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Chapter 108–"spill" leave

    as the sound is full of murderous roar, always influence and suppress the building into the pain and fear of ice lens "the meaning of drawing involute, a strange light around the empty, also raised a bleak, as if the ground lead piece of cloud, whipped up a road the sun, they roar condensed, instant" poured into the "mountain tiger body, to expand out of exaggerated repulsion, produced the invisible barrier. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    a rumble!

    building into a boom, roll out the red in the white flame, disintegrating the eye microscopic stress field, but this is only broken in half, his fists more forward, more slowly, as if caught in the invisible swamp, finally suspended in the hands of the lower abdomen can't do anything. The front half foot void.

    all this is like coagulation.

    a "force field", twisted mountain tiger behind the field, highlighting a fuzzy shadow hands knife head chest, it was burning blood red mist, step forward, and mountain tiger really overlap together, don't each other.

    deep dark and desolate wilderness temple Senran suddenly became bright, under the fire of the sunset as part of the golden light, flowing, dazzling red part.

    that red light is not only from the horizon, but also from the tiger under the mountain; he is like a general immersed in blood, his eyes locked in front of the building.

    at this moment, suddenly raised the risk of building into Italy, as if a face to hit their existence, from "shock will be caused by the tail power, hair up, to the" ice mirror "clear and accurate reflection and judgment, and to" ISO "the future of a short, in the" shouting "let him to dodge, to avoid the edge, not head-on collision, lest damage the body suffered terrorist attacks.

    the coming of the tiger under the mountain must be stronger than the "seven crimes"; "wave fist" attack!

    he must resort to special circumstances and advance arrangements to accomplish the killing!

    even only once!

    building a body pull, muscle and fascia accumulation of strength, will bounce, which will allow him to leap twenty meters, make the other side strokes fell into the empty place, really into the lost potential.

    but at this moment a few incoherent thoughts flashed through his mind.

    this should be similar to the outer limit of wave flow Juexue "Xiuluo Gang kill" moves, faster and faster, the power will be with the accumulated kinetic energy continues to rise, until beyond the effective range

    in the realm of the tiger under the mountain, even if there is a breakthrough in the meaning of killing, even if you get other blessings, this trick can not play too much terror

    he just made a hard contact with the thirty Dan Dan gas explosion of "Yan Yan Jin", even if the kill wave kinetic energy to eliminate, neutralize, and resist a lot of explosive impact, the accumulation of injuries will not be too light

    his physical endurance declined; the attack was strong and weak

    if they fall into the situation before, I can't help "void attentively, see self realm even burst" bucket "simplified words back

    when the body function is killed by the erosion of the meaning, and will continue to decline, the outcome will not change

    between the floor did not go into things that vanishes in a flash, think, do not hesitate the moment to make a decision, I believe more knowledge, vision and experience of their own, not blindly follow the "shock will be", "ice mirror" and walking ability.


    his feet ran inside, shake the foundation of a temple, inside my mind has come up with a heavy view of burning, the ancient crown of "Yan", let the body fire fresh layers of accumulation, continuous compression, cemented a small group, blazing white back to blue.

    because by the inhuman stage, the alienation of the fire itself is more heavy, more pure, can be condensed, so this process is very fast, almost no time.

    followed by foot, red dragon, the beast first person over the void and fire god, let the condensed fire under control, no direct expansion.

    red tiger fog around the mountain as rich blood emit bright red light, he will be completely wrapped with the fist punch, brush a cut out, like from the sea of blood, from hell, from death scythe.

    compared with the "seven crime wave fist", the blow is intended to kill sharp towering, even more, as if all the things done will stop!

    "seven crime wave fist" killing "Upanishads, kill xiuluo"!

    blood light just now, will complete the building into a twisted ankle, twisted knee, hip twist, wrapped around the waist at the seemingly complex in action, his arms open, empty hold if there seems to be no fire white light, a fist falls again beating the earthshaking, sinking again, just fierce!

    Yan Di Jing; implosion boxing!

    a rumble!

    blood light is not speed, will be building into a fist to hit, in force, had exaggerated the deafening sound!

    it is the beginning of winter, the roof of a Buddhist temple abandoned jumping attacks crow, let the desolate wilderness within a certain range of animal fled.

    a rumble!

    explosion sound, Everbright Building into blood Sheng, feel cold body, stiff muscles, by wind waves like force to fly out, "heard" the body of many subtle and broken voice, "see" one after another internal injury.

    the threat of a strike; shocking!

    consciousness as condescending, gods, see the flesh, grasp the side building into a subtle control condition, while avoiding them, force for a minimal negative way, adjusting the center of gravity, air missile landed firmly.

    in addition to face a little pale than before, the shoe is worn clothes bad, he did not have surface signs of injury, and the temple in front of the mountain tiger red light turns pale and thin in the mist, slightly trembling, even a little bit of blood eye nose mouth secretion.

    his previous cumulative injury was completely triggered under implosion.

    building a believe in yourself than his more serious injury, but because the two sides of the body control ability is not at the same level, so it will be as different as heaven and hell.

    at this moment, his eyelids jump, the shadow of the mountain under the eye of the tiger raised his hands, and will soon be printed.

    "all" characters!

    he will restore physical and mental pressure, the injury, for the final victory!

    building into a spirit of blood coagulation, a turn, depend on the control of the body of delicate, simple "soldiers" tactic of the process, not only using tactic, thrive momentum, grab at the foot of the mountain tiger before shouting sound.


    Buddhist temples like a dark, from the ancient battlefield of Qi Bing Feng blood evil is checked, and instantly turned into the road shadow, with the spirit of building a puncture, rushed into the mountain tiger body.

    before the aircraft, the forecast may encounter ancient battlefield, building achievements have been "soldier" word formula of the VAILLANT, the effect and distance will be enhanced!

    the answer is yes!

    this moment, mountain tiger flesh a cold, feel and have been head of the tragic death of "ghost soldiers" entanglement, a Katana cross cut, fell on his neck, seeing will head to fly, blood gushing.


    he was frightened out loud, "all" tactic for naught, but at the moment, has also held the floor into the blood, spirit and strength in lower abdomen, to suppress digestion and most of the bad state, then Dan gas erupted, "planning" the minimum force route effects on injury, legs of a brace, a whoosh jumped down the mountain tiger front, left side swing, with red flames near white, fiercely hit me with a swing.

    this is the "Boxer" genre of boxing skills used here for minimal physical burden and the most appropriate condition.

    bang! Mountain tiger pull arm, lift the arms, the timely completion of the parry, but was "Yan Jin" the outbreak of bomb body jump, and then dilute the blood haze, and diffusion flame on his body seemed to stick the red light, and continuously absorb nutrients burning.

    in the eyes of the building clear and sparkling, as if there are two sides of the ice mirror, a complete reflection of the opponent, without any emotion.

    bang! He and one of a swing, right and swing, the flame is heavy, half step avalanche hit.

    when the mountain tiger reluctantly stopped before he homeopathic cross, right elbow song, just fall bash, fierce collision.

    Bang Bang, bang bang bang! A building into a few strokes, before suddenly turn, left arm anti whirl, like a lighted Gangbian hard between mountain tiger set up in the hands of the smoke, his shoulders shaking, stagger back.

    sliding a building into a fist, fast forward, you want to take off, let the enemy can rush.

    this time, no explosion, no burning, cold cold Italy invaded the mountain tiger's body, so he shuddered, faded a lot of boiling kill and Haemophilus * *, the head of Qing dynasty.

    extreme emotional enemy is weak, building into my hands immediately, footed, pops out of continuous bombardment, the friction of red flame, let mountain tiger completely confused.

    he played a combination of boxing, a violent storm suddenly stopped, turn back, leg whip with a transverse pumping, pumping in the mountain tiger rush only had time to block the palm of your hand, and it bounced back, hit the body!


    under the mountain tiger was smoked to fly up, there are bones in the body split open the sound came out, the mouth of the red hard to contain, and the depths of the eyes of a confused.

    back into building a bomb, will be saved again, wearing a thin old man I do not know what time the hat has blocked in the mountain tiger in front of him, declared the end of the game, the winner is self-evident:

    building Cheng sheng!

    mountain tiger fell to the ground, saw a few paces into the building look calm as usual action for a gift, if not by fighting what effects like turning body, bare feet, walk away.

    this scene lets the tiger's heart sink deeper and deeper, and never see the light of the morning, and can not see the hope.

    I have exhausted all, with the aid of external force, still is not his opponent, and he seems to be still very relaxed

    saran away, out of the building into a Buddhist temple, walk in the desolate wilderness, until his figure has been completely confirmed left the mountain tiger and the old man hat sight, was relieved, slowing the precision control of the body.

    and when he was loose, his steps were suddenly hollow and nearly fell.

    "senior, give me my cell phone."" The old building into a red, look to the side of the crime of fire walking silently tianjun.

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