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Chapter 101–the feeling of home

    Lou put down the mobile phone, think of these days to answer the phone, a little emotion, and then found that it seems to lack what, right, Wu Yue or ice God have not contacted themselves!

    was it blocked by master, or did they default on the situation and development?

    his laugh, did not think about it, continue to move into building their own industry, followed by a small rented truck running back and forth a few times, became the main labor force today, four people to lift the marble table, he single handedly prop up, let Lou Zhi Sheng and Qi Fang repeatedly with martial arts to let Lou Yuan Wei came a hand and "two" Yuan Lou long et al did not take a disservice, can only take some small items, dutifully onlookers refueling, scream 666. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    close to noon, the floor again into the original home, to see what else missing.

    most of the living room empty, littered with debris everywhere, a mess, disappeared cabinets, disappeared TV, disappeared single sofa, disappeared for many years using the coffee table

    so at first glance, a building suddenly give birth to a bit disappointed, there is a subtle feeling left the home left home, in his view, the new home is jerky, go inside, not familiar with the taste, and here is your life for a dozen years, full of memories, carved into the bones, his heart is home.

    hey With a sigh, he walked around the living room, half examining and half thinking of it.

    footsteps stop at the master bedroom door, probe looked, wardrobe missing, desk missing, only mom finally abandoned part of the old clothes thrown on the ground.

    looking at the empty place, conjured up the brush red paint, somewhat mottled building into a bed, look a bit complicated, it is mom over the dowry bed, with her whole marriage, also witnessed their birth and growth, witnessed their babbling and hit the books.

    the couple married the matrix material is not rich, mother and born in rural households, not what dowry, therefore, ten all-around Grandpa for wood, built out of bed to create furniture, still in use.

    gazed at a glance, a floor to his room door, because the new home bought a double bed and a sofa bed, the bed he had still quietly stay in place, as before so many years, but it is next to the desk, on the opposite side of the bookcase and wardrobe, has been away from it go.

    think of rolling on the childhood, that night will be placed in the bed lamp, in a sneaky way to read the novel, let the eyes have myopia youth, think slept until noon youth holiday, think the sun shines, Yan Ke lying there, and his devout and surging growth years, into the building for a moment there is hard to give up here, "old friends" hard feelings.

    it's like a farewell childhood sweetheart buddy met for many years.

    really want to take it to the new home too

    Lou Cheng took out the cell phone, took the "memory", issued to the Yan Ke before going to bed, "melancholy sigh" road:

    "it seems that there is no home at all.""

    without the past.

    "touch the head; when I moved there now, I had a bad time. Well, after two weeks, I got used to it and accepted."" Yan Ke smiled out of tears. "There is a father and a mother, and soon he feels at home."."

    "uh" Lou Cheng will not want to pick up several old books, and finally look around the room, and softly closed the door, saying goodbye, exist in the memory of the past ten years home.

    took the elevator and entered the new house; he took a bath, washed off the sweat and dirt, and replaced the stained clothes.

    hand head transpiration from the fog, passing into the kitchen floor, they heard Dad chat in the living room and Grandpa grandmother two cousin, see mom is busy preparing the meal.

    in accordance with Xiushan customs, moving the first day is the need to invite friends and family to eat a meal.

    "Mom, why bother? It's better to order two tables outside."" The building leans in the kitchen doorway, not quite approbate ground to say.

    Qi Fang looked up and stared at him, he didn't care what the world Tianjiao: "warm kitchen 'is not at home. What happened?"

    "mother, custom, this kind of thing, convenient, make, inconvenient is indifferent, all with oneself as the main, otherwise become feudal superstition."." Build again persuade.

    "you are superstitious."!" Qi Fang's voice and stress overstating, ease, "today is not how many people on both sides of relatives."

    "OK, mom, I'll help you."." Into the kitchen, he took off an apron and put on it.

    "do you help?" Go, go, talk to your grandfather, don't mess around here, your grandmother, they'll be here for help later." Qi Fang did not see any joy, and waved with abandon, as if in a hurry to catch flies.

    mother is really Building a robbed in the past, pushed to the front board: "Mom, I am in the US but made several meals, and martial arts people knife not bad."

    "really?" Qi Fang put down the knife, half frightened half doubt watching their son the knife flies, cut melon vegetable, chop bone meat cut.

    yes She likes a dark sound, but is no longer the focus of concern, not conceal asked curiously: "you really cook in the US? Are you in charge?"

    floor to next: "I have what the general vegetable, Ke Ke do."

    Qi Fang smiled, nodded with satisfaction: "you have. However, some dishes with an air of importance, and you have to take the initiative to do, don't let Ke Nong, heavy oil"

    she said a pile of ramble.

    "well, I'll have to watch it later."!" When the reply was made, there was no pause in the movement.

    after a while, ready to prepare most of the dishes, he saw the flow desk is no longer available, and then temporarily closed, watching mom cooking.

    "serious study."!" He took a picture and sent it to Ke Ke classmate.

    "miss your home meals."" Has been washed out, lying in bed Yan Ke suddenly a little hungry.

    read more than ten minutes, building into volunteered to do their own fried beef, for the mobile phone to Qi Fang road:

    "Mom, wait for me to shoot video, press and hold here, don't hand, just, here, the time is up, it will stop itself."."

    "yes, what's the racket?"" Qi Fang muttered, pointing his cell phone at his son.

    really do not understand the current young people, make a dish, also take video!

    "Mom, you can press."." Pour beef into the oil and stir fry.

    wait until the dishes, he intends to show off, the single hand pot, a chef, throwing food, not only that, but also precise control force, while an "one" word, while throwing the "Sichuan", a rain of flowers, and Xiao Xiao

    the fragrance of the dishes into the dish, the floor from the mother's stay in the hands of the mobile phone back, the video sent to Yan ke.

    not long after, the girl "was sitting":

    "I've never seen you so boring.""

    what's this fancy stir fry?!

    Qi Fang had woken up and pushed his son out of the kitchen:

    "go, go alone!"

    do not appreciate As the floor spread out, he laughed, shook his head, and walked into the living room.

    at this moment, he suddenly has a few family identity here.

    wait until the building into two uncles two aunts and grandmother arrived into the kitchen, noon warm stove wine do finally catch at a point before, because many people, divided into two tables, one side is the restaurant, to love to drink that, while the tea table sofa stool chair, let to eat here.

    as the head of household, Lou Zhi Sheng said the two end up glass first, then congratulations best wishes for your new home together.

    satiated, someone mahjong, someone dead, someone landlords, people playing chess, people play games network, spent a happy afternoon.

    after dinner, they drove the building into a grandpa didn't drink the uncle, returning home, and from the water to the grandmother lived Grandpa Ning Qi Yunfei Chen Xiaoxiao occupied the guest bedroom, second bedroom, aunt and uncle Chen Wenguo Qi Yan small sleep separated out of the study, there is a sofa can expanded bed.

    so, the building looked at the living room that familiar sofa, a long time can not speak.

    "new home, the first day, and then" director. "" He said to his daughter-in-law, "hide your face and sigh.".

    the class was three words back:


    October 3rd, building into a usual temper, leisure time to Qin Rui their martial arts.

    in the evening, he returned to Pine City by high-speed rail, because the martial arts society will resume training in the morning of the second day.

    the eight, pine city university martial arts venues, expanded to more than 20 person training team finally saw the long absence of the building manager, therefore there is photographed and sent about, micro-blog and friends, moved to tears.

    after pre practice, building into his hands, one by one to let everyone out drills, end of road:

    "Li Mao brother, mouth Wang, He Zi, Dali, you can participate in the end of October occupation set product match, Jinlu, Jin, you go, can not see through, but also good."

    as for the new Deng Yang, I did not enter the University before I got the nine certificate.

    and eight Dan, urgent, nor urgent.

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