talk a few words, borrow to Restroom time for their master call.

    "Hey, are you guys ready to call the teacher?"" The old man was half teasing and half sarcastic.

    building a Ganxiao two, directly into the theme: "master," the Dragon King "just call me, let me go to the Dragon Tiger club next year, well, if you do not return to Wu Yue would you like?"

    he hides the promised facts.

    "go!"! Of course! Your 'fire' work force only, no moves, not feel bound hands and feet? The Dragon Tiger club, put these to make up for it, if there is a chance, what outside the gang Juexue, what no Ministry of magic, all learn!" The old man said it tuomohengfei.

    outer Juexue gang The Ministry of magic ban The floor became a tic and said, "master, do you want to be so straightforward?""

    sounds like you want to send me a package

    biological master!

    the old man coughed and said: "this is for you as a teacher, smelly boy, hope to contact the Department of martial arts no opportunity to be much, it's settled," Dragon King "the pride of temper, personally call you, what do you want?"

    "good, good."." Cheng Cheng breathed a sigh of relief.

    "well, these days there may also be a good old man sichanlanda lost to all sense of shame for you, and a banner to invite you, you refused to direct it, and he don't gab." The old man thought of another thing.

    the first two days of their own a careless, most of the disciples will not go back, Wu Yue will say things leaked

    "who, who?"" Lou Cheng listens one Leng, one leng.

    Shi old man sighed: "at the beginning of young ignorance, mistakenly handed over the old goods, headache so far, in short, do not give him the opportunity to climb up the pole."."

    finished, he hung up the phone, in the daughter's house in circles, looking for good wine, leaving the building in the bathroom door, and is dazed and stupefied.

    who could it be? Which forces?

    the two doubts did not last long; on the evening of October 1st when the vacation was officially started, Cheng Cheng received the "old goods" call from the master.

    the other party smiles very enthusiastically: "small house?""

    "yes, who's calling?"" Cheng Cheng said politely.

    "I am your master friend for many years, my surname Wu, currently in play at the club, give you mentioned?" The voice opposite is not too old, mellow with a bit of idle taste.

    "mention a little, Wu Molian, senior Wu, right?"" A building into a "tectogene club" and "Wu" will probably know who it is.

    a strong player in a professional competition; which isn't famous?

    "yes, it's my empty nest old man."." Wu Mo Lian chuckled, "small, there is no interest to us at the club? Although we have not yet entered the top circle, but also fast, the old man I can fight for five years, "the witch" has grown up, "cheetah" almost agreed to join, Li Xiao far next year or the year after will come, if you are willing to join, it is absolutely the core of our focus on training, the club's work want to learn, no matter what, give you the basic salary will refer to foreign standards to gang, house and car, a word"

    keep in mind the master's teachings; Lou Cheng interrupts:

    "Wu predecessors, I have promised the Dragon Tiger club, and if I don't go back to Wu Yue, I'll go to them."."

    "Dragon Tiger club"? That's quick enough" Wu Molian whispered, "the story, you must think clearly, you are the dragon and tiger Club reserve, only one of them, and to our deep, that is the only, say something, others a large fortune, the rules are very strict, even if you are the Tianjiao, also a man down, ha ha they go, what conditions?"

    "Er, not yet."" Cheng Cheng, honest answer.

    totally forgot the crop when promised.

    as did not sign a contract in the arena, this is heavy!

    "don't know?" Ha ha, small building, this shows that they do not attach importance to you, you need at this stage is to pay attention to." Wu Molian spirit.

    Lou Cheng answered at once:

    "dragon king called me."."

    that's enough attention, right?

    "Dragon King"?" Wu Molian became silent.

    "yes."." Build up to confirm.

    Hu, Wu never sichanlanda the predecessors

    "Hey, Dragon King's hand, sure enough."." Wu Molian said in a voice again, smiling, "small, you really have to think clearly, the Dragon King the man is too proud, not good"

    Balabala he said a pile, for half an hour after the building become rid, feel tired.

    really a persistent old man!

    fortunately, I willed, not shaken!

    in October 2nd, the building back to Xiushan, involved in moving, one carrying a cabinet, in the crowd's dumbfounded expression, walked into the cargo ladder.

    mom is really, and the family is not money, direct move company is not good enough You have to find your own car and get it yourself! Fufei building into Qi Fang, the cabinet will move into a new home.

    at this time, his cell phone rang, the screen flashing, showing "Wen Qing" two words.

    "ha, Wen Qing, what's the matter for me?"" I turned on the phone one floor.

    &nbsp:ANN Chaoyang said with a smile: "I heard you probably won't go back to Wu Yue next year.""

    "probability rate event"." The building was closed.

    "I am doing my master for lobbyists, we are waiting for the Xinghai club." Ann Chaoyang.

    the invitation after the idea Building a few seconds into small feather, sincere replied: "I have promised the king."

    "Dragon King"?" An Zhaoyang was surprised, after a short while just smiled, "that I don't talk what conditions."

    "how have you been at the Xinghai club recently?"" Building a chakai topic, asked casually.

    "OK", every few days, someone will take you, Li Li and "Taoist priest" when other children to educate me." An Zhaoyang answered with ease.

    chatted for a while; he hung up the phone; the phone screen showed the time of call and the object of the call:

    "three minutes, fifty seconds", "two ha"".

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