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Chapter 110–the total does not make people worry

    the hall covered with cold silver, as if by the special metal structure, here, with the whistling wind, falling "feather", flashing bright, cold like the poles. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    is the hillside, isolated from the outside world, there was terrible snowstorm silue, seemed to bury all the people.

    building into a subconscious running fire fresh, warm up the body, staring in four, found the source of the storm from the nine side hung on the different positions of calligraphy and painting, their special material, like cloth like silk, the transfer of a different charm, or dark and cold, wind or snow cover shaped, or sparkling, or a piece of white, interweave together out of dreamland a world of ice and snow.

    so many long lasting things put together, it is really easy to produce traction, leakage, influence, achieve a cycle, no more than a single out, only the real touch induction The building is thoughtful to nod, the vision sweeps over other place.

    in the nine "Paintings" corresponding to the location, Li Shitai, decorated with different items or gold pages, or "crystal", some bland, some charm bluntly, while the nine seat Shitai and as stars, surrounded by a transparent cabinet of the central government, which is blue light like the jelling "ice nail bead", it is also the first source of the scenery here!

    and "different corresponding think of different Juexue, they are described below Shitai practicing writing, moves explain map, and in front of many generations left outside the gang was' Charm experience ', you can combine them, do not blindly follow the enlightenment, visualize the graph, the letter to do as a book, Wu Road is in the days and months multiplying promotion." How easy do brief explanation, smiled, "you come here every day for three hours, don't try to be brave, don't think with" Yan Jin "will be able to withstand the harsh environment here, be careful cold charm deeply, rather baffling got arthritis, old rheumatism, affect the achievement of gang out."

    "thank you for reminding the head of him, the disciples understood, every day from half past one to half past four." Cheng Cheng knows how, salute.

    "well, the thing of perception belongs to you, old man, I'll go out first."." How easy side glow flashing "Paintings", "that is" the enemy, "ice hole's" mirror "is derived from it to simplify That is the "ice" ice, SG "burn" fathers, supporting the knife and sword, you can take a look, do understand, even if not to be a part of their weapons That is the "Wanzai ice wall", a purely defensive effort, but you young people thought is wide, may make other role It is' absolutely cold. The vast sky ', two of the strokes of the ice to kill"

    because the door "five Juexue" in the "thunder blast bucket" will be concentrated into nine Gang related outside the door, later a lot of study also has a copy in this classification, the first to the seventh type is different role in the gang Gong, eighth and ninth is the strongest force Shazhao, named are also different, in order to distinguish, such as "thunder" type eighth ". Ray was a bolt from the blue knife", "fire department" Ninth type "five fire nine rpm. Big day", "funnel" Ninth type "Doumu palace star. Furious wrath", "plague" Eighth "demons and monsters. His" dark road "," Ninth type "dark day. Night falls bite".

    also known as the "ice" Juexue "ice magic type eighth and type ninth respectively" frozen world. Eternal "and" the vast sky absolutely cold ".

    after making the instructions, Yi Yi no longer delay the time of building, slowly walk out of here, close the heavy gate, will be isolated from inside and outside.

    a building into a balance, then step forward towards the "hole of the enemy Bing Xin".

    "ice mirror" has become the core of his martial arts skills, can be involved in, and improve, definitely the best!

    the "calligraphy" appears to be drawing a ice condensation like mirror, but if look carefully, you will find that it seems more like a 7 are prepared by exquisite heart, with the cold fog around a reduction of a bulge, it seems to come alive, beating.

    building into a first attempt to directly penetrate, no harvest, and a look at Shitai's text description, maps and notes of the former patriarch cheats, they left behind the charm of one by one, one by one, serious and focused.

    have a overall grasp and understanding, he was back to "visualize map", again quiet, fair feeling.

    three hours passed quickly; the fire, the natural movement of the building, woke up from the cold, and the body trembled uncontrollably.

    "I haven't felt like this, no wonder the master gave me only three days, or even every day only three hours, but also can not afford, at least ten days and a half months to slow again in here" The floor into the fire as "Jin Yan, stopped trembling, like nothing like what wait to open the door.

    for the enemy, he Bing hole "due to the realm of understanding is few, only vaguely understand it can be used not only to control their negative emotions, is the nemesis, can also be connected with the outside world, in a certain range of" peep "change the enemy's emotions and muscles, Liaodi machine, that is to say, overlooking the own" spirit "can also see the opponent.

    based on this, the building in pairs "ice mirror" after the practice, the initial idea.

    the second day he grasped "ice, the Shenguang" is a "ice strength" enhanced from Juexue, and can not put powder, condensed sword moves, power matching.

    a building can not understand the charm of fur, unable to improve the strength, but some skills inside, in the "void in God, see self" blessing, just started, as the knife and sword, he also seriously try to figure out in a short time, with the previous notes. Have some experience of simple changes in them.

    the third day, he is from the "Wanzai ice wall" compressed condensate thick "performance" found "Ice Armor" may enhance the way, because this is purely defensive skills, related. Not much, building into understanding was completed, and 1.5 hours.

    idle is idle, he went without the full version of "the vast sky. Absolutely cold" in front of it with black background, a dozen tiny distant bright contrast, highlights the starry silence and the cold, the temperature of all seems to have ceased to exist and all of the civilization into the grave.

    condensate eyes; floor, found that "visualization map" as if there is a palm, the bag did the darkness, brought the eternal palm, it seems like a real illusion, people can not grasp.

    feeling for a while, still nothing to harvest, the floor turned from other angles, try to read in other ways".

    "the" palm "not to mention," the vast sky "" absolutely cold "of the how to make? For the infinite universe, where it is far away from the stars, the temperature falls naturally to the point of terror, without any other procedures, to imitate its martial arts, should it be completely isolated from the diffusion of the sun and heat?" Building into a boundless thinking, a spirit with experimental work "ice strength".

    he is the first to insulation principle, will try to overlap, their outer space, blocking the heat for ultra low temperature at the core of the building, however, failed.

    followed by "force", he extended to "cool", still failed.

    time after time, the building's heating fire only existed for less than a minute; as he tried, he always failed.

    seeing a dozen more minutes, he simply gave up his efforts and stared back at the visualisation. The more he saw it, the more it looked like the starry sky when he was balancing dan".

    "very much alike."" The idea of a building flash, and suddenly a bold idea.

    I feel not by charm, I can directly imitate it!

    see if I can make some sense!

    think of doing so, the building has recovered the blood and gas, so that the "ice" and "fire" rotating balance, the former dark and cold, the latter heavy and burning, together to maintain the "Star Universe" exists.

    on the other exit to Dan, there must be spread out, "explained Dan Jin", but can be building into a waltz in the sky to make sense of the height, strength and Qi to control fire core contraction, away from the "dark" edge, made similar visualization map "picture".

    this process is very difficult, when the contraction to a certain degree, in the equilibrium state building achievements into Dan doesn't have enough forces for subsequent operations, again and again, the failure of joint failure.

    coming to an end, he suddenly thought of his own can help, then again also hold the strength, contraction strength, blood and spirit of fire.

    close to the limits of the moment, suddenly the abdomen building into a hook "Saver", "transfer" to "light" a little power, suddenly flew into the core collapse, away from the "dark", "let the stars" showing a visualization map like state.

    this state is out of balance, unable to maintain, the floor suddenly blew Dan, let warm return to the * * *, the front side hit a cannon fist, poured out of the dark".

    no sound, no pop movement, fist in front of the void between the large snowflakes falling out of the large tracts of soundless and stirless coagulation blue ice, as if the air curing.

    so some fleeting, not an instant, building into a whole body debility, weakness in the limbs, gasping at just the blow effect, heart on a joy.

    this power seems to be more than normal

    don't know without "Dan", can be a little forward, get three or four points?

    what should I call my own trick?

    at the same time, heavy metal doors back away, He Yi came in, looking at the building into a poor state, head Shixiao road:

    "do not have to do so desperately, here is also your, and then there are opportunities, sooner or later will be harvested."."

    I now have the harvest Lou made a whisper and responded with a smile:

    "that is the head of him."

    this first secrecy, strive for to practice to not rely on Dan can also use a weakening version, April or Taoist Ren Li experience!

    PS: the end of the month, please recommend a ticket and ticket.

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