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Chapter 103–do not listen

    to loose the current situation, what need not against South Paibingbuzhen, as in the past to let Cai Zongming do the building into a pioneer, let his eloquence can excellence, middle rotation newcomer Deng Yang debut, more practical. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    but unlike the last game, he will own into the first, in the end, without the slightest careless, after all "disaster" is sufficient to match the ability of Mu Dan Jing, and strange to prevent even more, than other players currently can cope with, if here to capsize, group the second line, it is likely to advance north and, in the absence of Lin missing case, his face Peng Leyun and Fang Zhirong portfolio now, intense.

    out of the locker room, have not had time to look around, building into heard a cry of the mountains and seas are whistling, is a sound of "champion", it is a "gas", can shake the mountain, Our wills unite like a fortress., this is the home court atmosphere.

    then Lengran one, when the scene, there will be blood boiling point, pine road agency team at the same time you Dawu waved toward both sides of compliments, for the cheers.

    took a few steps, building into a line of sight sweep, see acquaintances, pine city television reporter Shu Rui, she was wearing his usual occupation, neat neat short hair long over the shoulder, a little more feminine and lovely, charming face highlights itself.

    hey, she's still a reporter? Hey, the sign on her microphone doesn't seem like loose city TV. Has she switched jobs? Heart doubts random flashes, Shu Rui nod floor pairs, is greeted.

    Shu and Ruike guarding the interview request, before the game did not come to disturb, just smile to do a response.

    after a short wait, the referee stepped on the ring and formally announced the names of the two teams on the radio.

    the first game against Cai Zongming, Lin smile!

    "it is said that Lin Xiaozhi has already touched the threshold of Dan's territory; if you tilt your proud tail, wait for shame."." Floor half is ridicule, half reminded, "mouth king" said.

    "Mom, you're saying this is really easy to think ah, I am upright gentlemen!" Cai Zongming lost one sentence and said, "rest assured, I'm good at talking to girls."."

    "I wipe, see dirty dirt, then!" Xiao Ming took the floor into the students one, he will take a seat, even the fist bump inspiring ceremony.

    Cai Zongming the clothing and hairstyle, slowly towards the stairs, boarded the ring, then a bit dumbfounded to see the forest stand next to ridicule supervision in the game, took out one thing after another, one after another to the end of things, she is Jane the heavy neck collar hanging chain untied, to the other side, repeatedly told not to lose.

    after all this, Lin put a ponytail tie smile and tall, graceful footsteps came across the enemy, pointing to the cuffs, complacent smile.

    Cai Zongming gazed at, found a circle of embroidered words, is "the positive".

    it is the master of metaphysics For a moment, Xiao Ming felt he was beaten.

    the referee looked both ways, raised his right hand and announced the beginning of the dialogue.

    in a relaxed mood; Cai Zongming smiled with a genuine and radiant smile:

    &nbsp:"last year, our two martial arts clubs were also divided into one group. As a substitute for amateur two, I had the honor to witness the fight between Lin classmate and sun sword senior."."

    a very bland and kindly opening; more like talking to girls The referee listened quietly.

    Lin smile smile and nod, not to speak.

    at this time, Cai Zongming drew a turn:

    "at that time, you will have the top nine level, now in the past year, I have got two this part-time job nine certificate, consciously is strong, but you are still the original level, what did not change, don't feel shame? Do you have to re-examine your suitability or not for the road? You are a junior, and there is time to shift your focus to your studies"

    a similar utterance gushed forth, with a mocking expression, and even the referee made a whisper in his mind:

    never hit, people do not Heduan open ah I'm sure I can't help being humiliated in such a face

    however, Lin smile upturned mouth, expression unchanged, even the eyes can not find signs of a little angry.

    met a strong enemy Cai Zongming brace up, even three strategies, Balabala said a pile, the other is always God in the old, smile in response to conservation burst table.

    soon, three minutes talk time is coming to an end, Lin smile smiling on hand, refers to the ear, slowly pinch out two pieces of plug.

    what the hell? Cai Zongming's eyes were bulging and silly.

    so I just really cast pearls before swine

    "nine monks chanting the opening over the ear, you deserve." Lin Xiaozhi snapped his fingers, two pieces of pop ear ring, to match the supervision side, the same combination is engraved with the words, not listening, chanting: "bastard".

    "isn't that illegal?"" Cai Zongming immediately turned around and asked the referee.

    "not weapons, nor sharp objects; in theory, this is no different from blocking your ears with your fingers."." The referee explained one sentence.

    there is a difference! The difference is great! If I had seen her fingers blocking her ears in the morning, I would have stopped talking! How much water and effort did you waste? Do you know? Cai Zong has seen the referee to be bright sound, his right hand raised, about to play under.

    he was busy with his mind and turned his attention back to the game itself.

    the next battle, the better Lin smile will shape, dragon, tiger, leopard and other snake martial arts play to the current round too extreme, a degree of retraction, that failed to reach a strategic goal in the dialogue time Cai Zongming struggling to respond to, even if the machine variable 100, can not find the opportunity to regain a disadvantage, supporting the two or three minutes after the defeat in the other round of "shock boxing" under attack.

    "ha ha, I'll say, don't be proud, don't think nobody can cure you in conversation time."." To the dismay of the return of the students as a good friend, Xiao Ming, to enjoy showing what is friendship between men.

    "roll"!" Cai Zongming answered angrily, and then fell into a deep meditation. "Orange, if my opponent meets me in the future, does not use his fingers to block his ears, what shall I do?""

    "practice a lion roar type Kung Fu, into a humanoid megaphone."." The floor made a funny reply.

    the most fundamental way is to constantly repair "internal strength", not hope in the dialogue time.

    "make sense."" Cai Zongming nodded thoughtfully, and really began to think about where to get a similar work.

    at the same time, the debut of the new Deng Yang has launched a fierce debate with Lin Xiaozhi, sun boy incarnation is usually play violent muscle Ben knot, barbarians, skin glow jade, in the face of the enemy does not move not only hard frame, and anti attack, Ten States sent "quenching jade Jue" and "Blizzard twenty-four blows" melted into one, especially fierce forest and lack of building into the original, like "humanoid bulldozer".

    this is a bitter smile Lin gradually hold, walk slow a beat, was approached by Deng Yang, with his chest and shoulders were blocked a hard punches and a shock.

    Bang bang! Deng Yang only support the key, the crazy attack, successfully defeated the forest laugh at the best hands close link.

    a new game, and he played for Kim Lee "cat and mouse" game, in the ring to chase after go to, intermittent collision, a full five or six minutes in the past, both physical decline seriously, it is inevitable to combat phase, and this is Deng Yang's strengths results there is no accident.

    two game winning streak he finally faced the enemy commander, "disaster" mu, in this regard, he did not feel fear, but eager.


    judge of a declaration, Deng Yang stepped forward, careful, calm, but at the moment, he felt weak calf a smoke, stay not steady, the ankle joint moment to the next twist, some deformation.

    as one of the top nine professional martial artist, he was "the ground turn"!

    it is inconceivable even though the body is close to its limit!

    ankle foot "bulldozer" is no longer running fast, completely fall into passive, soon lost in the "Mu old man".

    "his ability has become stronger, martial power seems to have improved a lot, and a little bit of" stick "taste, and that's good" Building a gleefully watching Deng Yang back, just slowly pulled the zipper, took off his jacket, stand up, it seems a little chance would not mind to "disaster" breathing.

    at this moment, the sound inside the martial venue explodes instantly, calling a name, calling the heroes here, "the king" here":

    "Lou Cheng."!"

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