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Chapter 106–home court

    Haidong airport; T1 terminal. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    carrying bags into building at the appointed position saw the Japanese tour of military representatives, without dialogue can be confirmed on behalf of the military, because it is an acquaintance, eye deep, eyes hidden fire, with the silver UFA "middle-aged man" crime of fire tianjun.

    "good old man."." A smile greeted the building.

    crime of fire Tianjun gently nod, is the response, keep the cold as in the past.

    have experience in tournament and from us, no need to guide the building into a smooth customs clearance, and the crime of fire Tianjun boarded a Japanese Airlines plane.

    "predecessors," are inscribed "tactic items on to Japan, the" temporary "tactic," array "tactic and" column "tactic, will also like this? Not necessarily in Japan, Korea, Miluo, may ligupo." Before the building thought and Yan Ke exchange initiative to mention a crime of fire tianjun.

    crime of fire Tianjun invisible micro nodded: "they have made similar speculation, even have a clue, do not rule out the possibility that the goods are sold."

    as sure as a professional; I and Ke could think of it; they had already thought of it Floor into the mouth outline outline:

    "then I'm relieved"

    then, the crime of fire Tianjun looked ahead, light throws a word:

    "the seven tigers of the tigers under the mountain have a breakthrough, killing Italy."."

    Er, yes, the volatility has been stronger The floor into the side head to see predecessors, trying to further inquire, but found that the crime of fire Tianjun has closed his eyes, don't want to put the exchange of gestures.

    wait a moment, flight, takeoff, wait for the cabin can access into automatic cruise mode, opened the building into a mobile phone, Q will just mentioned Tianjun fire crime intelligence told Yan ke.

    the domestic us at noon, evening, the girl replied very quickly, "his hands crossed his chin thoughtfully," said: "this and our previous speculation is not the same."

    according to her and building into the earliest, to advocate extreme thoughts, feelings of extreme fighting genre, a symbol of the spirit of place, can stimulate Wu's potential, hit the usual finish moves, so the highest mountain tiger dojo is likely to choose "limit of wave flow", a symbol of Japan or the will of the shrine, but now it seems that the other side of the "home court" will be unexpected.

    "what places do you think will be effective in killing?"" Asked the tower thoughtfully.

    strict eyes; turn; "hate the source of hatred?" The ancient battlefield of the killing? A remote counterpart of the shrine?"

    "I'm inclined to the ancient battlefield, it is not hard to find in japan" Lou Cheng made his own guess.

    a discussion, a preliminary inference, Yan Ke gave him a pile of "extreme fluctuating flow" to kill the data, finally talk before the end of that thing:

    "because of the frost, the frost, the plea, and the vague testimony of the key, the boy decided to stir up trouble, not murder."."

    "still, she has a conscience."." Floor into a "face hiding sigh" road.

    before that thing, the boy went to extreme is guilty, but Gu frost also have to bear most of the responsibility, she wants to do so again, sooner or later have an accident, even if her father spent money for her bodyguards.

    "well, she talked to the boys; I didn't know what I was talking about, but my feelings were not so heavy."." Yan Ke "bow out", "sometimes, I want to learn psychology, the frost frost frost, Jingjing sister, my brother, are back on track, especially the dead girl, and she wanted to have time off, but felt that she should not give up, ah, orange. You say me how so much mental disease?"

    "probably save character."" The building can not explain this phenomenon.

    about half an hour, Yan Ke said "good night", fall asleep, building into a countersunk look data and pre download video, without the slightest neglect of yuezhan.

    in this process, I do not know what time the crime of fire Tianjun opened his eyes, side head sweep, like himself like sighed and said: "you are good."

    pushed for decades, where is it so easy to get the enemy's specific situation?!

    "this is relative; opponents know us better."." The building made a casual reply.

    crime of fire Tianjun did not speak again, and closed his eyes.

    not long after, the aircraft began to decline, fell to the Kansai Osaka, the crime of fire with Tianjun building into to several road vehicles, experience the metro and the new route, arrived at a remote location.

    a building at this time has been around the halo, saw around the desolate scene in the afterglow of sunset, saw an abandoned temple in front of it a long gone, stone and wood liaoluo, silent dark, even the sunset shining into the dark red color also.

    close your eyes, "ice condensing mirror", feel the floor into the cold weather and a lake in the heart Yin, filled with black lead cloud, if there seems to be no bloody flavor.

    "ancient battlefield."." He opened his eyes and combined the previous speculation with initial confirmation.

    crime of fire Tianjun nod, that is to not to say yes or no, to the Warring States period characteristics of the temple to go.

    the building followed, carefully observed the surrounding situation, dimly visible that the abandoned Buddhist temple was originally in the suppression of this ancient battlefield.

    there should be no strange events here and there He nodded thoughtfully, temple distance closer, and gradually see the inside of the broken walls, also see standing in the Buddha Hall at the door of the mountain tiger.

    he compared with August, not what size change, still so big huge, long arms, muscles, very exaggerated, however, his face had a thrilling, two thick rough eyebrows are broken in the middle, turning at daoxiaofukan, sharp front brake.

    side of tiger mountain, standing a little skinny old man, he was wearing a "extreme fluctuation flow" Temple clothing, wearing a top hat, with shadow hide most of Zhang Lianpang, a hidden dark eyes.

    just see this old man, he was building into a tight, like a snake on the sparrow, or was the tiger squatting goats, only sleep that is intended to kill the source, the entrance to hell, just a tiny bit leaking, let his stiff, ice broken mirror, leg can't help stomach twitch trembling.

    this is "extreme volatility", that gang of terror?

    building into the idea of rotation, the crime of fire Tianjun is snorted, and he temple between desolation suddenly plunged into deep dark red flame, and the wind swept into the fire spread, broken walls.

    suddenly, kill with the flames of extinction, and everything restored to the desolation of the evening.

    two minutes later, the fire and building into a crime Tianjun step into the temple, standing at the foot of the mountain tiger opposite.

    no communication, the crime of fire Tianjun took a inscribed "" word and charm have long circulated, look for Foreign Gang strong mine, the old man also wearing hats from her arms out side rubbing, "are" thick cotton, expansion refresh the potential, only is far from a look, a building can determine it is the "all" tactic of genuine goods at a fair price.

    crime of fire Tianjun side head to see his one eye, get a positive response, and at the same time the old hats out of goods seized by the exchange.

    then, they step back and change their status as referee.

    mountain tiger with a headset, a step forward, the body muscles do not crack crack, expansion, but a little convergence.

    his eyes deep cold to the pole looked to floor, follow the "translation" sound, with odd and difficult Chinese Mandarin laughs:

    "since the weak hour you down, I have suffered great humiliation and pain, so every night to sleep, feeling a burning flame in my heart and my soul."

    "but it is such a torture, let me find the heart of the fundamental strength, grasp the seven crime wave fist more esoteric, grasp the essence of killing."

    "I want to thank you and beat you more."!"

    mountain tiger Carter, eyes turned red, from body surface rich blood "mist", wake up around the desolate underlying undercurrent.

    a green wildfire floating vacated, huge blood evil Italy raging hit, almost like a mirage effect.

    this moment, like in the ancient building into the battlefield, see are split into two pieces of samurai, saw cut head was general, saw the spear pierced the name, and wait for their turn, and its face is as like as two peas!

    the sharp pain and the dying fear immediately become the essence, add to the heart, shake the ice mirror, and set off the waves.

    the effect of the mountain tiger spirit is not only a way of arcane coercion, it without stop and environment perfect combination, and the moment of impact.

    with the aid of the favourable location and the unknown arrangement, he unexpectedly had several points outside Gang's tendency!

    "did you feel that?" This is a wonderful killing!" Under the mountain tiger half closed eyes, intoxicated said.

    his voice just fell, and the eyes, on the floor, and ripped off the headset, with the phone, thrown to the side, deep voice said:

    "as I said, I will defeat you with my own hands and wash away the shame."!"

    a sunset shining into, let him behind the temple briefly became clear, where is no longer a statue of Buddha, but the body is blood red Asura superhuman powers!

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