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Chapter 115–"Star" technique

    the Jackson family has a very important position in the whole "Gruca", they held a dinner party, since the lack of strong participation, even in order to avoid arousing suspicion, Blanton didn't ask his father Adrian as a referee, but also some suitable personnel. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    Polk, "Meisaisi", from "Gruca" inside another on their genre, is more than twenty years of senior fighting, keep the light yellow in the white beard and blue eyes like black, not see the rise of wrinkles.

    he looked turned into a building, slowly drink your champagne, will the cup on the tray next to the waiter, answer to a voice:


    he did not say much, nor did he do anything sarcastic; instantly he turned into a neutral referee; he went out from the side door and reached the center of the Rome stone column.

    "please."!" Blanton smiled and stooped and made a gentleman's invitation to the building.

    building into a mobile phone will pass Yan Ke, with an easy grace return, calm following the referee, entered the open-air arena outside.

    Blanton stops for a moment, suddenly moving under his arms, let the muscles, fascia and joint bursts is full of sense of power and the sound of the contact window behind not affected, a slight trembling, shaking.

    "good"!" One of the guests raised his thumb.

    "warm-up" finished, Blanton is like man bear, body light heavy footsteps out of the banquet hall, stood opposite the building, put out the boxing shelf, around the ancient stone tower, vision will be separated into pieces, let the site desolate and empty.

    the smile on the face gradually converged; Blanton's eyes seemed to burn star like brilliance, full of intense fighting * * *, the opponent's shadow locked in the middle of the pupil.

    his words before the referee, is the true inner thoughts, is a kind of psychological warfare skills, if the enemy can not stand the ridicule, choose a man to fight, it will enter their best at the environment, while the other will be afraid, fear of accidents, if he is afraid dangerous, strongly disagree with retro arena, even with the referee, he will feel depressed, the game has not yet started to lose a game, in front of their own hard to have what courage and uprightness.

    although the building did not hesitate to leave a little beyond expectation, but also did not affect their normal.

    and at that moment Polk, the referee, raised his right hand, and carefully reminded him:


    then he waved loudly, and the voice passed through the window and passed into the hall:


    the referee's voice had just fallen; the floor suddenly saw Blanton's body surface burst out dazzling light, and as soon as he could see his white eyes, he could not see anything clearly!

    wake up "self spirit" is the "Gruca school" real inheritance is the key starting point, fighting the apprentice, from here, the yogi will temper in accordance with the special method, grow step by step "self spirit", and the increasingly strong body each other, promote each other, until cell genes resulting in alienation, ability to produce special, inhuman.

    the "Roman card" genre names these capabilities in ways that are distinct from the mainstream; some are called "the sea"; some are called "stars" and so on and so forth.

    Adrian and Blanton, both father and son "awake" are "stars", both heavy and luminous mystery.

    at this point, Blanton showed off the results of his recent years of spiritual progress.

    "stars"; "glorious.""!

    in the view of a piece of white, the ear is the enemy of high-speed gas barrier breakthrough sound, in addition, everything was covered up, as if the building into a completely lost enemies.

    Blanton to shine and twinkling posture, flashed on the floor into the oblique front foot force, back half turn, right arm swelling thrown, covering when little glow, from the bottom up, perfect the right hook, hit the opponent under the chin position!

    with the weight of the stars, with his own strength, he has the confidence to forcibly open the enemy "Dan habitat outbreak" outside any block!

    and "outbreak Gruca" genre based on "the spirit", like the need that China Guowu so-called "hold back blood", although the body will lose strength as a totally terrorist, lose "shock will be" magic, but also speed fast line of omnidirectionality feeling stronger sense is dangerous, each has advantages and disadvantages, Blanton now is going to use the initiative, completely play director, completely suppress opponents, do not give him control the rhythm to avoid the weak opportunity!

    Bang, Blanton's fist ripped through the air, to stimulate the building into the chin Li bumps out clearly visible.

    however, the eye does not see the ear of the case, his right arm fast, fist swipe, accurately hit the side of Blanton hook, with a light weight shifting, the enemy arms played out a crooked, failed to hit the target.

    Blanton had expected, immediately left out, and, while building into a vision and hearing without complex time serial attacks, rang constantly.

    his fighting skills, not only has a "Meisaisi" marks, also seems to blend in Miluo 723100 characteristics, knee and kicks a effective remedy boxing gap.

    bang! Pa! Pa! Blanton fist alternately hit, when the hook when the pendulum, straight time point, sprinkling a little bit of awn, lit up the floor, hands, arms, legs condensed crystal.

    in this process, he slightly stimulated "the spirit", which has achieved a low intensity of muscle, the outbreak of heavy power surging, sincere, and compact, fast pace, can not find the time to let the floor into the "Jin holding force", only to run "ice", a block, a step not to withdraw and "take away man" Lenovo, and effective with years before harvest, he intends to use less "Yan Jin" in the United States formally, critical moment filled jones.

    bang! Bang! Bang! Building a swing arm punch, submarine earthquake Zen, stretch foot kicks, even block three, or even three steps back, every step on the slate has stepped out sharp cracks, let through the window watching the guests look relaxed sipping champagne.

    Yan Ke with a glass of white water, facial expression is not worried, because now the situation, she and Lou Cheng last night and the day has been exchanged, discussed many times, without accident.

    sure enough, and take the two step, almost hit the Rome pillars, the floor suddenly back into the back, a small jump half step, fist, hair, and hit the opponent's lower abdomen.

    Blanton's fist was wreathed in starlight; it was like a practice glove; a sudden hem and a bang blocked the enemy's attack.

    a rumble!

    menlei rolling toward the sound around the swings, fist collision, two people at the same time as short as solidification, glow white, into frost, splash out, was equally autumn!

    through continuous "Blizzard twenty-four strike" force, pulled the building into a disadvantage, even without the use of "Jin holding force", also blocked the low intensity opponent outbreak storm.

    see this situation, the body is cold "dark" attack, started a little stiff Blanton immediately changed, suddenly andstimulated the spirit through the muscle and blood, propped up the skin and fascia.

    his body suddenly became a giant, right arm raised high, far more than a bit thick, into a mouth terror of the sword, with the heavy star, when splitting Kanxiang into building.

    the ferocity of the momentum seemed to be able to cut everything away!

    Adrian is to use the sword for senior fighter, as his son, although Blanton disdain to rely on weapons, but the sword and the corresponding "stars" use into a fist, he became one of the most violent love at the outbreak of attacks!

    "big sword" before the arrival of the hair on the floor without frying, neglect, instant running blood, stimulate the corresponding parts of the body, let the muscles block up to highlight all fascia veins.

    simplified "Doo" word trick!

    the momentary expansion churned up the surrounding air, striking with fists, and hitting Blanton's arm.

    a rumble!

    transparent streaks like ripples spread fast, at the foot of his building into a crevice spreading, ferocious, and Blanton of the sword arm to rebound, driven by the body after the swing.

    and then, stimulation and raw, building into a deadpan cross half step, fist when the chest, straight straight beating, interwoven black muscle filled with explosive power!

    so soon? Blanton in the heart a surprised, regardless of crazy fierce outbreak is not complete, busy lift the left arm, a record of ordinary, but over time countless strength like "big sword" horizontal swing.


    the flesh has collided, bone sag, slight deformation, and elastic recovery, Blanton breathing a lag, feel the majestic and terrible impact.

    he experienced a pull back, back electricity shot out, slamming into the Rome hit the stone pillars on the fly, hit the great pillar rickety, almost toppled or broken.

    building into which will miss this opportunity to outline the "line", again directly in the blood and stimulate the body, reduce intermediate links, just started, already have approached the enemy sou.

    at this moment, Blanton's face is excited, and then put the light on the surface, around the lights, lit up the whole open-air arena.

    and not normal in the brilliant, a figure prominent, are the appearance of Blanton, they from all sides on the floor, let him all have to be excited!

    Gruber's "Star" technique; phantom light"!

    the arena of Stonehenge in Rome not to look good, or show their taste, can effectively influence the position of reflection and refraction, let the "magic light" can be more powerful, more authentic.

    and for Blanton, the other seven figures are "light energy", and can also cause harm, not false!

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