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Chapter 109–"ice Department" outside Gang

    "come down in one continuous line.". Vertex 23US.COM update the fastest "novel carrying backpack sin fire Tianjun finally spoke, made a brief evaluation on the floor as before the performance.

    on the floor but to smile, quietly took over the mobile phone, send a message to Yan ke:

    "get it."! As we expected, it's an ancient battlefield. You can teach you all the words in the new year!"

    America Cannes, deep night, Yan Ke room All sounds are still., suddenly sounded exaggerated news to remind the sound, she stumbled up, picked up the mobile phone a look, suddenly cheek highlights the shallow dimples, and then hold back to a red face, and smile "setting to the original, do not disturb the rest after.

    done all this, she threw himself down and turned around, a small part of the quilt to sleep, always mouth if there seems to be no hook, like a pleasant dream.

    see reply, follow this building into a smile, put away the mobile phone, took the backpack, from the inside to find casual shoes, pick up a wool shirt, action a little slow to change, in addition to pants and the breakage of the upper and lower body, has not seen a trace of battle.

    a public occasion, senior expert beside him and shame, not on the pants, will also wear anyway.

    put on a down jacket, back pack, floor edge control repair body wounds, while purely to force legs slowly forward, then, the crime of fire will Tianjun "all" tactic of the rubbings handed him the husky voice, said:

    "return me when you return."."

    in accordance with the founding of the old guy to show off that, his disciple minutes can practice any "nine words formula", throw himself eight street!

    "OK."." Don't think this is what a building took rubbings embarrassedly readily agreed.

    on the way, due to lack of distraction, he did not direct practice, only careful observation of the "all" the ancient form and essence behind them, do the bottom of my heart.

    at Check Inn Hotel, he finally has a free, cross legged sitting on the bed, will be placed in front of the body side rubbing, mudra open sound, eyes closed edge outline feel slightly ancient spirit.

    similar to past practice nine words, "Dan" stress and traction, shock, ripples, bright shape, "all" charm "engraved into the building into the mind, but this time it did not change, only the normal the corresponding fragments emerge.


    the floor of a deep sound echoed in the room, as if containing a little Gao Kuang mysterious feeling, he is changing the fingerprint, try "all" word trick inside training effect.

    after a while, he opened his eyes and nodded, and he was sure.

    "all" tactic of normal use, is to stimulate the part of the body, the hormone secretion of madness, hearten spirit, full of strength, which is similar to the knife used for pain thigh, body protection mechanism start, let the brain instantly awake, let the body full of strength.

    of course, and the rough head cantilever cone, it is more "content", the site of stimulation more targeted, better and more obvious effect, is worthy of the name of arcane.

    "one day at most once, even through the" mirror self "simplified link control degree is at most three times, and if the limit is reached, will be weak reaction, a long time will not be able to get a good 'feedback' Through the "all" word, the restoration of mental and physical strength will be easier to fall than usual" The building into a serious pondering over arcane characteristics, "and used in practice, it is purely physical shock, indirectly affect the brain, let his own energy recovery speed more and more as time goes fast, deep sleep effect will be better, that is to say, before the special circumstances to keep six to seven hours" all the rest "tactic made after four hours is enough, even shorter."

    think of here, the floor will not be a little lost, just a few years ago, their favorite leisure activities or sleep late ah!

    people say that it is not a waste to sleep in the holidays? I always think it's a waste of time not to sleep late!

    and with the start of martial arts, sleep has something to do with their farewell, then no longer enjoy that, up to now, it seems a nap can be shortened to half an hour, the night is the sleep time is reduced by 1\/3 or more.

    "well, well, it feels like you live longer every day and you can do more."" I do not know why, building into a fall into a reverie, suddenly thought of a Ke Ke xiunu angry scold, rogue"!

    He was hemmed, stopped thinking, smiling mouth to pick up the mobile phone, the "all" function and characteristics of words to share the Yan Ke, finally said righteously:

    "so you can study more easily."!"

    "uh huh!" Yan Ke pleased to nod

    the next morning, after exercise, building into a rendezvous with the crime of fire Tianjun, shoving the rubbings handed over:

    "elder, I'm ok."."

    crime of fire Tianjun gave him a full five seconds, then reached out to catch rubbings.

    building into a "lost" task, only sleep felt relaxed, more full of hope for the future.

    over a year's time, "nine words" had collected six words, 2\/3 complete, distance that master the old wounds thoroughly relapse, the body completely collapse time and several years, hope is not small!

    bah, how do I not think bad here?

    perhaps without gathering "nine words", master, because of the progress of science and technology and martial arts, cured the old wounds?

    well, from Dan present situation, the rest of the "nine words" should have a knack for healing

    all the way without words, two people also have nothing to say, in the afternoon flew to Haidong airport, each go all the way.

    building a did not hurry to return home, but the first high-speed rail, went to Wu Yue Mo to master the worship of the early years, the way to school, incense, Lunar New Year's day will not come.

    Shi may see the villa, Shi man carrying engraved with the "struggle" the fine wine pot, looking at their own disciple, tut sound:

    "sin fire," the old man said, "you have a solid foundation and a deep accumulation."."

    "the old timers are wrong."." The floor becomes modest.

    "that old goods are generally not exaggerated."." The old man laid his hand on his face, and rose in high spirits. "You can beat the same step in killing the other person in front of the other party, and, uh, you haven't lost the old man's face."!"

    here, he hesitated under way:

    "your" ice mirror "to" vanity to meet God and see yourself 'level, want to go non-human realm, almost is scarce, so, go to school tomorrow, give you three days to observe the' ice 'outside Gang, understand how much, depends on you own!"

    to observe the "ice Department" outside the gang The building became a shock, and a sudden surge of joy.

    but in the sky before nine Juexue is not really made, but know from what, by what is possible, Peng Leyun is not a "reference" "jiuxiao and Joseph" and "a bolt from the blue. Cloud thunder knife", created two imitation the door of martial arts, not simplify the gang, but also quite extraordinary, and display more quickly, more suitable for the application itself, in his hand to make, not "Lei Zhuan" "Thunderbolt" arithmetic number!

    master; is this the recognition of your own precipitation and accumulation?

    "thank you, master."!" Lou blurted out.

    Shi old man gave him an angry stare: "how often do not see you thank me?""

    "master, my gratitude is on my mind; only 1\/10 is spoken."." As early as "mouth floor king", practice a skill, smiling to resolve the road.

    the following morning, ice God Zong Songtao pavilion.

    floor to sit on the balcony, the eyes shine pine green sea, "a clear picture appears in the mind".

    flesh crawling; stopping the wound; one place; healing quickly.

    I do not know how long before, he felt the mountain tiger and caused a war injury in the dual role of immortality and "see self", good at least half.

    "in two or three days will be healed."" The building becomes vomiting tone, ear move, hear the deliberate light and silent footsteps is approaching.

    he slowly stood up, the convergence of momentum, take a walk to the door, waiting for 10 seconds, suddenly sounded a knock at the door.

    building a hand, opened the door, Mo Jing Ting bending fingers solidified in the air, seemed startled.

    "good teacher!" She soon recovered, such as lack of the focal length of the misty eyes filled with smile.

    "the head of him for me?" Straight into the building into a.

    "well, he's waiting for you at the back of the ice Pavilion."." Mo Jing Ting looked at in front of the more unpredictable little Shishu, smiled and added, "he will bring you to a forbidden, watch outside the gang juexue."

    "yes, please."." Cheng Cheng politely smiled, walked out of the room, closed the door, along the corridor, to the "ice Pavilion" to go.

    Mo Jing Ting hanging in the back, watching him down the mobile phone back, suddenly some envy and emotion.

    small uncle is really more of a master fan In addition to playing mobile phones

    teacher Shuzu did not bring him back to school early

    after the ice Pavilion, the master Zhang Yi stands near the door, smiling at the road:

    "you've really made our judgment wrong again and again; old man, I had concluded you had to come next year."."

    "thanks to the head of him praise." Floor a little, embarrassed to salute.

    "let's go."." How easily turned and led to the building into a layer of underground line to walk, said, "you be rotten, you still not stage, observe when focusing on two to three is enough, otherwise the effort involved, and not easy to learn what to have the" ice mirror "into you the most suitable, enlightenment is Chapter 5" hole, in addition, the enemy's "six" ice "Shenguang" and the first Wanzai ice wall is relatively fit for you. "."

    "well, according to your master said," the vast sky ninth. Absolute chill closer to your understanding, "unfortunately, this one has been lost after the war, and even a few alliance, only a weak thing, hope you can get rid of, let some day in the future. It is not really perfect, but beyond the past"

    building into listening intently, follow the head of him made through the long corridor and three fan thick heavy metal door, in a great sense of technology here illusion, entered the silver luster flowing, clear glow flashing hall.

    haven't had time to look around, with his strength and level, are playing the can't help shivering.


    PS: today the elder's death, said originally wrote yesterday–three, the afternoon time moved out yesterday, the code rate is not ideal, failed (facepalm) today, second at half past eleven in the evening.

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