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Chapter 116–friends will be alike

    brilliant bright pit, a total of seven of the same figure on the floor, all with the wind, causing irritation, makes it difficult to distinguish. Vertex novel 23US.COM update fastest

    of course, this may be a good judgment, because the Rome stone column hit by Blanton just now is still slightly shaken, and its corresponding figure is clear and definite!

    can be built but oblique step, sink the shoulder, side to side, followed by swinging the right arm, burst into bullets, broke out of the fist, hit the empty empty void.


    collision sound shook the hall window quivering buzz, building into a diffuse frost suddenly appear in front of the right cover star skin, swollen muscles, strong finger joint.

    I do not know what time, Blanton has eerily changed position, leaving only the "illusion" before standing beside the pillars of Rome.

    a total of seven figures, road is "false", he had to go to the hidden body, while the raid, fish in troubled waters, to give a fatal blow to opponents!

    the most inhuman strong, really quite a threat to building into the "ice mirror" if not a breakthrough, still in the previous state, will also deal with the rush, a little inattentive will drink a pot, but now he topped the "consciousness" above three feet into the head of the gods, with the "ice mirror" reflects the sharp early around, to grasp the abnormal, the first moves, interrupted Blanton's descent!

    burst! At the same time, the seven "light" by Blanton in the building into a figure has jumped, aroused bursts of harsh brilliance and the circulation of the star!

    and building into just step inclined surface, has been condensed out of the thick ice, and thick, look extraordinary, in light of burning and melting, hereby or water, or instant steam, abruptly resisted the attack.

    if the "Ice Armor" improving, he would never choose this response!

    and the seven "figure" is from different directions, no superposition of erosion, since he can take time for, do not move a mountain!

    explosive sound, accompanied by the seven "figure" disappeared, the outline of Blanton quickly outline, his left hand back, can't help shake, feel difficult to overcome the pain.

    the last punch was interrupted and nearly injured him!

    the pain stimulated Blanton's mind and raised him to a violent craving, like a red eyed soldier.

    aware that the building had weakened in the hard resistance just now, he did not hesitate to summon back the big muscle and hit it with a heavy straight punch.

    such a fierce attack masked his left foot forward and tripped over the built legs, both as a fulcrum and as a rope!

    this is the "Gruca" genre blend of jujitsu, Blanton will fight to the ground entanglement, rely on "skilled with stars" ability, play a variety of techniques, the so-called "to break the enemy king, he will completely stop.

    when he was out of the leg, the building took a step away from the lobby of the guests' line of sight, the two people like in a tacit dance.

    foot fall, straight without fruit, Blanton immediately sideways, short back, his right palm, to thoroughly tempered skills fall back opponents.

    floor and take a step, just as if in advance to know the enemy's plan, so that he fell awkward skills.


    the building shook his right shoulder, swung his arm away, and made it soft and taut, like a whip that was pushed against Blanton's neck.

    Blanton raised his arms and shone, and made a boxing defensive stance and put his head to the side to defend against the two and three attacks of the enemy.

    video watching the battle, he remember this, for fear!

    bang! A "whip" smoke, Blanton's arm shaking two, as if there are countless dust flying through the air, and the floor as he expected, with elastic joint alignment, profile, open fingers, although far from, but can imagine "Aurora" coming blessing.

    a whoosh, building into a finger tip shot with streaks of white crystal, an arrow from the same * *, jump straight to enemy side temple and eyes, than the "Aurora" faster, more concrete, more fierce, like ice!

    Blanton guessed at the beginning, but no end of material, when the mutation situation, almost instantly secrete sweat greatly frightened, behind the body, such as pores have power.

    he instinctively shrunk head, curled up, just feel the ear "arrow" sound elongated, biting cold close to the scalp into the distance, stone surface inserted a style of ancient Rome!

    group of locks with frost falling, building into a time to shrink the blood, "fried Dan Jin", the waist taut pants, playing hip, kick out, like Gangbian like smoke burst flow, pumping to the side of his body in front of the enemy.

    Blanton busy to stimulate the "self spirit", fast swing arm, a fist under the hammer, insurance and hit the a whip leg.

    with strong noise, invisible waves roll outside, such as bear Blanton dexterous pulling back muscle, at a disadvantage in the case, leveraging the bounce, the distance between the two sides will pull to ten meters above the moment.

    building a character "" hidden, a step, and then received strength and hold, left wearing a crystal "frost glove", sway waving, abnormal heavy.


    Blanton blocked a fist, he put the same, "Jin holding force", the same "ice"!

    bang! Pa! Pa! Building into a rhythm completed once again broke out, or waving arms or legs swinging, pulling knees, once it is heavy, full of cold.

    bang! Bang! Bang! Amount of precision step and moves in each other as ruler, Blanton was only a high intensity on the outbreak, lost fast line advantage, even retaining a dozen strokes, finally appeared step, every step has stepped out of smoke, splashing the debris, sand walk stone. Cloud like many ancient books in agitation, half god recorded half the battle screen.

    and in this process, Blanton only feels more and more cold, the rushing blood and beating heart can not be completely relieved, the body gradually has stiff, dull feeling, and more and more obvious!

    compared to "Yan Yan" fierce fury, "ice spirit" in the erosion, the impact of long!


    building a fist hammer, angle hit, hit the Blanton's defense of the fist hit, he staggered back, hair was all wet, after dripping sweat, landing, as far as frost!

    unwilling to die, Blanton roar, then refused to hurt the other, like posture to stimulate the "self spirit", gathered in the "light", to be forced to spell out the respite, find the reverse may!

    after he made the stimulation at the same time, such as building into induction, also hold the blood, but not to normal, immediately presses Dan Jin, but a few moments of balance in there, the people seem to be not the temperature, lost blood, become a cool the body, and the lower abdomen was still far away from the heavy contraction.

    this gave Blanton the opportunity to, his face seemed to emerge expectant smile, his left hand raised, hold the head and chest, right swing, heavy and fast hit, all star pool in the front.

    the prohibition of the stars; light focusing"!


    this time, building a "Dan Jin" whelmingly broke out, he again filled with blood, with the temperature, right arm pull, fist when the chest is hit, hit the cohesion of the "Star" and suffused with a bright skin.

    a rumble!

    ray of light broke out, shining the French windows of the hall, and Yan bit his lips and waited for the figure to reveal. The other guests forgot to drink, took the cup and put it in.

    exaggerated light fleeting, seems to be what buried, devoured, building into a leading figure emerge far before the position, right arm sleeves tattered, like exploding bamboo skin, also have a little black, filled with white mist.

    see him embarrassed, the guests are to be applauded, but soon found Blanton stood, he kept his left face, right flank position, from the fingertips to the hair, are shrouded in a layer of scintillation crystal, as encountered ice!

    fast drops of water dripping, ice rapidly dissolved, building into a rotating blood, stimulating part feet support, again on the front of Blanton, stretched out his arms, back, throw a fist!


    gas barrier burst open, just released from the "frozen" slow Blanton punches, tried to resist, but was waving directly after flying, snapped severing the root of Stonehenge in Rome.

    building into a slide and then grab, look no change out of the left fist, snapped to beat the opponent's forehead, leaving no hands!

    if you hit it directly, even iron man will explode his head!

    to ache from the back, hands and feet are dull, Blanton eyebrows by "thorn", eyes full of building into a fist, more and more, occupy the fist sight!

    this moment, he clearly felt the taste of death, but could not help trembling the body, want to stand back, but powerless.

    in his most desperate time, a hand stretched out, blue and bright, and firmly held up the fist of the building.

    referee Polk made the move; it also declared the result of the game.

    Blanton lost; Lou Cheng won!

    floor, homeopathy, punches, a salute, smiled, walked to the side door, toward the coming of Yan ke.

    call Blanton also sat on the broken stones feel alive.

    he is not stupid; it is a small proof of the other person's last "do not keep your hand""

    into the banquet hall, the floor and Yan Ke look at each other, Qi Qi whispered:

    "let's go."!"

    won Blanton has to stay in the family dinner, not asking for trouble?

    for ancient, that is the fight behavior!

    discourse ear, the sound of a laugh at the same time the couple, hand in hand towards the door, no one to stay, quiet room.

    outside, the night was dark, breeze slowly, and Yan Ke building into a parking lot to the direction far away, leaving only a low voice in China:

    "when you wait until the light focuses, you try to create your own self, which is to better experience the characteristics of the school of cards.""


    "I always feel a little familiar with this style.""

    "it was probably infected by a Taoist priest.""

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