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Chapter 112–Yan coach's criticism"

    desolate desolate desolate night, wind, snow, and Smith will stop the car, car into the shadow, looking at the floor with his girlfriend held into the room, the room partition light, not have a vague sense:

    how long will I have to wait for such a day?

    at this time, the night has been deep, as early as two people regularly sleep time, and Cheng Cheng and Yan Du Du road after a good night, back to the two floor, into the girl's bedroom. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    this time, "broken pot broken break" Yan Ke simply not even the next room slept.

    luggage, feel the floor gradually the hot line of sight, a little girl could not bear to look like next to the cheek against the warm light of her sentence: "have a class tomorrow morning It's too late now"

    "I know."." The floor laughs and replies, "I just want to hug you and feel your presence."."

    speech, he has stepped up and hugged the girl, Yan Ke, close your eyes, light breath familiar taste, feel the whole person completely relaxed, then head tight, arm ring, hugged her husband back.

    quiet embrace soon evolves into gentle kiss, two tongue interlacing, you have me, I have you.

    building rely on a strong willpower to control himself, a little distance, can see the fairy like autumn Yingying eyes and moist lips flashing, and almost incarnation of the past will flutter.

    "it's getting late. Go to bed, have a good rest, and get up early tomorrow."!" He did not know that he was speaking to Yan Ke or tried to convince himself.

    the girl laugh out loud, Mouguang rotating side head looks at the floor into the backpack, spread out white beautiful palm road:

    "what about my present?""

    "learn to take the initiative?"" The building became funny and opened its mouth.

    "of course, we're all old wives. What do you want for a present?"" Yan Keyang Yang chin, Johnson said.

    Lou untie the backpack and pull down the zipper:

    "this is the doll key chain in Osaka. I look a bit like '' This is the band that Xiushan boutique, you are not saying that girls are not easy to find suitable leather bars, the love is their home"

    as for Memorial Day gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, must be temporarily confidential, waiting for the day!

    gifts are not valuable, but each in mind, Yan Ke looked at his wrist with a white black rubber band, deep dimples, always smile: "yes, I was a bad, lost a hand, only this one"

    thinking of letting you bring it with you next time, so I don't need to open my mouth

    here, she Minzui chuckled: "orange, you seem to have been accustomed to as their symbol?"

    "probably resigned" Cheng Cheng sighed in confusion.

    playing with gifts, Jane and heavy put away, the girl took pajamas, the pace of light to the bathroom, the building is sitting on the bedside, smelling a little residual incense.

    after a while back Yan Ke wearing long sleeved pants pajamas, double foot is fluffy white floor socks, she gently leg, kicked into a building, he urged to go take a bath.

    turn off the main bedroom until all fix, lights, window dim glow through the curtain into the gap in the girl, rolled into the floor, turned into active arms, clinging to each other, on the lips, the tongue is naughty lightly, but to be contained and.

    atmosphere and temperature rise, Yan Ke hands slightly hard, separated himself and floor, eyes misty, light out of breath:

    "good night.""

    her words not said, has been building into a tighter, kiss deeper, breath, hot stack, fragrance in the nose.

    I do not know how long before, Yan Kecai breathe fresh air.

    her body trembling, felt against his warm breath is not too exaggerated, uniformly low laugh road:

    "who said, go to bed quickly, have a good rest, and get up early tomorrow?"!"

    building into a reddish face, sort of ridicule:

    politeness; politeness"

    Ke Ke Ke classmate, I endure how hard, you know?

    Yan Ke to laugh out loud, charming voice snapped:

    "you're getting more and more hooligans."!"

    a few seconds of silence, she choked back too shy, deliberately rising road:

    "I thought there was no class tomorrow afternoon; it would be OK to sleep less. I can make it back." Since someone says it's just polite, that's ok"

    finished, she turned back, back to the floor.

    building a slightly dazed, then wake up, immediately posted in the past, the bracelet after girl's waist, she will pull back more tightly, as if to bond with her.

    "I'm asleep."!" Yan Ke will firmly shut eyes, a word of protest.

    the floor, with her head embedded in her neck, breathed with a slightly sweaty fragrance, leaving one glowing mark after another.

    "I'm asleep."." The girl struggled a bit, feeling that seemed like a palm with a high temperature and stir up their clothes, rubbed into the room, to walk.

    "I'm asleep."" Yan Ke symbolic blocking hand was passing through, "the" word, with vibrato echoed.

    I do not know how long before the flick squeak sound, heavy light, fast and slow, sometimes Xunji torrential rains hit banana leaves, sometimes soothing like boat swing lake, in the end, even vaguely unbearable.

    the next morning, building into a refreshed to open eyes, saw the girl is around his arms to sleep, elegant, clean and comfortable, dreamed.

    the mood was soft; the floor was precise; the arm was carefully taken back; the head bowed and kissed the mouth of the mouth; the throat smiled; and whispered:


    daughter-in-law early!

    did not disturb the girl, he took the clothes to the bathroom for good, footsteps quietly out of the house, came to the lawn, full of feelings of the owner, opened the shelf, began daily exercise.

    static and dynamic pile, one moves, repeat, building into training, start walking around, go faster, turning between gust generated.

    he will be with this, various weeds and withered should not exist in this things, around the body rotation, turned into a tornado, "wandering around".

    in the end, the pace of building a meal, the wind disappeared, debris dropped, all gathered in his body, on the lawn elsewhere is already clean and fresh.

    got a broom and finished his hand tail, morning exercise and clean at the same time, mood disorders and carefree, almost shouting "I am the king of the world" slogan, the two floor window, Yan Ke elbow help desk, Tuosai hands, quietly watching this scene. Smile on, Mouguang hi temperature.

    done all this; the building returned to the room; however, it faced the criticism of stern coach":

    "who says only once?"!"


    "who says let me have a good rest?"!"


    "who says you'll wake me up?"!"


    "you liar!"!"

    see the "thunder" students in high and vigorous spirits to admit, Yan Ke to smile, looked at him and asked to conceal his curiosity:

    "orange, Hello, spirit, it's not the same as before."!"

    sleep so little, and then inhuman, also a bit of mental exhaustion!

    Lou hesitated, down the road:

    "practiced the" all "word relationship"

    "all" characters And the effect Yan Ke blink his eyes, suddenly remembered before someone said to teach yourself "are jubilant" tactic, said that learning will be easier

    her cheeks blush suddenly and ear, hate waving her fist way:

    "you rogue!"!"

    the same as scenario 10 fen Lou Cheng was scolded but laughed out of exchange for a supercilious look.

    used breakfast, and sent off aunt Du, who led the new bodyguard to school.

    "if you are free this weekend, will you teach me how to drive?"" Cheng Yi suggested with interest.

    "OK!"! What the coach teaches ~ "Yan Ke smooth boast a, can feel more and more that this sentence is wrong, not by the side head gave her husband a look, stare into the floor rather baffling.

    is there a problem?

    parked the car into the school building into Yan Ke, in her under the guidance to the teaching building.

    on the way, they meet Huang Xiwen, the flamboyant plump girl suddenly bowed his head, the initiative to slow down and pull away.

    "she hardly ever goes to parties now."." Yan Ke lowered his voice and said a word.

    "ah?"" The building was in a blank look.

    "Majewski, that thing." She and Jennifer are good relations, they often go to the party, then reckoned to be scared, normal parties rarely participate in But her grades came back" Look at sb with approval.

    building a ton when some helpful joy.

    well, it not only helped others get saved before the fall, but also cut off the threat that might cause the ke

    said this, the couple came to the classroom nearby, Yan Ke waved in floor is the real bodyguard to observe the imaging environment, choose the most suitable place to respond, standing in the corner.

    there is a man in Western dress and leather shoes is a look at the sunglasses, security personnel, should be home to hire other wealthy students.

    took a little professional building into one eye, silent distance glasses man, and he is quite distinct from each other.

    Lou leisurely looked around, calm and soft thinking about trivial things, thinking of the "ice", "Gang Gang" understanding of things, the completion of further scrutiny, sometimes serious, sometimes undisciplined.

    to his strength, standing three or four hours without any problems, so I do not feel sad, but also by this, I feel the security industry to do the work of the military.

    really not easy!

    "boring?"" "Class is intermittent," Yan Ke sent news, concern asked.

    "not boring ah, I have in mind and you have finished this life, is about to begin the next life of the encounter."." Building into a leisurely reply.

    Yan Ke peek under the mobile phone, busy with his teeth and lips, afraid of their own laugh out loud.

    more and more talking!

    after rest, she always came to the building into a talk, or led him to a turn around, to the end of the morning, is eager to pick up the textbook notes, footsteps out.

    the most boring female students in the class had such a performance that surprised several boys.

    "George, go and have a look."" The face has freckles brown haired youth with chin Yan Ke pointed to the back, said on the sleeves up blond man.

    "OK"!" George turned off the mobile phone constantly aftertaste tournament video, ride up, three steps and two steps, together with their peers out of the classroom, see wearing black rimmed glasses, hair old-fashioned Yan classmates are by a young Asian face gently pull.

    black eyes, smiling mouth, chiseled

    George and brown haired youth looked at each other, both saw their eyes stunned and confused, talk together in unison:


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