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Chapter 111–U.S. reentry

    "do you live in the house for a few days or do you go straight home?"" He Yi Corridor along the hands forward, smiling to ask. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    think of their own sister went to the outside game master to the military secret base for regular treatment, building into a calm replied: "the disciples have booked."

    "uh" How to set foot on the stairs, into the ice after the court, "I let Jing ting to take you to the airport."

    "don't trouble mo 'he can easily find disciples." Lou blurted out.

    he always feels that the big star with that ghost spirit is not comfortable; what if she is exploited and made any scandal, how much should it hurt?

    "she is idle; where is the trouble?"" He Yi Hun inattentive to pick up the phone, called the Mo Jing ting.

    kindness difficult to resist, has a wooden floor prejudice, is not to say, anyway, so keep the distance is, and singing from that meeting, the other was the convergence make people misunderstand the move.

    in the process of waiting, he unlocked his cell phone and laughed out of the way:

    "today" to realize the vast sky. Absolutely cold "a harvest, you can create what moves to!"

    because the girl is in the middle of the night, sleep still intoxicated, building into a no wait for a reply, and added: "I intend to keep it a secret, really make things to say!"

    well, this time I can communicate and master relevant content, get advice from!

    after a short while, the Mo Jing Ting took the car keys, came to the ice after the pavilion, close off the dark blue jeans her tall tall and slender legs, upper body to set up a white jacket, straight hair spilled soup, Hanging noodles, like the girl next door to the screen big star.

    "little master, do not eat dinner?" She who to see misty eyes very much enamored reflects the building into a figure.

    the floor is polite to say with smile: "the time is more catching up, arrived at the airport to eat again."."

    "you are really very small uncle ah." Mo Jing Ting teasing smile, a pair of Zilai Shu.

    on the car, fasten the safety belt, into the building of the past "with madeaccountable snickered to his wife:

    "the head of him let Mo Jing Ting take me to the airport I now know that the rearview mirror can be adjusted and adjusted without making any mistakes!"

    Mo Jing Ting skillfully ignition start, pointing to the corner of the floor into the upturned mouth, asked with curiosity:

    "little master, what are you laughing at? Am I driving in the wrong way?"

    driving posture It's so easy to be wrong Damn, blame it for old driver, to "drive" the word are worn out! Building a secretly fufei, shaking his head to laugh:

    "share a fun thing with my family leader."."

    "Oh!"" Mo Jing Ting like suddenly, go up to this topic.

    the car was running for a while; she looked ahead and suddenly opened:

    "little master, do you think I have a wish to achieve Dan exit?"

    building a ton was found when the elders feel slightly after thinking replied: "you only twenty years old, from the decline of Qi and blood as well as a long time, if we can sink under the heart, stand the pain, it is not possible."

    Mo Jing Ting had been ice Shenzong's disciple, young. On the nine levels, which shows the talent itself can still not just here, only for a long time no progress.

    "in the entertainment industry for several years, I found Dan Jing is still very useful to me."." Mo Jing Ting xiaojinjin said, "for example, the control of the body strong, face deadlines can be acting up, singing breath is the most important, can lock the blood, grasp the skin and muscle, slow aging I am really interested in the impact of Dan Jing, if encounter what difficult, small uncle you have to help me answer."

    "your master is senior to me, and the head of him, which I get round?" Lou Cheng subconsciously declined the request.

    low Mo Jing Ting smiles two, and talk together:

    "Zhu Tai brother achievement inhuman for a long time, still stuck in the fifth, their age is close to thirty mark, it can be said that almost no outside Gang what hope Lei brother put over twenty-five years old, has been unable to break through the difficulties, root pulp refining, wait for two years, I feel he is not even a promotion, what was your spirit"

    building a listen to Mo Jing Ting told Pope door all the way, occasionally broke in two, well arrived in the airport on high.

    waving, watching his back into the departure hall, Mo Jing Ting back sight, smile sigh.

    she picked up another cell phone, ordered WeChat, and took a glance.

    this is her number for testing men!

    initially, rayputs are fond of the little sister, started a lively pursuit, Mo Jing ting a little heart, going to try, but were removed from the entertainment for many years, used to see the ugly face of the man, she got a special number, looking for a full set of three photos flow around, re registration of WeChat, and in the improvement of the circle of friends, send a request to add friends to see the results easily through, after the chat, Lei put more provocative language, wretched, let her see you on the other side.

    then, Mo Jing Ting out of mind, and only rayputs remained relatively ambiguous state, not willing to further.

    Yan Ke heard abroad to study, think small uncle from Guzhennanmian whim, the Regal isolationist, she was tempted by this, WeChat, want to expose each other prudish faces.

    however She glanced at the screen of the mobile phone, no echo request again and again, no response.

    Mo Jing Ting smiled and shook his head, push rod, release the foot brake, the throttle will turn into the road car.

    it seems that little Shishu ascetic warrior There may be less intense craving for that

    at the end of the month; xiushan.

    Qi Fang's new house with bright windows and clean tables, pick up a bunch of things, beat down on his son: "this is for you, Ke, remember to bring."

    the floor looked into the eyes of the bag sausage, bacon and glutinous rice cake, etc., the mouth twitched a way: "Mom, I'm afraid I can not pass it?""

    "why not?" You will be set on fire, will explode, not the same can pass? Can they still be better than you?" Qi Fang glared and shouted back.

    mother, what you said is right; I can't answer it When building into a sigh, spent a tremendous effort to persuade the stubborn middle-aged women.

    come out, Qi Fang, sincere words and earnest wishes added: "you have to take the family Ke, a little girl, for you, leave the hometown, even the new year to go home alone"

    it, building into a show and why the modified operation if suspected, therefore, did not dare to say, nodded hurriedly, then turn talking about other things, until they were impatient mother rush out of the house.

    silent humming melody, he happily on the car, the tour started strong u.s

    and the new year, and my birthday, as well as Valentine's day and contact anniversary, I do not know what gift Ke Ke will give me or surprise, anyway, I'm ready

    this time you can give aunt Du a holiday, let her return home to accompany her son for the new year's day, I'll act as full-time bodyguard, hey hey, this is not considered the beauty school's close hand master?

    wait until the weekend, and if you have the chance, try to challenge the "tough" school, and be slowly familiar with what you can do to warm up for the April national championships

    let the spider there continued to stare at the top of the Holy Church, Pavel scumbag out again really dare to commit crimes, let him never to do bad things

    good mood is not so good to catch the flight delays, building into five hours later than expected arrived in Cannes, the local is ten at night, cold wind whistling, weak snow falling.

    "didn't I let you wait for me at home?" I'm not a kid. I'll look for the car myself." Built into the edge of the pass, while the mobile phone reply Yan Ke, "late and cold, you still have class tomorrow."!"

    Yan Ke returned a "bow, shame smile" expression:

    "but I would like to see our orange for the first time.""

    The building is first a Leng, immediately smiled a smile, "the eye stares at a dog to stay," road:

    "and so on." What I just saw, my little fairy said disgusting words to me!"

    "are you from!" Yan Ke "grief and indignation and answer".

    read the news before typing, building into eyes came into a pretty white figure, the girl was wearing a white down jacket, wearing a light colored knitted hat, each side hung a fluffy ball covers the ears, beautiful and lovely.

    four eyes hand over, face each other; everything is silent.

    Department of Homeland Security Office, nearly two months did not see a troublesome guy, thought itself is free, Smith Zheng Zheng looking the monitor screen and the great interest to start learning Chinese, spit out three strange odd syllables:


    PS: the last two days of the end of the month, you have to remember not to vote on the monthly investment, waste.

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