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Chapter 114–Challenger

    after leaving the fight hobby club, Cheng Cheng and Yan Ke directly back home, intends to the weekend, that is, two days after the Ming, and then go to the supermarket big purchases, for next Monday's new year and birthday reserve ingredients. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    a bath, dry hair, change clothes neat Yan Ke Home Furnishing standing in front of the bed, with open hands, leaned back comfortably down, fell into the bed, and then shouted: "spoiled like orange, I sleep, you come to help me massage according to, I fell asleep"

    "OK."." Lou smiled and leaned over, controlling the body, with the most appropriate force to play a shock, soothing the girl's muscle tension and deep-seated fatigue, so that she narrowed her eyes.

    "up, up, right, waist here, good acid, while acid is dead, my poor old waist" Yan Ke guides the activities of "exclusive masseur".

    voice, she suddenly noticed the floor into action to pause, and sent two nicker

    The girl was dazed, then awakened, burying her face in the pillow, pounding down the side, and making a vicious noise:

    "not all of you yet."!"

    Cheng Cheng busy "serious" apology, tactics more exquisite, did not use how long, let Yan Ke whole body relax, fatigue delay, brewing out drowsiness.

    and press for a while, "see" the girl breathe smoothly, into the sleep, floor, back hands, lying next to, intend to play mobile phone, go outside the lawn to do a temper.

    he had just posed, and Yan was like an automatic radar; a roll over came up, his arm over his chest, his right leg raised, and his knees resting a little higher.

    in the twinkling of an eye, Lou suffered achievement "bound" and "arch-criminal," long black fine lashes no shaking, dreamed.

    "Ke Ke slept so well!"" Look at the building into a smiling face and quiet girl.

    looking at him, he suddenly felt a little sleepy.

    sleep well; comfortable Life like this is really relaxing Relax Pine

    the floor did not go to resist the call, hugged Yan Ke, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

    this sleep did not know how long, when the building woke up, the sky is dark outside, four are static, only a glimmer of light through the curtain does not pull the curtain for the room shed a light layer of awn.

    " What time is it?" Yan Ke confused eyes open, casually asked a sentence.

    the floor lazily says with smile: "the day has just been black, more than six looks like."."

    "uh" Yan Ke changed his posture, and lay side by side, the tone lazily said, "the stomach is a little hungry.""

    "my have already protested."." The side of the building looks at the girl's delicate ears.

    "we don't do what trouble under the dishes, put the meat thawing solution, everything, roast to eat, have a home, Xiushan City, Japan, Korea and several dips, take your pick." Yan Ke generous plans. "Then wash leaves, tired on the package"

    and then suddenly she bites her lip, "grievance" and said: "I don't want to do what? I just want to lie here"

    "what a coincidence, I also." Cheng Cheng felt himself captured by fairies and bedding.

    "do you want to starve your wife?"" Yan Ke makes a noise.

    " I get up, I get up right away!" Struggling to turn away from the floor into the bed and found that girls also follow up.

    saw surprised him puzzled face, Yan Keyang Yang chin, looking toward the next road:

    "I have to supervise you."!"

    said she is supervision, dominated the entire process, their busy busy East West does not say, but also for a while this command command that, until the power plug, the pot roast meat sizzling, is completed.

    four quiet, light sweet, meat filled with incense; Cheng Cheng and Yan Ke looked at each other, smiled, raised the glass, touched the drink lightly.

    life can always be touched; that's enough.

    "do not roast too well; the place where the beef is fat is easy to" slag "; the taste will harden" The girl recalled her past experiences, dug up the experience of barbecue, and tried to make herself look omnipotent.

    I am strict coach!

    eat half, building into a suddenly stopped, turned to look to the door.

    "what's the matter?"" Yan Ke said blankly.

    "someone is near."." He stood up and walked toward the door, with a relaxed gesture and no danger.

    after ten seconds, the door bell rang, he counted three, opened the door.

    standing outside a wear black tuxedo, playing the same color tie, shirt starched clean middle-aged man, he has a striking moustache, with a tone of the word accent:

    "Hello, is that Mr. Cheng?""

    "yes."." Building doubts, looked at each other, unknown, so.

    a middle-aged man handed an invitation in his hands; smiled and answered:

    "my master would like to invite you to dinner this weekend, sir, if you can, I hope you can do in a fight, and his friendly exchanges, this is not public, only the guests on the sidelines."

    challenge! The idea of building into a move, took the invitation, opened it, found the "fist sign Meisaisi" Fighting Games hold the Trident, dinner where the manor place, specific time, and the Department of celebrities.

    "Blanton."" Lou Cheng read the name and knew who it was.

    he looked up to the middle-aged man nodded, hat:

    "I'll be on time for dinner."."

    "thank you."." The middle-aged man bowed his right hand and bowed.

    watched him leave; the building closed the gate and welcomed the coach's eyes.

    "what is it?"" Yan Ke only vaguely heard "dinner" and "".

    "the Blanton of" Gruber "wanted to challenge me at a high standard dinner." The floor doesn't care very much to smile.

    Blanton "Meisaisi" fighting games fastest in recent years thunder fighters, only twenty-two years old, had already become a senior, the equivalent of a man, just over twenty-four this year, the U.S. ranked on the forefront of the bright younger generation.

    his father, Adrian is also a veteran fighter, who saw the floor into the early "Meisaisi" fighting games when wielding a big sword middle-aged white.

    and a pair of "senior", also laid the status of the Jackson family in cannes!

    "when?"" "Yan Ke is full of interest," the vision is bright to ask.

    this formal challenge, the security must be guaranteed, especially the two sides belong to the non-human hierarchy, the control is strong, so she does not feel worried.

    "tomorrow night."." A building into a show to learn American movies, bent hand, "madam, would you like to go with me?"

    "happy to be."." Yan Ke smiled and handed over the hand

    the next day at seven in the evening, the couple with Sondar home court Budo agency for couples dress arrived at the riverside drive, manor, in under the guidance of the servant entered the banquet hall.

    and from the towering cloud, the scent of perfume thorn toast each other, building into the nose a little itchy, want to sneeze.

    he and Yan's dress are not impolite, because the owner of the banquet is also a fighting costume.

    Blanton stood at the French window, carrying a golden glass of liquid champagne, a smile on the floor, Yan Ke raised.

    his dark hair and brown pupil, tall, muscular man, skin close to the bronze color, full of strength in the sense of oppression.

    sipped the wine; Blanton laughed a long way:

    "is it an opening dance for everyone, or a ending?""

    talking at the same time, he pointed to the outside of the open-air fighting field, so as not to make a misunderstanding, where the lights shining, just like the day, stands a great ancient Rome fan pillars.

    "I don't have a problem."." Answered the man with a smile.

    "well, now, I can't wait."." Blanton apologized for a smile.

    two people's dialogue attracted the attention of guests; a line of sight was put on them; they were full of interest.

    building into four eyed one eye, asked thoughtfully:

    "what about the umpire?""

    "referee?"" Blanton shrugged. "I hate referees."."

    "formal challenges have to be judged, otherwise I prefer not to accept them."." Cheng Cheng expressed his views firmly.

    Blanton immediately showed an amused look:

    "as an excellent fighter, how can one rely on the protection of the referee?" Has left the referee, you scared, timid, and flinch? Don't you forget that fighting is the art of fighting, forgetting the boiling blood and the courage of a man?"

    "only used to fight in no protection, was a real man, a real warrior, if you admit that he is in the mother's arms crying boy, is a coward, you can go!"

    the words were heard, and the name of the fire was raised, and the body trembled slightly.

    "let's go."." The floor into her, in a calm mood to turn, go to the gate.

    if I hadn't lived through the battles of life and death, I would have been provoked at the moment, but the more I realized the taste of the edge of death, the less I wanted to try.

    I'm not afraid, but I don't like it.

    martial arts since I owned by the referee fighting, either absolutely sure, either have to, how can the active passive, jumped into the danger?

    this is totally contrary to my will!

    I am guarding not face!

    Yan Ji followed blankly two steps; in the surprised eyes of the guests, he suddenly calmed down and made the building more tightly; he felt more courageous than the challenge.

    "all right."." At this moment, Blanton, behind him, clapped his hand and sighed. "I can only force myself, Mr. Polk. Please make the referee for today's fight."."

    the floor stopped, and turned around, and took a look at the coward's eyes.

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