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Chapter 113–the fist person


    as Smith often calls himself, Lou Cheng has responded to this construction; following the popularity, he sees only two strange white students. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    feel his eyes, George and Wilton are increasingly excited, a series of words with slang has blurted out, not only quickly like a machine gun, and mutual interference, noise and confusion, hearing can only say that the use of force in building into a confused, only vaguely familiar "tournament".

    but next to his professional security distance, understand most of the content.

    well, that Asian boy is the first four of the four nations, and the idol of those two students

    don't know what the game is It seems that they are deep Chinese culture lovers, crazy like and chase that relatively mysterious "martial arts""

    security professionals made comments, looked tall, took a glance, took out encrypted mobile phones and began to contact the headquarters.

    as a professional bodyguard, when the employer around the strange and have a certain strength of the guy, must be careful to find out the actual situation, and make plans to prevent accidents.

    "participated in the Four Nations tournament, is called" the building "" He uses an approximate word pronunciation to describe the last name of the building. "Please give feedback as soon as possible."."

    after sending the message, he held the cell phone in the palm of his hand, waiting for a response, and looked to the building on the alert, watching him interact with those students.

    at this point, his cell phone buzzed, wildly vibrating, almost out of bondage, free.

    the senior security guard picked up a glance and saw a bloody red word on the screen:

    "very dangerous."!"

    "do not approach."!"

    "stay away from him."!"

    "stay away from him."!"

    Oh, my god Senior security stiff for a few seconds, subconsciously stepped apart.

    &nbsp:when the brain really read the situation, he fought back with fear, down into the classroom, pulled his employer, and whispered, and hurriedly, "go.go.go!"!"

    no matter whether the other party is malicious or not, leave 100% right first!

    such an episode was not noticed; after Yan's translation, he probably knew he had met two real fans, so he smiled and made a compliment.

    face freckles brown hair of young Wilton and excited to praise a few words at the end to the invitation:

    "do you have any free time recently?" Can we have a visit to our hobby club? It would be better if we could tell us more about the mystery of Kung Fu in china."

    George dark scold a companion, he feel too nervous to say was unclear, busy with added: "Kang great fighting enthusiasts in communities, we are one, all of the Chinese martial arts are very interested in, hoping to get more detailed this from you"

    pull Yan Ke, "listen" to see girls have reaction in "fighting like" and other words in ear, a clear floor mean side, low head, smiled and asked:

    "do you want to move around?""

    since August came to the United States, in addition to daily exercise and his occasional "teaching", Ke Ke did not have long enjoyed fighting, on a hobby and participate in similar activities of Wu, this is not what a pleasant thing.

    a husband in the side, do not consider the other, Yan Kelve Mouguang sun, shining out nod:

    "let's have a look in the afternoon; there is no class anyway."."

    "good."." Finish saying, the floor becomes to see toward George and Wilton two people, the mild smile says, "can this afternoon be all right?" We'll probably be over at two."

    "OK."! That's all right. No problem at all!" Blond young George almost knelt down to celebrate.

    &nbsp:after asking the address, the floor, two foreign fans waved, and Yan hand hand walked out of the campus.

    "Oh dear!"!" As she walked along, the girl suddenly stepped off, annoyed, and blurted out, "I didn't bring any military clothes or shoes.""

    how do you move your hands and feet?!

    Ke Ke small classmate, how you look like "desperate" The sound of a building into a snicker, God in the old way: "why do you think I said two things only in the past?"

    isn't that the time to drive home and get things?!

    Yan Ke surprised to turn round, eyes wide, carefully watched the building for more than ten seconds, and then bloom smile, put up another hand thumb road:

    "five stars"!"

    I didn't respond

    what to do; an IQ that is surpassed by oranges

    bah, no matter! Must be the reason why I'm sleepy now!

    thought of here, she is busy on Topic: "that what we eat at noon"

    Yan Ke words did not finish, remember something, took out the cell phone, unlock the screen, head down, and the floor is almost the same action.

    after a while, the girl shook his mobile phone, hidden pretentious proposal:

    "eat this bar, in the vicinity of the business building, Cannes for decades to do seafood restaurant."

    this is my busy study time out of the raiders!

    look at that girl over there's address, route and restaurant name, building into a sudden laugh, also lifted the mobile phone, display screen, 10 Fen screen, 10 Fen words.

    "what a coincidence! I also introduced the raiders!" He said smiling.

    Yan Ke with a look, smile suddenly blossoming.

    understanding grows dark deposit two consonance, swinging his clasped hands, giving the map along the route, slowly walking forward, each other from time to time to take a look, all with a smile looked around the side of the snow pressure, students from.

    two o'clock in the afternoon; fight hobby club.

    Yan Ke at home is tied to a lively ponytail, put on a black and white side of the full set of martial arts clothing, not only by youth, beauty and glory, as several people, see George and Wilton fighting students almost move not to open the agency the feeling of eyes, I can't believe this is the usual old conservative "Sophia".

    although the aesthetic of the two countries is different, but the cultural interaction with each other for many years, the true beauty is still recognized.

    Sophia's facial features are exquisite; the figure is too general George and Verdi looked at each other, shaking their heads in secret.

    they are loyal buxom lovers feel certain Shan very sexy, relatively speaking, this is Yan Ke, "calmly" favorite angel.

    chat a few words, understand the idea of his wife's daughter into a proposal, do combat practice.

    "she?"" Yan Ke George pointed to the partial thin, stunned talk.

    "is there a problem?"" Yan Ke know that he was "discrimination", and sometimes a bit of itchy teeth.

    recall like cartoon characters and doll "Ren", George shook his head:

    "no, no problem."!"

    Lou smiled and raised his right hand, declaring the beginning.

    George convergence of mind, put boxing shelf, tentative steps, play down swing, Yan Ke shoulders shaking, the arm of a gun, snapped "thorn" to the opponent's throat, forcing the enemy up fist shrink from the head of defense.

    the joints, fascia stretching, girl homeopathic launched a "Blizzard twenty-four strike" for three fist, she suddenly swung his hips, pulled tight pants, to a low kick, suddenly makes this a bit hectic George Gu lost, brutally kick in block, lift right leg back down, the body fell forward.

    "next."." The building becomes to stretch hand to hold George, let Wilton continue.

    the white students skills estimate only amateur Mishina like, but the physical condition is good, the arm strength is enough, together, about a amateur level, but did not play the strengths.

    Wilton George more than a little weak, but Yan Ke Long not to play miss every opportunity, let the battle extend as far as possible, but the result is no doubt, Yan Ke contains "meteor Jin" sliding punch shot, almost on the spot vomiting.

    Wilton is a white girl Colleen, Yan Ke changed style, this time into a little fight Kanlou video understanding all into the game.

    in a row beat the five combat Club classmates, she appeared physical decline, the spirit is not good, forehead out of thin sweat, so choose to stop, rest.

    building into the side with a towel to help girls sweat, side of George, Wilton casually:

    "are you from the school of cards?""

    "used to be."" Wilton answered bitterly.

    &nbsp:George added in the same tone: "because we haven't been a combat apprentice for years, we left."."

    "where is the problem?"" Asked Cheng Cheng with interest.

    "there is no way to wake up the spirit of itself."." George sighed and stared expectantly at the building. "Oh, Lou, do you think we'll have a chance to learn Chinese Kung Fu?""

    can not wake up "their own spirit", that static pile is more difficult Of course, the martial arts system is different, different, they also did not want quiet Building into a thought: "peace of mind, focus on the spirit, can be said to be the premise of most martial arts and fighting genre, but everyone's methods are not the same," Gruca "combined with self hypnosis," the clique 'troubles to God, our national martial arts is about the daily grind, to seek calm thoughts If you can't do it, you can only hope for modern scientific research or a cult like trick."

    &nbsp:"we can become very quiet when we practice" Ba ", but we still can not feel what they call" the spirit of self "." Wilton answered in anguish.

    is this preparedness too strong, instinctively resistant to self hypnosis? The building around the members of the society of prejudice fighting together more, Tao pondered for a moment:

    "then I'll punch, you guys feel it."."

    then he will be off your coat, let Yan Ke embrace, my own shelf, slowly hit a fist, to embrace the arm, one did not have any special place, and no actual effect of corrosion.

    George and Colleen, blankly, unknown so, but gradually, they feel the floor into action as if light down the lake, the stretch of the clouds, people will can't help become quiet, not willing to disturb the natural and harmonious operation, not willing to disturb the heart Ning and.

    away from the noisy, far away from the city, at this moment, they seem to see the blue and deep sea, see the moonlight under the waves.

    building up a slow fists around, just like a prayer in perfect silence, the church.

    "just quiet, there's hope."." He smiled a little. He took the clothes out of Yan's hand and put it on, and asked in a low voice, "how many more games do you want to play, and it's like taking a bath?""

    "go back and wash it. I forgot to bring shampoo and facial cleanser."" The girl bit her lip and replied, "I think today is the lowest point of my IQ.".

    a smile in the throat; pulled the girl; waved to George Wilton and others; walked slowly to the gate of the fight club.

    until this time, George as if they listened to a as if wakening from a dream, washing people and building into a symphony, and Yan Ke figure has disappeared in the door, there are hidden Chinese whispering dark leaves:

    "this is your understanding of" Bing hole enemy "harvest?"

    "well, coach Yan is like a torch."."

    at the same time, a security company sends warning messages to cooperating forces and individuals:

    "Chinese, Wu Yue, Lou, in Cannes, extremely dangerous!"

    "Lou?"" "Meisaisi" wrestling venue, a young man with dark hair and brown pupil to see the news, interest, upturned mouth, eyes shining like stars.

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