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Chapter 105–Yuezhan

    for "all" words out of this thing, see the spirit of building into a vibration, then taste a bit wrong, busy typing and asked: "what is the difference?"

    otherwise it is not clear, but you already have!

    and this point for me, there must be other words!

    "accourding" reply quickly: "all" tactic does not belong to the limit of wave flow, is the mountain tiger buy antique picked, after months of our efforts, he finally relented, willing to accept "" words "for all" tactic the proposal, but there is a prerequisite, that is hope and you Yuezhan a non public, not the audience, each of a referee, he chose a place, time to you, but the best within one month, or does not guarantee he no regrets. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest"

    "several months", see the six words, suddenly smelled the building into a thrilling taste, although the last is equivalent to the exchange, but can let mountain tiger promise, which I experienced many intrigue or spy spy, is not so clear that surface.

    well, when the tournament, I haven't really had to win the achievement of human, the mountain tiger, now the past four months, was completed stable, he also dare to play them, fear is a fortune, much to grasp

    after a few seconds, building into a crisp response:

    "well, January 20th."."

    to be honest, which makes the precipitation and ready to be interrupted in the middle of their own state of mind, lacking, but collect "nine words" master old wounds and Keke's body is more important things, so most willing to compromise.

    besides, when I go to the United States in February with Ke Ke of the new year, will start looking for the opportunity to challenge the fighting, for the April national tournament to "warm up", half a month earlier also okay.

    "accourding" concise and comprehensive way: "that I take your message to Yamashita Ko."

    building a mobile phone down, condensation of sonic, will be just two things to share Yan ke.

    "below the mountain tigers have a certain strength."" The girl thoughtfully stirred the milk green in the cup. "But the choice of non–public occasions, refused to the audience, but also shows that he is not so confident."."

    the matter will be arranged by the military, the referee is mostly outside Gang strong, she is relatively very assured.

    "I feel the same way."." Building into a laugh track, "if he's not little progress, I'm not too rare and his rematch."

    he did not mention the interruption of his precipitation.

    "well, you have to be careful where he's chosen. The home court advantage is not funny. Look back, I'll check for you." what's the best environment for "extreme wave flow"?" Yan Ke in the best of spirits analysis, finally light on the desk, "good Oh, can not watch the battle scene, cheer for my orange!"

    "just seeing, no audience, I set the date after you started school."." A floor smiling said, "don't waste our time together."

    "it's face is not red does not jump you now say disgusting words" Yan Ke intentionally wide eyes way.

    "just as someone's talking about dirt is getting more natural."." Cheng made a joke, "ready to be beaten.".

    "where?"!" Yan Ke ashamed and angry, sideways elbow, hit the floor into a note, as hard as a kitten.

    for dessert this public, she didn't turn on the eyes to see the road in love:

    "the oranges, I feel that the" all "tactic is a clue to the Israeli side, if there is a surplus of domestic resources, the" nine words ", should have been found out, too much of the war period in our history, something went to Japan, Korea, Miluo culture similar place is normal."

    she can see that the building "nine character formula" attaches great importance to, very naturally hope that his husband has achieved.

    "yes." This to Japan, I will and military communication, they started out, it is much better than my own." Building has long been aware of the limitations of martial arts, there is no corresponding ability in the case, professional still have to give professional people to do.

    on this topic, the couple talk interesting, until the evening, Gu frost call, just past the rendezvous, taste the "vision" recommended "Poon Choi", it came over from Guangnan, after the localization and improvement, is quite suitable for high Fen people good taste, but do not.

    yes, Cheng Cheng and Yan Ke came to Gao Fen yesterday and had a safe night.

    small box, Gu cream off a black jacket, long long wavy hair, Shi Shi but sit down, look at the couple snickered: "I shouldn't say happy Christmas Eve?"

    today is christmas.

    Yan Ke, a handsome face suddenly flushed, pretending to not care to sing: "you are my boyfriend and go on Christmas Eve?"

    "no, I broke up yesterday."." Gu answered with a smile, not a trace of sadness.

    she painted makeup, seem to do this than in the past a few delicate facial features, even more charming.

    "so soon?" This is only two months, right?" Yan Ke surprised to take off.

    "no feeling; he's not enough to keep me longer."." Gu frost seems to say to go to the supermarket to buy fruit, listen to the floor, secretly speechless, completely failed to understand each other's world.

    "he's not what man, old love on my side, but also a little romance, which you like oranges, a special rush us for your birthday, to surprise you, hey, than people, gas the dead ah!" Gu Shuangxian skillfully transferred the subject to Yan ke.

    in December 9th, the birthday girl, because she is a holiday home, and at the end of November before leaving the building into the United States, so the agreed video gift birthday, express, but quietly into floor booked in December 7th after the game, the next day will start again, after ten hours of bumpy. Landed in the face of Smith "in front", because the whole cabin can not perceive the Internet, Yan ke.

    wait until the birthday video, she was surprised to see the building into the background is the lawn, touched by joy, hard to "punish" the prodigal behavior of the other party, "punishment" building into a smile, and rarely in the circle of friends and talk show. Love, let the Gu song cream and glass of envy and sigh, so many classmates said Du Liyu lamented that "other people's children".

    "what a surprise?" The scare's pretty much the same! Do not listen to me at all, this!" Yan Ke eye brow is joy to the White House into a.

    that's what she said before her show of affection.

    girls, sometimes it is hypocritical, well, men are the same Floor in two girlfriends chat, try to remain silent.

    then, the door came the sound of percussion, cream clap laughs gu:

    "here comes the food."! Starve me!"

    and then she shouted outside, "come in."."

    creaked, within the box open, appeared a well-dressed ordinary looking boy, eyes bloodshot look to Gu cream: "cream cream, why want to break up?"

    "how did you come?"!" Gu Wei's eyebrows strained, he got up and tried to push the boy out of the box. "Won't I tell you?" No feeling, no heart and love feeling!"

    the boy stared at frost and muttered, "but the day before yesterday was good." Me, what did I do wrong?"

    I saw a dog in the present stage Building into a laugh shook his head, the side head hopes students to Ke Xiao Ke, saw her face turn iron into steel face, just sigh.

    this kind of thing, the couple can't intervene, also do not know how to intervene.

    a dispute for a while, Gu frost see each other difficult, the board faces the channel:

    "you go back first; we'll talk tomorrow."."

    really, disturb my mood of eating.

    "tomorrow."" The boys eyes suddenly appear driven to distraction, a bad color, others say you, I do not believe, always think you are a very simple very kind girl, so you really just play, no feelings"

    listen to him, say a pile of cream, cold face, like a reply:

    "yes, that's what I am."!"

    "bitch, you this bitch!" The boy suddenly from his pocket and took out a dagger and stabbed the Gu cream chest, polished metal presents sharp bursts of lights shining in the light.

    this moment, the world seems to be slowing down, Gu frost in the heart of a sudden emergence of extreme fear, and unable to escape, can only watch daggers closer and closer.

    her mind seems to have imagined the next pain, throat screams poised at the most desperate time, a chopstick suddenly snapped and hit fly, it will hit the side of the dagger, flying out the plug on the wall, a flash in the pan, quivering.

    the boy intended to kill the outbreak, building achievement has been detected, picked up the chopsticks, a bomb.

    followed by his feet stepped on, has been thrown out, single handedly subdued the boy, and Yan Ke behind a shot, holding the cream.

    "call the police."." Lou turned to look at her daughter-in-law and her girlfriends, said the tone gently.

    Gu Shuangzheng were greatly frightened, I set the ease a little heart, busy fall hit back in situ, choose the alarm.

    when she came out from the police station, Yan Fang glared at her and said, "how can you say good words to him for help?""

    Gu cream lips whispered: "I answered, I think that I also have the wrong place"

    "you know!"!" Yan Ke seems to be the embodiment of Gu frost, her mother, "some people can afford to play, some people can not afford to play, you do not want to fall in love, do not provoke people ah!"! Today is not an orange in your father, your mother should give you the incense!"

    "Ke Ke, me, I was wrong, I confess."" Gu frost held three fingers, full of scared to pleaded, "tonight you accompany me, I, I am not a person, my father and my mother is not in"

    "all right."." Yan Ke helpless turns head and sees toward the building become.

    "I suddenly regretted having rescued her."" Through building into a girl, opened a joke.

    "rest assured, I do not rob you Ke Ke, you and I are in a house, I am not afraid."." Gu frost towards building into a smile, "before, I'll eat something"

    before the "vegetable" haven't had time to enjoy.

    "you know, hungry."!" Yan Ke once again glared at her one eye, Gu frost involuntarily can shrink to shrink body.

    everything is ready, into the family villa, and the floor of the house and the next door, the next door.

    "well, your girlfriends are normal for song glass."." The building hugged the girl and sighed.

    "frost cream is hurt by men, no longer believe feelings."." Yan Ke made an explanation again.

    "don't believe it, don't talk about it."." The proposal was made pertinently.

    "but she seems eager to be in love again, but because she has no confidence in the future of her feelings, she always chooses to break up when the relationship is strongest."" Yan Ke analysis of Gu cream mentality.

    Lou's mouth twitched:

    "this is ill and cured."."

    "well, I've been tying her up to see a psychologist these days."" Yan Ke actually agreed with the floor into the casual nonsense.

    on the other side, Gu Wei wrote a diary with a lingering fear:

    "feel like you deserve it, and pay attention to the breakup strategy later."."

    "well, boys have to break up."!"

    "by the time a day than a day, every day is sticky, every day is a day more savage and absurd, vexatious, I do not believe a man can stand down!"

    the next day, she told his idea bestie, Yan Ke only asked, let her rendered speechless:

    "what if someone really can't put up with you?""

    "then I recognized."" Half a day later, frost answered blankly.

    the episode did not affect the building into a four cycle, war began as usual, Sondar two wins a negative, again to the identity of the second line, enter the national competition, and Yan Ke in mid January and returned to the United States, preparing for the new semester is about to begin.

    unwittingly, time arrived in January 19th.

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