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Chapter 107–kill the blood fog


    sunset shining into the temple of the moment, the two voice sounded the same time, a Chinese Mandarin, a Japanese text. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    Bang, mountain tiger strapping, muscle exaggeratingbodily has put more than the floor into the fundus, the broken eyebrow sharp on the front brake is clearly visible, he stood the temple gate, figure and residue, not disappear completely, but along the way, the red fog drag all the ground obstacles, slate and clutter is divided into two parts, the incision is smooth, it was like magic weapon cut.

    building into a scalp numb, hair blown, bristling, against the enemy "flash" was a bit like raid can not afford to retire, be taken by surprise, the flash is not open, there is no time to use and simplify the gang "Jin holding force" hard gear.

    according to the video he has seen, "extreme wave flow", the senior class of non human strength, did not have this degree!

    is it a special or a combination of environmental impact?

    "ice mirror" things that vanishes in a flash, ripples, resist the invasion of fear around the building into a control body, running the body, directly stimulate some special parts, eliminating the middle of the other links.

    "the void meets the God"; "dou" simplified!


    he ran a bit tall, at the foot of the crack as the earthworm, toward the eight party at the same time, a fast walk, shoulders shaking, arm with black highlights the pieces of muscle tendons, slamming the left elbow on the insurance rack lived under the mountain tiger bearing small arms beat with "flash" potential.

    second, the surrounding wind seems to stop, move to the distant sunset curdled, even full of fear and pain killing desolate also look bleak, only a pair of small muscle swelling splitting fist became the core of universe, one black, one red, all a subtle sense of strength and deformation, destroy taste pumianerlai.

    boom! The pure collision caused a bomb to explode, and the arm rebounded, the back of the body, the push, the kick, the kick, the three step, and each step left a distinct mark.

    even if he used a simplified "bucket" tactic, the face of the enemy "flash air strike", also a little underdogs, a little can not resolve the terrorist juli!

    mountain tiger place a jolt, not eager to catch up but quickly turn combo, "red mist" "red light", in a strong killing package, Chuquan rush, dragged into a horrible "bloody scythe", brutally cut to the opponent.

    and in the red light diffuse moment, behind the building into the chilly wind swirled, twisted out of a chain with a knife head shadow without hands!

    fuzzy it not true, the chest is hanging head, lift it over the top, front to make ablade posture, formed before and after the attack of the state and the mountain tiger.

    all this, silent and without interest, as if hidden in the cold of the north wind, let Dan's strong "have to stimulate should be" can not be aware of!

    &nbsp:who would have thought that the tigers of the "seven crime swings" could use the "call" as a helper?!

    building into a sensitive, "ice mirror" shines around, only "see" behind Zizi flurry, magnetic anomalies appear, immediately increased vigilance, back to the blood in the lower abdomen, timely stop the backoff trend, becoming the "golden", to grasp the distance wonderful to have top.

    only after he broke his legs swollen, Dan Jing, homeopathy before jumping half step down, heavy abdomen, swing left, wearing heavy "Yan glove", the "hard hit bloody sickle"!

    a rumble!

    clouds are red Mist Splash, lit the fire, the fire engulfed a spectacular rain, eliminate near dark and blood evil headless general katana, split off the floor into behind, only a few grains of rice in the distance can cut the opponent, to stimulate the building back into prominence a strip of goose bumps.

    blurred shadow, "helper" as if imprisoned in situ, can not follow the previous cross, a knife failed, indifferent to dissipate!

    at this moment, the mountain tiger figure again shaking, "red light" is lit and loose half, building into a fist around the right arm except outside, close to the skin filled with blood fog, they get cold cold, erosion pore, try to enter, suck Qi and blood.

    just as he was about to run "Yan Jin," disperse "kill blood fog", the mountain tiger is smooth after Akira trend sideways squats, and shoulder a heavy, left fist up into the sky, like a burning rocket, fast and urgent.

    building a pull back, instantly small back body, feel each other with the wind blew up the fist face, such as cutting pain.

    followed by, he seems to spring, back straight, back to the original, fist homeopathy out, hit the mountain tiger's waist, do not give opponents change the opportunity to move.

    critical juncture, mountain tiger binocular crimson fist with cold unchanged, red, jumped up, waist to hip flexion pendulum, side and top, slammed into the building block bengquan, and leveraging the rotary body, pulling leg sweep, sweep red dragon lovemaking a roll, even one foot, one leg with one leg, rolling back and forth, fierce endless.

    Bang bang! Floor into a "ice mirror" mapping, arms erected, and constantly front, in the joint of the shock back to the crisp sound, firmly hold, orderly retrogression.

    however, in this process, he was somewhat scared to detect the body function appears to be "erosion kill blood fog", began to slow down, but the hands still hold strong force, digestion effect, perfect mountain tiger killing version "seven the crime wave fist" and special environment!

    if it goes on like this, it's dangerous today Building a suddenly give birth to understanding, trying to break the enemy's rhythm, find the breathing space.

    however, "the fall kill" the mountain tiger moves compact, attack power is terrible, crazy like evil, bloodthirsty as Shura, when "red tornado" near the end, immediately arm palm rejection, hit a red into play, taking a duel "game" with the floor, you a fluctuation in me a flame ball, you a blood group, I made a vulgar, empty glow bit, and wildfire each other.

    compared with August, the mountain tiger "wave fist" is handy, the posture is not awkward circumstances can freely play.

    take a breath, he again and in the temple behind the bloody Asura statue of superhuman powers "overlap", once again pulled afterimage and red fog, "flash" to the building into a nearby, repeat the previous process, seems to want to erosion this crazy attack and kill blood "the fog" to form a linkage, defeating opponents, his dark eyes seethe with cold and pleasant killing taste, looking at looking at intraday struggling to support the enemy like dishes, waiting for the complete cut, send in the entrance!

    less than two, building into a physical decline has begun to significantly, he did not hesitate, make a prompt decision, operation of Qi and blood, stimulate the body.

    bang! A floor suddenly returned to the top, the muscle propped up the trouser legs, swollen clothes, slow the half fist broke out in terror speed, like a bolt out, latecomer, to the lower abdomen before blocking the opponent covered red light box fist.


    power collision explosions destroyed the temple around the city, "kill" has climbed to the top of the mountain tiger and the floor while shaking, he shared the autumn, which does not have complex passive state.

    desperately? Mountain tiger eyes flashed up, around red light, increasingly rich.

    he stepped into a grab, right hand knife, oblique wedge, around if low sinking burst accompaniment.

    Lou Cheng Cheng, such as fire, the heart is like ice mirror, flat wave without ground again drive blood, stimulated the body corresponding to several parts, "see" they appear a little trauma, secrete a trace of blood.

    simplified "bucket" word tactics, two Lian detonation!

    the void sees God; the realm presses man!

    bang! He left radio, like shells, the breakdown of the gas barrier, detonation to pocket knife, the whole arm is far more than a large circle, seems to come from the giant.

    muffled sound, red light scattered, mountain tiger palm needs, are staggered back, and steadily building into a motionless, edge control body, internal damage repair, and then turn the blood, stimulate the secret, without pity.

    bang! Bang! Bang! A building like gods, coldly see subtle body, not always to the limit to stimulate private, can withstand the damage caused by the current outbreak, to a certain extent.

    one, two, three! His arms swing, fist serial bomb, a left, right, move heavy mountain crack gold, hit the mountain tiger by Sheng Zhuanshuai, red burst, arm trembling, totally did not expect the other outbreak of arcane can continue so long!

    a rumble!

    building into a few broken capillaries in the eyes, eyes filled with a little red, turn back, knee arm twisting, fierce anti whirl, boxing face abruptly at the foot of the mountain tiger block out of the explosion, he will pull back backwards.

    since the war, his first turn from a guest into a host!

    seize this opportunity, building into a waist heavy blood echoed, contraction strength, spirit and intended to kill blood fog fighting words the negative impact caused by the outbreak, stop the body from collapsing like state.

    even so, again two times, just that stimulation of Qi and blood, he will not be able to bear!

    boom! Dan gas gushing, building as if the eagle, shrink into inch like flapping into the mountain tiger in front of him, his arms up, a blow, wipe out the flame, light red, exploding the silence of the abandoned temple.

    the tiger below the mountain roared, contracted the red fog, condensed the blood light, and did not concede to swing the fist bombardment.


    fierce sound scatter, the dark cloud concussion, the building is compact, the natural link Dan Dan's eruption, one fist heavy, one fist explodes, all is "Yan Di", in order to restrain Yin evil.

    two even burst, burst three, four explosion Ten Lian Lian, twenty Lian Lian, thirty Lian lian The floor into the face calm, it seems that the future of the robot, the pace of accurate follow-up, arms spread a heavy fist a fist, kick kick too fierce, let the desolate wilderness constantly jumping out of the fire, smoke, hit the mountain tiger back again and again, on broken stone, broke the cliff, the Buddhist temple and shaking, sprinkle under the dust, a look will collapse.

    in this process, he clearly aware of, the mountain tiger body endurance than ever is weak, that is to say, he means the breakthrough and fluctuation of environment in the home court take place also had a negative impact, let him become stronger than the defensive attack, only crazy attack once you fall into the passive, the problems will be completely unmasked!


    building a sideways swing, repulsed the enemy, making expansion of the fire mountain tiger back, inevitably hit in the temple in the Asura statues, hit it collapsed and broken ground.

    at the same time, the mountain tiger suddenly up, looked up to heaven, made a sound full of murderous roar, on the floor near the bully into cannon boxing punch indifferent!

    the light around is suddenly dim.

    &nbsp:;PS: today's codeword speed is low, and four hours to write the word Normal six thousand, the plot has long been good First, the written update, second more fight for eleven before eating, continue to write

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